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It started as just another normal Saturday; at least it was normal until I woke up with my cock in the mouth of a beautiful woman. Not that I minded being awakened that way, it's just that I'd really have liked a bit more sleep.

I'd been out of the country on business which was not nearly as common an occurrence for me today as it was 20 years ago. Now I'm the head trouble shooter; when the chips are down, they call me. Otherwise it goes to one of the younger crewmembers. This time I'd been gone for a full two week stretch, the airplane landing just before midnight. By the time I got home it was almost 2 AM in Southern California. I'd just worked multiple long days with very little sleep and I'd really planned on sleeping just a little later than 8 o'clock but Debs, my gorgeous wife of 26 years, apparently had different plans.

She was lying sideways across the bed ministering to my now erect cock as I gradually came awake. She was just out of my reach where I'd have to shift to be able to touch her. Lying supine on the bed I was torn between the desire to just close my eyes and go back to sleep and the desire to have the need that she'd stirred up fulfilled. I shifted and reached for her but she pulled away.

She giggled. "Remember the old days when you were hard before I started sucking you off?"

I did, and it didn't seem that long ago; back in my twenties, even into my thirties, when I woke nearly every day with a hard-on. I normally sleep on my back and even in winter seldom need anything other than a sheet. Being a natural early riser I generally get up and leave a sleeping Debs as I go to work. But on those occasional Saturdays where I sleep in Debs often gets up ahead of me. And on those days where I do try to sleep in, not only does she wake before me, she often wakes and demands a little loving.

Debs has always delighted in waking me in that most exquisite fashion. When she wanted to just love on me she'd move away so I couldn't touch her (at least to start with) and make love to my cock with her mouth. But when she was wanting for herself also, as soon as I awoke she'd turn over me into a 69 until we'd both cum for the first time. Invariably we'd spend the morning in bed; back in those early days we'd make love for hours.

But time moves on, and although we still did it multiple times a week, now more often than not once was enough, although it wasn't unusual to do it before we went to sleep and again when we woke up. Other times we might get hot and bothered and do it with a porno movie in the living room and later do it again in bed -- but the hours on end of uninterrupted sex were a thing of the past. At least hours on end were a thing of the past when they were left to occur naturally. Like many others we discovered the magic pill for me and astro-glide for Debs. But still not every day was a special day and the natural reactions still worked much of the time.

"I love the way he's soft and when I take him entirely in my mouth he just keeps getting bigger and bigger," she interspersed between licking the shaft like a lollipop and sucking the head into her mouth. I know this is true, I can't say how many times over the years I've heard her say this. Debs expertly worked me toward an orgasm, but stopped long before I peaked. Turning and straddling me, she lowered her warm and wet pussy onto my cock. The ease with which her pussy slipped down over her now hardened toy confirmed how turned on she was, or maybe that she'd been playing with another toy before she woke me. I reached up and cupped her breasts, gently rolling her hardening nipples. Despite two kids, both away now in college, her breasts were still self-supporting and firm, belying her forty something age. Credit good genes and her devotion to regular workouts at the gym for that.

"You haven't done this in quite a while," I commented to her as she slowly rose up and down on my cock, leaning forward so it put pressure inside her pussy to her most sensitive spot. "Did you miss me?" I pulled her breasts toward me, she leaned forward and I sucked her nipples.

"Yeah, partly." She didn't stop her motion, now rocking her hips more than rising up and down.

"Partly?" I questioned, between licks to the sweet cherries that ornamented her breasts. "And what's the other part that made you so horny this morning?"

In response she straightened up, leaning back, with my cock inside her and began to rub her fingers up and down alongside her clit. Not touching the nub itself but rubbing both sides of it. "Oh God, I wanted to do this last night but you were so tired." She wetly licked a finger and then exposing her clit with the fingers of her other hand, rubbed her dampened finger on the head. "Will you suck my clit? I want to sit on your mouth. I want you to make me cum with your tongue."

"Come on up here," I answered, reaching for her hips. She rose off my cock and moved forward straddling my shoulders, kneeling so her pussy slid right into place against my mouth. Debs tried shaving once but didn't like the itch. Now she keeps herself neatly trimmed.

I hungrily started to suck her pussy but she reached down pulling her pussy lips away so her clit was totally exposed. I began to lick, searching for her vagina. "No, just my clit, use your tongue on my clit." Her fingers again straddled her clit, one on each side, digging in and rubbing hard as I deftly flicked the little red nub with my tongue. When she pulled her lips back like that, I noticed how much her clit looked like a little penis. "Yes, just.. like that..... just.... like....... aaghhh -- so good." She collapsed against my face, her knees coming together to squeeze my head, trying to ride through the ecstasy of orgasm. I held my tongue for a moment or two feeling the throb of her clit against it, then moved it again to feel her jump from the stimulation.

"Stop that, you brat," she said, gently slapping the top of my head.

"I'mff nof fa oneth thithing on someone's face," I answered as she pulled away from my face. Spinning, she attacked my cock, doing her best to again take my still hardened member as deeply into her mouth as she could. Once again in a 69, I knew better than to directly attack her clit again, but savored the nectar of her pussy, sucking her lips, fucking her with my tongue, only occasionally tickling her pink bud with my tongue. She really was attacking my cock however, not just the gentle lovemaking of a few minutes before, but a lustful attempt to swallow me whole. Sitting up she rose up and pulled off, sliding her body down toward my feet to once again impale herself on me, now in a Reverse Cowgirl. She jammed my cock hard into her pussy, bouncing down hard, pulling up, then bouncing down again to drive my cock hard into herself. Again and again, bouncing and growling, trying to get herself off again.

"Fuck....Fuck....Fuck," escaped from her teeth with each bounce on my cock. She again reached for her clit, but couldn't work herself and ride me at the same time. She rose, reached for my hand, and pulled me with her to the floor. Dropping to her elbows and knees, she presented me with her ass and pussy. "Fuck me hard" was all she said.

I slid in behind her. As I penetrated, her shoulders dropped to the floor, her face turning to one side, her pussy - sopping wet. With virtually no resistance, I rammed my cock home pulled back and did it again. She wanted it hard -- I gave it to her hard, my balls slapping forward with each thrust, banging her fingers which were once again busily rubbing around her clit, where she was masturbating while I fucked her. I felt her begin to tense and then convulse in orgasm, but I wasn't there yet. She was so wet, so slippery, the stimulation so subtle, that I lasted much longer as I only slowly approached orgasm -- but there was just enough sensation. I continued to pound her, slamming hard again and again, until with a grunt I came myself. Together we collapsed onto the floor, my cum and her pussy juice mixing into a messy pool on the carpet. We didn't care.

I awoke to Debs' ass snuggled against my now limp cock, back in bed where we'd crawled after we recovered enough to do that. She stirred below my arm as my hand fondly hefted her breast, my thumb and forefinger rolling her nipple.

"Thanks. I needed that," she whispered, obviously sated for the moment.

"You never did answer me," I quietly stated.

"What's that?"

"You said "partly" when I asked if you were horny because you missed me."

"Yeah, aren't you excited too?"

"About what?" I questioned until her "you goof" look with a silly smirk on her face made me realize what she was talking about. "Oh, you mean about them coming to visit?"

"Of course."

She was referring to our impending visit from Jenny and Bill, our friends, our lovers of many years. Jenny and Debs had started out as many friends do, working out together at the gym, shopping together, eventually they were doing virtually everything together. As they got to know each other better, they shared more and more intimate details of their lives, or at least Debs shared with Jenny. Jenny wasn't quite so forthcoming in return. It soon became apparent to Debs that Jenny and Bill's love life was practically nonexistent and at the same time Jenny started to figure out that maybe she was missing something. When Jenny started talking about getting a divorce, Debs and I stepped up, ultimately saving their marriage. To make a long story short, we became a foursome, friends and lovers, and it had lasted for years -- until Bill's advancement in the company moved them to the east coast nearly 12 years before.

The four of us had been practically married together -- four of us sharing virtually everything. In those days I traveled for business quite a bit and when I was gone Debs often stayed with them at their house. We vacationed together, did nearly everything together, including having kids together. Our first kids were born just two weeks apart. When we were trying to get pregnant was the only period in those years that we were once again monogamous, although once the girls were pregnant they both had ravenous sexual appetites.

When Bill and Jenny moved east it was an emotional loss leaving a hollow feeling for both couples. We missed them and they missed us. We visited them one year, they visited us another. Our kids flew out and spent the summer with them one year; we had all four with us another. But, as time moved on, so did our closeness, until suddenly we hadn't seen them for nearly four years. Our last time together had been an adults-only cruise, just the four of us -- no kids, in the Greek Isles. Now they were coming to visit, a two week trip back to see us.

Debs and I lay there quietly for a few moments. "When was the last time we did something really wild?"

"Like what?" I answered, after pondering her question for a few moments.

"Like when we decided to teach Jenny and Bill. Crazy like that. Something that most people don't do."

I thought about it for a while before answering. "Making love on the beach in Hawaii?"

"That's a good one. I didn't think of that one." It had been a vacation to Maui; we'd "discovered" (actually Debs discovered before we left - by way of Google and a search for "Hawaii Nude Beaches") a semi-secluded beach called Little Beach, not surprisingly, right next to "Big Beach." We sunbathed and swam naked during the day, but the beach was full of people. We went back that night, went skinny-dipping again and made love in the moonlight.

We lay there for a few more minutes before Debs spoke again. "We're going to have a pool party when Jenny and Bill are here. I've been talking with Jen, she suggested it."

I thought about it for a moment, "That should be fun, but I don't get it. What's so wild about a pool party?"

"It's going to be on July 14th." She stated this as if it meant something to me but when I looked at her with a befuddled expression she explained. "July 14th is National Nude Day so we thought we'd have a naked pool party."


How does one go about choosing a guest list and planning a nude pool party and inviting the guests? I still don't know about the planning and choosing as it was Jen and Debs decided who would be invited. How does one decide which of our friends and acquaintances will want to attend, and who won't? Being professionals, being executives with layers of people that we deal with daily or only occasionally, Debs and I both have reputations to maintain, appearances to keep up. Although we commonly swim nude in the privacy of our home pool, and as evidenced by our Hawaiian experience we aren't averse to going naked on the beach if that's allowed, we've never been sharing of our clothing optional preferences with most of the rest of the world. At least, not until now.

As for the inviting, Debs personally hand delivered all the invitations, just so the recipients wouldn't think it was a prank.

In Celebration of

National Nude Day

We're having a Pool Party!

Saturday July 14

Clothing Optional, Adults Only

Don't be a Prude

Lets Party Nude!

Later when I asked Debs who she and Jen had invited and how they decided who to invite, she said they "just knew."

I suppose it's a girl thing. Women interact and learn things about each other that men don't. You'll never hear a man say "I'm going to the restroom, Bill, care to go with me?" Women do this all the time; if one has to go to the restroom, they go in packs. Apparently there are things that transpire while they're together in restrooms that we men never know about.

She gave me a few names, some that surprised me, others that didn't. I pressed her on how she knew who to invite and she said "Like, just who are you wanting to know about? Maybe Ann and Jess?"

I choked as I repeated the tease she'd just thrown me, "Ann and Jess?" Ann was one of my co-workers, our contracts administrator. She was not someone that we ordinarily have had social engagements with, so was a complete, unexpected, surprise. In fact, except for a few company functions, I didn't know that Debs had ever even met them. So how was it that my wife, who I thought barely knew Ann, actually knew her well enough to invite her to a clothing optional party in celebration of Nude Day?

The answer was obvious once I heard it. The previous summer we'd had a company beach party. While at the beach, Debs went up to the shower to rinse off and change and Ann had gone along (there we are with that pack mentality again). Once they stripped off, they mutually noticed that the other also had an all-over tan and exchanged notes that they normally didn't wear clothes in their home pools.

One thing that was surprising to me about Ann was that she was the last person in the office that I would have guessed at being an at-home nudist. But yet, when I found out she was, I was even more surprised at myself that it didn't surprise me. At work, Ann and I often worked closely together although she didn't work for me. She always wore professional business clothing although she did have a penchant for clothes that exposed her magnificent cleavage. About 5'10", she worked out regularly so was quite slim except for her fantastic rack. On her thin frame it looked much larger than it really was, but many was the time that I'd examined the exposed flesh between her breasts noticing that I never saw a tan line. I'd always just assumed she had a micro-bikini and fantasized about what she'd look like in it, never dreaming that someday I might get to see her not only in it, but probably out of it, too.

Another surprise was Martha Long. I wouldn't have expected her at this party but somehow it didn't really surprise me to find out that she was unabashed to be naked either. Although she was 78 years old, she didn't act a day over 50, and certainly didn't have a body that would have told me she was as old as she was. Martha, who we knew from church, is known for being a very active senior. She still works out daily so Debs knew her not only from church but from the gym. I did not know she wasn't averse to nudity but Debs had roomed with her at a retreat once where she revealed that before her husband had died they'd often vacationed at nudist resorts.

There were a few others that I almost didn't know. Jenny had come up with an old friend of hers, Rose Hernandez and her husband, Richard. I fumbled with this one when Debs told me; I couldn't place who they were.

"The name doesn't sound familiar, do I know them?" I questioned.

"Maybe not. She and Jenny are good friends; they were their neighbors when we all lived in Los Angeles."


I never really pressed, and didn't even really think about whether Debs had told me about everyone that was coming to our pool party. All of that just kind of got lost in the shuffle of preparing for the arrival of Jenny and Bill. Our boys were gone for the summer. The older one had stayed at college, supposedly working, but in reality I'm sure he was doing the same thing that most guys do in college: chasing girls. The younger had a summer job at a camp, and I was also sure there would be plenty of girls at camp.

The day that Jenny and Bill arrived I had to work late. Debs made the trip by herself to the San Diego airport to pick them up while I stayed and finished things up at work. Beginning two weeks of vacation, I would have felt guilty for leaving everyone else in the lurch if I hadn't. I'd gotten home and had just stepped out of the shower when I heard Debs' car in the drive followed by the sound of four car doors closing.

I slipped on some shorts and a tee shirt, stepped into my sandals and arrived in the living room just as Bill and Jen came in carrying suitcases. We greeted each other as old friends do; hugs, laughter, "you look so good." I could hear Debs' voice outside as I took her bags from Jen and took them down the hall, followed by Bill. Putting the suitcases in "their" room, we were returning to the living room when I suddenly realized I heard a third voice.

My mind clicked; something that had subconsciously been bothering me suddenly added up. People have accused me of having ESP before; I sometimes seem to know things before others do. I'd long ago realized I have a knack for observing or registering what seems to be insignificant facts and adding them together to come up with a solution to a problem I didn't consciously know existed. Sometimes I even have a hard time figuring out how I knew something before I did, but generally I can look back and find an "ah ha!" or two. In this case, there were a couple of "ah ha's". For one, four doors closing meant there were four people getting out of the car, not three. With Jen and Bill now inside with me and Debs still outside talking, the question was, talking with whom? There was an unknown someone with them. I was about to ask Jen and Bill "who's with you?" when we stepped from the hallway into the living room and the question was answered.

I've often said that Jenny is the most beautiful woman I know. Her mixed Korean-American heritage gives her a flawless beauty that I've always found unmatched. But when I stepped into the living room and found Sara, their teenaged daughter, I was stunned.

Stunned in that our kids were supposedly gone for the summer, and the four of us, Jenny, Bill, Debs and me all knew that we'd be sharing each other's beds and bodies.

Stunned in that we'd planned a "Clothing Optional" Pool Party, Adults Only - and here was what I considered a youngster.

But stunned in particular, because the gangly 12 year old child that I remembered from the last time I'd seen her, six, almost seven years before, had now grown into a young woman equally as stunning... "No", I corrected my thoughts, "more stunning," than her mother. The exceptional beauty that I'd always thought of as incomparable had been surpassed with her own daughter. Of course I hadn't known Jenny when she was a teen and could only imagine what she'd looked like then, but now she was only slightly less beautiful than the perfect beauty of her daughter.

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