tagNonConsent/ReluctanceNew Moon Ch. 02

New Moon Ch. 02


The conversational voice was back. "As you can see," he began, "there are ten of us." He had knelt on the floor to bring his face near hers. He was feeling her breasts as he spoke. She shivered uncontrollably, but did not let go of her ankles. "Here's the way it works. We've drawn lots to determine what order we get to use you, but we think you should have some say in the matter." Now he was running his hand up her leg. Still she did not move.

"You get to look at each dick and decide which hole you want it in, at least for the first time. When it gets to be his turn, that's where he starts. Anyone that wants seconds can choose which hole he prefers." He stopped speaking as his fingers fondled the curls between her legs. A finger disappeared inside. She jumped, but did not lose her grip.

He explored without saying anything for a minute or so. "Now you can stand up again."

She stood. "Here is a pen." She shook her head to clear the dizziness from having her head down so long. He handed her a felt tip marker. "You are to put a letter on each guy's dick telling him how you want him to fuck you the first time. "M" stands for mouth. You'll give him a nice blow job. "P" stands for pussy. You'll lay on your back while he gives you a good fucking. "D" stands for doggie style. You'll get on your hands and knees or just bend over. He'll tell you how you are to position yourself and he'll choose between those two available holes. "A" stands for ass. He'll use your ass. He'll tell you how he wants you to position yourself for how he wants to get at your ass.

"There are four ways and ten guys so you have to put each letter on two dicks. You then decide which hole you want used more and put those letters on the other two dicks. After a while we'll tell you how we want you to get your boyfriend off.

"Now this isn't a choice thing. You have to do it and you have to start now. If you don't get it done in the next five minutes, you'll feel this whip on your tits or your pussy or maybe both. Do you understand?" This last he said more loudly while swatting the floor with the whip. She jumped and snapped her head back and forth, her eyes, now wild again focusing on the whip.

"Get to it!"

The pen trembled in her hand. She pulled the cap off and dropped it. She stooped and picked it up. She had no idea how to do what he told her to do. She looked around at the cocks aimed at her. They were all reasonable in size. Some were smaller and some were larger. Some were cut, some were not. She'd never been fucked by a man who wasn't circumscribed. She decided she didn't want those in her mouth.

She was still having a difficult time comprehending that each of these men were going to use her body. She had no choice. They would put their cocks anywhere they wanted and she would simply have to lie on this cold floor and allow them to do it.

She glanced quickly at her pussy. Soon it would have cum running from it. It would probably hurt.

She'd been fucked in the ass before and didn't like it. It hurt too. And blow jobs. She'd done a few of those. If she really liked the guy, she didn't mind giving him the pleasure guys seemed to get from a blow job. She didn't like it when they came in her mouth so she always asked that they not do that, but sometimes they got carried away and did anyway.

She was already disgusted and felt dirty.

She approached the first uncut cock and put an A on it. She did the same for the other uncut cock. She was thoroughly freaked out at having to hold a cock and write on it. She had no idea that this was just further fun for the men. They knew they would fill her with their cum. It didn't matter what she put on their cocks, they'd fuck her any way and every way they chose. This was just the start of an evening of fun.

She selected another smaller cock for her ass, making three. She selected two others that were not too large for her mouth. As she wrote on each of them her stomach churned at the thought of that cock in her mouth, his cum spurting onto her tongue filling her mouth with goo.

She wanted to ask if she had to let the cum in her mouth, but she didn't want to know the answer. She'd just try to avoid it if she could. And she certainly didn't want to ask if she had to swallow. She couldn't bear the thought of all that cum going down her throat. If she didn't ask, maybe she could just spit it out if some got in her mouth.

Several times as she went from man to man, cock to cock, she changed her mind and crossed out a letter replacing it with another.

"Times a wasting," he called out snapping the whip on the floor. "Thirty seconds left."

She made a last decision just before he said, "Time's up."

Relaxing from the ordeal, she handed the pen back. He refused it. "Honey," he said, "you're not done."

Fear welled up in her. She looked at each of the hard cocks in front of her. Each had a printed letter showing which of her holes it was to violate first. She looked back at the voice questioningly. Then it hit her. It hit her hard as she realized her mistake.

"But you didn't have your cock out. How was I to know?"

"Too bad," he said, taking his cock out. "Put a letter on it. Tell me where you want me to fuck you."

"Please don't hit me," she pleaded. He said nothing as he waited for his mark. She selected a P thinking he'd like that best and maybe wouldn't whip her.

"I will give you a choice," he said with a smile. "Since you've given me something I really like to do, I'll let you tell me where to start. We can do it on your tits or your pussy. Which do you prefer?"

"Please don't," she said backing away. "Don't hit me."

"Make a choice or I'll double it."

"My tits, no, my pussy, no please don't." She was nearing hysteria as he circled the whip before her.

"We'll start with the pussy," his voice was low. He stared at her pussy which she hastily covered tightly with both her hands. She backed away step by step until she ran into one of the men who would soon be fucking her.

She could feel his hard cock pushing between her cheeks as he stood behind her. He held her loosely, his hands on her breasts. He fondled them casually as the man with the whip moved closer. Her hands tightened on her pussy.

He stopped. He looked and her and was plainly disappointed. "Erin, we can do this a number of different ways. I told you I really like to hurt women. I thought I made it clear that I was going to hurt you with this whip, especially if you didn't do what I told you. I am going to hurt you and, for that matter, I'm going to hurt your boyfriend."

Ken's eyes widened on hearing this.

"How much I hurt you depends on you. I will take every opportunity you give me to hurt you, but I told you that you would have some control on how much you get hurt." She noticed that his cock was becoming harder as he spoke. She held her hands desperately over her pussy. The man she was mashed against continued to play with her breasts, toying with her nipples, massaging her. He ignored her hands clasped tightly against her groin. His cock pushed between her cheeks and threatened to insert itself through her wrinkled, brown hole. His cock had an M on it.

She pushed harder against the man. She never felt his cock intruding. She was focused on the whip. The man temporarily abandoned her breasts and spread her cheeks to allow more penetration. This she felt, but she pushed back nonetheless as the whip moved slowly back and forth.

"You have told me that you want your punishment on your pussy. That's fine with me. I guaranty it will hurt. It is punishment and I will like hurting you so that's resolved. His voice and discourse was much more refined that one would have thought for a man planning a couple's torment in this rundown shed. She may have noticed it, but she may have been only aware of the whip. "Now I need to resolve how many lashes. How many lashes do you think it should be?" He was asking Erin. My god, Erin thought, none. Don't hit me at all. She knew that would not be an acceptable answer. "Erin," he said, "I asked you a question. Answer me. Don't piss me off."

"Two," she offered hesitantly. "One!" Maybe, she thought, it could be just one.

"I like that," he mused. "Two followed by one." She began to tear up.

"Please," she pleaded, "just one."

"Actually, I was thinking more of five or ten, but you're so pretty, I'd hate to mark you up too badly so we'll start with just these three. If you are a good girl, I'll leave this punishment at three."

The man behind her had been pulling her ass hard against his thrusting cock. She felt him fucking her ass, but was concentrating on the whip. Now he gasped in her ear as he held her hips tightly against his hips. She felt his cock swell then fill her with a warm fluid. His thrusting became more intense as more and more spurted from the cock now deep inside her. It ran down her leg.

It's progress was slow. She felt it creeping down the inside of her thighs. His cock was still hard and deeply imbedded in her. He slowed and loosened his grip, but kept his cock deep inside.

Though apparently ignoring his compatriot earlier, the man with the whip stopped and waited as the scene played out. He put the tip of the whip in the flow making its way down her thigh. He spread it some, then continued, "Let's review what a good girl is."

The whip on her the inside of her thigh terrified her. It was only inches below his avowed target which she guarded with her hands. The flow on her leg was cool, but the touch of the whip brought hot blood to the skin it touched.

"A good girl accepts her punishment. She offers up the part of herself that is to be punished. She does not hide it. She does not cry out. She does not run. She always does what she is told. Are you a good girl?" Throughout all of this speech he looked her in the eye. Now he let his eyes rove over her body. Then he met her eyes again. She was nodding.

"Yes," she said weakly.

"Good," he said. "That's the right answer." He moved closer and teased the back of her hands with the whip. "We're going to start here, you and I. Do you understand what I mean when I say that you will offer up the part to be punished."

She wasn't sure, and she didn't know whether to say yes or no, so she kept quiet.

Suddenly the whip lashed the outside of her thigh catching a part of her butt. She screamed even as the red welt was forming. She crowded back against the man whose cock hardened with the lash and her panicked pressure. He began fucking her again.

"Answer me when I speak to you or there will be more, much more. Do you see how it excites me to hurt you?" He indicated his hard cock as he spoke.

"Yes," she whimpered.

"Yes, what," he demanded.

"Yes, I see how it excites you."

"Do you understand what I mean about offering up the part to be punished."

Frightened she said, "No, not really."

"I'll show you," he said. "Your pussy is the first part to be punished so you must offer it to me. You do that by taking your hands away and spreading your legs. If I tell you to, you spread your pussy open for me with your hands. Am I clear?"

"Oh god," she choked as the realization of what was to come sank in brutally.

"Am I clear," he asked again. The conversational tone ever present. "Move your hands away."

Tentatively she did exposing the forest of red curls. The whip twitched.

"Spread your legs." She did. "Wider." She spread them a bit more. "More." This time the whip hitting the floor emphasized the command. She spread widely. Her pussy opened revealing it's pink tunnel. She held the man behind her for balance. "Move those cute curls so I can see straight up inside." She parted her pubic hair leaving not a strand to conceal the entrance.

"Good," he said with finality. Then a second later, "Now show me your clit."

Her hesitation brought a lash to the other thigh. She held in the shriek and parted with both hands the covering to her clit. "That's right. Now hold it open. Just like that."

He raised the whip. Slowly he raised it and brought it back until he seemed perfectly poised to unleash a brutal blow to her clit. He lowered the whip without striking.

"Now," he said, "when I tell you what part will be punished, you will offer it like that. Keep holding yourself open just like that."

She bit her lip as she held herself open. Unable to bear the sight of the whip any longer she closed her eyes and waited. She waited cringing not knowing whether to want the blow to come to get it over with or not to come to put the pain off as long as possible.

A stinging blow across the bridge of her nose snapped her eyes open. "Don't ever close your eyes!" He spun around and repeated the admonition to Ken. Trembling from fear he nodded his assent with a violent snapping of his head.

She waited holding herself open to the whip. He measured the distance and the angle then delivered a stinging blow. She staggered under the pain but didn't release her hold on the cover of her clit. She bit her lip to avoid crying out. Blood dribbled down her chin.

The next blow followed quickly, but was wide of its mark hitting her inner thigh and the back of her hand. It stung, but nothing like the blow that had stuck her clit. She turned herself lose and waited again.

"That wasn't so bad, was it. Didn't want to hurt you so bad you wouldn't enjoy the boys. One on the tit and we're finished for this punishment," he said as if they, together had accomplished something.

As he spoke she glanced at Ken and was appalled to see that he had a hard on. On my god, she thought. He's getting excited watching this man torture me!

With an awful sinking feeling she said, "What do you want me to do?"

"Hold your tit out, of course. Which one will it be?" His voice was still jocular. This was a game to him.

She put her hand under her left breast. "Raise it right up there and pull it out. Give me a good target." His voice was still hardy. He was definitely playing a game. It was no game to her.

Her breasts were not large. They had a conical shape standing proudly from her chest crowned by rosy nipples. Their fair, unblemished skin stood in contrast to the freckles which made her chest look as though someone has sprinkled it with rusty water.

She took hold of her breast and stretched it toward him. "Use both hands and really stretch it this way." She stretched it until it hurt. "OK, now turn to your right a bit." She did and the blow fell almost immediately. He hit directly on her nipple. She staggered again with the pain, but again he reassured her that it wasn't so bad, she'd still enjoy the boys.

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