New Years Sex


Okay I'm finally starting a blog on my sex experiences as they happen...I've been wanting to for a while. I love sex. I love cumming. I am 24 and obsessed with my own sexual capacity. I know I've been way more sexually active than most of my friends, and sometimes they kid me about it. I just love sex, and I also love jerking off too. I've always kept some sort of sex diary or cum journal, and now I get to try this on-line blog format.

What I want to do today, for my first entry, is record the sex I had LAST NIGHT, with Julie as we rang in the new year. This is going on 4 months that we've been together. Since the 2nd time we went out, we have had some sort of sex every single day or night except for 4 days: when I twisted my ankle in the 10k fun run in September and was in pain and pissed off that night; a week later when she went out of town for the weekend (2days); and on Christmas when we were each with our own families the whole day. Most other days, we fuck. A lot. She thinks I'm a little too obsessed with it but even on days when she's not in the mood, I usually wear her down and we wind up fucking and sucking and she enjoys it every time.

Last night we were invited to a few different new years parties, but we declined and decided to have our own over at her condo since her roommate is gone for the weekend. Julie wanted us to have a "Naked New Years" night, and set her bedroom up with candles for me even! She had moved the tv in to a stand at the end of her bed, so we could see the countdowns at midnight. I got there around 5:00 and within 10 minutes we had both lost all our clothes and were flirting and teasing as we walked around her place getting everything ready. I made some really stiff (ha ha) hot buttered rums and Julie made appetizers and chicken parmigiana, my favorite. We were in the kitchen waiting for it to come out of the oven. Julie knelt down to get a dish out of the cupboard, and I sauntered up next to her with my cock hanging near her face, and as she turned towards me I kind of swayed it back and forth. I am so lucky that Julie loves my cock.

I've always loved it too, so perfectly shaped and long and smooth (if anyone is reading this and wants to know, a girlfriend 3 years ago measured it as 4 1/2 inches dangling soft and 7 1/2 inches hard, and since I'm writing this for myself there is no point in exaggerating it and saying I'm a really huge 9 incher or something, heck, I'm only a thin 5'8" guy). She without hesitation slid her mouth up and over the whole thing (ahhh I love getting sucked from the totally soft stage) and braced me against the counter and sucked me hard in no time. I was almost screaming with delight, as I knew it was the start of a great night of sex.

I didn't really do much to her that time in the kitchen. She sucked and sucked, and I just leaned back and relished the whole thing, and in about 10 minutes, I came, really hard with lots of sensation in my cock and in my inner thighs. She kept me in her mouth mostly, but I think it was at least 5 good spurts and lots of "aftershocks".

We ate our dinner and opened some champagne, since we had our midnight bottle plus one extra. I had always wanted to try something I saw in a porn movie where you pour the champagne over the girl's pussy and lick it off and give her oral at the same time.... actually I saw it done with a stripper at Brad's bachelor party last we made our way to the soaking tub and she sat on the edge and I got in it, gave her oral for 5 minutes until she was wet and sensitive and moaning, and then started trickling the champagne down from her bellybutton, over her gorgeous pussy (it is so hot and pretty and shaped just right, I love it) and into my lapping mouth. I licked it up inside her a bit and then sucked it out. Julie was laughing and going crazy at the same time. We really had fun with that! After awhile though, the mess and the coldness of it made it tiresome and we rinsed off in the shower.

Of course we have a problem showering and not doing anything else in the shower. We both love to see each other wet and naked, and she began slithering her hands all over my chest and licking between each of my abs, telling me once again how much she likes my tight six pack (and I am at these moments SOOOO glad I did all that working out on them, my trainer friend Brian was right about that). I got hard again and laid her down in the tub and braced myself on the edges, leaned my cock forward into her and fucked like crazy with hot water pouring over my back and onto her tits, it was awesome. We love that. She came at least twice, maybe 3 times, and though the tub is a little hard for her backside, she still wanted more. I hammered her with all I had, but it was just too exciting with the hot water and all, and I pulled her over onto my lap and leaned back against the tub myself. She rode me sitting up until I blew another load. AWESOME. Fuck, that was good. And then the horny bitch kept sliding up and down on me after I came which drove me up the wall and I screamed and thrashed until she got off.

Okay lets think. Next when we dried off we drank some rum & cokes and lounged around for a bit, and got set up in her bedroom about 9:30. Julie said she wanted me to fuck her right up to midnight and see if we could cum at the same time right after midnight to ring in the new year with joint orgasms. Wow. She doesn't usually have all these ideas, but she had this night planned. First up was hot massage oils as we've done several times, with me getting to rub her beautiful bare body with oils everywhere, I LOVE getting to do that to her, and sliding my fingers up into her pussy from behind many times during the process to tease her. I again tried her ass like we did a couple times last month, and she liked it a little more this time, me sliding my middle finger up and thrusting in her asshole while my other hand was fingering up her pussy and making her very hot.

I really wanted to fuck her right then, but she wanted to massage me. Backside first, and she always works my tight buns so thoroughly. Then I rolled over and she used these hot tingly oils on my whole chest, abs, and down to my cock which was already hard of course, Mr. Reliable down there. I got that signature oil hand job she's given me before that I love her for. Man. One of those moments I cherish where I got to lay back and feel like the luckiest guy. She makes me so happy because we adore each other so much and even after 4 months we can't get enough of each other.

We checked the time and it was about 10:30, so she got on top of me and pleasured herself anyway she wanted. I crossed my hands behind my head, kept my cock hard up in her, and let her have total control to move up, down and around however it best suited her pussy's angles and needs. Only exception is sometimes when she's really, really excited but backs off when she's close to cumming because she knows it drives her crazy, and I don't let her back off, I grab her thighs and slam up into her really hard for a minute and make her cum like a maniac. After making her have her orgasms 3 times like that in about 25 minutes, we switched to doggy style and I thrusted into her like a jackhammer for 5 minutes or so and pulled out and came all over her back -- my 3rd orgasm and it felt sooooooooo dammmmmmn goooooooood, intense as ever, and the first two shots were powerful enough to arc up almost to her neck, but then small ones and dribbles -- I'm a pretty good multiple cummer but can only do so much, plus we had sex twice the night before too.

We cuddled and petted and drank and kissed and suckled for 15 or 20 minutes and about 11:30 she said it was time to get me hard for our new year's eve fuck-in. She went down on me and sucked like a vacuum, and even slid her tongue down to my balls and UNDERNEATH my balls, and I screamed with delight. I 'm sure the neighbors upstairs were listening because we think they have before. I rose up hard again of course, and about 11:40 we laid into it hard-core. I laid her down and put her feet up over my shoulders, and pushed into her hot pussy hard and long, and began thrusting like crazy. I worked on varying my strokes to keep her surprised by what was happening next. I went really fast for 100 strokes, then slow and long for 50, then fast for 100 and slow for another 50, then started alternating like 10 fast, 5 slow, 10 medium, 10 deep fast ones where I didn't pull out all the way, and then back through the 10/5/10/10 again.

Then I went into random patterns because I couldn't keep track anymore even though I really like experimenting with different stroke patterns to see what effect they have on her and on me. We did some sideways fucking in there for a bit with me laying behind her on our sides, and then for the last 10 minutes we turned on the new years countdown and clutched each other missionary style and tried like hell to hold off on cumming while we fucked slowly and deeply. My cock was aching with need and I almost lost it, but I kept managing to stop in time and finally with one minute left, I raised myself up on my arms, slammed in extra hard, and began fucking for all I was worth. I was so thrilled that 2004 was ending in such a thrilling way for me and that 2005 was going to be off to a great start. We both started moaning and grunting and screaming, and finally it was time for the last 10 seconds and we counted down together as I thrust in deep and long on each number, 10 - 9 -8 -7- 6 - 5 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 1...HAPPY FUCKING NEW YEAR!!!

I rammed really hard into her for just a few more strokes and then came like a cannon inside her. She actually was orgasming for the previous 20 seconds or so already, from slightly before midnight, and right afterwards, I joined her in a thrilling, thrusting, hollering, lusty cum, and then I forced MYSELF to keep ramming my sensitive cock into her wetness for a good 30 strokes afterwards until I couldn't stand it any more.

We collapsed, sweaty, oily and thrilled. I poured us our special bottle of champagne and we toasted ourselves, our love of sex, and the new year.

We pretty much fell into a sexual-exhaustion coma sleep about 10 minutes later, but with the TV on and candles, we kind of came to or woke up about 2:00. I went down on her, got us both horny again, and we had one more good fuck (are any bad?) about 2:30, and even though I managed a good enough hard on to do the fucking, I didn't expect to be able to cum again. But with some expert pussy maneuvering from Julie while on top of me, plus me getting a really good view of her stupendously tight body and great tits, I managed a small but mind-shatteringly intense (almost painful) cum at the end of it, and then we crashed.

Its almost 2:00 pm now, and we only got up at noon. Julie went to the store, so I thought I'd check out this blog site. This is really cool to have a place to record my experiences, and I think I'm going to keep doing that. A night like last night should be recorded for the record books, even if they're just for me, so here I am. I love fucking. I'm hard again already from doing this, and might fuck her when she gets back from the store.

Also, since I always wish I could cum more than 4 or 5 times a day (I know many guys can) and wish I had even more volume, I am today starting to take the Ogioplex that we ordered, so I can improve "the ropes" as they call it. I can't wait to see if it does something, but who knows, I also could be wasting my money. But anyways, today is day 1 on that stuff.

Okay. That's the end of my first blog entry. Whew!

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