tagNovels and NovellasNewburyport Ch. 02

Newburyport Ch. 02


Chapter 2: An Afternoon at the Mansion

The inside the mansion was as grand as the outside. The house was filled with priceless antiques, many brought from far corners of the earth by the family's fleet of merchant ships in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. The residence was huge and as Darlene walked Holly through it's many rooms, Holly thought how wonderful it must have been to have spent one's childhood in such surroundings.

Finally Darlene brought Holly to an intimate sitting room on the second floor. This room, unlike the more formal rooms below, was cozy with a fire on the hearth and warm comfortable furnishings. Darlene rang a bell and a and handsome, athletically built, young man answered. Darlene didn't introduce the young man but asked him to fix a pot of her most special tea. The young man nodded, smiled and left on his errand. Darlene began to tell Holly about her life. She recounted her early years of summers in at the family's ranchero in Southern Arizona, of winters at schools in Europe, sailing on the family's yachts and trips all over the globe with various members of her family.

She was starting to tell Holly about her first marriage when the young man came back to the room with a silver tea service and fine china on an antique Chinese lacquer tray. Along with the tea were current scones and scotch marmalade. He poured and presented cups to each of them and withdrew. The tea was delicious with a perfume that reminded Sandy of a field of new mown hay on a warm July day. Just the thing for the late afternoon of a cold, wintry New England day. The scones were buttery with a hint of slightly tart currents and the marmalade superb, as only the Scotch can make it. The conversation resumed in the telling of the story of Darlene's marriage.

She had married young to a French Gentleman with a title, and she soon found that he little money to support it and a family who saw their fortunes returning in the form of this well chosen bride for their son. Darlene, who had inherited the families shrewd business instincts, saw this as a ruse soon after the elaborate wedding and had extricated herself from the weak young man and his grasping family before the first year of the marriage was out. Within a short time she married again. This time to the handsome, rough and ready owner of a large construction company who would not touch a cent of her endowment.

She had been happy and content with Peter Gilmore. Not the least of this happiness was caused by Peter's enormous sexual appetite. Peter was as well named as he was well endowed. He had a tendency to stray from time to time, but allowed Darlene the same latitude and always came straight home in the end of the day.

Soon after their marriage Peter was offered a huge sum for his company by a French conglomerate and sold to then become a consultant to that firm. They were headquartered in Nice and he and Darlene moved to the Grand Duchy of Sainte Pierre to live in a company mansion overlooking the Mediterranean. At a party they met and became friends with the Grand Duke Lorentez, the ruler of the Duchy and his wife, the American screen actress Martha Monroney. Martha was very lonely for American female companionship. She needed to have someone as a friend and confidante and since she came from a very old and rich Philadelphia family she and Darlene shared similar backgrounds and many acquaintances. The two soon became the best of friends.

As the friendship grew Darlene became aware that Martha was also physically interested in her and she felt the same attraction to Martha. Darlene had never had an experience with a woman and had seldom even thought in those terms but Martha, who's movie career had given her a breadth of experience that most young women never enjoy, had enough background to make the seduction of her new friend natural and easy.

Darlene stopped in her story to pour more tea and Holly commented on the warm feeling of relaxation that the tea seemed to bring. Darlene told her that it was a special blend that had been used by the family for hundreds of years, first being brought from Jamaica in the early seventeenth century on the first of the families merchant ships. Holly found herself filled with a tide of warmth and well-being. She liked this woman and her frank and easy manner and found her attractive in her stylish dress and air of physical well being. She was also intrigued by the direction of Darlene's life story. It was exciting to be told of a personal experience in seduction by a rich and famous woman.

She began to realize that her panties, which were quite damp at the end of her game in the restaurant were again soaking in the product of her interest. She shifted in her chair discreetly to pull the crotch of her panties into contact with her clitoris and felt a wave of pleasure. She began to casually swing her foot and her crossed leg to increase the friction and almost at once a little shudder of pleasure went through her. The tea seemed to have the power to make Holly feel that she was living the experience that Darlene was describing and she drifted away in a warm sexual haze listening to Darlene's words.

Darlene seemed not to notice, but continued her story. She went on to tell of a skiing trip to the French Alps on which she and her husband was invited to join by their new friends. The trip was to be to an old family chateau in a high alpine valley. At the last moment both Lorentez and Peter had urgent business to attend and so they sent the two friends on to open the house and promised to follow the next day.

Darlene was picked up by Martha and her chauffeur early in the morning. They drove though thickening weather toward the mountains. As they drove north and east the weather worsened until finally they were traveling into the mountains through a windswept blizzard. At last they arrived at police road block in a mountain village and were told that they could go no further. In this little town there were no hotels, only a quaint pub. Martha dispatched the chauffeur to seek lodging and he reported back that the pub had no rooms. With that, Martha left the automobile and marched into the tap room and asked for the proprietor.

On coming into the room he recognized her immediately and made his whole establishment hers. They were shown to a cozy suite of two rooms with a fire on the hearth of both and a huge soft feather bed. They were presented with a bottle of he house's finest champagne and left to enjoy the remainder of their afternoon. As darkness gathered in the blizzard outside they sipped champagne and relaxed by the fire.

Darlene dozed and on waking found Martha missing. Walking into the bedroom she found Martha just coming out of the shower. She was a beautiful as Darlene had imagined in her fantasies. Darlene was left nearly breathless by the sight of this goddess of a woman's wondrous body. Martha lay face down on the bed and asked if Darlene would rub her shoulder and her back to help her relax a tightness in her muscles. Darlene was delighted to oblige. Her first touch was electric and she began to feel the warmth of passion fill her as her hands kneaded the velvet skin of her friend. Martha languidly directed Darlene ministrations, guiding her down her back and onto her buttocks.

It became apparent that Darlene was not the only one affected by this touch. Martha's breathing became shorter and more labored and her body began to involuntarily move against the mattress beneath her. Darlene became even more intent on what she was doing. It seemed that through this simple message she was giving sexual pleasure to a lover and she felt the passion that the act generates. Suddenly, and without warning Martha sighed deeply, rose from the bed hugged and kissed Darlene lightly on the lips and said that they should get ready for dinner. Darlene felt a strange let down, as if she had been withdrawn from by a man in the midst of a sexual encounter. She swallowed her emotions however and prepared to dress for dinner. She could not however put the interlude on the bed or the brush of Martha's soft, fragrant lips from her mind.

Downstairs in the pub Martha was given a queens welcome. Everyone in the dining room stood as she came in to be seated. Sitting across the table from her Darlene admired her poise and beauty. Martha smiled at her and said softly "This is my public this evening so we must perform as they would expect us to do. But, keep in mind that when we leave you are my bed mate and I will do for you what no woman has done before". These words out of the blue sent Darlene into a dizzy trance. She had no memory of eating or drinking anything that evening. Her only memory was of the beautiful face and body sitting before her and knowing that at the end of the evening it would be hers.

All this time the effects of the tea had Holly feeling that it was she, not Darlene, in the story and that this was, in fact, happening to her. The fascinating erotic story and the strange relaxed feeling that came from the tea coupled with the friction from her panties against her clit was beginning to drive Holly toward a mild climax.

Slowly Holly realized that Darlene had stopped in her story. Holly opened her eyes and saw Darlene's skirt had worked up her thighs as she had reached forward to pass tea and scones to Holly. She had lovely legs Holly noted and as she watched Darlene shifted her position to give Holly an excellent view of her inner thighs. Holly was mesmerized by this exposure and her eyes were riveted on the region beneath Darlene's skirt.

As she watched Darlene opened her legs wider and stretched languidly. She then reached casually between her legs to gently rub her Mont de Venus with her fingers while her other hand disappeared inside her blouse to caress her right breast. Holly could stand it no longer. She too began to lightly caress the inside of her thighs working toward the wetness at the junction of her legs. Her eyes locked on Darlene's whose eyes suddenly seemed glazed with passion. Darlene dipped one finger lower and messaged her clit and gave a little shudder. She then licked her finger and stood to cross the room to Holly. Darlene took Holly's face between her hands and kissed her on the lips. The kiss started lightly but as Holly opened her lips to receive her, Darlene thrust first the tip, then her whole tongue into Holly's waiting mouth. Her hands found Holly's breasts and played with her nipples. Holly in turn found Darlene's wetness and dipped her middle finger in it. She probed deeper into the warm wet softness and sensed the perfume of female sexual arousal that rose to surround them.

Darlene's tongue was working faster in Holly's mouth now as Holly's fingers explored deeper and deeper into Darlene. They were both breathing hard when Darlene broke off the kiss and knelt before Holly. She first unbuttoned Holly's blazer then slipped her breast from the restraint of her bra. She took Holly's nipple into her mouth and worked it with the tip of her tongue.

Unbuttoning the rest of the blazer buttons she unbuttoned the side closure of Holly's skirt and raising Holly's hips pulled it and her soaked panties off. She then removed one of Holly's pumps and taking her foot in her hand proceeded to lick and suck Holly's toes through her stockings. She then worked upward keeping between Holly's legs and licking as she went. When she arrived at the top of Holly's stockings she asked Holly to reverse her position in her chair and stood to kiss and lick the back and sides of Holly's neck. She moved down her back to the top of the crack between her buttocks. She then bent Holly over the chair, spread her legs and turned her attention to the little brown button of Holly's sphincter. Her hot wet tongue probed gently at first then with increased urgency until the tip penetrated Holly's rectum.

By this time Holly was beside herself. Waves of passion and pleasure swept over her. Each thrust of Darlene's tongue seemed to send her farther and farther into a mindless state of ecstasy. She rubbed her clit fiercely and contractions of pleasure shook her. She was coming now and as long as the tongue in her ass kept working it's magic she couldn't stop. She was caught in the grip of a tidal wave of feeling such as she had seldom experienced. Deeper and deeper went Darlene's tongue and again and again Holly reached the pinnacle of pleasure fell into a valley of ecstasy and rose to cum again. It was like a series of waves continuously breaking. Holly's breath became short and her head light. There came a point where she became so sensitive that she couldn't stand it any longer. She pushed Darlene's head away, turned and pulled her face into her soaking virgina. Darlene immediately began to knowingly work on Holly's G-Spot with her long hot tongue.

Holly responded by opening her legs wide and pulling Darlene to her with her heels. As Darlene massaged the sensitive spot at the top of Holly's virgina with the tip of her tongue Holly felt a new force building within her and with a cry discharged a seemingly endless stream of sweet hot juices into Darlene's waiting mouth. With that discharge Holly collapsed into an exhausted, spent heap in her chair. She lay in a daze while Darlene continued to gently lick and suck all of the remaining wine of love from her pussy. She must have dozed because she waked to find that the sun had set and Darlene was curled in the opposite chair, demurely sipping tea and watching her with an amused smile.

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