tagRomanceNewlyweds Ch. 01

Newlyweds Ch. 01


Jim looked up from his morning paper to see his wife of a few weeks standing next to the breakfast table.

"I'm sorry, honey, did you say something to me?" He looked at Leslie, trying to be genuine. He may not have been married for long, but he still knew that face.

Leslie scowled back at him. "Yes, I said, I'm leaving for work now. Kiss me goodbye."

Even when she was mad, he still thought she was the most beautiful woman he'd ever laid eyes on. A natural brunette, she had dyed her hair bright red after learning he had a natural preference for redheads. At 5'6" she wasn't too tall, and she still tucked under his arms even when she wore heels. Fair skin with just the right amount of freckles surrounded her blue-green eyes, and her face was perfectly framed by her shoulder-length hair. Jim looked her up and down, slowly. She had on a white silk blouse, the kind that hinted at what was underneath without being so sheer that they showed everything. A lace camisole underneath barely peeked out from overtop of the fourth button, where her perky 36C breasts started to diverge from her shirt. She had great cleavage; tits you could bury yourself in for hours. Black dress slacks were riding low on her waist, showing off her hips. Hugging her ass tightly, they accentuated everything that made her a woman, and fit her perfectly. Two inch heeled sandals perfected the ensemble.

"Kiss you? I'd like to fuck you looking like that." Jim winked at her. Like many newlyweds, their sexual appetite had been insatiable, and they took every opportunity to consummate their new relationship.

"Jim, I'll be late for work, just keep it in your pants for right now." She bent down to meet his upturned head and their lips met. With his eyes closed and enjoying their passion, he didn't notice her hand slip down to his crotch. She ran her hand from the bottom of his trousers up to his belt, making his dick twitch, and long for more. "There'll be plenty of time for that later." She smiled at him then turned to grab her car keys.

He watched her walk away, admiring her fantastic ass, and letting his mind wander to his deepest fantasies about her.


Home from work first, Jim decided to take a hot shower. As he let the warm water pull away the pressures of his day, he heard the door open announcing the arrival of his bride. He turned off the water, and quickly dressed in one of the terrycloth robes they had received as a gift. He made his way to the kitchen, finding Leslie standing at the table reading the mail. He came up behind her without making a sound, and placed his hands around her waist, pressing his chest up against her back and breathing in the scent of her hair.

"Welcome home. I've been waiting on you," Jim said as he kissed the back of her neck.

"Thanks, you don't waste any time, do you?" She turned her head to kiss him on the mouth, dropping the mail and succumbing to the moment.

"Nope. You're too beautiful to resist." Jim slid his hands up her blouse, until they rested on the mounds of her breasts. Gently massaging each tit, he gently kissed the nape of her neck, breathing hot air down her shirt and giving her goose bumps. His left hand slid back down her front to her midsection, and he pulled her tightly to him, allowing her to feel the fullness of his erection for the first time in her back.

She moaned softly, and raised her head back, letting her hair fall below her shoulders. Moving her hands from the table, she reached back and ran her fingers through his hair. As Jim moved his kisses up her neck, he began sucking on her earlobe. As he playfully sucked and bit the small piece of flesh, the fingers in his right had began unfastening the buttons of her blouse. The fourth button popped open, followed by the third after a brief pause. The second came soon after, and the final button was opened before they both realized. Still breathing warm air over the places that he just finished kissing, Jim quietly breathed out a single sentence: "Leslie, you are amazingly beautiful, I want to make love you in the worst way."

"Ohhh" Was all that she could manage, the intensity of anticipation building up within her. With her shirt open, he slipped it off of her shoulders, and let it fall to the floor.

Grabbing her by the waist, he turned her around, and began working his lips from the tops of her breasts to the ends of her shoulders. Leslie placed her arms around his neck, and began kneading her fingers into his tense shoulder muscles. With both feeling the stress and tension leaving their bodies, there was now room for their passions to take holds.

Jim moved his hands from her waist and began removing her pants. Releasing the main clasp, and then slowly lowering the zipper, the front flaps fell to either side of her navel. Her white lace thong matched her bra, and was jutting out from underneath the opening. He reached around behind her, and placed his hands on each of her ass cheeks. Gently lifting her up, he placed her on the table and pulled her pants to her knees in one swift motion. Sliding her slacks all the way off, he dropped them next to her blouse, leaving her in just her underwear.

Taking the hint, Leslie reached down and grabbed the bottom of her camisole. Crossing her arms as she pulled upwards, she raised it over her head, and threw it towards the other end of the room. Her sheer lace bra was holding her perfect bosoms in place, and Jim reached up to fondle them. Carefully running just the tips of his fingers across her body, he traced a line past her knees and up her inner thighs, heading past her abs. Sliding the fingertips around to her sides, he approached each mound with almost military precision. Each hand found its opposite nipple through the soft clothing, and his index fingers began slowly tracing circles around each one. As he toyed with her nipples, he again raised his mouth to hers, and when their lips met, he pulled her close to him again.

With his hands behind her, he undid her bra, and pulled it free from her body. Her tits hanging free, she grabbed the ties on his robe, and opened them up. His cock was more than she had first expected from him when they had met. He wasn't a jockish guy, the type she normally went for, although he certainly wasn't out of shape. He didn't exude too much bravado, and she just assumed he wasn't too confident with his manhood. She soon learned the error of her assumptions, and when she first saw the 8" beast, she knew it was one to keep. Today it was almost completely gorged with blood, and standing almost at attention. Jim didn't shave himself, but at her request, he did keep things pretty trim down there. Her left hand shot out and cupped his two balls, gently fondling them. Her right gripped the shaft of his penis, and she let the warmth of her hands soak into the sensitive skin. Standing up from the table, she removed her hands from his member momentarily to remove his robe, dropping it behind where he stood. Dropping to her knees, she kept it in her hands, and massaged it as she moved. Staring down the shaft, she smiled and licked her lips while she paused for a nanosecond.

Moving her head towards his body, her mouth opened, and the tip of his cock was met with wet body heat. Wrapping her lips just beyond the head, she sucked in with her lungs, and slid her tongue all around the sensitive end. Jim's knees almost buckled at the sudden sensation, but he caught himself, and let out a deep breath. Slowly she moved his cock deeper into her mouth, caressing his testicles, and sliding her fingers up and down his shaft. When he could take no more, he carefully pulled her away, and brought her to her feet. With a wink he said, "Your turn."

He bent down and slowly pulled her now soaked panties to her ankles. Anticipating his next move, Leslie sat at the edge of the table, and kicked off her underwear. He knelt down in front of her, and breathed in heavily through his nose, inhaling the sweet aroma of her dripping pussy. Kissing her thighs, he placed his hands under her ass, giving each cheek a gentle squeeze. When his kisses led him to her labia, he gave each side a gentle kiss, and then his lips were parted by her tongue. As his tongue had parted his own lips, so now it did the same for hers, separating each labium, and spreading her open for him to enjoy. Her sweet flavor hit the tip of his tongue, and he could not control himself. He buried his tongue deep inside of her and allowed the warmth of her box to flow to him. Pulling his tongue out slightly, he flattened it, and ran it all the way to her clitoris. "Ungggghhhhhh" she growled in ecstasy. As he moved his tongue across her clit, back and forth, up and down, he could feel the shudders in her hips getting stronger. When she finally came, she grabbed his head and ground it to her pelvis, smothering him with pussy.

When the initial foreplay was winding down, she led him by the hand to their bed, and laid face down on it. "Fuck me hard now, I want you inside of me."

Jim crouched behind her, sliding his rock hard dick into her glistening slit. Slowly pushing in at first, he gradually picked up the pace once her body had fully engulfed him. His hips hit the cheeks of her ass in a harmonious rhythm, pushing wave after wave of pleasure into them both. When her pussy clamped down on him for her fourth orgasm, his body finally gave in, and his seed spilled forth into her waiting receptacle. As he collapsed on top of her, he ran his fingers through her hair.

"Now, how was that for a welcome home?" She could only smile.

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