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I know, I know, when it comes to the online cyber experience for most of you it's like, "Been there done that," if you excuse the cliche'. I mean first there was email, then instant messaging, phone, skype, facetime and who knows what else to enhance your cyber sexual experience. Well the "what else" is now here and once it gets fully developed you'll have to agree it is the next step in the online experience.

How many times have you played online, trying to imagine what your online partner might feel like as she wraps her fingers around you and gently begins stroking, or even better, lowers herself onto you? And how many times have you envisioned slipping your cock into some socket on your computer and actually feeling what your partner is describing? Well grab your credit cards and stop dreaming.

Real touch has developed the Real Touch Interactive, a device that, "...synchronizes the movements, warmth and wetness you feel..." while experiencing sex. You simply slide it over your cock to feel the soft interior that actually moves and squeezes like the real thing. It has a reservoir for lubricant which is released during your experience so you feel the wetness just like inside a real pussy. The device also heats up to simulate the warmth you feel inside and it adjusts to the size of your cock regardless of size to provide optimum tightness.

Okay, okay, you've seen things like this before, the fleshlight and other similar devices that may mimic some of what you feel when actually having sex. Well the real touch takes the experience further... so much further.

There is an additional feature to the Real Touch, one that just may convince you to plunk down the two hundred dollars it costs for the device. The company also has a device they call the Joystick. Calm down gamers, you don't get the Joystick, the company's models have the Joystick.

The Joystick is a device that looks like your average dildo. It is white with a blue base that will hold the device upright, pretty standard stuff. Well this not just your average dildo, it is a "sensory interface that captures the location, tenderness and direction of a model's touch in lifelike resolution up to 40 times a second." Okay, now read that again slowly.

The Joystick senses what the model is doing and then transmits that information to the model's computer. You still with me? Yes, that information from the Joystick is then sent via the internet to your Real Touch device controlling its interior motion to match what is happening to the Joystick. In other words you feel what the model is doing to the Joystick on your own, very personal joystick. You actually feel what she, he or it is doing to their Joystick.

Slow down, keep your wallet in your pants for now. Currently they only sell the Real Touch. The Joystick is not available for purchase. What the company does offer is a website where you can select models who are on cam ready and willing to do many delightful things to their Joystick, things that you will feel as you watch the model do them on screen.

Of course the model doesn't do these things for free so after you've plunked down two hundred dollars for the Real Touch you'll be plunking down more each time you experience a model. They also offer video on demand where the videos are synchronized with what the model did giving you the same experience as a live cam.

For you entrepreneurs out there the company is looking for models (both men and women) to do the delightful things to the Joystick. They encourage developers to bring in new ideas to the sexual possibilities and are looking for affiliates to help market the product.

The first step in a new level of online sexual experience has been taken and where it goes is only limited by our imaginations. There have been hints at the company also marketing the Joystick opening the doors to some interesting possibilities for traveling spouses and long distance relationships.

Obviously this technology will raise the question about what or what isn't fidelity. If you are unclear on whether cyber or phone sex is or isn't infidelity, the Real Touch can only add to your confusion. Of course with an understanding partner, this may be a wonderful and safe way to spice up the bedroom, or home office depending upon where your computer is located.

Regardless of some of the ethical questions that may arise, the Real Touch has broken the sexual sound barrier with its technology. You can find the company on the internet. The fun is just a credit card away.

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