tagBDSMNicola And Master Tom

Nicola And Master Tom


Author's note: I thought I would try my hand at a Maledom story for a change. Thanks for all the feedback I've got from my previous stories, keep it coming, I love to hear what people think!

Nicola had no idea how long she'd been kneeling there, but her knees were aching like crazy and she shifted uncomfortably on the unforgiving stone floor. Master Tom had blindfolded her before he'd left, but that wasn't all he'd done. Her wrists were tied behind her back with PVC tape, small lead weights had been clamped to her nipples and between her legs sixteen clothes pegs hung from her pussy lips.

Every time Nicola moved the clothes pegs would brush against her inner thighs or the floor and a shiver would run through her, not a shiver of pain, but one of apprehension. Last time he had attached just four pegs to her pussy and had taken great delight in using a crop to remove them, one by one. The memory of it simultaneously chilled her and brought a fresh flow of juice to her already dripping cunt.

And then there was the butt-plug. She had been told to arrive with her own plug in place, which she had. But once inspected, Master Tom had decided to replace it with one of his own, a much larger one of course. At first Nicola had objected, but one look from Master Tom was all it took for her to show utter obedience.

He had her bend over in his impressive hallway and he pulled the original plug out with a satisfying plop, before lubing her ass and slowly feeding the bigger plug into place. All the time Nicola stared at the floor, trying to keep her composure as the thick rubber plug stretched her asshole. Once in place Master Tom wiped the excess lube from around her asshole and off the backs of her thighs. He pulled her upright and her short skirt was pulled back down over her ass.

Nicola never felt completely comfortable riding the bus in her short skirt without any knickers, but that was what Master Tom instructed so that's what she did. Everyone who sat down opposite her must have noticed how tightly she clamped her legs together, afraid that someone would see her freshly shaved pussy glistening between her thighs. Or at least that's what she thought, perhaps they were too caught up in their own lives to notice.

Master Tom was dressed in a black cotton shirt, a pair of black jeans and the shiniest pair of boots Nicola had ever seen. He always dressed the same, at least Nicola had never seen him in anything different, not in her previous four visits. He waved his hand ostentatiously towards the door at the end of the wide, long hallway. Nicola knew where she was headed and it was all she could do not to run towards the door.

Once through the door Nicola followed the steps down into the dimly lit cellar. The atmosphere down here was electric and Nicola felt herself guided by Tom's firm hand to the middle of the floor. She shivered slightly as he turned her to face him and placed her hands firmly at her sides.

"I expect you've been thinking about this all day?" he began, looking deep into her eyes as he spoke.

"Yes Master," came Nicola's weak response.

"Have you followed all the instructions I gave you in my email?"

"Yes Master, every one."

Master Tom did not respond. Instead he reached out and started to undo the buttons on her crisp white blouse. Slowly and carefully he unfastened every button before peeling the material aside to expose her heavy breasts, encased as instructed in a plain white bra. Nicola was already trembling as she looked up at Master Tom, who was at least four inches taller than her.

He resisted the temptation to comment on her breasts, after all he'd seen them before. Showing no emotion he walked around her, peeling away her blouse as he went, leaving her standing there in just her bra, her short dark skirt and her patent leather ankle boots. He tossed her blouse over a nearby chair and then deftly unfastened her bra.

Nicola let out a soft moan as she felt the bra falling away, exposing her breasts and her already hardened nipples. He reached around from behind her and closed his fingers around her breasts, squeezing firmly and then pinching her nipples hard. Nicola hissed with the exquisite pain, causing the first smile to cross the lips of Master Tom.

He let go of her breasts and slid his hands from the middle of her back down to the waistband of her skirt. He unfastened it and allowed it to drop to the floor. He walked around her and took in the full sight of her delicious body. Her stomach was almost completely flat and her pussy was completely shaven, as per her explicit instructions. He moved closer and bent down to inspect it closely.

"Quite beautiful," he said, before standing up once more.

It was then that he secured her wrists behind her back and placed the blindfold over her eyes. He held onto her arm so that she could step out of her skirt and she heard him pick it up and place it with her blouse on the chair. Then he started softly running his hands across her skin, over every inch of her body until she was shaking with need, but he never came close to touching her pussy, no, she would have to be patient.

She felt his mouth first, gently kissing from her neck down to her right nipple, then taking it into his mouth, sucking on it and making it harder still, before biting it gently but firmly. Nicola arched her back, pushing her pussy towards him in the vain hope that he would touch her, make her come, but he had no intention of doing so, not yet.

Instead Master Tom affixed the clamp to her nipple and then repeated the move on her left bud. He pulled on them firmly, to make sure they wouldn't slip off before adding the small lead weights. They weren't tremendously heavy, but they gave a satisfying tug and Nicola felt her pussy begin to get very wet as she wondered what might happen next.

What happened next was that Master Tom knelt down on the cold stone floor and gently pushed her soft thighs apart, exposing her moist cunt. Nicola groaned, anticipating the touch of his finger, willing him to slid his fingers inside her and to stretch her hole ready for his cock, but he merely brushed the smooth lips before gently attaching the clothes pegs.

In themselves the clothes pegs weren't painful but the combined effect of all sixteen pegs was quite significant, pulling her skin tight and stimulating nerve endings so that her pussy became wetter and wetter. Finally he had helped her down onto her knees before leaving her there for some time

- - -

Nicola heard Master Tom return, his boots making a now familiar sound on the flagstone floor. He asked her if she remembered her safeword and she confirmed that she did. He asked to tell him what it was.

"Rainbow," she replied, the nervousness in her voice more than apparent.

Master Tom knelt down and flicked his fingers against the lead weights that hung from her nipples and she took a sharp intake of breath.

"How does that butt plug feel?"

"Very tight Master," she murmured.

"I should hope so," he said. "But don't worry, you'll still feel my cock when I shove it up your ass."

Nicola whimpered at the thought of Master Tom's thick, long cock penetrating her tight arsehole, and suddenly she felt thankful for the plug that he had worked inside her. Without it she doubted she would have had a chance of taking his impressive length and girth.

"Oh yes, you like the thought of that don't you slut?"

Nicola replied in the affirmative, though in truth it frightened her just as much as it excited her.

"Well, we'll see. It very much depends on whether I think you deserve it, and whether it's what pleases me, isn't that right slut?"

"Yes Master," she breathed helplessly.

He walked around her and then knelt down and unfastened her wrists.

"On your hands and knees," he barked.

Nicola complied immediately, pushing her ass up into the air, conscious of the tail piece of the butt plug between her cheeks. Master Tom walked across the cellar floor and retrieved a leather paddle from the wall. He positioned himself behind the girl and very gently started to pat her ass with the paddle. Nicola breathed deeply enjoying the sensation as Master Tom gradually increased the intensity as her rump began to warm up.

Abruptly he stopped and grasped the base of the butt plug, pulling it out an inch or two and watching intently as her asshole stretched around the thick rubber plug, before slowly pressing it back inside her.

"I bet that feels exquisite doesn't it slut?"

"Oh yes, Master," grunted Nicola as she felt the huge plug forced back into her arse.

He chuckled to himself and admired the nice, soft pink glow emanating from her ass cheeks. He returned the paddle to it's hook on the wall and returned to her side carrying a cat. He draped the tails over her back and slowly dragged them down to her asscheeks. Nicola barely felt the tails lifted before she felt the harsh sting as they made rapid contact with her tender rump.

"Owww!" she cried out, momentarily losing her composure.

"Tsk, tsk, has my little slut forgotten my rules already?"

"No Master, I'm sorry Master!"

"You will be sorry slut, I can promise you that."

He returned to his task, whipping her arse over and over until it was a nice shade of dark pink. Only then did he fetch the cane.

Nicola heard the cane swishing through the air as he practised his swing and felt herself tensing up involuntarily. Despite her apprehension her cunt was flooded with juice and she longed for him to touch her there.

Master Tom kneeled behind her and placed the tip of a thick silicone dildo against her cunt, feeding it between the twin lines of clothes pegs into her aching twat. Nicola pressed down on it, urgently wanting it deeper inside her. Seeing this Master Tom pulled it away and made her beg for it.

"Please Master... please push the dildo inside me, I need it..."

"But do you deserve it?"

"Only you can say Master..."


He pushed the tip of the fake cock inside her once more and began roughly fucking her with it, causing the pegs to pull at her cunt lips and snag against her thighs. She had never experienced anything like it, the thick dildo and the huge butt plug inside her at once was almost too much to take.

Suddenly he stopped fucking her and left the dildo buried deep inside her throbbing cunt. He pulled himself up to his feet and positioned the cane carefully across her warm, glowing cheeks.

"Count," he said sternly.

Nicola counted each of the six strokes he laid on her ass, though the stinging made it hard to concentrate properly. Behind her Master Tom looked down at her, satisfied with the accuracy with which he had marked her behind. Six thin red lines bisected her cheeks almost perfectly equidistant from each other.

"Good slut, you have taken your punishment well."

"Thank you Master," she groaned as he pulled the silicone cock out of her pussy once more.

He walked around to her front end and lifted her head up by pulling on her long blond hair. She opened her mouth and he slid the dildo into her mouth.

"Clean all that cunt juice off my dildo," he ordered.

Nicola greedily slurped away at the dildo as he fucked her face with it, each stroke moving it closer and closer to the back of her throat.

"You like that don't you slut, maybe I should arrange for you to taste another slut's pussy?"

"If it pleases you Master," she gagged from behind the dildo.

"It might well do," he snarled and pulled the silicone cock out of her mouth.

"Now, in my email I gave you some instructions, did you follow them?"

"Yes Master."

"Did you follow them to the letter?"

"Yes Master."

"So your pretty little cunt has not cum for the last week, even though you've taken yourself to the very brink every night?"

"Yes Master, every night."

"So you must want to cum pretty badly now eh?"

"Mmmm, God yes Master, please let me cum..."

"Ha, not yet, my little slut, not yet."

Nicola let out a small cry of frustration.

"First you must show me how much you appreciate your Master."

She heard him removing his clothes and then felt herself being pulled back upright so that her mouth was level with his crotch. He put his hand on the back of her head and guided his half-hard cock into her mouth.

Nicola sighed loudly as she tasted the warm, musky scent of his prick. It hardened rapidly in her mouth until it was literally throbbing, the veins standing proud of the surface thanks to the steel cock ring he was wearing.

Nicola began sucking his cock, taking him deeper with each stroke, her tongue flicking against the underside as she dripped spittle onto the stone floor. After a short while Master Tom started moving his hips until eventually he was fucking her face quite hard. Every so often he would stop and smear her face with the copious amount of saliva that coated his shaft.

Then he lifted his cock upwards and pushed his balls into her mouth. She sucked on them eagerly until he ripped the blindfold off and she was confronted with the sight of his engorged shaft rising up before her very eyes. Master Tom plunged his cock back into her mouth and started face-fucking her once more, until he himself was on the very brink of spurting his load into her throat. He pulled clear and Nicola's head dropped as she panted heavily.

"Good slut," he said as he walked around behind her and pushed her legs wider apart.

Nicola waited for him to spear his cock inside her, until she remembered the pegs. Master Tom took each peg in turn and slowly pulled on it until it snapped off. The pain was intense but in her heightened state of arousal quite exquisite. Despite this she found herself gritting her teeth and hissing as each peg was pulled away.

After the sixteenth peg dropped to the floor, she felt his cock pressing against her poor abused lips and slipping inside her sodden wet pussy. She pushed back against him, trying to drag him deeper into her needy cunt, but he held her steady. He fucked her with just the tip of his cock, until she begged him to give her more.

Master Tom plunged the entire length into her dripping cunt and Nicola dropped her head to the floor, gasping as the force of his penetration knocked the wind out of her. The feeling of his cock inside her together with the butt-plug was so intense, she could barely take it and as soon as she felt his hand reach under her and start to tease her clit she knew it was game over.

He pounded her hard as she started to cum, her cunt gripping his cock tightly as she spasmed again and again and again, eventually forcing his cock out of her hole. He quickly pushed her over onto her back and she lay there panting as he slammed his cock inside her again, mercilessly pounding her sensitive cunt for another minute or so before pulling out and moving up to straddle her torso, the inside of his thighs pressing on her tits and making the weights pull on her sensitive nipples.

Nicola lifted her head just in time and opened her mouth as Master Tom's cock erupted it's load onto her tongue, one huge spurt after another until he was almost completely drained. She knew what was expected of her next and she eagerly sucked his cock into her mouth and licked every last drop of cum from around his bulbous head. He milked his cock some more and Nicola swallowed every last drop until he slipped from her mouth.

Nicola lay exhausted on the floor, the large butt-plug still wedged inside her asshole. She was almost disappointed that he had not fucked her there today, but she knew it was only a matter of time. Master Tom would take her ass when he was ready and not before.

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