tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersNicole Desired Ch. 05

Nicole Desired Ch. 05


Saturday morning greeted Nicole with sunshine, a tepid breeze, and the beautiful sound of birds singing in the yard. She slipped out of bed removing her negligee and headed to her bathroom where she washed the sleet from her eyes, took care of her morning toiletries, and dressed for the day. Once dressed, she made her way to the kitchen where she began to prepare breakfast for Helen and the girls. Nicole heard the faint ring of a bell and as always she whisked right away to answer its call. It had been her mother who wanted to inform her that all the women would be eating together at the table and that she should expect Miss Linda as well. Nicole acknowledged the order and then slipped off quietly to set the table for breakfast.

Nicole was in a wonderful mood this morning and appeared as if she was floating rather than walking around the estate as she completed her duties. Tonight was her big party where she would finally be formally welcomed into the world of womanhood. As Nicole busied herself with breakfast preparations she could not help thinking about how nice it would be to have someone to help around the estate.

Tonight Chris would start his new life of female servitude where she would be trained and prepared to become Denise's wife.

Denise had always been very sweet to Nicole and for the most part was lovely to be around although if she got mad she could be very stern and commanding. Chris was very lucky to have been chosen by her as she would be strict but would also show Chris a lot of love as well.

Happy as Nicole was this morning her spirit soared much higher when she heard that Linda would be having breakfast with the women. It had been almost a full week, since the night Linda had captured her heart. She had missed Linda immensely and had only seen her a few times when she had been engaged in business with Helen so she was unable to spend any time with her. She had heard Linda had been quite busy with her brother's transformation. Tom was progressing very fast and she had already found him prancing around in panties. She had told Helen that if everything stayed on track, in one more week Tom would be ripe for the picking.

Helen truly liked Linda as there was something about her that made Helen very comfortable. She trusted Linda completely and knew Linda trusted her as well. The relationship the two of them shared was more like family members rather than just friends. Helen had even set up the suite of rooms that Linda had slept in that first night with Nicole as Linda's private quarters within the estate. Nicole and Wendy did not share a bedroom and Wendy preferred it that way. Most nights Wendy slept with her male lover and did not want Nicole under foot. That worked out perfect for Linda as the suite Helen had given her connected directly to Nicole's room and allowed the delicious treasure to wait on and fulfill Linda's every desire.

Hearing a knock at the door Nicole hurried off to answer it. Opening the door she was greeted by Linda's beautiful smile which shot straight through Nicole's heart like a lightning bolt every time she saw it.

"Good morning Mistress Linda it is so wonderful to see you and I am very pleased that you could join the women for breakfast."

"Why thank you dear I am very happy to be able to accept the invitation and I must say sweetie you look stunning as always."

"Thank you mistress."

Linda could see the blush take over Nicole's cheeks and it was so wonderful to see the beautiful girl smile again. Linda had been brainstorming on how to get Wendy to announce to Helen that she did not want Nicole. She had invited Wendy over for lunch several time this last week and really went to work to get Wendy to renounce her hold on Nicole. Finally two days ago she had convinced Wendy that it might be best to be honest and explain her feelings to Helen. Linda suggested that the party might serve as a good place to speak up as Helen would be far too busy with Chris to really get mad about it.

Nicole led Linda to the dining room and announced her, then like magic she seemed to disappear as she returned to her duties.

Helen stood to hug Linda and expressed her joy that Linda could join them for breakfast. Ushering Linda to a chair next to her they began to chit chat with each other.

"Before the other girls arrive you need to tell me where we now stand with Tom."

"Well I would say that things are just about primed to be put in play. I caught him prancing around in panties again yesterday morning. Evidently he had taken them to his room last night and decided to wear them to bed. When he came down to breakfast he had forgotten he was wearing them and just walked right into the kitchen in the prettiest pair of pink silk panties along with a cute little matching bra. I was startled and just looked at him and he acted as if nothing was wrong. I gave him his breakfast and he went and plopped in front of the television and ate. I guess he realized a little later what he was wearing and ran up to his room and put some clothes on. The funny thing was the little slut didn't remove the panties and bra."

"That is wonderful Linda, what this means is he is already accepting his female traits."

"He will be harder to train of course than Nicole but then she was a doll and we actually had to make up things with her so we could introduce her to punishment."

Both women broke out in a laugh at that statement.

"We had no problems at all training her as she was much harder on herself than we were. She demanded perfection from herself and would not accept anything less as all she ever wanted to do was please us and be the perfect woman for us. We introduced her to punishment and bondage to help her start to understand what was expected of her. She took to it instantly and never complained one time about her orders. Hell most of the chores and duties she takes care of she assigned to herself."

"You will meet many of my clients and friends as well as various individuals of position and standing throughout the area who live the dominant/submissive lifestyle at the party tonight.They all hold Nicole up to their servants as the goal they should aspire to. Though she is a servant she commands and receives the utmost respect from everyone she knows. That is why we decided to make her the head trainer of the estate as there could be no better teacher."

Linda could see in Helen's face that she cared for and was very proud of as well as protective of her daughter Nicole.

"Well anyway from the look of things we will have that brother of yours well on his way to becoming a sister and possibly a wife by next weekend. We can talk about all the details of how we are going to spring the trap later."

"That will be fine Helen I look forward to it."

Linda looked at Helen and had a slightly puzzled look on her face.

"Is there something you wanted to ask me Linda?"

"Well now that you ask yes there is. The other day when Wendy and I were here alone, I was playing with Nicole. Now first let me say as always she was wonderful and it was an honor to enjoy her charms. It is just during our play I was penetrating her quite vigorously and she was enjoying every second of it as much as I was. I had never had so many orgasms but as I was thrusting away enjoying the last of my orgasm all of a sudden Nicole ejaculated. I mean she left quite a large puddle of cum on the floor and then she passed out."

"Oh my now that is something very special and maybe I should explain. You see the first part of the treatment shrinks the cock and testicles to a size where they are actually cute and can be managed. It also works to neutralize the ejaculation impulses. Then the second part of the treatment that is used to change their thought pattern actively shuts down their ability to ejaculate. They are able to enjoy small orgasms but will never be able to ejaculate as we have found that by keeping them in a perpetual state of arousal they are much easier to handle and much more docile and compliant."

"Then how did she experience such a strong orgasm and also ejaculate Helen?"

"If you remember I told you that Nicole was different she never needed to change her thought patterns as they were already those of a female. The first part of the treatment only neutralizes the ejaculation impulses it does not stop them. In order for her to ejaculate a very special set of circumstances must take place at the same time. First she must be in a very high state of arousal. Second she must feel safe enough to lower her mental barriers completely. Last is the most important element because without it she will never respond as she did that night. She has to share an intense emotional connection and trust with the person she is playing with. Evidently, Nicole thinks very highly of you and feels safe in your hands."

Now Chris and Tom will experience orgasms and at time multiple orgasms. However they will never be able to experience what Nicole did. Nicole is one of a kind and can be very sensuous and orgasmic. However, Wendy has talked about putting Nicole on the second part of the treatment after their marriage to ensure Nicole's passivity and docile attitude. If she does Nicole will never feel those beautiful intense sensations she felt with you ever again. It is just as well as she can only cum when all those circumstances come together and Wendy has, well let us just say that she has been kind of lacking and disappointing me lately when it comes to the love and caring of Nicole."

"I thank you for explaining this all to me Helen sometimes I feel like such an amateur."

"On the contrary I have never seen someone learn so quickly. You are a natural and just between us I feel you far surpass the other women as you always strive to improve in every way possible. In just the short time you have been in the lifestyle you have already made a mark. There are a growing number of submissive individuals that are very eager to serve you. Besides dear not just any woman could have gotten that response out of Nicole no matter how hard or long they fucked her. The key like I said is emotion, she has to be willing to let her inner guard down and allow herself to, well for lack of words, allow herself to love."

As they finished their talk Wendy, Denise and Carole entered the dining room and each took a seat at the table. They chatted with each other about all sorts of subjects but you could tell they were all excited about tonight.

Nicole entered the room and informed Helen that Mistress Susan had telephoned and would not be able to attend the party. Linda saw a fire start to build in Helen upon receiving the information.

"Damn her she knows how important this is to Nicole. It is that damn bastard she is living with I am sure of it. I am so tired of stupid girls showing disrespect and a lack of manners all for some damn cock."

She was looking directly at Wendy and she was about to continue when Nicole diffused the situation by announcing that breakfast was ready and began to serve the women.

The women enjoyed the wonderful breakfast and talked among themselves as Nicole made sure that they had everything they could possible want. When they were finished, Helen invited Linda and Carol to have coffee with her in the front room while the chatted about their future plans. Rather than join the conversation Wendy and Denise were heading out to get a few last minute items for Chris's transformation, which was going to take place tonight at the party. They had the bedroom all set up for him and the closets filled with all the clothing he would need from this point on. There were only a few minor details left to be taken care of and they would be ready to welcome a new servant to the estate.

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