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Nicole My Love


Nicole is every man's dream woman. She is a whore in bed and a lady out of bed. Nicole stands six feet tall with shiny blond hair and a mouth that just says I want your cock. Her breasts are soft and billowy and fill every inch of her 38DD bra. Nicole considers herself a large woman, however, I do not see her that way at all. Perhaps I am biased, as I get to make love to this lovely creature.

I had just come home from work and smelled dinner being made, so I set my briefcase down and removed my coat and tie. I went upstairs and changed into a more comfortable outfit, shorts and a T-shirt. The phone rang as I was changing, but I let Nicole answer it. I came downstairs and went into the kitchen seeing that Nicole was already changed out of her work clothes into shorts and a tank top. The tank top left her magnificent breasts exposed to my eyes. I was hungry but not for food now. I turned the stove down to slowly cook the food, for we can't have it burning.

Nicole was busy talking on the phone to her mother and cleaning some vegetables that needed to be cooked. I kissed her exposed neck and hugged her from behind. In so doing, she could feel my cock begin to harden and press into her ass. My arms went around her waist to hug her to me and she pushed back firmly on my rapidly rising member. I took the liberty of cupping her full breasts and playing with her nipples and she smiled and gave me a look that said, "you stinker." I knew she was on the phone to her mother and she sure didn't want her mother to know what was going on at this moment.

I stepped away and pulled on her shorts and they fell and she stepped out of them, always willing to give me access to her sexy body. I then stood and removed my shorts and stroked my hard cock a few times. I leaned against her back so she could feel my hard cock on her skin. She sighed a bit, but not loud enough for her mother to recognize what it was for. Guess it fit into the conversation they were having. My hands went down to her nicely trimmed bush and slid along her crease. She parted her legs and I let my finger slip inside her moist folds. She was very wet and I knew she was ready for my cock, but I was not ready for her. My hand slid back and forth on her pussy causing her to move and then I rubbed her clit and she moaned. She had just covered the mouth piece on the phone to prevent her mother from hearing and I smiled. I told her I was going to fuck her as she talked to her mother and she bent over the sink.

I pulled her ass cheeks apart and lined my hard cock up with her pussy. She continued to talk but her breathing had clearly changed. Leaning on one elbow and holding the phone, she reached back with her other hand to open her pussy lips up for my hard cock. I slowly placed the head into her moist, hot folds and she shuddered. I nearly came then, for I love to make her feel so good. Then she pushed back and I was impaled in her folds and enjoying her pussy clamping down on my cock. Nicole groaned and her mother heard this one and Nicole quickly made up an excuse about something not working the way she thought it would as she prepared dinner. I began to pump in and out of her pussy for the next couple of minutes and held on to her hips to get leverage. I was banging her so hard she looked at me to say, "slow down, she is about to say good-bye and I want to enjoy this fuck with you." Reluctantly I slowed down and pulled my cock out and Nicole began to turn to see what was wrong. I held her in place and kneeled behind her and began to lick her pussy and ass. Her legs were a bit wobbly as I did this and she was only able to answer her mother in "uh-huh" responses and "yes" responses. As she was saying good-bye to her mother, I buried my tongue in her ass and sucked her for all I was worth. She collapsed on the sink and clicked the off button on the phone. She was in heaven after that climax, but realized I still had not cum yet. So, she got up and turned to face me. She kissed me and our arms went around each other. We never wanted this moment to end it seemed. Then she took my hand and led me out of the kitchen.

She took me into the living room and told me to stand here. Then before I could finish saying "I love you", she was on her knees and licking my cock head. She slowly took the head in her mouth and pushed her tongue into my cum slit, licking it and then withdrew. She looked up at me and rubbed my cock on her face and said I was so evil for taking her while on the phone to her mother. She quickly sucked my cock in her mouth again, watching my face the whole time. She pulled off and said you will now satisfy me properly, and with that she lifted my cock up and took my balls in her mouth and rolled them around on her tongue. She let them fall out and she began lapping at them like there was no tomorrow. I love when she lets herself go so completely into the act. She licked the underside of my cock and then devoured it in one stroke down to the base. Grabbing my hips she slammed her face over and over again on my cock. My cock would repeatedly hit the back of her throat and I loved it.

I told her I was going to cum and she said no, I want you to fuck me. She laid on the floor waiting for me to mount her, but I told her to get on her hands and knees I want to finish what we started in the kitchen. She wiggled her sexy ass at me and I licked her from her clit to her ass and loved to taste her. I slapped her ass and pushed my cock into her dripping snatch. I was motionless as she moved her body on my cock, fucking herself, on her knees as I slapped her ass some more. Her ass was getting red from the spanking, but she kept on fucking me. I reached around and pressed my chest to her back and she could not move much with the added weight. I began to play with her hanging breasts and she whimpered. She was on the verge of a climax when I had stopped her, and now she wanted to let go and take me with her. She reached between her legs and was fondling my balls to coax my cum to shoot into her. Nicole had the softest hands and the nicest fingernails any ball or cock would be glad to have play with them. Coupled with her telling me she wanted my cum in her ass, on her face and in her pussy, "spray my tits, shoot it in my mouth", I had free reign as to where to deposit my load tonight.

I slid deep into her folds and held her there and told her I was going to cum on her face and in her mouth. The head of my cock rubbed her cervix and this always triggers a powerful orgasm for her. Tonight was no exception. Her pussy spasms and her body shook like an earthquake was erupting. She screamed out for me to fuck her hard. So I slammed into her a few times and then I would bury my cock into her and let it rub against her cervix, which helps to continue her orgasms. I did this for the next couple of minutes, until she was spent. It became painfully obvious to me that I could not hold out any longer, so I smacked her ass and said, "now."

Nicole rolled over, her breasts jiggling everywhere, she quickly got the hair out of her face. She lifted her head and opened her mouth, while reaching for my cock. She sucked on it and moaned as I filled her mouth with my cock, covered in her pussy juices. She loved to suck her cum off of me. She let my cock slip from her mouth and told me to shoot her full of cum. Her lips were just on the underside of my cock as she looked into my eyes begging for my cream.

I could feel her tits under my ass as I had straddled her chest and I could feel her hard nipple (explained in the next story maybe) caressing my skin and then she flicked my cock head with her tongue and my cum shot out. It landed on her lips and nose and she immediately sucked my cock into her mouth to drink my cum down. God she loved to suck cock and drink cum. After I had finished my climax, I reclined to the floor and laid down.

After she was sure there was nothing left to get out of me, she rolled onto her side to face me and put her arm across my chest. I loved holding her and feeling her be so content.

"I LOVE YOU," I said to Nicole and she smiled and said "I LOVE YOU. Now how about some dinner?"

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