tagErotic CouplingsNight Audit Ch. 02

Night Audit Ch. 02


These are true stories. When I got out of the military I put myself thru college by working as a night auditor at resort hotels on the California coast. To this day I think I got a better education at work than at school.

As a hotel night auditor my shift ran from 11:00 PM to 08:00 AM. The first couple hours were pretty busy but after that the work slowed down and the nights became quite interesting.

Everyone at the hotel was excited; a major rock band was staying with us that night after a local sold-out concert. Between the “boys in the band”, their roadies and the groupies they had taken over the entire top floor of the hotel. By the time I got to work the place was a zoo. People were everywhere, all of them drunk. Most were young, good looking and in various stages of undress.

About 3:00 AM I got a call from a guest on the floor below the rock group complaining about the noise, the 50th of the night, but also complaining about lots of smoke! With visions of a raging fire burning down the hotel I ran to the stairs and headed for the top floor.

Coming out of the stairwell I was greeted with quite a site. There were at least fifty people in the hallway. It appeared half of them were passed out from booze or drugs and the other half was well on the way. The smoke was from a barbeque sitting in the middle of the elevator lobby. This was strange enough but it’s not every day you see one attended by a beautiful 20 something redhead wearing nothing but a smile.

“You’ll have to put that fire out,” I said, trying to keep from drooling over her perky tits. “I’m getting complaints.”

“Complaints about me?” she said, her pale blue eyes sparkling as a smile began to appear. “I haven’t had a complaint all night.”

I was tongue tied for a few seconds before saying “ No, the complaints are about the smoke. I can’t see a thing to complain about looking at you. You look perfect to me!”

She stuck out her lower lip as she made the cutest ‘sad face’ that I’ve ever seen. Standing next to her was having an effect on me and my cock was beginning to grow in my trousers. Her eyes moved down my body until they got to my crotch where they stopped and her sad expression turned back into her little impish smile.

Even with the crowd of people around me I couldn’t help myself as my cock now felt like a piece of steel in my pants. I was getting embarrassed and wanted to get out of there. Dragging my eyes from her chest back to her face I smiled and told her she’d have to put the fire out or the fire department would probably be on the way.

After getting assurances that the lobby barbequing was done for the night I took the elevator back down to the lobby and went back to work. The next call came in about twenty minutes later, different guest – same complaint - smoke. I went back to the elevator, a little pissed but also a little pleased that I’d get to see the little redhead again.

When I got off the elevator the barbeque was nowhere to be seen. Now almost all of the people in the halls were asleep, passed out or cuddling with a friend. I headed to the presidential suite. The door was open a crack so I peaked in.

There was no one in the entry room so I walked in and closed the door. Hearing noise coming from the living room area I quietly moved to the entrance to the room. The redhead I had talked to before was in the middle of the room and appeared very busy. The guy below her had his cock shoved balls deep into her cute hairless pussy. Another guy was holding onto her head while he fed her his massive cock.

As I watched the three of them fucking and sucking my cock came alive and within no time at all was trying to poke a hole in my pants. The redhead was mesmerizing as she road one cock while sucking the another. She was rubbing her clit with her right hand while playing with the guy’s balls she was sucking with the other.

Neither of the guys was in a position to see me in the doorway so I felt fairly safe. My own hand was now down the front of my pants rubbing my cock. I was about to back out of the room when she looked over and saw me. Our eyes locked and I was frozen to the spot. I was about to run when I saw that far from being upset she appeared to like the audience. She was now pounding her cunt on the cock in her pussy and was trying her best to swallow all of the cock fucking her face.

This was one of the sexiest things I had ever seen. As I continued stroking my cock I could see her eyes drop to my crotch and then move back up to stare into my eyes again. Releasing my cock, I pulled my hand out of my pants. My nameless friend’s face seemed to sadden, until she saw that I had lowered my zipper so I could pull my cock out.

Once freed, I again began stroking my cock in unison with the cock disappearing down her throat. The faster she sucked the faster I jacked myself off. We continued like this for several minutes. I could see her sweat glistening on her tits as she worked toward her orgasm.

The guy below her began to groan and grabbing her hips he shoved his cock deep into her pussy and he shot his load into her. This set off the guy she was sucking and he did the same, grabbing the back of her head hand holding her nose into his pubes as he emptied his balls down her throat.

I couldn’t hold out any longer either and dumped my load all over the marble floor in the entryway. As soon as I could, I zipped myself back up and quietly left the room. Taking the elevator back down to the lobby I went back behind the front desk. I was sure somebody from the group would be down demanding to see a manager and to have me fired.

It didn’t happen. I had completed my work and was getting ready to leave at 8:00 the next morning when I say the redhead emerge from the elevator and walk straight toward me. Panic set in; images of her screaming at me floated thru my head. That’s when I noticed that she had a big grin on her face.

“I hope you enjoyed the show as much as I did.” She said as she dropped a room key on the desk, turned around and walked out of the hotel. I never found out what her name was, and as long as I’ve been working in hotels I’ve never say anything as sexy.

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