tagMind ControlNight Shifts Ch. 02

Night Shifts Ch. 02


Charlotte just couldn't tear her eyes from the mirror as her breasts rose and fell. As the initial shock wore off she was beginning to appreciate their beauty. She had been complemented many times on her old pair but they were nowhere near as perfect in their firmness and symmetry and let's accept it, size, as those she now wore, whilst her nipples were just outclassed by the jutting monsters she saw in front of her. She had no idea of how these changes had happened and she had no idea of who could help her understand but she was beginning to admit to herself that they were not unwelcome.

In the meantime she had lectures to attend. She picked up her sweatshirt and pulled it over her head and stopped halfway. It was far too small. There was no way that she could stretch it over her boobs! In a panic she turned to her wardrobe. Nothing could now fit her! Her sweaters and T shirts got stuck halfway whilst there was no way that she could button up her shirts. She tried tying the ends of a shirt together together, but her boobs just popped out. The only thing that just about fit was her wrap round dressing gown but she could hardly go to college in that flimsy nylon robe.

In desperation she picked up her phone. "Rosemary, you've got to help me, I've grown, I'm enormous. I haven't got a thing to wear. You've got to come round and help me. I can't get out of my room."

"Not got a thing to wear? With your wardrobe? You could shop for England. What on earth are you talking about?"

In the end though she recognised the hysteria in her friend's voice and agreed to come round. Her dorm was only a few minutes away so she shouldn't be long so Charlotte spent the time holding her boobs up to her reflection in the mirror trying and largely succeeding in coming to terms with her new assets.

There was a knock on the door and she let her friend in.

"My God, Charlie, what on earth have you done to yourself?"

"That's the whole point, I've done nothing. I woke up this way. I've got blonde hair and huge tits. How could this have happened? These tits are real, there's no surgery scars, no silicone. They bounce! They're real! Feel them!" She caught her friend's hands and thrust them on her breasts.

Rosemary started to take her hands away but then started to stroke them in amazement. "My God you're right, but that's impossible!"

"Yeah, and so is a bald pussy and going blonde overnight. Look at me. It's happened, but what's happened?

"We'll have to find someone to help. There must be an explanation."

"But who would know, and who would believe me? You're my best friend but you didn't. Besides I can't even go outside at the moment."

The thought of the stares that she would now get made Charlotte really scared, so in the end Rosemary agreed to go out and buy her something like a baggy sweatshirt that would help to hide her friends new size.

Whilst she waited, Charlotte turned on her laptop to see if she could google an explanation. It wasn't much help. By the very nature of her problem she always ended at porn sites (typing in "Huge boobs" doesn't lead to much subject variety.) Frustrated, she turned to her favourite website, which is where Rosemary found her on her return.

"Hey that's really cool. What is it?"

"It's great isn't it? I was sent an email with this link. It's a private site and you have to register but they send you a free gift if you do. I got this, isn't it pretty?" On her left leg was an unusual slave anklet. Charlotte frowned. It looked different somehow from yesterday. About an inch wide, it it looked very old and seemed to made from some sort of base metal like iron but on the hidden inside a yellow glint appeared very much like gold. The outer was intricately carved with what appeared to be writing but it was in a script like nothing either girl had seen before.

"Wow, that's really pretty!"

"Yeah. If I sign you up they might send you one too." Charlotte typed in Rosemary's details and then turned to put on what her friend had brought.

It was an ordinary baggy sweatshirt that was still a bit tight and its V neck only emphasised the cleavage of her new boobs but it was relatively conservative. However when Charlotte tried to pull on her skirt another problem emerged. Both girls had been so taken with the growth of her breasts that it had not been evident that her hips and her bum had also become that much larger. So large that she could not pull her skirt over them.

"I'll just have to wear the shirt," said Charlotte doubtfully. The problem was that her enormous overhang meant that something that you would expect to end halfway down her thighs, now barely covered her crotch. She could just about pull on her knickers, but had to give up that idea before they cut her in half. She would have to go commando.

"I'll just have to make sure I don't bend down," she said uncertainly as she gathered her books together. "Are you coming with me, Rosie?"

"No, I need to get back to my room to get my gear. I'll see you in the canteen after classes."

Charlotte's he first lecture though was well under way by the time she arrived, and the only free seat was right at the front. Professor Dessad stopped and waited with exaggerated patience as she walked with exaggerated care down the steps from the back, aware of every eye on the equally exaggerated bounce of her exaggerated new boobs.

Professor Dessad leered at her tits. "Glad you can make it Miss Brown. I'm sure you want to keep abreast of the subject." A dutiful titter ran round the room as she took her place.

Charlotte had been keen to get to her lectures today. They were discussing the Upanishads, which had long been one of her favourite philosophical texts, but now she just couldn't seem to get to grips with the arguments which were being made. Perhaps it was the stress of today's events, perhaps it was the fact that every male in the room seemed to be following the rise and fall of her boobs with a rapt attention far greater than that which they were paying to the professor's words, but concepts with which she was quite familiar were leaving her baffled today. She squirmed in her chair, frustrated, both at her dimness and by her increasing desire to satisfy the burning need she was feeling in her bare pussy. She was unaware that her fidgeting was making her shirt ride up, exposing herself more and more to the professor's lecherous eyes.

It was relief when the day's classes ended and she made her way to the canteen. Rosemary was already there. Her face was flushed and her eyes glowed. She jumped up as soon as she saw Charlotte.

"Look what was waiting for me when I got back!"

"Wow, that was really fast. It must be a local site to have delivered it so quickly. It must be based at the university."

"Yeah, its lovely. But its not as pretty as yours though."

On Rosemary's left leg was a slave bangle. However, where Charlotte's was quite broad and thin, Rosemary's was thicker and wider. The outer looked more like tin, the inside more like brass. It looked as though it was a modern copy of her friend's antique. Charlotte felt uneasy. After all these strange changes she really didn't want to mention that it looked much like hers had at first. But that was impossible, she must be mistaken. Drawing a deep breath, she dismissed it from her mind.

The two girls made their way back to Charlotte's room. The idea was to try to research what could have caused her amazing changes, but it was as futile as her attempts had been earlier. Finally they gave up and sat staring at their favourite website.

"Goodness, is that the time? We must have spent hours, I must get back." Rosemary jumped up and kissed Charlotte on the cheek. "I'll come round tomorrow and we'll see if we can get anywhere with your problem."

Charlotte stretched and yawned and made her way to her bed where she fell into a deep dreamless sleep as soon as her head hit the pillow.

She was woken by a furious banging on her door. Grumbling, she made her way and threw it open.

Rosemary was standing outside. Her face was white with shock and her body was shaking. She was too overcome to speak, but she didn't need to. In silence she pulled up her thin singlet to reveal her totally bald pussy!

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