Nina Part Two


We remained still for a few moments, listening to the slap of his sandals on the flagstones, then looked up. Beyond the gateway, all was silent. Thanks to Charity, we had come through our trial with my identity concealed Ð even if the priest had had such a good view of everything else.

"Come quickly," whispered Charity. I opened my arms, believing that she was about to give me some relief from the excitement she had stoked up, but when I opened my eyes, I saw that she had hurried to one of the doorways, and was beckoning me to follow.

We passed through the doorway to a small hall, and then along to a tiny room, which contained little more than the smallest cot and a small trunk. My heart quickened for a moment, wondering if Charity meant to... but no. She bent instead to lift the lid of the trunk, and, searching through it quickly, found a plain black robe that I might cover myself with. Resigning myself to once more being left unsatisfied, I dressed quickly, pulling the robe over my head. We barely had time to speak, though I did ask Charity from where she had conjured up such an amazing story.

"Oh, it's something Angelica and I have been working on. There's a story in the Orgasmus about a young maid kidnapped by the elves, so we took that and embellished it a little." I tied a cord about the gown, which Charity told me was the garment she wore on the day she came to be a Sister of Fahni. After checking to see that the coast was clear, Charity led me back out into the hall, and through a deserted refectory to a tiny grate at the foot of the wall in a storeroom beyond. The grate came free easily.

"Slip through here. It opens into a hall behind the palace kitchens. From there, you can reach the servant's entrance, and Tumescence's laboratory lies close at hand."

I made to make my way into the narrow space, but Charity stopped me, and kissed me quickly. "I hope I get the chance to fuck you soon," she whispered, ardently. My diary was free. "If it were not so close to the time for the evening meal, when the refectory will be crowded, I would have made love to you right now. But you must escape!"

I nodded my agreement, kissed her brow, and lay on the floor. Charity took my feet in her hands, and pushed me through the hole. As she had said, I came through the other side of the wall into a hallway, and I followed her directions to a small wooden door, which led out of the tower. I ran quickly across the courtyard to the wizard's workshop, and locked myself in my room. When I heard Tumescence return, I ran out to greet him, throwing myself at him, and babbling out my tale of recapture and escape. Tumescence listened without saying a word. With his face pressed between my tits, he had passed out in the first few seconds.


Back safe in my master's laboratory, I went back to my work. To be honest, the copying I did over the next few days was distracted by thoughts of Charity. I found the story which she spoke of, and copied it for the new book, adding all the delicious embellishments she had invented. I couldn't wait to see how the illustrator depicted that! Which reminded me of the Master Bator, and my fears that I had laid him low a second time, even while he had been bringing me so close to something I still hadn't experienced fully. I remembered too how I had felt when I had seen him being sucked off by his companion.

All these confusing thoughts wreaked havoc with my productivity. I day-dreamed for hours. One minute, I would be imagining myself as an elven queen, watching Charity stretched out across the pole in my royal hall, her rump rising and falling frantically as she was fucked, buggered and stroked by legions of ghost cocks. Then I would dream of myself across that same pole, and Bator as my rescuer, throwing aside dozens of elves with wide sweeps of his powerful arms, and then falling on my pussy with his mouth before he released me.

I finally completed the Elf story. Tumescence took the sheaths of vellum to Bator personally, fearful that I might be captured again. Also, he had been called to an audience with Grope, which we both were sure would concern me. I settled down to continue my work, stripping to my bare skin in the heat of the library, and working fitfully on the legendary story of Leida and the swan.

In my mind, I was still somewhat uncertain about sex. Not, as I have said, in the physical sense Ð I had watched my mother's antics for years, and now I had been treated to several examples of intimacy in my few days in the Palace of the Mighty Harrdon. No, I had a fair working knowledge of cocks and cunts, and what went where. Whatever mechanical innocence my mind had contained was banished by the Orgasmus, and by the other tomes of Sex Magick that I found in that darkened corner of the library.

No, the confusion that remained concerned the purpose of sex. I had managed to connect the business of babies with that of fucking, so I was spared any potential disaster that way (among other things, Tumescence brewed various love philtres in his laboratory; these not only aided the act of seduction, but they provided virtually foolproof contraception; I discovered I quite liked the taste, so I drank at least one a day). What I still hadn't fully understood was the connection between fucking and pleasure.

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