tagBDSMNo Clothes? No Problem!

No Clothes? No Problem!


I checked in to this little ski resort ‒ it's a golf resort meant for the summer really, but a short drive from the ski hill, the best in Ontario (which isn't saying much) so they are obviously trying to attract some ski business, although nobody seems to know about them yet. The place is a hotel with a little timeshare section added on, the whole place brand new, still under construction really, and almost deserted in the winter mid-week off season.

So I go down to check out the laundry setup ‒ the room is down a floor at the end of the hallway, and I need to check the setup, as skiing uses up a lot of laundry. I go into the room and see a respectable row of machines for such a small place, and a woman pouring detergent into one.

Now, this is the first person I've seen at all in the hallways. I ask her about the machines, and she explains that although they are set up with coin boxes, they are all free, and she explains how to work them.

She is wearing a ski suit, matching jacket and snow pants in two tone light blues. I suddenly flash on why she is wearing the outdoor suit in the warm laundry room. I've done the same stunt myself ‒ you only bring just enough clothes to ski in, a couple of changes. Sometimes I've worn my jacket because I'm washing all my T shirts as well as underwear and socks. She is probably doing the same. I'll bet she is even washing her bra and all her panties.

She is also very friendly and helpful. I'll bet she is alone, and looking for some company, with a single room to herself and an otherwise empty bed. Nice looking blond, a little younger than me, a good match. Also in great shape, athletic body, no doubt because of the skiing.

"That's a really nice ski jacket you have on. May I look at it?"

"Er, well, sure..."

She is still being friendly, obviously hoping to strike up a conversation, and so agrees without thinking.

I use the excuse to approach her and, to her surprise I reach for her zipper.

She freezes, but does not stop me at first. I note this, and continue to keep up a patter as I slowly lower the zipper down her front. "This looks great. I'll bet it's a good material. Does it have a nice lining, too?"

At this point, we both know that I know that she's not wearing anything underneath, and that I now know she knows this, and that I'm continuing to open it, and we also both realize that she's not stopping me, and that we both know that she's not going to stop me.

She's sub; or at least adventurous enough to go along for now. I go with it. "You're filling it out very nicely." I slide my hand inside and over her naked tit. "Very soft, very smooth, very warm."

I cup her and caress her, and then grasp her bare nipple between my thumb and finger, and start to firmly squeeze it. She moans, loudly.

I open her jacket widely, exposing both of her tits completely, and start to fondle both of them openly, squeezing and stroking her breasts and nipples. I lean over and take one tit in my mouth, sucking and licking it; and then do the same to the other. "Delicious, too!" Obviously we aren't talking about the jacket any more, although not saying anything to deny it.

After we are both getting obviously hot, I slide a hand down the front of her pants, asking about them, I get to her clit without resistance, and after playing with that for a few seconds, I slip a finger inside.

"Nice. Also very soft and warm." By now she is leaning back against the machine with her eyes shut, letting me have my way with her.

Holding my hand to the back of her head, I embrace her and we start to kiss passionately. Meanwhile I work her fly open so I can get at her easily, and am starting to seriously masturbate her. I notice her machine going, and I get an evil idea.

She is way past the point of reason, on her way to her first orgasm, and the place is deserted.

"You know, it's a shame not to wash these with the rest. Why don't we pop them into the machine with the rest of your stuff, and you can just hang out in my room while they wash." I didn't actually expect her to answer such a stupid suggestion, but I wanted to see how far I could push her, how amenable she was to control and how open she was to sexual humiliation, one of my favourites.

She sort of mumbled her agreement without really seeming to understand what I was saying and continued to react to my ministrations to her clit and cunt. I peeled her jacket off, which wasn't hard because it was mostly off already. Then I slid her pants off, which was fine with her because she was getting desperate to cum, and probably to fuck as well. Then I threw them both into the water in the already operating machine, and so they were gone.

She just stood there nude, moaning louder if anything. I embraced her again and we resumed kissing, while I continued to caress and stroke her juicy cunt, her clit, and her breasts and nipples with my fingers and tongue.

"Come along now, mustn't dally." I reminded her that we had to retire to my room to wait for her clothes to wash and dry. This took persuasion and reassurance this time, but she finally stood while I inserted three fingers well up inside her cunt, and then started to pull her along with me out the door and into the hallway.

She was in a sexual high, totally excited, totally freaked out and aroused to be walking naked along the empty hallway, being pulled along by her cunt. I pulled her down the length of the hallway like this, as though she was on a leash.

We got on the little hydraulic elevator, went up one floor to my room, kitty-corner and down just a couple of rooms and stopped in front of my door, all without being seen by anyone. I confess I spent a little bit longer than necessary searching my pockets for my room card while she was standing there naked and nervous. But no more than a couple or five minutes or so. And it took a bit longer because I was still taking time to kiss her on and off, and masturbating her the whole time. Almost her fault, really.

It turns out that she really was a sub, although I don't know if she knew how much she enjoyed it. The rest of the night we played Dom-Sub games. After that wild beginning, she was willing to go along with everything and anything. I went to my car and got some soft nylon rope and tied her up a couple of ways, then I started slow and soft and worked my way up to spanking her ass and tits and cunt harder and harder. I hog-tied her on the bed to fuck her, and later I tied her hands and feet and pushed her against the window with her breasts flattened against the glass while I fucked her from behind. I don't think anyone would have seen her clearly other than in outline, because while I fucked her ass she was lit from behind with the curtains open at night, but I guess we will never know.

She begged me to fuck her hard, and to use her and abuse her and make her my slave for the night. She also turned out to be a very dirty girl. After I fucked her in her ass she grabbed my cock and sucked it clean; soon after that I said I had to piss so she took my cock in her mouth again and begged me to use her to piss in. I fucked her in her cunt and ass, and she took great delight in licking my cock clean each time.

It took a lot of work, but I managed to work a fist into each of her cunt and ass, both firsts for her she said, and one of my favourites. She even wanted to lick my ass, which she did with gusto, fucking me as deep as she could go with her tongue, licking all around and even sucking to see what she could get out and eat. A very dirty girl!

We had a really wonderful, memorable night. Although as crazy as we got, it was hard to recapture the wild adrenaline of that first few minutes, and her willingness to be stripped and pulled along naked by her cunt in public by a complete stranger.

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