tagGroup SexNo Inhibitions Allowed

No Inhibitions Allowed


Hey honestly, it's officially a pool party! Right it's just a coincidence that it inevitably turns in to something resembling an orgy, oh sure it is! But then, the friends invited to Alex and Jackie's annual end of summer pool party, well let's say they tend to be of the more erotically adventurous persuasion. So it's your call; pool party, or orgy? No doubt about it, either way this summer's cast of characters definitely checked their inhibitions at the front door.

Adding an intriguing zing, this year's end of summer bacchanalia was liberally sprinkled with a younger element. Our hosts invited Niki, their twins babysitter, She's a green eyed blonde, with the California beach girl look...un-huh, and a body to die for! Oh she's the twin's babysitter alright, but I just happen to know she's also Alex and Jackie's sexual playmate. And Niki brought along her girlfriend Julie, a curvy, dark eyed beauty with a smoldering Mediterranean look. There's also a trio of sons and daughters, each with a friend or two in tow. And those friends weren't here for moral support either, anything but, is my bet! There's Anita, who is Judi and Murphy's daughter. And of course I couldn't help noticing that she has her mother's long legs. Yup, and she's got an equally sweet pair of big, round, and absolutely luscious breasts too! Tawny and Jeff brought there daughter Ashley, and her brother Dave. Dave's a good looking guy, but Ashley, wow! She's a curvy blonde, with a saucy grin, and a disarming giggle. I figured none of those kids had been out of high school for more then a year or two, and that goes for Dave's buddies, Wayne and Chuck too. And of course, there was the usual assortment of open minded crazies, and erotically uninhibited party animals!

Oh sure, Jackie and my wife Carla wore their brand new bikinis. Sure they did, but just long enough to show them off. And I was just heading in to use the john, when they started an impromptu striptease. Knowing they owned center stage, they laughed, whooped their delight, and made quite the production out of sensuously slathering sunscreen over each others naked body. Jackie's utterly shameless and has the sort of wild exotic look to back it up. Carla, well just grab a dictionary and look up insatiable, incorrigible, or hedonistic! That's her, and if I said I was only kidding, she'd smack me! Bowing to a chorus of hoots and catcalls, they settled on to recliners, stretching, and pretending to ignore their appreciative audience. So I decided to head in, hoping my hard-on would disappear, at least before I was staring down at gleaming porcelain. Only, I didn't make it! Nope, Carla stopped me, tossed me a pair of bikinis, and asked me to drop them off in the upstairs bedroom. Now, that turned out to be a honey-do that really worked out!

Entering the house through the den, I stopped dead in my tracks! Our hostess's younger, and very naked sister Lisa was laying back, elbows braced on the green felt of their pool table. Pointing to the black eight ball resting in her navel, she explained "He scratched!" And I figured that explained why Murphy was down on his knees, with his face buried between her sleek tan thighs. Never mind your win/win situation, I figured Murphy had just discovered a pretty fine example of the lose/ win! But I didn't linger, and giving poor Murphy a commiserating pat on the shoulder, I headed on upstairs. Yup, and I was thinking, Lisa just made it to the top of my things to do list!

My shorts were lying in a heap, along with those bikinis, when I started back. I paused at the top of the stairs, chuckling as Lisa's ecstatic cries "Yes...yes...more...oh yes, that's it," echoed up to me.

And, I was half way down the stairs, when I spotted Ashley. She was bent over tugging a purple backpack out of a pile of the damn things, when she heard me coming.

"Hi Mister Steel," she called out! "I was just...ah, well, I know I'm going to end up naked, so why wait, right?"

Making a point to sound casual, I asked "Sure, only Ashley sweetheart, promise me that you won't call me Mister when you're naked, OK?"

The little flirt gave me this coy smile, and reached behind her back. Luckily, I made it to the foot of the stairs, before she let her bikini's top fall away from her breasts. She stood with her hands on her hips, grinning, as she watched me take in the sight of a pair of truly magnificent breasts. They were perfectly sculpted, ripe, round, and so firm they barely jiggled. Yeah, and my cock sure wasn't the only thing suddenly erect either! Ashley's nipples, a pair of rosy jewels, also stood at rigid attention. I caught her licking her lips, and then she was pushing down her bikini's bottoms. OK, and I sure wasn't disappointed, only, I still didn't know if she was a natural blonde! Straightening up after shoving her bikini in to her back pack, she teased "Gosh, so now I have to call you Bob, right?" Standing there, one hand on a jutted hip, Ashley stared straight at my erection, coolly asking "Well, so now what?"

Thinking fast, I went with "Well, if I had one, I guess I could flip a coin!"

Eyes sparkling with mischief, she giggled, got it, and asked "What...you mean, like for heads or tails?" yeah, well before I could come up with a witty response, she was dropping to her knees in front of me. And she already had a fist wrapped around the throbbing shaft of my cock, when she told me straight out "Let's start with heads, OK? Yeah...and then we'll try tails!"

So there I was, foolishly thinking, well they sure didn't make girls like this when I was nineteen! And well, the next thing I knew the head of my cock was sliding in to Ashley's throat! Both hands on my ass, Ashley twisted velvety soft lips, slowly, maddeningly slowly working them up the length of her captured cock. She stopped, looking up at me, with just the head of my cock in the sweet wet heat of her mouth. And then, blonde head bobbing, she popped that swollen head in and out past the gentle squeeze of soft warm lips. It was sweet, way too sweet, and that blonde headed vixen had me wanting to do more then just scream for more! So yeah, it's a good thing she stopped! And that's not just because, I sort of liked the nasty way she used a wickedly darting tongue, flicking and licking its teasing tip up and down, from my balls clear up to the tip of my cock. Breathing hard, I looked down at the pretty young woman holding my balls nestled in her mouth, and reached out to tangle my hands in her hair.

Ashley didn't need to be a mind reader; certainly not to know exactly what I wanted! Releasing my balls, she giggled, put her hands behind her back, and waited! It occurred to me that the last time I'd enjoyed the sweet pleasure of pushing my cock in to a willing nineteen year olds mouth, well hell, I'd been nineteen myself! So, unlike that long ago time, I, at least tried to take my time. Holding tight to her head, I slowly pushed in past puckered lips, and kept pushing until Ashley's lips were buried in pubic hair, and the pulsing head of my cock was buried eight inches deep in her throat. It was there to see in her eyes, big blue, wide open eyes imploring, take me! So, that's just what I did! Looking in to those blue eyes, I sent the head of my cock popping in and out of her mouth in a flurry of hard jabs. Then, sliding in slow, deep throat penetrating thrusts, I picked up the tempo, until, no way around it, I was fucking Ashley's mouth! And it wasn't exactly a surprise; and what do you know, just like her mother, Ashley loved having her mouth fucked! And yeah, I wanted to go for it, and blast a big load of hot cum straight down that amazing girl's throat. But what I wanted even more, was to bend her over and fuck her silly! So, I stopped, pulled my slippery cock out of her mouth, and helped her to her feet.

"Wow, nice cock," my bright eyed blonde playmate says! "I sure hope you're going to fuck me with it! Hey Bob, you are going to fuck me, aren't you?"

Leading her over to a sofa, I told her "Oh Hell yes! But, you called heads...and now it's your turn!"

"Cool," she giggled, when I lifted her, and sat her ass down on the sofa's wide arm. Lying back, she grinned, and slipped a pillow under her head. Then surprising the holy Hell out of me, she whooped a loud "Woo woo," before matter of factly telling me "Take me fast...yeah, make me cum!"

Dropping to my knees, I teased "I can do fast, but then you'll just want more in an hour!"

That earned me a playful kick, and an exasperated "Works for me...only please, like now...oh dear God, please make me cum!"

Like a veteran, Ashley settled her feet on my shoulders, let long tan thighs fall open, and used her fingers to expose a glistening wet, absolutely bare, and compact bit of pretty pink pussy. Sure I wanted to tease her, show her all an experienced lover's wicked tricks, maybe work her until she begged...and then, when she was screaming for release, let her ride my tongue in to orgasmic ecstasy! Instead, because Ashley's seamed desperate to catch up with an orgasm, and after all it was a party; so sure, as requested, I took her quickly! Only, that's after I ordered her to keep her hands right where they were. With Ashley holding herself spread so prettily wide open, her clit was invitingly exposed, and well the only thing missing was the silver platter. My tongue attached itself to her clit, lavishing it with soft feathery licks, then whipping it with hard, fast flicks from a tongue working in over-drive. And with her clit swollen in to a taught, silky smooth nub, I sucked it between my lips. Well Ashley didn't exactly start begging, but she did start loudly demanding "More, yes, yes, like that...oh God, don't stop!"

Honest, I only paused; you know, just so I could dip my tongue in to the molten wetness of her vagina. And I couldn't resist the temptation to tongue fuck that tight opening, slip lower and give her neatly puckered asshole some of the same. But it was just a tease, barely more then a lick and a promise!

Unable to resist the allure of Ashley's erotically inspired enthusiasm, I let her get away with tangling her hands in my hair. So, with my hands pushing her quivering thighs even wider, I let her tug away, her panted "More...more, yes, yes, now...now, pleas now," urging me on! Wanting more myself, I gave in to her pleas, and danced my swirling tongue back to her clit. And there I was, busily racing figure eights around the knob of Ashley's swollen clit, when I swear, I saw her wave at somebody headed for the stairs. But then, her hand were back in my hair, and she was loudly telling the world "yes, yes, yes...that's it...yes, I'm cuming, I'm cuming...oh God, don't stop!" As wickedly sensuous build-ups go, it really hadn't been much of a tease! But I did my best, working her, taking her through a couple of quick orgasms, building, edging her closer, until the long shuddering climax exploding through her, left her gasping "OK, OK, no more...oh fuck me!" Well now, that's precisely what I had in mind!

I was still on my knees when with a grunt she levered herself up, and dropped down beside me. Arms around my neck, grinning and still breathing fast, she asked "Quickie huh...pretty fucking awesome if you ask me!" And then, she was kissing me, her tongue a wild thing in my mouth. One arm flung around my neck, Ashley had a hand furiously pumping up and down my cock! So no, I wasn't buying the shy giggles accompanying her "Hey Bob, maybe its time you showed me what tails is all about, huh?"

Figuring I'd decided on the perfect position for the situation, I stood up , and pulled Ashley to her feet. Eager and willing, after another down and dirty kiss, she let me turn her around. A sharp slap to Ashley's very nice ass, and a playfully delivered "Grab them sweet cheeks," turned out to be all the hint she needed!

After an excitedly squealed "Yippee," and after a short burst of giggles, Ashley bent over, spread her long legs wide, and grabbed her ankles. I took a second to admire the spectacular view, yeah, but only a second. And then, I reached for Ashley's hips. I'd like to say that I took her slow and easy, but yeah, it'd be a lie. Slow came to an abrupt end, right after I'd let the head of my cock slide down the silky smooth cleft of her ass. Skipping over that tender young ass's tempting target, it nosed in to the slippery wet heat of her vagina's opening. One thrust, one hard flip of my hips, and I was buried eight inches deep in enthusiastically squealing nineteen year old! Ashley seemed to have enjoyed that move, and I sure as Hell had, so I repeated it a few times. And there I was, driving one hard fully penetrating thrust after another deep in to my blonde playmate, when I hear "Hi mom, some party, huh?" Well my first glance was down, and Ashley was waving; only, that time I figured I better make sure who'd caught her attention. Oops, panic; who me?

So there I was balls deep in Ashley, grinning over at her mother; hey, no worries, her mother was grinning back! Awesome, so while Ashley giggled hysterically, her mother kissed the taste of her daughter's pussy off my lips! Giving it my best, I returned Tawny's hot and nasty kiss, while Ashley's giggles convulsed her vagina around my slowly pistoning cock.! Moving around behind me, Tawny slipped her arms around my waist, watching over my shoulder as my cock slipped in and out of her daughter, chuckling as she suggested "You should probably fuck her hard Bob, I'm pretty sure she likes it hard, real hard in fact...right darling?"

Maybe sounding a little bit miffed, my impatient blonde playmate, fired off a succinct "Well duh!" Soft breasts warm against my back, Tawny's hips supplied the momentum behind my thrusts, while Ashley complained "You know guys, I was...well you know, sort of looking forward to getting my brains fucked out, or something! So, OK already, come on Bob...fuck me, fuck me hard...do it, fuck me with my mother watching!"

Tawny let go of me, gave a long theatrical sigh, slapped my ass, and said "Good idea, and I know just how!" And then, before I quite knew what was happening she had Ashley kneeling on the sofa, her pert ass wagging invitingly. Leading me over she reached around, guiding and actually pushing my cock in to her daughter's waiting pussy. "There now, I think you two can take it from there," she said, adding a helpful "OK now, ready...set...go!" It was sort of embarrassing, and Ashley was giggling...so, what else, I fucked the darling's brains out!

Clapping and whooping, Tawny urged me on, laughing around her "Go Bob...faster...oh yes, that's it...take her hard!"

Absorbing a barrage of ass hammering thrusts, Ashley gasped squeals demanded "More...more...yes, like that!"

I didn't say anything, hey, I was busy! OK, and part of me wanted to make it last, but every time I slowed it down, Ashley started pleading for it harder and faster. Well I just knew my balls were going to explode if I didn't cum, and damn soon too! So, I shifted my hips, and fired a volley of rapid-fire thrusts straight up in to the molten wetness of Ashley's tight young pussy. And that did it for me! Only tawny must have seen it coming, and called out "Go Bob...wow...oh wow...watch it baby, he's going to cum!" Well she was wrong, I already was! And that first explosive release felt like it was going to split my cock wide open. But I went right on pounding rhythmic thrusts in to Ashley, and went right on blasting hot spurts of cum deep in to her luscious body! And when I was satiated, and thoroughly drained, I slid out of a vagina still convulsing around my cock, gave Ashley's ass an affectionate slap, and asked "Damn girl, are you always so loud?"

Tawny started laughing, and Ashley spun around, her pretty blue eyes firing daggers at her mother. Well Tawny was still sputtering, but managed to get out "Yeah, oh yeah, loud should be my darling's middle name!"

It was just too cute, Ashley started giggling, and then they were in each others arms. Well, eventually I collected a pair of kisses, both delivered with enough heat in them to have me thinking of seconds. But no, there was a party going on; so, on with the party!

On my way through the den, well there was a little delay. And there wasn't much doubt about who'd won the last game! Nope, because Murphy had Lisa bent over the pool table. Un-huh, and it looked to me like he had pretty good command of his cue too! And apparently Lisa thought so too, at least judging by her enthusiastic "Hard...yes, harder...more, yes...I love it!" Passing by, I tapped Murphy on the shoulder, offering a well meaning "hey buddy, try adding a little English!" Of course he told me what I could do with my suggestion, but hey, he never missed a shot doing it! Yeah, it sure looked like my buddy was going to run the table!

Stepping on to the patio, the first thing I spotted was Alex working the grill. OK, so what I really noticed first, was that our host was talking to Ashley's friend Anita. And why not, the long legged, dark eyed girl was standing there in the nude? One hip cocked provocatively, the pony tailed charmer stood with her big, as in round, ripe 36-c size tits on proud display. My timing perfect, I was just in time to see her flip Alex's apron aside, squeal "Yummy," and sink to her knees. And what backyard chef wouldn't like to be standing there grilling hotdogs, while a vivacious young thing's mouth grilled his jumbo dog? Unfortunately, Anita's obvious oral skills didn't stop Alex from spotting me. Nope, so I found myself shanghaied, and assigned to grill duty. At least I managed a quick and much needed dip in the pool, before Alex tossed me his apron. And, I did collect a sweet little kiss from Anita, along with her "Oh hi...Bob...gee, thanks for taking over!"

A hearty "Thanks Bob, much appreciated," and Alex was leading Anita off, leaving me to watch the party unfold from behind the grill. Things could have been worse! Hey, I figured I'd still be sliding hot meat in to warm buns! Besides, the beer was cold, and the view was terrific! There wasn't a bikini top anywhere in sight, and happily, the number of bottoms was on a fast decline.

Ashley was standing in waist deep water, talking excitedly to lounge chair bound Niki, Chuck, Wayne, and her girlfriend Julie. Well whatever Ashley was going on about, I wholeheartedly approved of the result! And suddenly, the number of bottoms, well bikini bottoms anyway, was down to one. Only, and I sure wondered why; because, even though Niki's thong had just hit the deck, Julie hadn't made a move to slip out of hers. But then, the guy's hadn't followed suit either. Niki got up, standing there, hands on her hips, glaring indignantly at a couple of guy's with the effrontery to still be wearing trunks. Curious, I watched as she bent, whispering something in Wayne's ear, and then in Chucks. Whatever that hard bodied blonde told them, it had the desired effect, because they both hurriedly slipped out of their trunks. And I was betting, the nasty looking kisses she rewarded them with, were only a down payment! Niki said something to Julie, shrugged, turned, and dove in to the pool. Naturally, the guys splashed in right behind her, which left Julie sitting there alone. Looking around I saw that Alex and Anita had been waylaid by her father. Fresh from his victory at the pool table, whatever Murphy was saying to Alex, they both seemed to think it was pretty funny. Not the foot tapping Anita , Nope, she was looking decidedly impatient! Still, the incorrigible little wench was standing there, one arm around Alex's waist, and with a hand slowly sliding back and forth along the length of his erection. And I really liked the way she stared straight in to her father's eyes, while she brazenly played with her would be lover's cock! Well, I made a mental note, telling myself to be sure I tracked that ballsy young woman down later!

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