tagGroup SexNo Room at the Hotel Ch. 01

No Room at the Hotel Ch. 01


Author's notes: This is a work of fiction. In this fantasy, nobody has to worry about STDs. In real life, all non-monogamous sex should be practiced using accepted safe-sex precautions.

This story revisits the characters of an earlier story, No Room At the Inn. This story stands alone, you don't have to read that one to understand this one. However, if you want to read them in order, No Room At the Inn comes first.

This story, like the earlier one, is written in multiple first person - all four characters narrate the story. It may take a bit more effort to read, but the benefit is, as events unfold we get to see things from multiple points of view, in real time. To me as the writer, that is a net gain, and worth the effort. I hope you the reader agree.

Special thanks to Jashet Hon and Candace. Their observations and suggestions made this a better story.

All persons involved in sexual activity are at least 18 years old.

: : : : :

J A S O N : : : The hotel front desk was crazy busy. Dozens of guests were waiting for their rooms. There was a clerk at every station, working frantically, but the line was growing faster than they could check people in.

My friends Holly, Shannon, Mark and I waited patiently. When we finally reached the front of the line, a clerk said, "I can help the next guest." Shannon checked us in -- we were sharing a single room with two queen beds. Everything seemed to go fine. She passed out our key cards in the elevator. We had no idea there was a problem...

: : : : :

We all work for ZNN, the cable news network. We work in different departments, but in the same building, on the same schedule. We met a few years ago at the food court, all newly hired, fresh-faced college grads.

We ate lunch together nearly every day and soon discovered we have a lot in common. ZNN is a wonderful place to begin a broadcast career, you can learn a lot in a short time. The stress can be immense, though, and the hours unpredictably long, so although we all dated (not each other), our schedules prevented any of us from building any sort of long-term relationship. We discovered that we all love traveling, but none of us like traveling alone, so the four of us began taking trips together.

At first, it was strictly platonic -- one hotel, four people, four single rooms. Then, on a trip to New York City, the hotel royally screwed up. They were over-sold, and even though we had four reservations, they only had one room available. That room, however, was big enough for the four of us, with two queen beds. We couldn't find any other affordable rooms nearby, so we shared that one. Four people and two beds -- that would be two people per bed.

We went to bed the first night believing we were only paired for sleeping. It turned out, though, there was a considerable sexual undercurrent to our friendships. I mean, I knew Mark and I had erotic thoughts about the girls. They're hot and, duh, we're guys, but it never occurred to me that they might think about us that way in return. To my delight, though, after lights out, Shannon and I ended up screwing our brains out. In the other bed, Holly and Mark did the same.

We decided as a group that although we were comfortable including "benefits" in our friendships, no one wanted to be formally paired, so each night we switched partners. For a single guy, it was heaven, alternating between two hot ladies. There's an old saying, "variety is the spice of life." True that!

We never reserved four rooms again. Sometimes we get two rooms, sometimes a single room with two beds. I actually prefer having a single room. It's less private, which took a little getting used to, but each night when we swap partners, no one has to move their stuff. And it sure raises the energy level in the room to have another couple fucking in the next bed!

: : : : :

H O L L Y : : : This trip -- San Francisco! -- we had a single room. I was exhausted from a tough week at work, and a long flight. All I wanted to do was put my feet up and chill for a few minutes, unpack, maybe catch a quick shower, then go get some dinner. We'd begin sightseeing tomorrow.

Of course, nothing is ever that simple. We got off the elevator, trudged down the hall, and I slotted the key card. Mark was right behind me as we entered the room, and didn't notice I skidded to a stop. He ran into me, nearly knocking me over.

I couldn't believe it. We had traveled several times since that big hotel screw-up, with no problems, but now we had another... There weren't two queen beds, there weren't two double beds, and there weren't two twin beds.

There was one bed. One bed. One. Freaking. Bed. It was huge, a king-size, no doubt. But, as big as it was, it was one bed.

I muttered one of the multi-syllable curse words, and since no one else seemed to have noticed the problem, they looked at me oddly. Then, my voice rising in volume and pitch, I said one of the other ones. They looked at me like they didn't even know I knew those words!

One by one, they noticed the bed. After a couple of moments of stunned silence, Mark said, "It's probably a simple mistake. Shannon, the room is in your name, why don't you call down to the desk, tell them our room doesn't match the reservation, and we'll be right down to turn in these keys and pick up the correct ones."

She did. It turned out, though, just like the other time, they had no "correct" room available. They didn't have a second room for us, either.

Everyone sat there, looking dazed. Jason finally said, "Fuck it, I'm hungry. I can't solve anything on an empty stomach."

Shannon said, "Me either." She glanced at me and continued, "We worked things out the other time, I'm sure we can now. Let's leave our luggage here and go eat. We'll solve it when we get back." Nobody had a better idea, so that's what we did.

On our trips, we do a lot of touristy things, but not when it comes to eating -- no chain restaurants. Even though we were only a few minutes from Fisherman's Wharf, we weren't going to eat there -- there's better seafood, and other cuisines, a lot less expensive, within walking distance.

We ended up at The Stinking Rose, which features garlic-based everything -- even garlic ice cream, which turned out to be surprisingly good.

When we got back to our room, it was still there -- one king-size bed. Everybody just stood there, staring awkwardly at it. I was overwhelmed, simply too tired to sort out anything. The others looked like they were ready to settle in, but held off, I guess trying not to make me feel worse. Finally Mark kicked off his shoes, stretched out on the bed, and pulled a pillow up under his head. He said, "This isn't complicated. Just think of it as two smaller beds pushed together."

S H A N N O N : : : He was right. I flopped onto the other side, stretched out like Mark, and reached for Jason. He sat beside me and I said, "Let's just do what we normally do, only there won't be a gap between the beds."

Holly looked like she wasn't buying it, so I pulled Jason on top of me, wrapped my arms and legs around him, and kissed him. I pulled his hips tight against me, swirling my groin against his in wide, slow circles. He lifted his upper body and dry-humped me, drumming my lower body into the mattress.

We paused, and I reached toward Mark. My hand fell almost a foot away. I looked up at Holly, and said, "See? Plenty of room."

That seemed to settle it. We usually do something random to select first-night partners -- rock-paper-scissors or something, but tonight the pairs seemed set. Jason and I resumed tongue wrestling, Mark undressed and headed for the shower, and Holly joined him.

H O L L Y : : : I was surprised to feel so inhibited. We've had plenty of vigorous sex in the same room. For some reason, though, the thought of all of us being in the same bed, under the same covers, had me spooked.

I have no problem getting undressed in front of everyone. We've shared many rooms and feel completely normal being naked in front of each other -- and by naked, I don't mean faux naked or semi-naked, wearing bathrobes or underwear, I'm talking about naked, nude, all body parts visible, nothing but skin. Tits, dicks, asses, pussies, all showing.

Mark turned up the water as hot as we could stand, positioned me under the nozzle, and went to work. He soaped my back, spending extra time massaging my shoulders, for my benefit, and my ass, for his benefit, if the intensity of his erection was any indication. Mark has an incredibly sensitive touch, he seems to know exactly where to find the knots. He worked wonders on my back, and spun me around to attend to my front. By then his hands plus the heat in the water were working their magic, and I found myself relaxing.

We faced each other, letting me handle his beautiful hard-on, giving me a reason to look forward to getting in that freakin' bed. I focused on happy thoughts: getting to sleep with one of my two favorite guys, who happens to have one of my two favorite cocks.

M A R K : : : Holly was facing me now in the shower, and that's always soul-stirring -- her tits are ginormous. She's not as tall as Shannon, and more "full-figured," but not in any way chubby. She has an incredible heart-shaped ass, and her pretty face is ringed in curly blonde hair. If you saw her, though, the first thing you'd notice is her tits.

Not all huge breasts are attractive -- some are just freaky -- but hers are spectacularly sexy. They're the size of large grapefruit, nice and firm. She rarely goes braless and it's working, she doesn't sag... much... don't tell her I said that.

She gripped my cock, sliding her hand along its length. Handling it seemed to help her relax more. By the time we finished our shower, Shannon and Jason were ready for theirs, so Holly and I had the bed to ourselves. That was good -- she had come a long way, but I wasn't sure if she was quite ready for the four of us to be under the same covers.

Jason and Shannon replaced us in the bathroom, and Holly settled onto the bed. She pulled me on top of her, into the classic missionary position. As a group we've done some highly adventurous things with each other, but tonight, keeping to the basics seemed like the best idea. I kissed her -- her jaw, neck, and upper chest, working down to her breasts.

She loves having her tits played with, and that's a good thing, because I love playing with them. Her nipples are spectacular, with huge areolae -- easily three inches across. I danced my tongue across them, sucked on them, and teased them with my fingers, until I could feel more of her stress melting away. I began kissing down her tummy, while I cupped her breasts in my hands and massaged them.

When I got to her pussy, you'd never know she was feeling skittish, it was ready for action -- hot and moist. I kissed the outer lips, and teased her clit by licking across it with my tongue. I gently began working my tongue in between the outer folds, caressing the inner crinkles along their length, ending back at the top at her clit, vibrating my tongue over it. She responded eagerly to my touch, and I began to think maybe things would be fine when Shannon and Jason got out of the shower and joined us in bed.

: : : : :

S H A N N O N : : : When we got in the shower, Jason said, "We can take our time, Holly obviously needs a little extra time to get comfortable." I washed his back, we both turned around and he washed mine. He got fresh handfuls of body gel, reached around and cupped my breasts. The warm slickness of his hands electrified my nipples. I got a handful of gel, reached behind me, and found a delightfully hard cock to lather. It's always nice to confirm he likes my chest -- I'm such a boy compared to Holly.

He worked one hand down my tummy and began teasing around the edges of my slit. I leaned my head back and pulled his head forward. His lips found mine, and his fingers found my clit. I stroked him, hard and fast, and he vibrated his fingertips over my clit and nipple. We could have continued and cum right there in the shower, but there was a warm, soft bed waiting for us, so we disconnected and rinsed.

We dried, and Jason switched off the bathroom light before we opened the door, so we wouldn't blast Mark and Holly out of the darkness. He picked me up and carried me to the bed. It was very sweet, especially with his hard-on supporting my butt. As he set me on our side of the mattress, by the dim glow of the clock I could see they were going at it missionary style. After all the angst, something that simple seemed perfect. I settled onto my back and Jason nestled between my knees.

: : : : :

H O L L Y : : : I just decided to deal with it -- they were right, it was like two beds pushed together. We weren't doing anything different, other than being within arm's reach of each other. I just needed to get over resenting it wasn't what I expected.

I had just pulled Mark on top of me and was guiding him in, when the bathroom door opened. Mark hesitated briefly, I guess he was afraid I might tense back up, but I willed myself not to. I needed a massive orgasm to finish getting past my unexpected shyness, and I had no doubt he was going to give me one. I was definitely ready for him -- he slid in all the way to the hilt on the first push.

Sometimes, a lady wants to lavish in sexual nuance and subtlety, indulge in tender minutia -- kitten sex, bubble bath love, chamomile tea coupling. That would be other times -- at that moment, all I cared about was dick, pussy, penetration, and rhythm. End of story.

M A R K : : : She grabbed me by the cheeks and slammed me home, bottoming me completely out. I didn't need any psychic ability to pick up the hint... she wants to FUCK! I pumped into her, and the harder and faster I went, the more she got into it. All her anxiety over the freakin' bed, all that agitation and angst, had her wound tighter than a banjo string.

I seemed to have just the relief she needed -- all she wanted was for me to climb on top of her and pound her into the bed. Nail her to the mattress. She didn't want any tenderness or subtlety, she just wanted me to fuck the stress out of her. And that's what I did.

Jason and Shannon got busy beside us. I didn't check out what they were doing -- I was a little busy myself -- but it sounded like they were enjoying themselves. Before long, Holly coiled her legs around mine, which usually means she's ready to cum. This was going to be epic.

H O L L Y : : : My orgasm was relentless, it was ferocious, it was practically infinite. It built, and built, and built, washing over me, melting me to a soft glow, and just kept building. Mark kept pounding into me, and I kept cumming.

I boiled over like a pot of Cioppino, relentless, unstoppable. I wrung his upper back with my arms. I crossed my ankles behind his lower back and constricted him like a python. I squeezed his cock so hard he groaned. I felt his contractions as he released his cum deep inside me. We lost our rhythm, and he collapsed on top of me.

I was completely drained by the strength of my climax. We rolled onto our sides, his cock still inside me. I draped my upper leg across his waist, he straddled my lower leg, and we dozed off almost instantly. Sleep was deep and restful.

J A S O N : : : What would you do if the people in bed with you had turned their bodies over to their lizard brains and were fucking each other into oblivion? I'll tell you what Shannon and I did. Although we started slow and sensitive, that didn't last -- we turned our bodies over to our lizard brains and fucked each other into oblivion.

It was caveman sex -- it would only have been more primitive if I had bonked her on the head with a club and dragged by the hair her into my grotto. We started out doing missionary like Holly and Mark, and that was fine, but if I know Shannon -- and I do -- if we were going to be that primal, she would want to do it doggie.

She pushed me off and flipped over onto her knees. I barely missed a stroke -- I grabbed her ass and plowed into her. She was so wet I slapped hard against her butt cheeks on the first plunge. My dick practically growled in appreciation.

S H A N N O N : : : He was ferocious, he was crude, he was savage, he was fierce, he was perfect. He reached under my chest, cupped my titties, and squeezed them like he was kneading biscuit dough. I mean, he mauled them. He located the nipples and twisted and pulled. Then he, omg, he didn't... oh yes he did.

He moistened his middle finger and jammed it up to the second knuckle in my ass. What few pleasure nerves I had that weren't already overwhelmed, they shorted out on his finger. Every synapse in my body crackled with overstimulation. I had been thrusting back against him, meeting him halfway, but my body totally locked up.

I froze. Held stock still. I didn't want him to stop and make sure I was okay, but If he had been thinking rationally, he probably should have. In that primal state, the thought didn't occur to him, or me for that matter. He battered into my pussy, his thighs whacking my ass. He pulled out to the very tip, then hammered back into me, as fast as I've ever felt him go -- it seemed just right.

I didn't feel my orgasm building, it just appeared -- it wasn't there one second, then it was, in full force. My pussy pulsed over his cock, and that finished him -- he shot his load deep into me. He managed to keep thrusting, making my pussy glow with even greater intensity, and based on how he arched his back, thrilling his cock as well.

I wouldn't want to have hard, aggressive sex like that every time, but at that place and time, it was perfect. Sleep came quickly, and was long and deep.

: : : : :

S H A N N O N : : : The next morning, we grabbed an early breakfast and caught the first ferry to Alcatraz. The wind on the bay is always chilly, but that early in the morning it was downright cold. Holly and I brought windbreakers, but the guys didn't, so they stayed in the enclosed, heated part of the ferry. I joined her at the rail outside, watching the water rush by.

I broke the silence, asking, "You okay?"

She nodded and said, "Yeah, all good. The thing about the bed was just a surprise. After the week I had at work, I was so mentally drained I just couldn't handle anything unexpected. Mark and I ended up having a great time, and it sounded like you and Jason did too, so I say all's well that ends well."

I waited a few moments, to see if she had anything to add. When she didn't, I said, "I was going to talk to you about something while we're here, but now I think maybe I should wait."

She said, "Go ahead -- I'm fine. I'm over it, really."

I said, "Well, okay, if you're sure." She nodded. "Here's what I've been thinking: what if, before we pair off and settle in, you and I, um, we double-team one of the guys? Then when he's done, we do all the same things to the other?"

From the startled look on her face, it looked like I might have gone too far too fast...

She surprised me though, grinning and saying, "I can't believe you said that -- I've been thinking the same thing. Just because we sleep in pairs, there's no reason we have to do everything that way -- we could have the guys double up on each of us. I was going to find a moment while we're here to see if you liked the idea."

A huge smile overtook my face. "Cool! How about tonight?" She grinned and nodded.

I continued, "I was thinking that after our showers, instead of pairing off as usual, I'll put Mark in the chair beside the bed, and whisper something like, 'Just watch. Whatever we do to Jason, we'll do to you next.' Then you and I surround Jason, and blow him together.

"At first we can trade licks, then as he gets into it, we can take longer turns on his cock, while the other one kisses him in other places. When he gets close, we'll settle around his dick, and each take half his cum."

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