No Time


Sorry to leave you alone... you made me go in there to shower after you all alone and so hot and wet, so very very hot and wet! The water felt like fire rushing past my clit and almost made me cry out in pleasure. I know you would have picked the lock if I would have so I didn't. I wanted to run my fingers over my clit so very slowly and pinch it softly.

I kept imagining you being in the bedroom laying on the bed, on your stomach making yourself ever hotter and wetter and God I could not take my shower fast enough!

I love you so very much, and I wish we would not have waited all night to go here. I would have loved so very much to lay you back on the bed and crawl between your thighs and run my tongue so slowly over your clit till you were pulling my hair like you always do. Slowly slide my fingers so deep inside you, so dripping wet and bite your clit so softly and suck on it till you are screaming.

I love to hear your breathing getting harder and faster and feel you pulling my hair so hard as you pull your legs up over my head. Press my face harder into you, feeling your wetness soaking my lips and tongue, slowly covering my chin and dripping down my neck.

Showing you how very much I love you with every breathe I take baby! God I love to taste you and feel you all over my tongue and fingers!

Gently moving my fingers so deep inside your dripping wet pussy until you are about to lose your mind and aching to cum. I pull them from you as I slide my tongue slowly and deeply into you now.

My head spins so wildly and I feel my heart racing so very hard and fast. Hoping I am giving you feelings you have never experienced in all your life. I want your head to be swimming so wildly with pleasure that you can think of nothing else but what you are feeling at the moment, to know I love you so very much and would do anything in the world to give you the most passionate love you could ever want to have, does your heart race like mine does when I touch you?

Tell me, when you feel me moving between your thighs do you start to tremble inside and ache for my touch? Oh god I love you, I want to sit here and type to you all morning about the way you make me feel every time you just look at me. I could be here for an eternity searching for the words to describe the way you make my head spin when you kiss me and when I hear your moans of pleasure when I am making love to you. I know, god knowing it is me making you feel that.

Does your body burn and ache for me like mine is doing right now for you? You are sitting there on that couch looking so very very sexy with your hair all wet and up in that towel. I want to come over there and slowly undress you right now and show you just how much I love you for the rest of the day.

I wish you did not have to go to work. I would have you slide down to the edge of the couch and drop to my knees and push your back to the couch an move my tongue so softly over your stomach and down over your clit while I look up into those ever so beautiful blue eyes and see the pleasure slowly over coming you. Your mouth slowly opening as you breathe harder.

I have memorized every expression that comes over your face while we are making love, the one I love the most is when you close your eyes and your mouth is so slightly parted and you are trying to breathe but you are not really breathing, it drives me so totally insane.

I want to just stop and watch you and lose myself in the pleasure you are feeling. If I was to stop you would not be experiencing it any longer so I would not dare! I just go deeper into you and try to make you so wild and be filled with such a fire. Can you feel it racing through your blood out of control? Your head spinning, your heart racing, breathing so hard and fast, shaking harder and faster till you are finally cumming all over my tongue and lips.

The taste of you is so hot and sweet, coating my tongue, sliding around my mouth and taking my breathe away. I press even deeper into you wanting to drink you in and lose myself forever inside you...

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