tagErotic HorrorNocturnal Lustings Ch. 01

Nocturnal Lustings Ch. 01


Chapter 1: Lucy

He comes to me in the darkness of the night. His eyes burning into my soul, reading my every thought, my every desire. He knows what I am feeling, and what I want. He knows I want him. I want his lips on mine, his fingers on my body. I want to feel his touch. My body screams for his touch.

I lie in my bed waiting for him. I feel the ache start between my thighs. The aching emptiness that needs him. My breathing quickens as I trail my fingers over my body. My nipples harden as my fingers stroke them. I picture his lips on them as I caress and twist them. Its no substitute for his tongue, his teeth. I moan as I remember how they feel piercing my breast. When he drinks, I am lost. My whole being is his. I am his slave, his whore. There is nothing I wouldn't do for him.

My fingers move over my stomach, tracing the firm flesh. I feel the marks his mouth has left on me. His marks of love. I trace each one, remembering how he gave them to me. How he drove me mad with longing, with desire, making me beg for each one. My body arching beneath his, my moans loud and pleading. All I want is him.

I slide my hand between my thighs. I am already wet, ready for him. But he hasn't come to me. So I wait in the comforting darkness and touch myself. My fingers stroke my clit hard as I fantasize about his tongue. He was once so gentle with me. So loving. Now I just want him. I want him to dominate me. To treat me rough and like the whore he made me. To do all the things I've only read about in the books 'good girls' aren't supposed to know about. But I read them. I know about those things and long for them. I want to experience everything in them. I want him to teach me. I want to be his student. I want to learn every earthly pleasure he knows and make up new ones, with him.

My fingers easily slide into my cunt as I dream about what he will do to me tonight. I writhe on my bed, fucking myself with my finger as I imagine its him fucking me. His cock pounding deep inside me. Its icy cold length penetrating me so hard and fast, making me his and his only. No-one else exists to me anymore. All the other men I have known mean nothing to me anymore. They are pale ghosts compared to him. My master. His cock is all I want and all I need. I twist my fingers inside myself as I dream about it, long for it, want nothing but it.

My body is on fire as I arch and grind onto my hand. My fingers twist a nipple, tugging it hard as I slide my fingers deeper inside myself. I brush my thumb over my swollen clit, biting my lip to keep myself from screaming. I don't want to wake Mina. She'd never approve. Forbidden thoughts invade my mind as I pump my hand harder, faster inside my cunt.

Mina. Her soft lips on mine. Her body under my fingers. I wonder how she would feel, how she would moan under my touch. I want him to watch as I seduce her. How I teach her all he has taught me. I want him to see us naked and writhing on my bed. Our moans of lust and passion intermingling with his as his eyes never leave our bodies. I can see her in my mind lying naked and ready for me on my bed. Her arms reaching for me. I want to fuck her. I want to make her scream with pleasure. I want her finger in my hair as I lick and suck at her clit. I want to flick my tongue over her tiny bud until it becomes swollen and engorged. I want to taste her. To plunge my tongue inside her and fuck her with it until she is hoarse from screaming my name. I want her to grind herself against my face as I fuck her with my tongue. I want to grab her arse in my hands and pull her hard against me.

And he's watching. His cock is in his cold hands. Our moans making him harder as he strokes it. His fingers wrapped tight around it, pulling and tugging as his eyes are locked on our writhing bodies. He wants to join us. To fuck both of us. But he just watches, just strokes his cock. Its hard, cold length filling his hand. I know how it feels inside me, and I know Mina would want it too.

So close now. I feel my body begin to shudder. The tingling moving from between my thighs and right up my body. The thought of Mina, of him...it drives me insane.

I press a finger lightly against my tight little arse and rub. Blushing, I remember the first time he fucked me there. His hard cock pushing inside me, tearing me apart. I loved it. Now, I want it all the time. I want his cock in my arse. I want him to fuck me so hard and rough. I love how it feels. I love how he pushes me onto my knees and plunges it in and out of me. The pain, so good. I am his whore. I am his to use. I think of how he grabs me. His hands on my hips pulling me back onto his cock. Then he slaps me, his hand spanking my arse. He pulls back my head by my hair and licks my neck before he sinks his teeth into it. The pain, more exquisite than anything I have ever dreamed of. He drinks from me as he pumps his cock into my arse, so hard, so deep till I can think of nothing but him. I am lost in a sea of sensations every time. Pain, pleasure, ecstasy. He never stops until he feels I am about to pass out. Only then will he let me cum. Only after making me beg for the longest time. And when I do finally cum, its like nothing I have ever experienced. Sometimes I think I will lose my voice from screaming.

I wonder if Mina ever hears me. I wonder if she knows what I am doing. I wonder if she lies in her bed listening to us fuck and touches herself. I hope she does.

The thought of her doing that finally drives me over the edge. I plunge my finger deep in my arse as I scream and cum. My other fingers twisting in my cunt, driving harder and deeper. My clit, so hard and quivering. My whole body writhing with the pleasure I feel. I can't stop. I just keep those fingers grinding inside me until I feel I'm about to pass out. Only then do I stop and pull them out. I fall back on my bed and lick my fingers clean.

I lie there, gasping for breath and waiting for him to come. For him to take me as he has every night for two weeks. I grow weaker as he feeds on me, but I cannot stop the desires of my body to have him. My mind lost to him. My will now his. My body, his.

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