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Not Dinner And Movie


While primping myself to meet up with you for a date, you called me and asked me to meet you at a different place. I agreed, and showed up where you told me to meet you. It was a strange apartment building, and when I entered I heard music coming from a room down the hallway. A bit nervous, I pulled my coat tighter around myself, worried about wearing such a short skirt in an unknown place with unknown people. I followed the sounds and knocked on the door. I heard some shuffling behind the door, and a moment later you opened it. I felt myself relax as I reached up for you and you allowed me to kiss you.

After a few moments of gently kissing me, you grabbed me by my hair and pulled me closer to you. Holding my body against yours, you continued kissing me while guiding me into the room. I was unable to get a sense of the room, but the music was loud and I assumed the room was rather large. After you closed the door, you pushed me up against it and told me to turn around and face the door. You put something on my face, and I realized that you had blindfolded me. I reached behind me, to reassure myself that you were still close. You reached in front of me, undoing my coat and pulling it off of me. You then removed my top and bra, grabbing my breasts and pulling me close to your body, biting down on my neck. I gasped at the unexpected sensation and tried to pull away, but you growled and held me tight against you. When you finally released me, you placed both of my hands above my head on the door, as you removed the rest of my clothing. Once I was completely naked, you picked me up and carried me across the room, putting me down onto what seemed to be a couch. You ordered me to start touching myself, and I heard you taking off your clothes. I began by running my hands over my body, playing with my nipples, but you soon told me that you wanted to see me fingering my cunt. Unable to see anything made me lose my self-consciousness, and I did as you said, getting swept away with the sensations. Just when I was about to cum, I felt you whisper in my ear, suddenly so close to me again, and you asked if I asked permission to cum. I blushed and realized that I hadn't, and shook my head.

You grabbed me by the hair and ordered me to kneel. I immediately got off the couch and onto my knees, at which point you came in front of me and guided your cock into my mouth. I sucked you deep into my mouth, swirling my tongue around the head. I heard you moan softly as you pulled my head closer to you, forcing your cock farther down my throat. You fucked my mouth, and I felt myself getting wetter and wetter, savoring the feeling of you against my lips, my tongue and my throat. Suddenly, you told me to stop and get on all fours. I immediately obliged. You reminded me that I was not allowed to cum unless you said, and then thrust your cock into my cunt. My body, so desperate for you to fuck it, immediately responded and started bucking back against you, wanting you completely inside me, wanting my ass pressed up against your hips. Soon thereafter, you grabbed my hair once again, causing my head to look up. All of a sudden, I felt something in front of my face. I started to panic as I realized there was someone else in the room, but you leaned forward and tell me that you had some friends who needed taking care of, too, and that I needed to be your good little slut. I nodded my head and opened my lips, allowing the foreign cock into my soft, wet mouth. As soon as you saw my head bobbing up and down on your friend's cock, you began thrusting into my cunt even more violently, pounding my body.

Finally, you told me that I was allowed to cum, and I was unable to stop the waves of pleasure as they washed over me. I moaned onto your friend's cock, and you told me that he wanted to fuck my cunt. I felt him pull away and you guided me towards him on the couch. As you pulled out of my cunt, I mounted him, immediately being fucked again. I could still sense you behind me, watching me fuck another man. You told me to cum again, and I fucked his cock, making myself cum again on your command. As the spasms finally end, I felt you even closer to me, and all of a sudden I realized what you were going to do. You pushed your cock, still wet with my juices, against my ass, forcing your way into my tight hole made even tighter by the other cock inside me. I cried out at first, but you continued on, knowing that I wanted you to hurt me, knowing that I was enjoying it.

Soon I was begging you to please let me cum again, needing to cum over and over again. You relented and told me to cum as much as I could, I started cumming and was unable to stop, feeling so full and that sweet mix of pain and pleasure. After what felt like hours of cumming, you told me that I had more work to do. At this point, you leant me back so that your friend pulls out of my cunt. I assumed that I would have to suck his cock again, so I was naturally surprised when I felt a mouth against mine, especially when I quickly realized that it was a female mouth. I kissed her deeply, running my hands over her body. With you still fucking my ass, I forced her to lie down on the couch, as I ran my tongue down her body, sucking and nibbling on her nipples before licking my way down to her cunt. I teased her, slowly licking around her cunt, before finally licking the slit, sucking her clit into my mouth. She was moaning and writhing, begging to be fucked. I sensed your friend returning, and soon his cock was deep inside her. I could taste myself still on him as I also tasted her, the juices mixing together. I used one of my hands to play with one of her nipples, while I used the other to play with your balls as they slapped against my wet cunt. You watched as the combined efforts of my tongue and your friend's cock brought her to climax. I felt your excitement increase, as you grabbed onto my shoulders, pushing me back against your cock, fucking my ass as hard and fast as you could. My body shook, overcome with sensations, my orgasms merging into each other.

With my muscles constricting on your cock, I felt you getting closer to cumming as well. Then you pushed me forward, and pulled out of my ass, and told me you wanted me to watch as you pulled the blindfold off. I turned to see your cock buried in the mouth of the girl whose cunt was sucking until seconds earlier. Continuing to watch as you fuck another woman's mouth, I leaned towards you, sucking one of your nipples into my mouth while I played with her nipple as she bobbed on your cock. I felt your body tense, as you finally shot your cum into her mouth. As soon as you were done cumming, I leaned down to her, kissing her deeply, so that I could taste you in her mouth.

After a few moments of plundering her mouth, you pulled me off of her, telling me that I still had work to do. I looked over and saw that your friend had pulled his cock out of the girl's cunt and was looking at me expectantly. I moved closer to him, taking his cock into my mouth, sucking him into my throat, knowing that you were watching as I suck another man's dick. I closed my eyes, focusing on making him cum, when I felt something on my cunt, and realized that it was her mouth. I couldn't help but moan as her tongue flicked over my clit and his member was fucking my mouth. I opened my eyes to see if you were watching, and I saw you out of the corner of my eye, your cock growing again with excitement as you saw me moaning while being used by another man and being eaten out by another woman. Seeing you hard again, I longed for you to be inside me again. You saw that look in my eye, and came over to me.

You pulled me off his cock momentarily, so that you made me straddle you before telling me to get back to work. I sucked his shaft back into my mouth, as I bucked up and down on your cock, feeling her tongue running over my clit and your dick. I felt your friend getting close to cumming, and I looked to you to see if you wanted him to cum in my mouth. You told him something that I didn't understand, but the next thing I knew, he had moved around behind me, pushing his way into my ass. You nudged the girl, and she stopped sucking my clit, but instead began to kiss me, our tongues exploring each other's mouths as you and your friend pummeled my body, my muscles constricting as I couldn't help but keep cumming.

With a final thrust, I felt your friend shoot his load in my ass. I stopped kissing the chick, and pushed her head down to suck on your nipple as I whispered in your ear, begging you to cum inside me. I leaned down and started sucking on your other nipple as I continued to ride your cock, fucking you as hard as I could. I heard you moan as your muscles spasmed with mine, and you came deep into my cunt. Exhausted, I collapsed on top of you as we basked in the afterglow of our pleasure.

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