tagExhibitionist & VoyeurNudity was the Only Choice

Nudity was the Only Choice


Authors Note: If you expect this story to include a lot of sex, you can stop now. If you were thinking that anything more than the brief interactions presented here are going to happen, it is not my intention when I started the story. I just wanted this story to be focused more on the shared nudity among some young adults and in this case, the parents of the twins.


Scott and Chris had invited their twin 19-year-olds, Kevin and Karen, to join them for a weekend retreat at their isolated cottage in northern Michigan. It was a haven in summertime with access to acres of woods and trails, a beautiful lake that featured a completely isolated bay in front of their cabin. Kevin and Karen had been invited to bring along a friend. It ended up being Kevin's college roommate Mike and Karen's childhood friend Michelle. A quiet weekend at the cabin before the hectic pace of the holidays was welcomed by all. Scott and Chris welcomed a break from the constant pressure of their successful software business. The teens would enjoy a restful weekend after semester exams.

It was probably more of a lodge than a cabin, having been extensively expanded and remodeled over the years. With the success of their software business, both Scott and Chris wanted this retreat to be their "fortress of solitude" with the rustic feel of a 19th-century lodge but the efficiencies and conveniences of a 21st-century personal resort. There were four bedrooms, three baths, a large kitchen/dining area, plus the large living room that looked out over the lake, and a hot tub on the deck.

Scott and Chris were both in their early 40's, fit and trim from a healthy lifestyle despite their hectic work schedules. Chris was an avid runner, doing multiple 10K's each year, and at least some combination of a half and full marathon. Scott ran occasionally but was more into fairly intense workouts at a local 24-hour gym. He'd hit the gym almost every morning before 3 a.m. and wouldn't be back home until shortly before 6. The teens and their friends were equally fit -- each was involved in some athletics activities at the state university.

They reached the cabin just before the storm hit, expected but not in its intensity. It was pretty obvious within an hour of their arrival that a blizzard had settled in the area. It was a good thing they'd stock plenty of provisions -- being "stranded" for the weekend was going to be easily tolerated -- probably even enjoyed.

But then the unexpected. In the early fall, they had a new heating system installed, state of the art, with electronic monitoring of temperatures for different "zones" of the cabin. When Scott turned the new heating system on, he heard an unexpected sequence of "clicks." But when the heat started quickly flooding the cabin with the welcome heat, he dismissed it as something part of the new system. Within a few minutes, however, the temperature in every room of the cabin was pushing into the 80's -- when Scott tried to adjust the system, nothing worked. Within another hour, the cabin was hitting the 90's. There were a few windows that could be opened, but whenever that was tried, it felt like the system just adjusted to keep the temperature high. A phone call to the heating company brought the bad news that there was no hope of a solution until the weekend and the storm were over -- and included the advice not to try shutting the system down, and it was guaranteed it could not be restarted.

The first couple hours passed with minimal discomfort. They prepared dinner and enjoyed a nice meal. Given the isolated plans for the weekend, the teens were allowed to drink beer or wine. Chris had even talked with Mike and Michelle's parents to make sure this was OK with them. Sitting around the table after dinner, it was obvious the heat was becoming more uncomfortable even though it appeared to be holding at around 95 degrees. Kevin was a bit of a joker but he didn't realize the path he was forging with his wisecrack: "Maybe we should play strip poker -- in this case, everybody might want to lose!"

Scott and Chris had raised their twins in a pretty open environment. Each believed that his or her son and daughter seeing them naked in normal situations was more healthy than harmful. Scott was, even more, a "sometimes nudist" openly skinny-dipping in the family's enclosed pool. Kevin and Karen were incredibly close growing up, rarely fighting, and equally open with each other. There had never been any sexual play between the two, but neither were they unaware of each other's development. Privacy was generally accepted, but there was also some teasing.

Kevin and Karen saw each other naked regularly -- neither made a big deal of seeing another heading in or out of the shower. Kevin was starting to copy his father with some frequent nude swimming in the pool. At the cabin, the whole family might be naked in the hot tub. And, of course, Karen knew that Kevin masturbated, catching him in the shower in his early teens -- plus the parental talk about sex made it clear that masturbation was normal and not something to be embarrassed about. Compared to some of their friends, it was interesting for the twins to be openly told that each of their parents regularly masturbated.

Kevin and Mike, as college roommates, were perfectly comfortable seeing each other naked and of course knew that the other jerked off regularly. Kevin had actually brought the subject up during their first week as roommates, thanks to his father's openness about the topic. There were times they were both jerking off in their beds at the same time, and each had walked in on the other naked in front of his or her laptops.

Karen and Michelle, friends since childhood, had also seen each other nude a lot, exchanging clothes, sharing their own secrets on masturbating as they went through puberty together.

One of the problems they were all now facing was that they were dressed and packed for cold weather. There were sweats and jeans, no shorts. Chris was a pretty cool mom and had that openness, but it was still a little surprising when she said that "Kevin's idea is great; let's play strip poker," followed by the immediate removal of the sweater she was wearing with a "here's my ante for the first hand." The removal of her sweater revealed a sports bra showing her medium size breasts still firm from her level of physical fitness. Michelle and Karen "ante'd" their sweaters revealing the shirts they were wearing underneath. All three of them men removed their tops to reveal t-shirts.

After the first few hands, everyone was still "modestly" dressed because the losses to this point were shoes, socks, shirts, belts, and jewelry. When Kevin then he was going "all in" on the next hand, Scott stopped the game because it was obvious Kevin planned on stripping completely naked. It wasn't that he objected to the likely nudity, in fact, he was little upset that Kevin had beat him to the "all in" comment. He also knew that Kevin and Karen were going to be mostly comfortable with each other's nudity and with his and Chris's -- and he was pretty sure that Kevin and Mike were pretty open as roommates -- but there was still some new dynamics here if all six them were going to end up naked -- even though it was going to be significantly more comfortable in the overheated cabin.

With just a brief discussion, everybody stated they were definitely OK with continuing the game. And it didn't take long -- because of some pretty aggressive betting -- for all of them to be nude. As Kevin had originally predicted, the heat made this a game they "wanted to lose." The fact that they were sitting around the dining table made the nudity a little less "obvious" than it was as they moved to the living room and sat looking out at the heavy snow falling over the beautiful lake.

There was no conversation about what to do about the heat or the storm -- there's was nothing that could be done. When they'd all settled into chairs or on the couch in the living room, it was obvious that Kevin and Michael were aroused. In fact, when they first entered the room, they were both very hard. While Scott was not completely hard, he was certainly noticeably aroused too. It turns out the Chris is not only open about sex but diplomatic at well. As everybody sat down, she clearly looked over at three aroused guys and said: "Thanks, guys, there's nothing more natural or complimentary than you guys getting erect with three naked women. And if you haven't noticed we think it's pretty nice seeing you three naked." This was becoming obvious as even in the overheated room, the women's nipples were showing their arousal as well.

This was not about to be a porn shooting, but there were six attractive, fit adults. Scott was well muscled because of his workouts, but he was a fit 5'11" and about 180#. His cock was average, and Chris mentioned that he had recently started trimming his pubic hair. Kevin was a little taller than his father and somewhat slimmer, maybe only 165# or so. His cock was bigger than his father's but not by a lot, and it was obvious that he not only trimmed his pubic hair but that his balls were clean shaven. Mike was a rock solid 5'11", probably about 165#, his cock was only average in length but it was noticeably thicker than Kevin's, and his groin area was completely natural. All three of the women had small to medium breasts, and all had almost completely trimmed their pubic hair. Michelle was the only one who was completed shaved. And truth be told, it would be hard to find six finer examples of attractive, tight bottoms.

Mike and Kevin were a little quiet, and while comfortable being naked, they were probably not trying to draw much attention to the fact they were both remaining at least partially aroused. But Kevin finally jumped in with "Hey mom, you joked several times over the years about you and Dad going to a nudist camp -- but kept saying the story had to wait 'until you're older.' Well, we're older -- and naked right now -- so there's probably not much you can't tell us."

Chris didn't hesitate at all. "This would definitely be a good time for that story. It was the first year we were married, and of course, it was your father's idea. He was always a bit of nudist and most of the time it had very little to do with sex. He just enjoyed the freedom of being nude around the apartment at the time and started convincing me to be nude too. So, one day we get home from the office, and he's got the brochure he received in the mail from a nudist resort. He wanted to spend a long weekend there. I was OK with the nudity around the house but wasn't eager to start being nude with dozens of other people at a camp. But we looked through the brochure and your dad ensured me that if I wasn't comfortable we could either cut the weekend short or he support my remaining clothed. So we spent a three day weekend in the nude. Honestly, it was great. There were a lot of people our age; there were lots of families with children of all ages, and many older folks. I'd never seen so many different dicks in my life. There were guys walking around with erections, guys laying around the pool with barely noticeable dicks. One of the first things I realized was how normal it is for men to be so different and in so many stages of arousal or non-arousal. It was part of the reason why we decided to be so open raising you two without worrying if you saw us naked -- or if you saw each other naked. While most of the nudity was just so "normal," it was also an incredibly "romantic" weekend in our cabin. We actually thought about going back a couple times, even taking Kevin and Karen, but we just never did. Despite this heat, maybe this will end up being your nudist camp experience."

"What else though mom?" Karen asked, "There must be more." "Not really, it ended up being so "normal" that I never thought much about the story. One other thing that I think changed about our relationship though was that we both realized that it's perfectly OK to enjoy other people's naked bodies. There were a lot of very attractive men with a lot of nice looking butts and 'uh, cocks. There were a lot of women with boobs much bigger than mine and asses that your dad loved. You lounged around the pool or the game areas people -- and body -- watching. Doesn't mean you're unfaithful -- doesn't mean anyone should get jealous. Like I said earlier when we first stripped, the "nudist" response to somebody looking directly at their boobs, or pussy, or an erect cock, is "thank you." It's a compliment. You kids should try out a nudist camp or a nude beach if you get the chance -- it's fun!"

The trip and the heat left them all pretty tired, although it was definitely going to be difficult sleeping in the heat. But Scott and Chris adjourned to their room, showered to hopefully cool off a little and tried to sleep. Kevin and Mike went to their room, and before showering, both admitted a pretty strong need to address the fact that despite the heat, they were both pretty horny after a few hours of enjoying the nude bodies of the three women. While in the dorm, they'd caught each other jerking off and heard each other jerking off at night, in the morning, in the shower, they'd never completely jerked off openly at the same time. But tonight, they entered the room together with hard on's returning in anticipating of getting off and with a quick mutual "it's OK," they jerked off. Then each took a quick shower, and they laid on top of their beds, naked of course, in hopes of getting at least a little sleep.

Karen and Michelle "girl-talked" for about an hour, talking a little about Karen's parents trip to the nudist colony and mostly about Mike and Kevin's cocks. Michelle clearly let Karen know she was masturbating when she took her shower. Karen resisted, not knowing why but even after years of being Michelle's best friend, had learned a lot about her over the course of the evening.

Nobody slept well -- but at least everyone got some sleep. By 8 a.m. everyone had wandered downstairs to find the storm still raging, furnace still blasting hot air and keeping the whole place at 90 plus. Michelle and Karen and come downstairs wearing "teddies" but when they saw Mike and Kevin naked, they immediately removed them. Just like Friday night, Saturday's breakfast was going to be prepared in the now "nudist kitchen." With all the openness of last night and the discussions, there was even more casual contact. It was difficult to prepare some things without somebody's cock brushing against somebody's butt. Chris was hugging and apologizing for the predicament they were all in but that just meant more contact with tits, cocks, and bottoms. After one casual contact between Karen and Kevin, Karen planted a very friendly spanking to Kevin's bottom -- with a comment that she always did want to "spank that butt."

Saturday was supposed to be a day involving some beautiful outdoor hiking, cross-country skiing, or even skating on the frozen lake if it wasn't buried in snow and by the continuing blizzard. As it was it was unlikely they'd even get outside to play in the snow. It would be another indoor day. Fortunately, they had some movies on DVD because the satellite TV was now out from the storm. They did have an internet connection that was hard wired to the cabin so it was working and they could keep up with the storm. So, after breakfast, they quickly agreed on a movie and killed the morning with a couple of different films. Chris and Karen prepared a large salad toward the end of the second movie (they had both seen multiple times).

By Saturday night the storm was finally ending and news reports suggested the roads would start clearing by mid-morning. Although physical activity was limited, the heat and lack of activity left everyone tired. They played some board games in the afternoon and continued with some movies. There was an interesting conversation about nudity during dinner and afterward. Mike started it by relating that he noticed his relationship with Kevin in the dorm was very different from anything he'd experienced and very different from most of what he'd heard from other guys in the dorms. Prompted to explain, Mike wondered if the openness and acceptance they had, particularly the nudity, actually improved communication. Mike thought that Kevin was one of the most honest and open people he'd ever met. Kevin immediately supported this suggesting that the acceptance of nudity at home made it easier to be open and honest. Chris suggested to all that there was some reality to the term "naked truth." Karen recalled a TV movie where one of the characters forced her sisters to join her naked in a hot tub, saying "when you're naked there's no pretense, just honesty."

When they awoke on Sunday morning, the storm had ended sometime during the night. They could actually hear the sound of plows in the distance. After breakfast they turned off the over effective heating system, knowing it would be fixed before needing to turn it on again. The place slowly cooled down so that everyone got dressed. Mid-morning they all went outside to enjoy the snow a little bit but also start clearing the pathways to their car and out to the road so they could head home as soon as the plows cleared the roads.

It was not the weekend anyone expected but the nudity forced by the runaway heating system created some unexpected enjoyment -- everyone was joking as they climbed into the car to head home that it would fun to drive home naked so everyone could continue to enjoy the visual pleasures of naked bodies. But more importantly, everyone knew that their relationships had changed -- had gotten better -- because of the experience. There was talk about planning an upcoming holiday party back home -- a party that would be "in the nude."

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Another chapter / story?

Is there going to be another chapter / story to follow 9n from this, perhaps about the upcoming holiday party “in the nude” mentioned

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