tagNon-EroticNumchucks: The Legend Ch. 16

Numchucks: The Legend Ch. 16

byMy Erotic Tail©

Chapter 16 (Baby Boo)

Lake O' the Pines~

Sandra got a Transfer to Jefferson Texas, about twenty miles north of Marshall. The drive was shorter but it gave us a focus point as to where to move. Now finding a place you like isn't easy. The constant searching and talking with Realtors. The classifieds and sales papers. Till we finally found a double lot in a subdivision on Lake O' the Pines. Called, "The Pines."

But moving a trailer and the tearing down of the porches and water lines and getting the electric hooked up. Digging new water lines and skirting the trailer along with putting up a fence for the dogs. It took awhile before we looked settled. Rebuilding the covered porch and leveling the trailer. Building a driveway across the ditch along the road. It was summer time so Phillip was out of school for the summer which meant we had plenty to do.

Finally we got to where Phillip and I could explore our new surroundings. And exploration was not all by choice, the subdivision was anything but predictable at first. We were trying to find the shortest route to the lake the first day and wound up lost. But eventually found the right roads to take and ended up being about a ten minute walk through the subdivision to the lake.

Our new neighbor turned out to be an acquaintance of Phillips from when he took Tang Soo Do (Korean Martial Arts) in Marshall Texas. Arron was seventeen and Phillip was sixteen. So we all made daily trips to the lake fishing. Arron had been up at the lake for years and never went fishing. I intended to change that.

Arron's dog was a golden retriever, "Foreman." A very effectionate and gentle canine that got along with our dogs as well as the twenty or thirty cats and kittens they had. Shinkers was the barker, everytime he saw one of the cats next door he would bark, which was always. But us and the dogs got accustom to our new place with our old home quite nicely.

After we had been there awhile, came a chilling awakening. The knock on the door was frantic. Pounding loudly and vigorously. I went to answer it. Opening the front door I see Arron standing there out of breath, panting. "Somebody shot Foreman. I gotta go, my moms waiting to take me to church." He said with excitement. "Please check on him."

"Okay," I replied. Uncertain as to what he meant as he darted off and hopped in his mothers car and they left. I went around back and towards their house when I saw Foreman curled up next to their Air Conditioning unit. "Hey Foreman," I said as I approached him. His tail wagged slightly then quit. I didn't see anything wrong with him at first but as soon as I knelt down next to him and tried to roll him over is when I saw he was laying in a pool of blood.

I ran back to the house and called Sandra who was busy at work with no way to bring the car to me. (Still a one car family at this time) I called the vet in town to see if they had an animal ambulance or a solution. Of course the first question was where was he shot at?

"I'm not sure. In the subdivision I guess." I answered.

"That's not what I meant." The lady replied nicely with a snicker. "Where on his body is he shot?" She re-asked.

"Oh...I'm not sure exactly. Let me go see and I'll get back with you." They didn't offer an ambulance service at all so I was going to have to find someone to help me transport this big dog to the vet. I returned to Arron's and tried to move Foreman gently to get a better look.

As he raised up and tried to walk is when I saw his front leg dangling. Held on by a small piece of skin. The bone and muscle had been severed by the bullet. It appeared that the shooter was aiming for the chest area. Only thankfully he missed, but Foreman's front leg was just hanging so I got him to lay back down away from the pool of blood he was in and fix him as comfortable as I could.

To my surprise Sandra came driving up into the yard. She had taken off on an emergency at her job which was rarely permitted. I was relieved to see her. Opened up the back of the car and tried to coax Foreman in at first but soon realized he wasn't going to get up. He had lost to much blood and wasn't doing to well. So I picked him up as carefully as possible and put him in the car. Riding in the back with him while Sandra jetted to the Veterinarians.

Foreman didn't whine whimper or anything which I believe he was in shock with blood loss and pain. The Vet agreed to wait for us which was wonderful. Sandra came as fast as she could and we got this neighbors dog to the doctor. I was so baffled how anyone could run off to anywhere while they're dog was shot and bled to death but I was thankful we got him to the animal hospital.

I agreed to pay for the surgery of removal of his leg if the owners couldn't or wouldn't. The Veterinarian led me into the back operating room and I laid Foreman down on the table. The doctor began immediately to operate. There was nothing more we could do. We left him and went home. They would be keeping him for a couple days any how to watch his recovery.

Arron payed for the surgery, Foreman came home and healed quickly. He was from then on known as the three legged dog in the neighborhood. When ever foreman saw me he would come hobbling up with a smile and wagging his tail. We all made a new friend with foreman with a bond that stirred the emotions.

Our dogs had a fence made of chicken wire that after Numchucks had pulled it out and buried under it. Then Shiners and Georgie girl would follow and all three would roam off together. So I concerted around the bottom of the fence. It was a lot of work with Sandra and Phillips help we made a project out of building a fence that the dogs (Numchucks) couldn't destroy or escape from.

But Houdini (Numchucks) kept finding ways to make his daily pilgrimage into the woods of east Texas. I even chained him to a tree in the yard that was fenced and I knew by Time I come home he'd be coming back from his daily outing. New fasteners and bigger swivels with choke chain only slowed him down a few days. He would twist and turn back and forth forever till he wore the metal out enough to break it. Or figure out something to hook his collar to that aids him in his collar removal. (Tell me this dog wasn't smart?)

But the fear only worsened when Shinkers didn't come back from the trios outting (escape) one day. It was only a couple days of searching before Sandra put an ad in the news paper with a reward for a lost dog, "Shinkers."

Shinkers was never found. Speculation is he was shot. Even though we were farther out in the country, we were in a housing area that we found out's nickname was, "Outlaw Ridge." The search never ended for Shinkers for months. Somedays a simple reminder would spark a drive through the subdivision to see if perhaps he was fenced up and visible. Hope's inspire new areas to look all the time. Or someone would call and say they saw a dog like Shinkers and we would drop everything and go looking.

It's sad to loose an animal (pet) and of course the not knowing what happen only adds to the sadness. But eventually it sank in, Shinkers was gone. His circus tricks and loving disposition will always be remembered by Sandra, Phillip and Myself, Numchucks and Georgie girl and Boots.

Boots was Sandra's new dog. We acquired him back at Martin trailer park in Marshall prior to moving to the pines. A full blood Chihuahua, black with white markings and four white feet, hence, "Boots."

Boots took a shine to Shinkers. Boots was the security alarm that went off all the time. Simple words would set this little ankle biter to barking. Like, "Shinkers" and Boots would go crazy barking towards the door as if Shinkers was going to bust through with his curly tail wagging. Sandra would say, "Get Dau...ddy." (Meaning me) and Boots would lunge at me viscously. Of course what was a game turned out to be Sandra's own personal bodyguard. Only a bit small but mean as a wolverine. But lovable as furry bunny.

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