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I didn't think a lot about it when the fitness club called up and asked me if I could reschedule my appointment with Albert, my personal trainer. Apparently he had a situation arise and had to leave town. They told me Sean would be my trainer so I figured, "No big deal," and let them put me on hold to check their schedules.

Scheduling was my one big complaint about the personal training, while I wanted to work out during the off hours when there was hardly anyone around, Albert and the other trainers only seemed to have time during the most crowded times. It always seemed a bit embarrassing following some buff young kid around as I wheezed and groaned my way through each apparatus, especially when the place was so crowed.

Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised when the voice came back on the phone asking, "Will six a.m. Saturday morning be workable?"

"Of course, that would be great," I replied. Yeah I was a morning person, an early morning person and I figured I'd have most of the gym to myself that Saturday morning. So, when Friday evening rolled around, I set my alarm for five-thirty and hit the bed early. I figured I could meet Sean, follow the workout plan he set for me and then stop off at the Pancake House for an early morning omelet.

I woke up before the alarm went off and was dressed and ready to head for the gym in just a few minutes. The sun had not yet peeked over the horizon as I backed my car out of the driveway so I drove slowly. Even though I took my time I found myself walking into the gym a good ten minutes early. It was nice walking across the empty parking lot and, once inside, seeing all the equipment empty.

Stepping up to the desk I noticed an attractive woman behind the counter. She was older than all the other workers I had seen working there. Most of the trainers and attendants were in their early twenties, but this woman had to be near forty. I had to admit though, she was an incredible looking forty year old, with firm looking breasts and a tight, muscular body. Her curly, dark hair cascaded down onto her shoulders framing her face and beautiful smile.

Anyway, pulling my attention from her, I slowly entered my phone number and put my finger into the scanner. As the scanner flashed "Welcome" the woman behind the desk said, "Ah, Mr. Towsen are you ready for your workout?"

"Sure, I was supposed to meet Sean here, could you page him for me?"

"I don't need to page Sean, I'm Sean Mr. Towsen."

"You're Sean, I just assumed you'd be... ah..."

"A man?"

I nodded.

"Do you mind working out with a woman?"

"No, no of course it will be fine, I just assumed Sean was male."

"Well, you know what they say about making assumptions," she said smiling. "Now let's get started."

"Let's go," I replied, walking over to one of the treadmills.

"Hey, hey, where you going Mr. Towsen?"

"Call me Jim, if you would. I figured you'd have me start out here to warm up."

"No Mr. Tow... ah Jim, I do things a bit different," she said. She grabbed the towel I had slung over my shoulders and pulled me past the treadmills, ellipticals and stationary bikes up to the gutbuster. This was where I normally ended my workouts but I figured it really didn't matter where I started.

"Have you tried the gutbuster before?" she asked

"Yes, I normally finish up here."

"Well, I like to start here, before we get all hot and sweaty. Go ahead and climb on and I'll set the weight."

I climbed into the seat, leaned back and eased my arms up and over the pads, grabbing the handles. When she nodded I began leaning my body forward. I immediately felt the pull on my stomach and moaned out, "I think that's a bit too much for me."

"Too much, too much? Oh no, we are just getting started. Now come on, that's one, now another."

I was straining, moving slowly as my stomach tightened. I tried to shorten my motion, kind of half sitting up but Sean immediately saw I was dogging it and reached her hand in and grabbed my waist. Holding her face just inches from mine, she smiled and said, "I know you're dogging it. Know what happens when one of my clients dog it?"

Before I could answer she growled, "This," as she hooked her fingers over my waistband and pulled my shorts and underwear down over my knees to my ankles. Before I knew what she was doing, she had worked them off over my shoes and tossed them to the floor.

Well, feeling the cool breeze over me and seeing her looking down at me I responded like any healthy guy would. In no time my cock was standing at attention ready for whatever she had in mind.

"Hmmm, well we know you won't be needing any Viagra this morning," she leaned forward and moved her hand down to my crotch.

I leaned back onto the backrest expecting to feel her hands take hold of my cock when suddenly, she grabbed my balls and squeezed. The pain shot from my groin up into my stomach as I doubled over, lifting the weights as I did. Her grip eased and I fell back onto the backrest.

"There we go, that was the first one you did right, now how about another?" She grinned as the pain shot back into my stomach and I lurched forward. "Yes, very nice," she said, relaxing her grip.

Not wanting her to squeeze again I immediately fell back and then lurched forward. After two more repetitions she smiled, leaned forward, smiled and slipped her mouth over my cock, which had softened a bit at the pain in my balls. Figuring she would continue sliding her mouth up and down my cock, I leaned back to relax.

Suddenly, the pain shot through me again as she squeezed. Sliding her mouth off of me, she said, "Who told you to stop?"

I quickly lurched forward and continued my exercise. She lowered her head and then began sucking on my cock once again. Continuing my workout, I found a way to move forward and buck up my hips, shoving my cock deeper into her mouth. She responded each time with a long, hard suck on the head of my erection.

We continued until I felt the pleasure increasing as I got closer and closer to coming. I arched my back to push my cock further into her, but in doing so I lost the rhythm of my exercise and she squeezed my balls unmercifully. The pain jolted me back to my workout and although my stomach muscles now ached, it was nothing compared to the feel of her squeezing my balls. It was also nothing compared to the wonderful feel of her mouth moving over and sucking my cock.

I continued the workout getting to the point to just about coming only to feel the intense pain in my balls as I lost the rhythm and stopped working my abs. By this time my body was beginning to shake from the fatigue and also from simply being turned on for so long. Feeling the incredible sensation of her running up and down my cock, I focused on my body, controlling the motion of my chest and stomach while enjoying the feeling of her between my legs.

Yes, I could feel it now, my cock, the pleasure building. I fought the urge to simply arch my back, instead, I leaned my chest forward as she ran her tongue around my cock. The feeling, yes, I lurched my chest forward and then lifted my hips. Just as I was about to come she pulled her head away and moved both hands to my shaft, stroking it wildly.

I immediately came, spurting white, wet gobs of cum into her curly dark hair. As I collapsed back onto the gutbuster, she lovingly squeezed my balls lightly and said, "Nice workout." She then handed me my underwear and shorts, grabbed my towel and dabbed up the cum in her hair. With another quick smile she tossed me the towel and walked back to the check in counter.

As I was pulling on my shorts I heard her saying, "Ah, Mr. Jackson are you ready for your workout?"

After a few minutes I was able to stand up and start hobbling toward the door. As I limped past Sean and her client, she smiled and asked, "Mr. Towsen, same time next week?"

Gasping for breath I nodded and then limped through the door and out to my car.

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