tagErotic HorrorObsession Ch. 06

Obsession Ch. 06


In order to better understand and properly follow this script you should probably re-read the very last few paragraphs of Chapter 5.

Enjoy! There is a totally new twist to the saga.


Chapter 6

I could always find my way there, even in total darkness and I knew exactly where to park, which was always at the far end of the underground parking lot, right beside the heavy metal door that never seemed to be locked.

I always dressed for the occasion in a simple white dress that buttoned up from well above the knees to the cleavage line and as always I wore no panties or bra.

Yes, I knew the routine well, it was 2 o'clock in the morning and the rest of the world was sleeping I thought as my flat shoes made a clapping noise on the ceramic tiled floor.

As I walked down the long dimly lit corridor the pungent smell of Formaldehyde used in the embalming process was already starting to pierce my nostrils as I drew closer and closer to the white door, which led into a sterile white room with one wall full of cooler drawers.

The door eerily creaked as I tugged it open and stepped inside then I felt a draught of cool air as it closed behind me, making me instantly feel like I was trapped. I flipped on the light switches and the overhead spotlights startled my eyes for a few moments.

I was here again so I calmed myself and opened the top two buttons on my dress, which allowed my breasts to breathe in the cool night air and firm up my nipples.

There was the adjustable table, the slab, sitting in the centre of the room with a white sheet covering the subject that appeared to be in full rigor mortis.

I moved closer until I came in contact with the smooth cool surface of the edge of the table.

I unbuttoned the rest of my dress and let it fall away, leaving me stood naked and pressing myself against the cold table. It felt good, almost like pressing a large ice cube against my clit. My nipples were rock solid and as I briefly knelt on the floor I rubbed them against the edge of the cold metal table.

My mouth was watering as I looked closely at the sheet covering the subject then slowly and still on my knees I skirted the entire table as I searched for an ideal entry point to push my hand.

I knew where I wanted my hand, I could see the huge tent that had formed under the white sheet but I always followed this cat and mouse game to make the anticipation last.

I could feel my pussy getting wetter as I stood and cupped my firm breasts, thinking that it would be wonderful if the subject could hold them.

Slowly, my hand glided under the sheet towards the tent in the sheet.

Once I contacted the thigh I raised my hand slightly and just a split second later I had grasped this thick hard penis with a very large bulbous head. Shivers shot down my spine and I pressed myself hard against the table as a muffled sigh of joy came from my lips. Tears formed in my eyes as I realized that this was going to be a night to remember.

I thrust my other hand under the sheet and grasped this wonderful piece of manhood with both hands as I rocked and pushed my pubic area against the stainless steel bump in the table. Oh my god I was already so close to orgasm as I stroked this incredible hard member under the sheets.

Moments later my legs started to buckle but I hung on with both hands to this huge thick penis as I slid to the floor on my knees when the wave of pleasure roared through my body. Tears of joy streamed down my face as I rubbed my wet eyes on the sheet, which lay over the edge of the table.

Slowly I regained my composure and stood with one hand still firmly gripping the large bulbous head. I knew what would come next; I would just have to see this remarkable specimen. Slowly I peeled the sheet back until it came into view and my eyes widened in shock as I saw the large bulbous head.

My mouth was watering, my pussy was dripping down my inner thighs as I held on to it with one hand and placed the other over my firm nipples. I loosened my grip on the head and let my hand slide down the shaft to the base and then I just stared as I let my imagination run wild.

Yes, I wanted it. I wanted it badly. I wanted to feel that huge bulbous head opening up my vagina and squeezing itself tightly inside my wet crevice. I knew that it would be the mother of all orgasms if I could work up the courage.

Unconsciously I was gently stroking it, stroking it, stroking it and gritting my teeth as I rubbed and pulled on my hard nipples.

My mind was in turmoil, how could I use just a portion of this body, shouldn't I worship the whole? Should I remove the entire sheet?

The slippery moisture on my fingers brought me out of my stupor and my eyes shot an immediate glance at the huge bulbous head that was leaking. My mouth opened wide as a little more slippery cum appeared and my other hand shot down to my wet juicy pussy.

Oh my god, he's going to cum!

The shock of it all made both my hands stop dead in their tracks. I took a deep breath and widened my stance as I brought both my hands down to my soaking wet pussy. My god, I was flowing like a river with juices running down beyond my knees.

Thoughts were RACING through my BRAIN:

This is an opportunity in a lifetime; YOU want it, GO get it. Its yours for the taking, climb over him, FUCK him and CUM like never before. Squeeze that big FAT COCK inside you. Just DO IT. DO IT NOW.

I eased the entire sheet off his body and threw it to the side as I walked around him. He must have been tall I noted as I viewed the length of his body. His slightly parted graying hair made him look distinguished as his blue eyes stared upwards. I ran my hand loosely over his forehead in an effort to close his eyes.

He had very little fat but his chest was large and his nipples were fairly prominent. I touched them gently and felt my own at the same time.

The nametag on his toe said that his name was Jack W.

So out loud I asked:

"Would you like me to fuck you Jack? Will you cum for me, will you give me the Mother of All Orgasms?"

Jack didn't answer of course so I slowly shook my head and as I climbed over him I said:

"That's okay Jack, I know you would want to anyway."

I knelt over him and lifted his arms and then positioned his hands to be able to hold my breasts whenever I leaned forward. Then I lifted myself up and let my wet pussy hover over the large bulbous head of his thick hard cock. Whenever I'm truly excited my mouth salivates and I was truly excited I know because I was dripping from my mouth onto the nipples on his large chest.

Ever so slowly I lowered myself as I guided his manhood between my wet pussy lips and quickly flicked it rapidly over my clit. The feeling was explosive and I gasped loudly many times before I orgasmed.

Tears of sheer pleasure were streaming down my face as I slowly squeezed his large bulbous head inside me and then I started to move up and down, just using the length of that huge head. Every nerve in the entrance to my vagina felt like they were electrified, the sensations were incredibly intense.

I had to slow down as the waves were coming over me faster and faster, when I looked down my juices were simply pouring down the shaft of his thick cock.

I briefly regained my composure and position then moved on him again but this time sliding all of him inside me until I felt he would no longer slip out when I moved the full length of his shaft.

I moved much faster with nice long up and down strokes and immediately I felt the eruption rapidly rising inside me and thought that I would pass out any minute.

My vision became blurred, I wanted to scream, I could barely breathe, sweat was pouring off my brow, I knew this was the one, The Mother of all Orgasms.

"Oh Jack, this is it, the BIG one." I murmured as I looked down and watched his huge cock sliding in and out.

I squeezed tightly and stayed almost still as the skyrockets flared in my mind and my breathing became stable again.

Suddenly it was like a tap had been turned on as white fluid pumped out every time I moved up and down. The faster I went the more leaked out and I was sighing, crying and moaning all at the same time. But the fluid was still cummin.

Quickly I lifted up and withdrew his wet thick cock and looked down as cum was spewing in powerful spasmodic spurts from his fat bulbous head.

I was beside myself, the visual stimulation was driving me insane as I turned his thick penis towards me then pumped it with both my hands as I let it spew onto my body in short bursts.

My orgasmic screams could probably be heard a mile away as I continued to cum and cum and cum and cum while also shuffling to bring my face closer and closer to his large bulbous head which was the point of eruption.

My mouth was wide open as I turned his penis slightly and a strong spurt shot into my mouth. I closed my mouth and drank, as I became intoxicated with pure lust.

I was becoming covered in his fluids and pools of his white slimy fluid had formed on his belly; it was running off the table onto the floor. But when I looked at his big bulbous head it seemed to have almost stopped.

"Oh my god, Jack, what on earth have I done?" I said as I looked at his face. His eyes were wide open and his mouth was slowly opening.

Unconsciously I was still pumping his thick penis like a madwoman and it was throbbing, swelling and pulsating in my hands like never before.

Suddenly thick globs erupted out of the end and burst upwards striking my breasts, neck and even landing on my hair and cheeks.

My state of ecstasy quickly turned to horror as several bloodcurdling screams came from his lips and reverberated around the room.

I jumped off him and looked down at my breasts, which were covered, in the grossest dark green colored crap that I have ever seen.

Even without my hands on his thick cock it was still bubbling and spurting out of his fat bulbous head.

I was horrified and frozen in time as I slowly slid to my knees before I passed out.


I awoke with a huge start, I was shaking violently and my body was soaked in sweat, the mattress underneath me was soggy.

"Oh my GOD, what a goddamn NIGHTMARE that was." I said to myself as I quickly climbed out of bed and grabbed the thermometer that I had picked up last night from the Pharmacy near the Hotel.

Thank goodness it seemed like my fever had broke, I didn't know if it was something I ate but it came over me quickly just after the Judge had left my hotel room.

Moments later I called Henry at the Morgue.

"Hello, Henry here."

"Henry sweetheart, listen I just had the worst nightmare that you could imagine. I'm afraid that I just can't see you anymore after hours at the morgue, we'll have to find a nice hotel like this one that I'm staying in right now, okay."

"Sure babe, whatever you want. What time are you due back in court?"

"I have to be there at 10 o'clock. Bye for now, Henry."

Henry was a great guy and I loved the way that he shot his load on me several times during a session whenever we got together. But our meeting place was the pits as we had almost always met during the early hours of the morning when he was on nightshift.


To be continued

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