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Oh Pretty Baby


As I approach late middle age with not a little foreboding, it helps me come to terms with my encroaching years to dwell on a few pleasant memories, and few of my memories are more pleasant then those of a decade or so ago and a young lady called Nicky.

I had been widowed for a few years by then, and the initial grief had subsided. My children were grown and gone, apart from a few times when they visited for various periods, and I had downsized, selling the big family house, buying something smaller and cosier, and considerably cheaper, and investing the extra cash to give me a small second income which allowed me to work fewer hours and enjoy more leisure time. I had the odd dinner date with a lady or two, but basically I was quite happy and settled on my own.

The small house next door to me was owned by an absentee landlord, and tenants came and went, but after I had been living there for about a year a young woman in her early twenties rented it. This was Nicky.

Her career had brought her to the area, and she knew nobody locally apart from her workmates. We chatted a few times over the garden fence, and invited each other round for coffee once or twice. Despite the age difference, we got on quite well and enjoyed each others company.

Now before I go any further, I would like to dispel any notion that I am one of these sleazy old guys who struts about with a much younger woman on his arm to demonstrate his wealth and status. To my mind, these guys are kind of sad, trying to regain a long lost youth by proxy, and the girls are little better than hookers anyway. Please don't anyone tell me that they are attracted to these wrinkly old perverts because of their looks or personality. No. This is pure sugar daddy syndrome, and if these guys didn't have a damned sight more in their wallets than they have in their shorts those girls would be off like a shot.

Plus, what happened wasn't my idea anyhow, I just went along with it. What guy wouldn't?

One evening, Nicky arrived on my doorstep with a clipboard.

"I'm doing a survey, part of the work for a course I'm on," she explained "and I wonder if you'd mind answering a few questions, John?"

Of course, I said yes, invited her in and brewed some coffee for us both, then we settled down and she began to ask me questions, making notes on her clipboard as I answered her.

The questions seemed a bit odd to me, and mostly personal, but she assured me that it would all be in confidence, so I answered candidly. She asked about my kids, how intelligent they were. Well as both had gained university degrees that was easy to answer. She asked to see photos of them, which puzzled me a bit, but I drew her attention to the graduation pictures I kept on a side table, and she seemed pleased with what she saw there.

Some of the questions then got very personal. Like, how often would a man my age want sexual intercourse? Did I have any fetishes or deviant sexual leanings? Did I think that sex outside marriage was wrong or sinful? Did I smoke or drink heavily? Did I currently have a regular sexual partner?

She made notes of everything, thanked me profusely for being so open, and took her leave. I quickly forgot about the episode, until a few days later she arrived on my doorstep again, with a serious expression on her face, and asked if I had time for a talk with her, as she had something she wanted to discuss.

Again, I invited her in and brewed coffee for us both, then we sat down, face to face in my easy chairs, and she fidgeted for a minute or so, then started to talk.

"John, can I have your word that what I say to you here never goes beyond these four walls?" she asked.

"Of course, Nicky, I'd never betray a trust." I answered.

"OK. Thank you John, I totally believe that. Well, the truth is, I've been doing a lot of thinking lately, about my life, my future, what I really want to do and where I want to go."

She took a sip of her coffee, seemed to steel herself, then began again.

"The truth is John, I realised some time ago that I'm not the marrying kind. Now don't get me wrong, I like men, I've dated plenty and slept with a couple, but I like my independence, my freedom to be me, not someone's wife, so I don't intend to settle down with anyone, at least not until I'm much older and maybe don't want to be lonely."

I shrugged, "I understand that Nicky," I said "I was happily married, until my wife became ill and died, so I think marriage is great, but everyone to their own. It's your choice."

"Exactly," she answered "however, although I don't want a husband, I do want a baby."

I put my coffee mug down, and looked at her quizzically.

"So what exactly are you saying Nicky?" I asked.

"I've decided that I want to have a baby, soon, while I'm still young and fit."

"Fine," I answered "but won't you need someone to father it? Do you have a boyfriend?"

"Well actually, John, you remember all those questions I asked you a few days ago? Well it wasn't for a survey, I just wanted to know a lot of stuff about you, and now that I do, I'd like to ask you a favour. Would you please be my baby's father?"

I almost choked. When I could finally get words out, I began "Whoa...now hold on Nicky..."

"She held up her hand to shush me "Please, John, Let me finish. I simply want you to get me pregnant. I know you've had your own kids and I don't expect you to get involved at all with mine. I won't ask for your time or your money."

"So basically, Nicky, you just want a sperm donor?"

"Yes, exactly John."

"Then why not just go to a sperm bank and buy some from a nice anonymous donor?"

"Because my child deserves better. They deserve that I met and knew the father and that I knew enough about him to see that he was a good, honest, intelligent man with no health issues or genetic problems. That's why I asked those questions."

"Well Nicky," I said, "I am truly flattered. Would you give me a day or so to think about it?"

"Of course."

"And if I do say yes, how were you planning to go about it? Do I provide you with a small bottle of semen every so often and you go and get busy in private with the turkey baster?"

She laughed. "Oh no, John, I really don't fancy the idea of poking things like that up myself. I thought that unless you had any objection, we could do it the natural way."

"You mean, you and me, going to bed together?" I asked, feeling a bit stunned "But

I'm old enough to be your father."

She laughed. "You're not that old," she said "Anyway, think about it and let me know."

"I will." I amswered.

I didn't have to think long. After all, the invitation to sleep with a pretty young girl like her didn't come along every day, and may never come along again. Next day I knocked on her door and said "OK, unless you've changed you mind, I'm willing."

"Come in." She answered, ushering me into the house and closing the door behind us.

"When would you want to start?" I asked.

"No time like the present, if you're up for it." She replied, and taking my hand led me up the stairs and into her bedroom.

Now I won't lie and say that the first time with Nicky was all fireworks and the earth moving. She was somewhat clinical about it. She stripped off quickly and lay on the bed, waiting for me, and I took my own clothes off, gazing at her nakedness.

Now would perhaps be a good time to describe her, especially the naked her. Nicky had a pert, elfin face, with eyes that always seemed to be smiling at you. Her dark brown hair was cut in a short bob that framed her face perfectly. Her green eyes twinkled with mirth.

Her breasts were firm and full, about a 34C I would guess. Her skin was flawless, and her trim waist and flat stomach flared to beautifully curvaceous hips and a sexy bubble butt that would have had Jennifer Lopez green with envy.

Her legs were slender and toned, superbly shaped. All in all, she was a very sexy woman. Her pubic hair was shaved to a brazilian cut, a slim line of hair pointing the way to the tempting pink slit leading down to the full fleshy lips of her pussy. I got a strong throbbing hard on just looking at her, and quickly I lay down beside her, but the sex itself was disappointing. She made it clear she just expected me to enter her and ejaculate fairly quickly, which is what I did, then I dressed and left.

Two days later she knocked on my door and asked if I was ready for another session. This time we went to my bed, but the pattern was the same, just a quick in and out. I decided that drastic measures were called for. This was little better than my own right hand.

So, the third time we went to bed together, before I entered her I spoke to her.

"You know Nicky, if you relaxed more I think your chances of becoming pregnant would be increased." I said.

"What do you mean?"

"Well, I read somewhere that if a woman enjoys the sex, has an orgasm even, it stimulates the production of the hormones that cause ovulation or something like that. If you sort of, well, got into it more, it might bring about a result quicker."

She thought about it for a moment, then she said "OK, I was sort of trying not to embarrass you anyway John. I didn't really enjoy just lying there. I thought it would be how you wanted it."

With that, she turned on her side and taking my cock in her slim fingers, she gently began to play with it, stroking up and down the shaft as it grew and thickened in her hand, and teasing the purple tip. I moaned softly and cupped a breast in my hand, rolling the nipple gently between thumb and finger. I bent my head to suck the nipple, hearing her gasp with the sudden pleasure, and I slid my hand down her belly, my long middle finger probing in to her vulva, slipping gently up inside her then sliding out lubricated to stroke the swollen bud of her clitoris. She moaned softly and bit my shoulder, not hard but passionately. I stroked her clitty until her breathing was fast and shallow, her nipples hard and proud, then I pressed her down onto her back and rolled on top of her. I slid my right hand down between us, guiding my thick throbbing cock to the entrance to her pussy, and with a long slow thrust I slid deep inside her. She gave an animal sound and wrapped her legs around mine, pulling me in further. Her young cunt was tight and welcoming, warm and slick with her juices, and I began to move inside her, long slow strokes, the tip of my cock so sensitive I thought I could feel every ripple inside her vagina, burying myself deep in her lithe young body, her hips rising and falling to meet me.

I quickened my strokes, bouncing her firm young ass on the mattress, feeling out bellies slap together. Deep in my groin I felt the warm growing ache of orgasm and I knew that I couldn't hold out long. I arched my back up, my arms straight, looking down on her body, soaking up every sight and smell and feel of her that I could.

She sensed that I was near cumming and slid her hands down to my buttocks, pulling me into her with each thrust, her hips pumping up and down with me. Taking my weight on one arm, I slid the other hand under her ass and squeezed the taut muscles as they strained under me.

I began to fuck her fast as I could, pounding my cock into her, and suddenly I felt my cum surge out of me in pulses of pure pleasure. My hips jerked in time to the spurting semen, and as I emptied into her I felt her tighten even more round me as her pussy swelled with her own climax and her nails raked my back as she came under me, shouting "OH...OH....OOOOHHHH!" as she felt me empty into her and her own orgasm blasted through her body.

Exhausted, we rolled apart, panting, then we looked at each other, and both began to laugh.

"Now that," she said "was what I call a fuck!"

After that, Nicky and I had mind blowing sex in one house or the other about every two days. We did it in just about every position, doggy style, her on top, standing, kneeling, sideways, as long as it ended with me ejaculating inside her anything went. There was no oral or hand relief of course, the idea was pregnancy, the pleasure was just a delightful side show.

Every few weeks, however, Nicky would tell me that her period had started, that she hadn't fallen this month, and a few days later we'd start again, fucking our brains loose all through that summer.

About six months later, however, Nicky informed me that our little party was over. She'd been offered promotion, but to take it she had to move far away. As the house was rented, she would be gone in a few days.

"What will you do now?" I asked "Look for another suitable father in your new place?"

"Probably," she answered "I haven't given up on the idea anyway."

"Well keep in touch Nicky, let me know how you get on, and if you do have a baby sometime send me some pictures."

"I will." She promised, but after she left the following week I never heard from her again. Not a single letter, phone call, Christmas card, nothing. I guess however great we were together in bed, she still just thought of me as a failed sperm donor. If she ever did have a baby, she never told me.

Which didn't really bother me. After all, I had kept things from her too.

Like, I never told her about the vasectomy I'd had soon after the birth of our second child.

Well come on, be honest. With an offer like her's on the table, would you have told her?

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