tagLoving WivesOh Those Day Games Pt. 03

Oh Those Day Games Pt. 03


Oh those Day Games Part 3 Karen's perspective.

"Great" she responded as she ended her phone conversation. LP had told her of his plans to attend the baseball game. That means he will drink beers and eat hotdogs with Scott and I won't have to cook dinner tonight. A day of leisure, I'm thinking shopping and sunning.

Oh, and it's the day the pool boy comes to clean. Her wicked mind went straight to a new bikini and showing off her fit body. Maybe having him rub lotion on her back so she could send her husband a teasing photo while he was at the game. She did love to tease and flirt.

LP would even encourage it, and as the years of their marriage added on she got bolder and bolder about doing it for his pleasure as well as her own. Karen was 8 years younger and her little games acted as their little blue pill. She would flirt, he would get horny and they would end up at home in bed fucking like rabbits.

She was contemplating a new skimpy little white bikini she had her eyes on that would become almost transparent when it got wet she thought to herself as the phone rang again.

Scott had to cancel on the game as something had come up at work and he couldn't get away. She could hear the sadness in LP's voice as he contemplated going alone or even just forgetting the whole thing and working. Either way her dream day was shot and she would have to cook tonight.

"I will go with you... but I want ice cream, unlimited beer and a BIG weenie if I'm going to sit through a boring game." He knew she hated baseball, she knew he loved her company. He readily agreed, he would be home in half an hour to pick her up.

Karen picked out her shortest shorts and an Angels t-shirt. Inspecting herself in the mirror, the shorts almost looked obscene the way they rode up and showed the bottom of her cute ass cheeks. She contemplated going braless, just to tease him, but thought better of it. It was going to be hot today. At least she could still get some sun on her legs. She giggled to herself as she again thought of the skimpy bikini she wanted to buy today. The white bikini top would match her shorts. That top would be fun with how sweaty she knew she would be by midgame.

We arrived at the stadium and made our way to our seats just as the national anthem was ending. As the song ended I plopped myself down on the seat not thinking of how hot it would be from the sun. As fast as my ass hit that seat I yelped and jumped up rubbing my scorched buns and thighs.

There were only a few other people around us but I could hear them laughing at my expense. Good thing I had chosen to wear my thin lace bra or they really would have had gotten a show. The asshole on the field was even was smirking at me. My face turned as red as I am sure my butt was at the moment. I slapped LP's arm and bitched at him for not warning me of the impending danger.

He apologized like the gentleman that he is and offered to cool off my seat by sitting there as I got us some cold beers. As I made my way up the long set of stairs, god why did we need to sit so far down by the field?, I could hear whistles and remarks about my little show. I even wiggled my red little ass to show it off as I walked up to the concession stands.

Taking my time I went into the team store and bought a little towel to place on my seat. As I was leaving the store I saw a frozen margarita stand and thought that would surely hit the spot.

"Hey, where's my beer?" LP asked as I got back to the seats.

"My hands were full. Besides you didn't deserve one after causing me to burn my ass." I teased him having actually forgot to get him his beer. I waved the towel at him and jiggled my boobs a little as I laid it on the seat he had just vacated.

He bitched at me a little about sitting there to cool it off for me and now I wouldn't even loan him my towel to cool his off. "Fine." I giggled and slowly placed the towel on his chair as I made a point to stick my butt out towards the field and jiggle my boobs for him again. I didn't fail to notice that the same asshole that had smirked at me on the field when I had burned my butt was helping himself to an eyeful of my ass as he walked off the field.

I laid my legs over the empty seat in front of me and rubbed suntan lotion onto them, slow and softly, knowing I was being watched by a group of college aged guys a few rows up. It was already unbearably hot and it was going to get much hotter still. I was parched and starting to get cranky.

LP returned with a fresh margarita. "About time." I exclaimed as I took the frozen drink from his hand, taking a long hard suck on the straw. "SHIT!" "Brain freeze." I cried out.

OMG, that same asshole is there on the field laughing at me again. If he wasn't so damn cute I'd flip the son of a bitch off. Sticking out my tongue at him instead. Cocky bastard just shakes his head yes. I'd sure like to give him a piece of my... "Ohhhh that's good isn't it? He would have had a homerun." Hubby is clapping as the fielder leaps up over the wall to make a catch.

Only the fourth inning and I'm already soaked in sweat. "My crotch is all wet and sticky and not in a good mood dear." I complain as my shorts are getting pulled into my damp crotch and forming a pronounced camel-toe. Smiling to myself as at least I've got his attention, staring at my shorts. OMG, He's getting a little chubby down there.

"How about a hot dog?" he asks.

Letting the back of my hand glide over the outline of his erection I answer "Looks like I could hold out for a sausage." I giggle as he makes his way out the aisle. "Ummmm sweetest?" I wave my empty at him to be refilled. I give him a dirty look as he says something about me slowing down.

Oh my... those three young boys have moved to our row. They seem to be staring. Maybe I should give them a little show. Standing to stretch and adjust my towel I make sure to bend over just right so a little more of my butt pops out the bottom of my shorts.

Sitting back down just before hubby returns with my drink and a bottled water. Continuing my little show for the boys I pour some of the cold water on my neck and let it run down and wet the front on my tee. Wishing now that I had that bikini top on instead of this hot shirt. Or at least my bra off to relieve the heat.

An inning later I was bored senseless and let hubby know. "My lady bits are all sweaty and I'm sooooooooo bored." Taking the tee shirt and tying it into a midriff, blowing down the front to try and dry my breasts from the beads of sweat trickling down them.

At least I have a interested audience, I smile at the boys. Feeling the effects of the 3 margaritas I was getting all worked up and in the mood to be naughty. Seductively I pour some more of the water over my face and top. Hearing them laugh and comment about my body as I do. Hubby is getting quite the stiffy too I smile to myself. Sucking on my stray, as I would suck on one of them, I ask for another as hubby gets up to make his exit.

By the time he returned that guy that was laughing at me on the field was walking toward the plate. OMG he just winked at me. Hubby saw and got pissed at him. Giggles, "GO #18." I taunt more to tease hubby than caring anything about the player.

"Bet he strikes out." Hubby proclaims with a touch of jealousy in his voice.

Never one to turn down a chance for a wager I reply "Bet you my panties he doesn't." Hubby wasn't finished muttering something when my guy hit the ball hard and off the wall. As I watched him run to second base, he even tipped his cap in my direction. I smiled at him and squeezed my way past hubbies knees and to the aisle before he could say anything.

Making my way to the ladies room to tinkle I removed my sweat soaked, well maybe sweat and umm other bodily fluids, panties off and put them in my pocket. I tried to wash off as best as I could with cool water from the sink and then made my way back to the margarita stand. The lack of panties gave a little relief as I could almost feel a breeze in the hallways.

I pulled my wet panties out as I made my way back down the aisle to our seats. Wadding them up in my right hand so it was not visible as I got near. Bending over LP for a quick kiss as I passed by him I dropped the wet panties into his lap. I had to smile as his eyes got wide with shock and he almost hurt himself scooping them up and placing them in his pocket. His hand never left his pocket as I watched the front of his pants begin to bulge.

The game was actually getting a little fun now as we stood to sing "Take Me out to the Ballgame." I danced a little seductive dance as I could feel the soft material of my shorts rubbing against my clit. Knowing the boys and even the jock on the field couldn't' take their eyes off me made me want to cum right then and there for them. If only I could slide my hand down my pants right now without getting arrested.

I was horny and in need of getting home and naked with hubby. Then... the little guy on the field came over to the rail and tossed a baseball. LP Caught it and looking at it in disgust handed it over to me. It was signed by the guy that had been paying me all the attention and even had his hotel room number written on it. I smiled at hubby and gave a wiggle in the direction of the stud as he ran off the field.

The Angels finally scored a run. The first one of the day for either team. Mercifully the game would be over soon and I could get home, get naked and get in our pool. Then things got dicey.

Their team got a couple guys on base. I was feeling no pain at this point as the 4 margaritas and the heat were really taking their toll on me. By the time I realized that #18 was in that little round circle on the field I was toasted. "He will never get the Chance." LP spouted with assurance in his voice.

A little perturbed at his attitude I sarcastically replied "Well he did give me his room number." Always the tease I couldn't resist the opportunity to push his buttons.

Knowing he really liked it when I did.

"I meant the chance to bat again." He replied defensively.

"Oh, so its OK if I use his room number as long as your team wins?" I just had to twist that knife. Another guy got on base and #18 was going to be the next batter.

"Want to make this boring game a little interesting?" I asked as they changed pitchers and we had some time. I was going to play this for everything I could now and get him as horny as I was.

"How so?" LP asked.

"Well if my guy gets on base, then I get to go to the hotel, just for a drink with him." We had a history of making sexual bets and we would always live up to them. It always worked out as a form of foreplay for us.

"And what's in it for me?" I had my fish on the hook. Either way I was in a no loose position.

"If he makes an out to end the game I will blow you on the way home." Hubby was always after me to give him road head. I didn't like to do that as I thought it would make him drive bad and get us into an accident with his dick in my mouth. I was sure he wouldn't resist my offer.

LP countered with "How about if he gets a hit, I will take you to the hotel. If he makes an out you suck me off in the parking lot as soon as we get to the car?"

WOW I thought to myself. This is getting better and better for me. No road head and I still get my chance to tease him to the max. And maybe meet the stud as well. Time to make my power play I thought deviously. "Final offer, if he gets a hit we go to the hotel. If his team wins the game, you drop me off at the hotel and don't come back until I call. You get your BJ in the parking lot if he makes the last out." The odds were all in my favor. Even if he made the out I would get to diddle myself as I sucked him off. I couldn't loose and I was in heat from the heat, attention and tequila.

"DEAL!" he chirped just before the stud hit the ball so hard it sailed way, way over the fence for a homerun. I screamed in happiness, jumped up and down and danced. My nipples almost ripped through my shirt as my tits jiggled up and down. The boys were staring and almost drooling at the spectacle I was making of myself and I didn't care.

I even pushed my chest out and shook them right at them. I could feel my juices leaking out as I danced and celebrated.

"They haven't won yet." My dejected husband lamented. We both hate to loose one of these bets. Even though in truth we both win as we work one or the other into a frenzy that will bring mutual satisfaction when we get home and naked.

"Well I already have a drink date." I had to giggle. "Even if the Angels somehow manage to win and it allows you to tag along." He was almost pouting and that just made me hornier. They didn't win. Their last try was a futile attempt and the game was quickly over. I teased that maybe I should go home and shower for #18 or maybe he would let me shower in his room to save time. I could see the knife twisting deeper as every nasty thought ran through his poor little mind.

Thinking we could go home and be naked in the shower within 30 minutes had my motor revving again. Then he had to go and say "You are not really going through with that stupid bet?" Well that just pissed me off. Now I had to.

"Like you wouldn't already have your pants down and your dick in my mouth if it had gone the other way?" I had to take him down now. I pulled my lipstick from my purse and wrote my phone number on the ball and tossed it back onto the field where #18 was being interviewed on TV. He gave me a smile and a head wave then a little laugh to hubby. I smiled, waved at the stud on the field and began to make my way to the exit.

I choose to squeeze past the three boys on my way out. Wanting to give them each a little more spank-bank material for the evening ahead. I left hubby, and his own hard little pecker standing alone as I made my way past them.

I couldn't help but smile as my nipples were so hard and extended I thought I might poke out an eyeball on the way past. The first two just stared and smiled as they covered the obvious hardons in their pants. The third guy decided to get frisky as he stood and pressed his hardon against my leg as I passed by him. I gave him a wink and let the back of my hand feel what he was packing as I passed by. Not a bad package and I knew he would be making some young lady happy tonight.

I had to giggle as all three of them closely followed behind me up the stairs as if they had a chance to pull a train on me in the aisle way. I could hear their audible sighs as I reached the top and LP quickly took hold of my hand and led me away from them. "You're gloating." He protested as he did so.

"To the victor go the spoils." I proclaimed knowing I had been on the losing end of these bets more often than not. Again he tried to talk me into heading home. A short while back I would have gladly taken him up on that proposition and altered our bet to maybe just making him my slave for the night. I couldn't in good conscience do that now after he had tried so hard to welch on his bet.

I gave his little bulge a squeeze and told him he would be showering alone with it. Then he had the nerve to ask for a consolation BJ. I gave him my wickedest smile as I leaned over and slowly unzipped his pants. Snaking my hand in to release his cock from it's constraints. With the parking lot near empty I bent and kissed the tip of his penis. Then I licked the copious precum from its tip. Sitting upright I ordered "Put that thing away now, I need to make myself somewhat presentable for my stud." I took every chance to taunt him that he allowed.

"Please stop by the Denny's on the corner, I want to run in and freshen up in their restroom before we head over. It will take them a while to get showered and back to their rooms."

LP sounded as if he might cry when he replied "You mean the lounge! You are meeting him in the bar right?" I just gave him a little smile and a quick kiss as I got out of the car to head inside the restaurant. I couldn't help but giggle when he placed my dirty panties back into my hand.

It took me a long time to make myself as presentable as possible. I had stopped and bought one of their t-shirts, a size too small, before making my way to the restroom.

My tits looked great, almost bulging out of the too small top. I made sure hubby noticed my bra was missing as well as I tossed it with the wet shirt I was wearing onto the backseat.

I knew my nips were hard and protruding out as he complained that I should have left it on. We got to the hotel about the same time that the team bus returned. I sat next to LP waiting for #18 to make his appearance so I could turn that knife a couple more twists before I sent him on his way.

As he was stepping out of the bus, I jumped out of the passenger seat and made my way to hubbies open window. I bent over as far as I could, knowing my ass was peaking out of the shorts for the whole team to see. When I looked back at him he was like flexing his muscles in our direction. That just caused me to giggle and wriggle my bottom more profoundly at them.

I gave LP a kiss on his cheek. Just another play at making him jealous by not allowing his lips to meet mine. "That's all I get?" he pleaded for more.

"Don't want to mess up my makeup." I replied as his poor dick strained in his pants to my amusement. I dropped my panties back on top of his bulge telling him they were far too wet to put back on and that he would get more enjoyment from them himself.

Two steps from the car I had a thought. Too many times we had played the game where I would sit in a bar alone and he would watch as guys would try to hit on me. Always a fun game but not what we were playing tonight. "Text me a picture of you at the house so I know you're being a good boy and not spying." I was taking this win all the way I smirked.

I got my photo 20 minutes later. All he got back was a smiling emoji. I was going to take this win into extra innings. Just how brutal should I be was the only question left unanswered.

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