tagGroup SexOK, Let's Meet

OK, Let's Meet


We meet through posting our pictures on a forum board over several months and chatting and getting to know each other in the chat room.

After lots of emails and phone calls, we realised we just had to meet up for real. Our minds were so compatible; we both wanted and craved the same thrills and excitement.

So we arranged the time and the place.

I looked for him at the arranged place and the arranged time.

He had arrived hours earlier than me and was waiting for me when I arrived. But as I looked around I couldn't see him. So I sent him a text message, to say

"Hi - I'm here and waiting!"

My heart was beating so fast, I was very excited, quite nervous, slightly scared and yet I wanted this so much.

He said "OK, I'm on the other side of the motorway services, I'll be there in a couple of minutes."

I stood patiently waiting. I felt the sun burning down onto me, what a beautiful, clear, hot sunny day.

I was glowing all over and feeling very good about myself and very sexually confident. I was dressed in my black knee length skirt, pinstripe blouse and a neat smart fitted red jacket and black heels.

I'd actually attended a job interview that morning!

Underneath my smart attire I wore carefully selected underwear of black silk seamed stockings. A sexy sheer very lacy black bra and a matching tie sided thong, which had a satin tied bow either side. I had chosen my clothes that morning especially to look my best, my sexiest, my most desirable!

I looked at every guy walking towards me, wondering if the next one would be him -- a guy in jeans and a pale blue denim shirt looked straight into my eyes and smiled at me mmmm for a moment I thought YES, but no that was not him!

Then my phone started ringing

"Oh red suits you so well" he said.

I felt myself blush and flood my fair skin a hot shade of pink!

"I can't see you, where are you?"

I quickly scanned all around the car park but I couldn't see anyone, my heart now racing, my breasts heaving, I was actually trembling! Oh my god I thought - he can see me, but I can't see him!

Then my phone went dead and a very handsome young, sexy, smiling guy walked towards me. He had weaved his way through the cars, close to the pillars so that I wouldn't spot him!

I felt frozen to the spot! Oh my god he was much nicer than the picture he had sent me, so much more good looking and younger.

I watched him approach me and I started to walk towards him, shaking and very flushed. I was blushing so much as he wrapped his strong arms around me and kissed me, his hands actually gripping my bottom pulling me right into him, hmmm it felt so powerful!

I wanted him so badly and I felt his lust and his want for me! I also felt a nice hard bulge pressing against my crotch as he pulled me in to him, it felt as if his cock was straining and just bursting to be released!

After a coffee and a chat we booked into the hotel -- It felt so naughty! I felt so wanton, so delightfully slutty!

I pushed the key into the room door lock but I was a quivering wreck! He put his hand over mine and he opened the door. We put our bags down then literally fell into each other's arms. Hungry, with a surging heated and highly sparked passion for each other.

We were both hot, so aroused so bloody turned on just from kissing, holding and smelling each other at last!

I remember hearing a strange noise. It was me -- I was whimpering out loud, uncontrollably as he started to slowly undress me. He loved my tie sided panties and took a long time undoing the ribbons.

I could feel the blood rushing, pumping through my veins and engorging my whole body.

I ached in between my legs and could feel a wet spot! Oh my oh my - a very wet sticky patch!

He pushed me back onto the bed and explored my body, discovering my pierced left nipple and my pierced inner labia. Discovering what he had done to me, how turned on he had made me.

"You did this. You have got me into this state!" I stammered.

He sucked on my nipples so hard, I thought he was biting them. But the pain soon built up into an amazing pleasure.

Each touch sent electric shivers right down my spine.

I was aware of a noise again, oh my god it was me. I was moaning and crying out as his fingers touched, probed and pleasured me.

I then decided I couldn't cope with this amount of extreme pleasure any longer or I'd orgasm way too soon and we had all day and all night for fun! So I took control and pushed him back on to the bed.

I started to undress him. All the time leaning over him and allowing my naked free breasts to brush up and down over his body. My erect nipples touched his skin. I purposely allowed my hot throbbing crotch and the tiny little landing strip of my fair soft pubic hair to brush over his thighs. I knew exactly what I was doing to him. I knew exactly what would be turning him wild!

Leaving his under pants on - I slowly and seductively licked over his erection and over the top of his cotton underpants. Looking up at him, with my big green eyes and knowing exactly that this would create a very sexy image for him.

I rubbed and sucked the now wet patch hmmm smelling and tasting him at last. I slowly and teasingly pulled his briefs down, watching intently as I exposed his beautiful hard throbbing hot cock that was now seeping a delicious clear stringy pre cum!

I licked and lapped at him and tasted his sticky nectar. It felt so good to finally have his lovely hard cock in my mouth.

I looked up at him and into his eyes as his cock was inside my mouth. I knew how that would look for him. My small mouth stretched wide open and my red lips encasing his hard cock as it disappeared further down my throat. I knew that he would see the pleasure in my eyes, as I sucked and sucked and swirled the tip of my tongue into his juicy pee hole.

He watched me intensely as I greedily continued sucked and slurping and pleasuring him with my expert cock sucking mouth.

I sucked on his full balls and lapped my tongue all around them. Gently sucking one ball slowly into my mouth and swirled it around my tongue then released him with a plop. Before I repeated sucking in his other ball. He whispered with a deep yearning and as he sucked his breath in deeply through his teeth,

"Slow down baby! That is really way too nice. Let me taste you, let me lick your cunt now please?"

I was so wet and juicy, I was sure I was virtually dripping my juices of arousal down my legs.

He lay me back and down on the bed and he spread my legs open with his big hands.

I loved the look on his face as he looked in to me and in between my legs.

He licked his tongue down over my strip of pubic hair. He must have smelt my pleasure, my arousal, the scent of how turned on I was! He must have smelt my sex!

He was licking lower, licking down, until his tongue licked into my smooth swollen slit. He gently sucked my cunt, he licked my cunt and used his tongue so expertly up and down. I lifted my bottom up to meet his mouth. I ground my cunt up and in to his face. He was licking over my engorged clit. His tongue lapped at my cunt with exactly the right amount of pressure. He was bringing me closer and closer to orgasm - until I was shaking uncontrollably. I was moaning and crying out loud as a delightful orgasm exploded right then right there and on his face.

His tongue softly and gently cleaned and licked up all of my creamy cum juices, as I caught my breath and calmed down.

That afternoon we spent pleasuring each other, fucking in all positions, from all angles. He fingered my tight cunt and made me have 2 of his experienced fingers, then 3 fingers then 4 fingers! I was so wet I was so turned on that I actually and surprisingly took his hand - up to his knuckles inside my cunt.

I lost count of how many amazing - big orgasm's he gave me. I'd never experienced so many! I particularly loved the intense orgasms that he gave me when he had 4 fingers up to his knuckles inside me. When he wiggled and finger fucked me hard. It made me feel out of control and totally at his mercy.

He surprised me when he started to explore my tight little arse with his finger and then another finger. He made me take 2 of his big fingers, which I have never taken in my bottom before! He took his time to stretch me and play with me. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute and I sometimes felt I'd pass out from the amount of intense sex we were having.

I rode his thick cock and I pushed down on top of him, holding his arms down and back. I enjoyed taking the control back and pinning him to the bed to ride him hard and fast.

I came as I ground myself down on him, until I had him all inside me rocking back and forth on his cock. I held him still as my orgasm ripped through my body. His cock was so hard in my cunt and as I contracted and clenched and gripped, shaking and screaming he whimpered

"Oh my god, you sweet Angel you are making me cum!"

I pinned him to the bed and held him there. And with just my orgasm milking his cock inside me - he started to come and spurt his thick hot load of spunk deep inside me. He came so intensely, so forcefully, spurt after spurt, filling me full!

What a compliment I thought - did I really just make him cum by just coming on his cock? Hmmmmm YES I did! How totally delicious.

We held each other tightly as our breathing slowed and then we rested for a while in each other's arms then we carried on playing.

At his email request I'd taken a few of my toys.

He used my double ended dildo to double penetrate me and fuck me. I loved how he filled both of my holes at the same time and thrust it up and down as his hand held where it bent in the middle. I'd not managed to do that to myself with it before. As the bendy dildo bent over he gripped it in his hand and he eased it into my cunt then bent it backwards and fed it into my bottom. He made me cum again, as I took half in my bottom and half in my wet juicy cunt, he really banged it into me, fucking me fast and hard. He made me take so much of it. After a screaming orgasm which seemed to go on and on and on, he showed me how much I had taken, so much in my usually tight cunt and I felt quite embarrassed to see how much I'd taken anally!

We decided we should have something to eat, to keep our strength up. But by now we were both very hot and sweaty and reeked of sex, so I started to run a nice hot bath.

I was totally naked and I sat on the toilet to relieve myself, as I watched the bath filling. He shocked me when he walked in and just stood watching me peeing. He squatted down in front of me and said

"I need to pee also!"

Then he opened my legs as I sat on the toilet and he aimed his cock down the toilet and he started to piss!

He suddenly lifted his cock up and pointed it over my cunt and just a trickle first ran out, which caught my breath. I gasped as a long hot golden jet sprayed over my clit and my cunt, he directed it up and down - hmmm it really did feel so good! I rubbed my fingers over my wet lips, feeling and enjoying this new different sensation.

As I got up and as I leant over the bath to check the water, his hands grabbed my hips from behind and his cock was rubbing up and down my swollen well fucked mound.

His big hard cock eased into me. I had to grab hold of the bath rails to steady myself as he thrust so hard into me, giving me his full length, all 8 " right up into my cunt.

He felt so big and forceful making me take his cock like that. He banged hard and deep into me and at the same time he slipped his finger into my bottom as he had me in such a compromising position. He worked another finger easily in to bottom and he suddenly pulled his wet cock from out of my cunt. He pressed it against my puckered arsehole. He gripped the cheeks of my bottom and spread me open. He pressed and pressed until his thick bulbous knob went pop into me!

Now I was moaning again as I took his knob and could feel my bottom kind of rolling over his knob, until he had all of his cock up my arse!

He fingered my clit with his other hand as he rammed it up me. He was watching us fucking like this in the bathroom mirror, telling me what it looked like and how good it was. I gripped the bath rail with my hands and he drove his cock hard up me. Then as I started to cum, he pulled out and literally pumped his cum all over my bottom cheeks, over my cunt lips and my bottom hole, he was grunting and moaning, it felt so wild, so animalistic. So good!

After our bath and food, my husband came to join us in the hotel room.

He had to come straight from work and I ended up being spoilt and pleasured again by the 2 of them!

They both kissed me, licked me, fingered me and fucked me like I'd never been fucked before! And making me moan and cry out louder and louder like never before.

They both knew I wanted to try a DP (double penetration) and as we tried, with me sitting on top of my husband and my lover behind us, pressing into my bottom, the telephone rang, I was just taking them when my husband was called back into work!

So my husband had to get dressed and say goodbye! As my husband left the hotel he opened the door to find the night porter right outside our door.

He was stood listening and he would never have expected to see my husband walk out!

My husband told me that the night porter was rather embarrassed and just said

"Goodnight Sir!"

And he scurried off with a bulge in his trousers!

The next morning, I gave my lover a slow sensual BJ before we left and he seemed to enjoy cumming in my mouth and watching me swallow his big thick load.

I physically couldn't have taken any more fucking but, I left feeling very well fucked and very sore!

Oh what pure unadulterated fun we had, I'm sure we will meet again. I still long to feel a real DP!

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