tagInterracial LoveOlivia and Derrick Ch. 02

Olivia and Derrick Ch. 02


Thanks for all the comments and favorites on my story. I appreciate all kinds of feedback so I am taking negative comments into consideration when editing my story. Thanks to my editor : tanyastoes. Hope you enjoy the second chapter.

After I finished a medium pepperoni pizza by myself (and regretted it), I decided to head back to my dorm. I began to start panicking - what if they were still there? I didn't want to sleep on my bed. I pulled out my cell to see it was dead;

I huffed and looked up to see they had a pay phone. Since I usually just carried my debit card, I searched my pockets for change and found enough to call Andrea.

"Hello?" She answered.

"Can I crash at your apartment?" I asked her.

"Of course. What's wrong?" She asked.

"I'll tell you when I get there, I'm on my way."

I hung up and walked out. The long walk gave me time to clear my mind. Then, before long, it began to pour. I trudged through it, becoming soaked to the bone, when I noticed a car following me.

I just kept looking forward and tried to ignore it. "Hey!" A guy called out to me, but I kept walking.

"Wait up!" He called out and drove along side of me. I hurried my steps, hoping he would notice I'm not whomever he thought I was and move on. "Hold on." He got out of the car and ran up to me.

I felt a hand on my shoulder and I began to freak out. "Look I have no money on me." I said and he laughed. I turned around to see Derrick and forgot how to breathe.

"I know I have a bad rep but I don't want to hurt you." He smiled.

"Sorry." I blushed.

He gave me a sweet smile and I saw his white shirt was soaking and I saw every muscle in his chest and abs. "Come on I'll give you a ride back to the dorms." He began walking back to his car.

"I'm fine walking but thank you." I told him.

"I wasn't offering, I was telling. Get in the car." He ordered.

I began to get an to get an attitude with him, who the hell does he think I am? "Look I'm not one of your little groupies. I don't just hop when you tell me to." I told him.

He smiled at me and chuckled. "Please get into the car." He said.

"I'm not even going to the dorm." I told him. He sighed. "Do you really want to walk?" He asked. I still had a ways to go and I was already freezing. I walked over to the car and got in the passenger's seat.

He got in and turned up the heat. "Thank you." He smiled at my stubbornness.

"Where are you going?" He asked me.

"Hillcrest condos on..." He took off in a hurry; I guess he wanted to get rid of me sooner.

"I know where it's at." He said.

"Shouldn't you slow down, it's really coming down." I warned.

He smiled. "You don't have to worry, I won't kill us." He said.

"Thanks for the ride." I told him. He turned down the heater slightly and messed with the radio. Slide Over by Baby Bash came on. "This is the least I can do after what you walked in on." He smiled and I began to feel sick again.

"It's ok. I mean who walks into their dorm room without knocking anyway." I tried to make light of the situation.

He laughed at my joke. "Again, sorry." He said. I sighed and looked at the car I was in, it looked pretty expensive. "What kind of car is this...if...if you don't mind me asking?" I said.

"SSC Ultimate Aero." He answered.

"It looks expensive." I whispered.

He shrugged. "It was." He winked at me, I blushed and looked away.

"Since you're not going to the dorm, can I ask where are you going?" He questioned.

"My friend Andrea's." I said. He nodded and smiled. "The one with the nice ass."

I tried to breathe evenly. "Yeah." I muttered.

"Did I scare you out of your dorm?" He chuckled. 'Exactly, I don't want to sleep in a bed you fucked my roommate on when it was supposed to be me' I thought. "No..." I couldn't think of a lie fast enough.

"Again, sorry." He smiled.

"Don't worry about it." I told him as we pulled up to the condos.

I sighed; I didn't want to leave him. This was the most we'd ever spoken and I knew it wouldn't happen again. "Thanks for the ride." I told him.

"No problem." He smiled.

"See you around?" I asked hopefully.

He nodded. "Bye."

I got out before I embarrassed myself anymore. I watched him pull away in a trance and then walked to Andrea's condo.

"Goodness you're soaked." Andrea's got me a change of clothes and something warm to drink as I told her everything.

"How could you not flirt with him and get even with that skank of a roommate?!" Andrea said.

"He was intimidating; every time he smiled I couldn't breathe."

I sighed knowing he probably wouldn't speak to me again, so I just sat there thinking about the moments that I did spend with him. "You so have a crush." Andrea smiled at me.

I blushed deep red. "He was very sweet...and nice... and not as scary as everyone thinks."

"Just be careful, I still think he's dangerous." She said.

"It's not like he'll ever talk to me again but thanks for the warning." I told her.

She rolled her eyes. "You don't know that. He talked to you today, didn't he?"

"He was just being nice, that's it." I sighed.

"You need to have more confidence." I pulled the blanket closer to me. "I know. But this is the real world; girls like me don't get guys like that."

She looked away from me, saddened by my self-esteem issues. "I'm ok with that." I smiled at her.

"Let's go to sleep. You had a long day." Andrea began walking to her room as I drifted off to sleep.

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