Olivia and Katie


After our first meeting me and Olivia became fast friends. We would go shopping, do lunch, check out a movie, pretty much the stuff that girlfriends do. It was lots of fun and most of the time we did these activities dressed up all cute or sexy. Well there was one thing that has eluded me and Olivia wanted to make sure that we took care of it. Olivia was going to take me to a glory hole! When we first started talking she would send me all sorts of HOT pictures of her sucking on sexy cocks at the GL. Well pretty soon was going to be my time.

We decided to meet at her house on Friday and would head out from there. All that day I had butterflies in my stomach. They were not in a bad way but in a sexy anticipation way. I rushed home from work on Friday and jumped right in the shower. Man did the hot water feel good on my body. I slowly rubbed my wet hands over my skin, feeling every inch of it. My hands slid over my hard pierced nipples and down my bare chest and then over my flat belly and ring to each side of my girl cock; which was getting very hard at this point. Breaking my trance I soaped up my skin getting nice and clean, just so I could be a dirty girl later. I used my razor next to take of any traces of hair from my armpits to my toes. Feeling silky and smooth I turned off the water and stepped out.

I dried my short hair, shaved extra smooth and began my magical transformation to Katie. Starting first with foundation and them moving on to give myself some smoldering dark eyes. A little perfume came next and finally some dark lipstick to match my eyes. I then meticulously painted my toes and long finger nails. Even without my wig I thought I was quite the looker. I walked to my closet and began my lingerie selection. Tonight I was going to be the dirty girl I really was, so I began by slipping into my black seamed stay-ups followed by some tight boy shorts. Next came my open cup corset, it is so hot with metal hooks in the front. I pulled the laces tight in the back causing my body to take on extra curves. I ran my hands over my corseted body and up to my nipples giving my rings a little pull. I attached the garter straps and then pulled my mini dress over my head. Like all my skirts and dresses it was super short and barley covered my stockings. I loved this one because it was super tight fitting Lycra. Once my dress was in place and zipped up I put on my black studded collar. After this I added my sliver hoop earrings, rings and bracelets. I was almost set, I grabbed my red bob wig and put it in place and then took my 4 inch leather thigh high boots off the shelf. They are very sexy and have some laces that tie up the back. I was ready!

I left the house with keys in hand and pre-stocked purse over my shoulder. A short time later I was at Olivia's house scurrying up to the door. She answered with a most approving deep kiss and invited me in. Closing the door behind me I took in the sight. Wow was she hot, dressed and ready to go! She had on her long dark wig with red highlights running through it. My eyes scanned down her perfectly made up face to her luscious body. She had on a white blouse and tight black skirt. She finished it off with a pair of sexy black patent leather heels. We were two hot CD's ready for a night of cock sucking. Stepping from the house we walked to her car holding hands.

Driving we talked about how much fun this was going to be and how much we both liked sucking on cocks. Olivia told me she brought her camera so that she could get some good shots for us to look back on. After what seemed like too long of a drive we pulled into the parking lot of the adult book store. I was excited with anticipation as we took one last makeup check. Grabbing our purses we stepped from the car and walked on in. The place was pretty much what I imagined, rows and rows of adult videos, toys, devices and anything else sexual you can think of. We walked holding hands to the rear of the store, heels clicking as we walked and all eyes turning. Olivia led the way and walked into the second booth closing the door behind us. Inside was a seat in the middle and a hole waist high on opposite walls. Within moments a semi-hard cock slipped through one of the holes. No doubt from one of our many onlookers. Olivia smiled and looked at the cock as she pulled out her camera.

I needed no further encouragement than that as I got to my knees and wrapped my fingers around it. It was a smaller cock than I was used to, Olivia has a huge clit that I love to slide in and out of my mouth. As my fingers slid up and down on this strangers cock I heard a moan from the other side of the wall. With that I pressed it to my lips and allowed it to penetrate my mouth. The first few flashes of Olivia's camera began as the cock swelled in my mouth. I worked it in and out dragging my tongue under it as I pulled it out. Looking into the camera I held it deep in my mouth and then I pulled it back out from between my lips. More flashes as it slid free and I began to circle my tongue around the head and down the shaft and then back up again. I jerked the cock in my hand as I dove back down onto it. The strangers cock began to tighten and swell as the first shots of cum approached. I pulled it out and told Olivia to get ready. I then drove it back into my mouth as he pushed in, the first splash of cum it my mouth and I pulled it out and began jacking it. Cum flew out and hit my lips and face as flash after flash went off in the small room. All too soon it was over, the shrinking cock was pulled from the hole and I looked at Olivia. She knelt down next to me and began licking my face as she held the camera and took some final pictures.

We kissed for a good while longer before another cock slid into the hole. I moved to the side and offered it up to Olivia who gladly accepted. He took the fat cock gently between her fingers and raised it to her lips. While looking at me she extended he tongue and began to lick the head causing the cock to grow. With a smile on her pretty face she licked her lips and slides the fat cock on in. It was so hot watching my girlfriend sucking that cock with the skill that she uses on me. I rubbed my cock clit between my legs as I watched that monster disappear between her lips. Olivia would close her eyes as she sucked and licked on it. I couldn't resist any longer and I moved in and began licking the side of her mouth as the cock slide out. Olivia opened her eyes and smiled at me as we both began tonguing the hard cock in front of us. We got very excited and began to moan on this cock as we licked, kissed, and sucked on it. Olivia would occasionally jerk the cock with her French manicured nails, tracing them over the soft skin. Then we would alternate taking the cock in our mouths as deep as it would go pressing our noses to the wall. This treatment seemed to work as the cock began to gush into Olivia's mouth. She pulled it almost out and rubbed the shaft up and down as the cum shot into her open mouth. She did not swallow as the final drops splashed on her tongue. Letting go of the cock Olivia turned to me and gave me a long deep kiss, feeding me the cum that was just given to her. Our tongues danced in the mix of semen and saliva. Our hands were all over each other as the kiss continued and we swallowed the mix of cum. When we were done we noticed the cock was gone.

Soon enough it was replaced by yet another one, well being the polite girlfriend she is Olivia stepped aside. Just as she did there was a knock on the opposite wall and a cock sticking through very hard and long. We looked at one and other and giggled as she crawled over the floor to her new prize. I took the new bent cock into my mouth as Olivia began to lick and suck on hers. The night proceeded like this as cock after cock was pushed through the holes. I lost track how much cum we both had drank but needless to say I was very full by the end, and very horny. Olivia and I left in the early morning hours heading back to her house. I couldn't wait to get to her place and take my favorite cock between my lips.

In fact I couldn't wait, as we drove I began rubbing her cock clit and then took off my seatbelt and pulled her skirt up as my ass went up and head went down. It must have been a sexy sight to see my ass up as my head was in another girl's lap. I slipped her clit from her panties and pushed it past my lips. Driving down the road I began sucking like a mad woman moaning as the miles past. I don't know how she did it but we were soon pulling into Olivia's driveway as she was about to shoot her cum into my waiting mouth. As she put the car in park the car that was behind us put on its lights. Dang it was the cops! Olivia was being stopped right as we got to her house. Horrified I popped up in my seat. What the fuck were we going to do? That my friends is another story.

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