On Another World Ch. 06


"Shift the rudder." Captain So-lonni ordered. "Prepare fire shot!"

Suddenly, the Sea-Hawk's turn shifted from right to left, turning faster than I thought possible. The captain could not have time it better. As he shouted. "Rudder amidships!" We were now directly astern of the Black Dragon again. "Fire!" He yelled

Once again, the timing was perfect. The fuses on fire shot ignited at just the right time. Flaming liquid splashed on the pirate's sails. In very little time, nearly all of the Black Dragon's sails were ablaze.

"Helm, steer west by southwest." Said the captain in a normal voice. He turned to me. "That should keep them busy for a day or more." We could hear the panicked shouts of the Black Dragon's crew as they worked to get the fire under control.

At that moment, one of the officers ran up to us. "Eight dead, fourteen wounded." He reported. "One of the dead is...." He pointed to me. "...Is his."

Seq-qah appeared on deck next to him. "Lol-lah, Master. A ball came through the side and hit her on the head and breaking her neck." She was crying.

I barely knew the girl, but felt her loss almost as deeply as Seq-qah had.

Seq-qah looked directly into my eyes...tears running down her cheeks. "She was dead even before she'd known she was struck. She felt no pain, Master."

"Were any of the others hurt?" I asked her.

She was about to answer when we were interrupted by a loud whooshing sound and the sky lightened as the pirate ship was suddenly engulfed in flames. This was accompanied by a few screams of agony as many of the Black Dragon's crew were now burning to death,

"Ha!" A crewman barked a laugh. "That'll finish her."

The captain let lose a heavy sigh. "Bring her about. Stay upwind of her...look for survivors."

Seq-qah and I went down to the slave orders to check on Lol-lah's body and the others to see if any were injured. Ayl-lah, Noj-jah and the others were gathered around Lol-lah crying. Zeq-qoh sat in the corner stoically.

Her body had obviously not yet been moved since she had been killed. By the actual angle of her head, it was easy to tell that her neck had been broken. "Take her up on deck." I told them.

There would be a brief ceremony honoring the dead, after which the bodies would be dumped unceremoniously over the side in accordance with Terranian custom.

I went back up on deck to find only a dozen survivors from a pirate ship. Three of those were seriously wounded and one of them would probably not survive the night.

"Most drowned." The third mate told me. Like the sailors of old back on Earth, many sailors did not know how to swim. It seemed that thinking was; it was better to drown than to be eaten alive by some hungry sea creature.

The survivors would be easily incorporated into Sea-Hawk's crew. Most sailors on Terrania cared not what ship they served on as long as they could serve at sea.

I turned to Seq-qah and said. "Help the ship's doctor with the wounded."

"Yes, Master." She answered me sadly.

The ship's doctor was another Qoo-jan physician, named Qip-pah. She and Seq-qah immediately went to work. Although medical knowledge on this world was medieval at best, with a really good Qoo-jan physician at work, death almost never stood a chance. All but the most grievously wounded would recover fully and in very little time. I had even learned through my research, that the disease that was killing me on Earth could be cured easily here.

After the wounded were attended to, there was a brief gathering on the forecastle for a prayer and remembrance for those who had lost their lives, then the bodies were disposed of and shipboard life returned to normal.

It was well past midnight when Seq-qah and I retired to our cabin for the night.

I woke early the next morning, Seq-qah lay close to me looking content as she too awoke. She had well and truly wore me out the night before. Her lovemaking was nearly as frantic as our first time together.

Master, last night was...incredible. The best ever!

You're supposed to protect me, but you nearly screwed me to death last night. I joked.

A concerned look crossed her face. Please don't joke like that, my beloved Master.

"Oh, lighten up...I was only kidding." I spoke normally, caressing her cheek.

We got up off the bunk and made ready to start our day.

She had just gotten to the door, when she stopped suddenly, shook her head as if to clear it and turned back to me. Her eyes were a bright gold. Master, I need thee. I need thee now! She ran back across the cabin throwing herself at me. Even with her light weight and my physical strength, she caught me unprepared and we fell back onto the bunk. Oh-h-h, Master!

I need to see the captain, Seq-qah. I was about to remove her from me physically, when much to my surprise, she bit me. The venom she injected me with began working instantly. My arms dropping uselessly to my sides. Other than my eyes, I could move nothing. Seq-qah, what the hell do you think you are doing?

Forgive me, Master. I cannot help it...I need thee. My cycle has started. Besides being completely immobile, I was also fully erect. Another effect of the venom.

Did I not order you girls to tell me before your cycle started?

Forgive me, Master...it happened just now with no warning. She grasped my shaft and lowered herself down on it.

You need to stop this now. I commanded her.

I cannot stop, Master. I have no control over my need at this time.

Seq-qah, stop!

I cannot. Her feelings and emotions were a jumbled mess at the moment. I felt her need...an overpowering sexual need. I felt sadness and remorse...and I felt fear. But her need nearly blotted out all else.

She continued riding me. She was kissing me with a passion that surprised even me, knowing her as I did.

And then, I came suddenly and without any warning. The venom she had injected me with made this an unexpectedly powerful orgasm...more powerful than any I could remember ever having before.

Seq-qah did not let up at all. If anything, she was pounding herself harder upon me. I, much to my surprise remained fully erect.

I had thought of her as being nearly insatiable before, but now there was as if there was literally nothing that could fully satisfy her. She rode me weeping inconsolably and coming almost non-stop. I stopped counting my own orgasms at ten, but there many more than that because of the venom coursing through my veins. This went on until just before noon.

Finally, she got off of me. She knelt on the deck and said. "I will restrict myself to the slave quarters for the rest of the voyage, Master. I can only pray that you will forgive me one day." With that, she rose to her feet and departed from the cabin, as the effects of her venom began to wear off.

I slowly got up and dressed myself. I was terribly angry at Seq-qah at the moment. And most likely would be for a long time to come. While I understood that during their cycle, Qoo-jan woman do at times have no control over their needs, being made to be helpless in that fashion is something no man enjoys...least of all, me.

I went up on deck to speak with Captain So-lonni. "Got you, did she?" He asked. As on Earth, there are rarely any secrets aboard ship. "Aye...she ought to be punished. But she is most certainly a keeper."

I nodded. "That she is, but I am understandably more than a little upset with her."

"Indeed, M'lord." Then, changing the subject, he said. "It will 10 to 12 days to reach our destination...the port of Edisnaeco. Depending on the winds."

"Sail, ho!" Came a shout from near the top of the mainmast.

'Where away?" Asked the first mate.

"Port beam, sir." The answer came.

It took a moment to spot it from the deck. A single masted ship that appeared to be east bound.

Captain So-lonni studied her through a telescope. "Zoqelander. I'm sure they've not yet seen us. Small Shooter Sloop would be my guess. And not nearly as fast as the Sea-Hawk. So even if they do, it won't matter."

"I wonder if they're looking for us. Kahn seems to be awfully well informed of things he ought not to be." I said more to myself then to anyone else.

"Does he know your personal flag?" So-lonni asked.

"No. That's probably because I do not have one. But I have an idea for one if it can be made here aboard." A deliciously evil idea forming in my head.

"Talk to Sa-khonsu. I'm sure she could have it ready soon."

I sought out the sail master, gave a detailed description of what I wanted. She said that it could be ready in two days or less. I thanked her and went back up on deck.

The rest of the day passed without a notable event. A couple of hours after sunset, I retired to my cabin.

I undressed and climbed into the bunk. I was exhausted. During my little adventure this morning with Seq-qah, I had come as close to being multi-orgasmic as I ever would in my life. I had come well over 10 times and perhaps even more than twenty. Well, I thought...at least I wouldn't have to 'perform' this night. Then came a soft knock from the door. It opened and Noj-jah entered. "How may I serve thee, Master?" She said, bowing slightly. It was a typical half bow, half curtsy Qoo-jan women would perform to their masters. Much like Qij-jah was doing that first evening when I first came to here on Terrania.

"Right now, by saying or doing nothing." I thought of Seq-qah and was mildly amused...it was like being pissed off at one's wife. I still loved her unconditionally yet remained so angry; I dare not talk directly to her.

"Yes, Master." Noj-jah said, silently kneeling on the deck next to the bunk.

After a while, I patted the bunk. "I'll not have you sleeping on the deck. But, no funny business if you know what I mean."

"Yes, Master. It shall be as thou sayst Master." Noj-jah said with only a slight hint of disappointment in her voice. She climbed onto the bunk, discreetly keeping her distance and settled in to go to sleep.

As I lay there starting to drift off...out of curiosity, I reached out with my mind seeking Seq-qah's. I found it almost in no time at all. I felt remorse and sadness like I never experienced before in my life. There could be no doubt that she regretted her actions earlier in the day. I felt bad for her. Yet, I was still furious with her.

I knew I would forgive her. That was a given, but it would be a long time before that happened. Most likely, a very long time.

Noj-jah spoke. "Master, she regrets what has passed between thee and...she is sorry."

"Go to sleep, Noj-ah. Be silent."

"Yes, Master."

Finally, I drifted off to sleep.

The days passed by with agonizing slowness. I spent the daylight hours attempting to learn about sailing and navigation and the nights sleeping restlessly. Each night, Noj-jah slept by my side. We did nothing but sleep. Since that morning after leaving Edisekal, I surprisingly had no interest in sex...period. I avoided Seq-qah completely, even refusing to speak to her.

I was standing on the poopdeck, early in the morning of our eleventh day at sea, when Ayl-lah approached me. "Master, Seq-qah begs to speak with thee. She says it is of the utmost importance."

"No." Was my simple response.

"It's very impor...." Ayl-lah went on before I interrupted.

"I will talk to her when I'm ready...not before. You tell her that. Go!" I commanded.

"Yes, Master." She bowed to me before leaving.

"Land, ho!" The lookout shouted down to us.

From the forecastle, So-aaron yelled up. "Where away?"

"Dead ahead, sir! It's Edisnaeco...and there is a ship coming out as well!"

So-lonni already had his telescope to his eye. "A big one, M'lord. A ship-o-the-line. Armed by 60 or better." He continued looking closely. "Damn! Another Zoqelander. M'lord?"

"Yes, Captain?"

I have to show a flag. If I break out Terranian colors, they may attack."

"Have Sa-khonsu break out my flag. We'll have some fun with them." I said grinning.

A short time later, we came abreast of the other vessel. Her name in golden lettering was The Great Kahn. It was easily three times the size of the Sea-Hawk perhaps four. All her shooters were manned. She looked ready for battle.

Captain So-lonni stared in disbelief. "Armed by 80! I've never seen such a monster."

I looked. Sure enough, there were two decks of 20 shooters per side. On the lower of these, the shooters were twice as big as the others were. A broadside from that ship might turn the Sea-Hawk into kindling.

The flag of Zoqeland was flying at the top of the mainmast. A solid deep red with a large inverted seven-pointed star in its center.

At that moment, my flag broke free on the Sea-Hawk. A flag never before seen on this world. I could not help the small surge of emotion from my body as I looked up and saw the flag of the good ol' U. S. of A. flapping in the morning breeze.

"What ship?" An amplified voice from the Kahn asked.

"Sea-Hawk!" Answered the captain using an old style megaphone. He went on, lying. "Eight weeks out of Asem Al."

"What flag?" Came the next question, which was expected.

I spoke softly and quickly to the captain. "The flag of the United States!" He answered the Kahn's captain. There. Let them figure that one out.

I could plainly see that the captain of the other ship was confused by my answer. No sea captain on any ship, on any world would readily admit there was something he didn't know.

"What's your business in Edisnaeco?"

"We are a merchantman...doing a merchantman's business." He said.

The Kahn's captain seemed not to like So-lonni's answer, but had no legal right to question us further. We proceeded into port, each of us breathing a quiet sigh of relief.

We arrived at the dock in Edisnaeco just before noon. Edisnaeco is reputed to be the oldest city on all of Terrania. Edisnaeco, translated from Terranian to English means eldest sister. It was here and in two other cities, where recorded history began on Terrania.

The waterfront looked pretty much the same as in Edisekal, albeit much larger. And like every city I had been in, it was clean almost beyond imagination. No city on Earth could come close to the cleanliness I saw before me.

I was startled to some one on the dock that I recognized, who was apparently awaiting our arrival. Lot-tah, the Qoo-jan seer I had met prior to leaving Terrania. What in the hell is she doing here? I was not sure if this was a good thing...or not.

I went down to my cabin to pack my things, only to find out when I got there, that Noj-jah had everything packed and ready to go. "All is being made ready for our departure, Master. Zeq-qoh is getting the wagons and livestock ready for off-loading." She reported to me. "One other thing, Master. Seq-qah needs to...."

I cut her off with a gesture.

"But, Master...." She continued earnestly. "I am assured that it a matter of her life or death."

I looked at her and spoke to her with a sharpness she didn't really deserve, but I wanted to get my point across. "I will speak to her when I am ready. Not before!" I last part came out as an angry shout. I went on, calmer. "Am I understood?"

"Yes, Master." She answered, her voice filled with contrition.

There was a knock at the door. It opened and Lot-tah entered. "I will be joining your party, M'lord Dee-Ess." She said as if that had been the plan all along.

"And no one thought to inform me of this beforehand?"

"A seer goes where she must, M'lord."

"And just how do you know that I would be here?"

"M'lord, I am a seer. I need to join thy party. That is all I can say at this time."

I went on deck to thank Captain So-lonni for his help and for the use of his ship. I also told him that I considered myself in his debt. "If there is anything, I can do for you in the future, let me know."

"It was my pleasure to serve, M'lord."

The wagons and livestock were unloaded quickly and easily. We were on our way within the hour, and continued our journey westward. Lot-tah rode next to me while Seq-qah rode in the slave wagon with the others. I was still not ready to talk to her. We camped that night, where the road curved northward, away from the ocean.

Later that evening, after the evening meal, Lot-tah came out of her tent. I was mildly surprised to see that she had changed out of her robe into the typical Qoo-jan slave outfit consisting of the typical short wraparound skirt, sandals and nothing else. What surprised me most was that she was still quite attractive for a woman of her advanced years. She sat across the fire from me and said. "A good evening to thee, M'lord Dee-Ees."

"And a good evening to you." I said to her.

"Would I be correct in assuming that thou wouldst like to know why I am here?"

"You're a long way from Terrania. Yes. I am wondering what would bring you all the way out here."

"I am a seer, M'lord. I am here to do my duty...nothing more.

"And what is your duty, as you see it?" I asked her.

"To assist thee in saving the world. What else could it be?"

"Is there anything specifically that brought you here? I know what my mission is. I am just not sure how to go about it exactly."

"To be honest with thee, I know only that I need to be here."

"Talk about your cryptic answers...." Talking with Lot-tah and getting straight answers was not going to be easy. Probably quite impossible but I would cross that bridge when I came to it.

Lot-tah and I sat by the fire continued chatting quietly. Then we just sat for a while in a companionable silence. She was just about to speak again when a loud commotion interrupted her. I turned my head to look and was somewhat dismayed at what I saw. Kôjar and the other guards were dragging Seq-qah and Zeq-qoh toward me bound in heavy chains. They threw the Qoo-jans to their knees a couple of feet in front of me. Kôjar saluted me and said. "M'lord, I regret to inform you that these two must be destroyed." Although he had expressed regret, I sensed that he would be very happy to kill them both.

I leapt to my feet. "What is the meaning of this?"

"M'lord...." He pointed at Seq-qah. "This one is with child."

To be continued....

Chapter Seven has been started, but once again, it could take a month or two to finish...maybe even more. But...it will eventually be done.

Many thanks go out to my editor, NightOwl03, without whose help, I might have submitted this with WAY too many errors.

Thanks also go out to my favorite-est official, unofficial proofreader, UnexpectedVixen.

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