tagCelebrities & Fan FictionOn the Hudson: The Meeting

On the Hudson: The Meeting


How on earth did I get here? I was lucky enough to win passes to the Academy Awards. I NEVER could have imagined that leap of fate would bring me to Kate Hudson's pussy. I suppose I should back up a bit.

Well, as I said I was lucky enough to win a contest for a free ticket to the show. Usually they tell you that you can bring along a friend, but not this time.

I had to rush to get a ticket in time, but luckily I got one just under the wire.

My Mom had to drive me to the airport. "Know, just because your going to mingle with celebs, remember, their people too." Did that come from my Mom? She's usually the one I have to say that to.

"Yeah, I know, Mom."

She gave me a hug, and told me she loved me.

"Doesn't everyone." That was my usually comment, because it's hard for me to get emotional. She knew anyway, I think.

I rushed to the terminal and got all situated. When I sat down in my seat I decided that I should read something. Their was 10 minutes until boarding, so I suppose I wasn't THAT rushed.

After I finished a chapter of a VERY interesting Stephen King novel, the flight people said the plane was boarding. I was so exited that I could hardly breath. My tongue felt like flypaper.

After finally boarding the plane and finding my seat, I opened up my book again.

Seconds later a voice asked, "My I sit down."

"Sure, go ahead," I said, not looking up from my book.

"Thanks," the stranger said, a bit relieved from my lack of eye contact. Why would someone be RELIEVED from lack of eye contact, I thought? I thought it was polite to have eye contact with someone. At that point I was so engrossed with my book, that I forgot my manners. When I finished the chapter, I figured it would only be polite of me to look at the person. Try to strike up a conversation. So I stuffed my book inside my carry-on luggage and stuck out my hand to introduce myself.

"Hi, I'm...UH, Bob." I shook her hand, "And, um, you, ah, are...?" Hell, she didn't need to tell me who she was. I may not have seen Almost Famous, but I knew who Kate Hudson was. I watched her on SNL a few weeks ago. How could I forget when she dancing on stage in a bikini.

"I'm Kate," she knew I knew.

"Shouldn't you be in first class?" DAMN, that was the wrong question. Was it hot in hear, or was I turning into a beet.

Luckily, Kate just smiled. "Well, I may have been in the best reviewed movie of the year, but I'n not THAT famous, yet. Besides, I never liked the idea of 1st class, anyway. It makes me feel that I'm better than everyone else, and I'm only human."

"Good for you. I feel the same way." I was still a bit awestruck, nonetheless. "Well, it's nice to meet you." Still a bit awestruck, but not as much as before.

"Nice to meet you too. I LOVE to meet my fans."

OOPS! "Um, well, I have a confession to make. I never saw Almost Famous. I just find you to be attractive." Turning red again.

"Oh, that's fine," she laughed. "Thanks for the compliment, anyhow. What you reading?"

"Stephen King's The Stand. I LOVED the miniseries. Hard to imagine, but the book is better, so far."

"I couldn't read him. I get too scared, and I need to be comforted."

There's an idea, I thought. "Well, you wanna read a chapter." I smiled. Damn, why did I say that.

"No, but thanks, anyway." She laughed at me again. "Your cute."

I was a bit relieved she took my comment in good humor, but also was a bit embarassed. "Well, if you change your mind, let me know."

"Your such a flirt. You realize I'm married."

"Sure, I'm just messin' with ya."

"MAN, you are cute though." She put a hand on my leg. Boy was I glad that no one sitting near us. She moved her hand up my pant leg and she groped my erection.

"AH, what if someone sees us?"

"Relax, the nearest people to us is 8 rows away. We were seated in the 2nd row in the back. I could tell someone had taken a really rancid shit, but that turned me on. I secretly fantasized of watching a long thick shit coming from a women's nasty shithole.

Kate's hand had found it's way inside my pants and squeezed my aching rod. "I have to go to the bathroom," she said.

"I think I feel a shit coming on." LIE! We got up from are seats and carefully crept to the back of the plane. Kate opened the door and went in. How was I gonna fit in their too, I wondered. I quickly glanced to the front of the plane to see if anyone had noticed our exertion. We were oblivious to the rest of the plane. Looking at Kate I crept inside and locked the door. I was gonna LOVE this.

To Be Continued...

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