tagExhibitionist & VoyeurOne Fine Massage Ch. 4

One Fine Massage Ch. 4


Well, I had done it! The rule at the College massage classes I teach is not touching the breasts or genitals, drapes to be used at all times!

I had allowed my male students to undrape the female subjects, and actually touch their bare breasts! I had done it myself with my student, and that was a huge no-no in class. It was enough to get me fired!

To top it off, the word was all over the school, about the "hot" class, I was getting pats on the back from the male students, and some knowing sidelong glances from the females.

I was called into the super's office, he closed the door and asked me what all this was about. I stammered an apology, bracing myself for the inevitable. He asked me if any of the students had been upset, I told him no, it was a personal choice. He thought for a moment, then said, "All right. But make sure you explain that ahead of time to your class, so anyone who might be offended can opt out!"

I almost went "Yahoo!", but I kept my professional manner, thanked him, and told him I would be careful.

It hit me as I headed back to my classroom that I might have a very full schedule next semester.

My Wednesday class was uneventful, it was on reflexology, which is mostly feet, and -trigger points associated with the feet and organs. But after the class, one student named Lynn hung around for a bit, until all the rest had left. She was a pretty young woman, about 30, but much heavier than any of the others. I had noticed that she was having some troubles when it was her turn to be a practice model. Often, I would work with her myself, which she seemed to relish, and it put her more at ease.

She asked me if I would give her some private instruction. I often worked with students in a private setting, especially the ones who seemed to be getting behind, and I often worked with them just before their Board Exams for the license process.

"Sure", I told her, and explained she could drop by my home office the same evening. She beamed, and we settled on 8 PM.

When I got home, I told my wife Lee that I had a private session with a student for the evening, she gave me a funny glance, and asked me, "Is she cute?" "Yes", I replied, "but she is a student"!

I swear I saw a touch of disapointment flash in her expression, and I knew she was thinking about our conversation about her wanting to watch me with another woman. I just patted her butt, and clicked on the TV.

Lynn arrived right on the dot, she and Lee chatted a bit as I washed up, and Lee showed her to the massage room.

I came in, and the first thing I noticed was she was nude under the drape, this was new, she would not remove her underwear in class, which is an option we allow for the more conservative students. But I just started working, and explained the muscle groups as I went. As my hands worked up the back of her legs, I could only reach about halfway, her extra weight on the thighs kept them firmly together. Then she shifted, and parted her legs, allowing me access. Now this is an almost unmistakable signal from any subject, so I allowed my fingers to drift up within and inch or so of her pussy.

She gave a small sigh, I asked her if she was comfortable with my closer touch. The phrase "closer touch" is a polite term, easy to say when shyness is an issue. Usually the answer is yes, and I will allow my fingers to just touch the lips, for a tiny instant. Then my subject will either stiffen slightly, at which point I apologize, or they will part their legs even more. Lynn parted her legs!

I used more oil, and ran my hands up her thighs, swept them across her buttocks, this motion parts the cheeks, and pops their lips into view. She had a wisp of pubic hair, and her genitals were quite obvious, and aroused. I worked on her in that manner for some time, both sides, then moved to her back and shoulders, slipping the drape down to the bottom of her fanny. I did the long Esalan style strokes, the full length of the body, letting my fingers drift into the cleft between her cheeks. She sighed, as I felt her tension go.

Her skin was soft and supple, but I had to work fairly deep to get through the extra layers of weight she carried.

I had her turn over, then I asked her if she was bashful about her breasts. That is the 2nd question I use, it is a polite way of asking to undrape. Again, 90% will say no, which she did. I slipped the drape down to her waist, exposing her surprisingly small bosom for a heavy woman. Her nipples were very erect, I massaged in circles, getting closer and closer, then finally I did the tiny little circles coming just to the edge of the very tip of her nipples. This motion can drive women who have sensitive breasts wild, I have had several who will orgasm at this point, quite a beautiful thing to see.

Next I placed a bolster under her knees, to elevate them. I got some AloeVera lotion, to use under the flap on her stomach. Heavy people often develop a flap that hangs over their stomach, the skin underneath is very sensitive as a rule, and the AloeVera lotion lubricates and helps the skin to soften and relax, so it is easier to reach the muscles in the abdomen.

I then worked the front and back of her legs from underneath, lifting her thigh muscles, and pressing blood towards her pubic region. This is a very erotic technique, it will often bring the client to a full state of arousal, and Lynn was no exception!

I was working under the drape, but I let it slip higher and higher, she began to spread her legs, I let my hands drift across the top of her pubic bone, stroking and stroking. Her breath was coming in short gasps, she was really close.

I quietly asked her if she wanted me to work closer. She almost couldn't answer, she managed a guttural yes, I allowed the palm of my hand, fingers splayed, to slide down and over her lips. Her back arched, she let out a scream, nearly startling me with the volume, as I repeated and repeated the motion. I felt her outer lips pulsate under my fingers, over and over, almost violent in the orgasm.

She began to moan and whimper, as I eased my touch, feeling for sensitivity that can happen with orgasm, and make touch painful. She whimpered some more, I glanced up at the tears flowing down her cheeks as she came back down.

Then I stepped up to her, leaned down and kissed her on the forehead. "You are beautiful!" I told her.

As I stepped towards the door, to give her space and peace, I heard her whisper, "My God, I love you!"

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