tagLoving WivesOne Fine Massage Story Ch. 2

One Fine Massage Story Ch. 2


This happened a couple of years ago, but several asked to hear more of Karen, so here it is.

Karen is a lady driver for UPS. She often came into my Son's store where I fill in from time to time in the shipping department.

What I noticed about her was the confident way she carried herself. The muscles in her legs rippled with strength, she would grab a 70 pound carton and handle it with ease.

This was not a beautiful woman, in the classic sense at all. She was tall, slender, her hair rolled back in a no-nonsense ponytail. Her breasts were almost non-existant, her features were a bit sharp. Her chin seemed to be a bit long for her face. She made up for all of that with her manner, and a smile that could light up an entire stadium! I liked the way she looked!

She knew it, too. She would bend over just right, giving me a glimpse down her brown uniform blouse, and it was also obvious she had no need for a bra. Several times I got quick glimpses of her tiny little nipples, she would just smile and tease me as she handled the work.

One day there was a fairly heavy load, and I went with her into the main store to get the cart we use to speed the process. I noticed she spotted the small stack of business cards I keep on the counter, advertising my massage therapy practice, and she picked one up.

She was surprised at the first appointment, she hadn't expected the therapist to be me, that simply hadn't registered on her.

The session was simply fine, and she obviously enjoyed it. In fact, she came back twice more, and both were similar. She enjoyed the intimate touch I provide, in fact, she seemed eager for it! What she had been shorted up top, she more than made up for down below. Her outer lips were fully visible, and extremely sensitive. Her orgasms were powerful things, easy to reach, and she was blessed with the capacity to come in what seemed almost unlimited numbers.

I remember a session where I watched her stomach muscles ripple in a small climax as I stood at the head of the table, stroking her face and earlobes!

But suddenly we had a different driver, a male, and nearly a year went by.

This really isn't abnormal, people come and go, I see them for an hour or two, then suddenly they are gone. I seldom get to know why, it can be anything from moving away to getting married to illness or just that they find another massuer. It happens, but sometimes I find myself thinking of a client and missing them.

It was a Thursday, my last day of the week, and I finished up my paperwork at the Massage Therapy School where I teach. All just normal stuff. I was about 15 minutes later than normal hitting the road for the 35 mile drive to the country home Lee and I own out in the hills Northwest of Portland.

I pulled into my driveway after the uneventful trip, and noticed a new little Volkswagen parked in the drive.

I put the Van I drive into the garage, and walked in the back way like always, and here on the couch sat Lee and Karen!

Lee hopped up and gave me the usual hug, and I got a glass of ice water and joined them, quite tickled to see Karen.

We engaged in the catching up conversation, Karen mentioned that she had been switched to a South Portland route, which was why she was suddenly just gone.

I assumed she was wanting another massage, the truth is I wasn't really in the mood, I had checked my bookings and I was clear, so I had been looking forward to a nice evening on the couch in front of the TV.

"Karen has a little fantasy!" Lee popped out. Lee has never been known to be anything but blunt and to the point, I am long since used to that.

I looked at Karen, who smiled slightly, and asked "And what might that be?"

Karen said that she wanted to give ME a massage, to return the favor. I thought about that for a minute, no favor needed, I do have a fee for my services, after all.

"Really?" was the best I could manage. It hit me that I could go for that, so I happily agreed.

In short order I was in and out of the shower, dried off and on the table with a towel draped over my fanny. There was a soft knock on the door, "Ready?" Karen asked. I almost busted out laughing, after all, that was my line...

Karen came in, slipped off her blouse revealing a tank top style T-shirt. I also noticed she had slipped off the blue jeans and had on a snug pair of shorts. It was pretty obvious that was it. No need for modesty, I had already seen her naked, and licked her to orgasm in at least three other sessions.

She found the oils, and started on my back. Her hands were a bit cool at first, and obviously amatuer. I have amatuer hands on me nearly every day at school as I give instructions to my students. I just lay there and enjoyed the sensations, her hands felt good, even if the touch was a little scattered.

It wasn't long before she was rubbing my legs and fanny, I felt her fingertips slip down and touch my balls so I opened my legs to allow her easier access. She took full advantage of that quickly, and I heard her breath begin to pick up a bit.

"Turn over!" she said, almost demanding. As I did, I saw her reach down and pull her tank top over her head, leaving her nude to the waist. I looked at her tiny breasts, the little dark nipples as hard as a rock, and no bigger than a pea, the slightly lighter circles around the tiny tips of her nipples fading into the rest of the flesh of her breasts.

The way the late evening light spread into the room through the trees cast patterns on her body. The soft almost below hearing level of the background music added to the mood. I drank in the sight, here stood a mature, eager, beautiful creature. Totally uninhibited, the entire scene was fantastic!

I lay there just drinking her in, as she reached out and took the towel from me, leaving me nude.

Then she slid up on top of me, pressing herself against me, and kissed me full on the lips. This was so nice I happily returned the kiss, soon our tongues were flickering against each other. I held her against me, and reached up to nuzzle her earlobes, and was rewarded with a tiny jerk as the sensation flowed through her. Then she began to slide down me, lower and lower, rubbing her nipples against the skin of my chest.

I could feel them both firmly against me, tracing a sensual pattern, down across my abdomen, then my groin.

I was about as hard as this old man can get, I could feel my foreskin partially rolled back by itself, then her mouth was on me!

She sucked me in, deeper and deeper, it hit me that she was going to get my full 8" down her throat!

Then it was all the way, I swear I felt her tongue come out and even lick the bottom of my balls, as she worked me. He face was pressed fully against my lower stomach, she was the first woman to ever manage all of me that way!

Karen withdrew, and looked at me with eyes gone hazy, "I need this!" was all she said.

She slid off the table, and looking me right in the eyes, slid her shorts down and off. Then she climbed back on top of me, letting her nipples retrace the motion back up my chest.

Karen is fairly tall, about 5' 9" or so, she lay on me and we kissed deeply again. Then she placed one leg on either side of me, and started to press down. I felt my penis slide up and over the crack of her behind, she moved slightly back and forth, feeling my length against her. Then she lifted up, I slipped down and felt her wetness on the end of my member. With a funny little forward rotation of her hips, she sucked me right in!

Suddenly here I was, fucking her! Something I had really wanted to do but never pressed that issue during any of the other 3 sessions.

It was obvious she wanted to, too, she was now pounding away at me. Her hips would twist forwards and ram her clitoris against me, pausing and pressing.

Then she would repeat the motion, it hit me that I was not screwing this woman, she was screwing me!

This went on for a solid 5 minutes, I felt her first orgasm and almost went myself, somehow I managed to hold back, sensing there was more. Then she was coming again and again, I could feel her insides contract, relax, over and over and over.

Finally I had no way to hold back any longer, and I let fly. As I did she rammed down on me, grinding herself onto me!

We lay together, her weight settled on my chest, sweat mingling and starting to drip from us.

"Just like I thought it would be!" she whispered.

"Thank you!' was all I could manage.

We got up and I turned on the water in the little shower room I have off my Massage room. I let her go first, then decided why not, and stepped in with her. I took the bar of soap and soaped her up head to toe, she did the same to me. The warm water cascading across us was somehow erotic, and suddenly I was getting hard again.

Karen had her hands on me, then she turned and I was in her again, right there in the shower. Water poured over our heads as we thrust away at each other, I was struggling to come this time, she beat me to it again, though. Finally I felt the tightening, and the release, just in time as the hot water ran out and we got cooled off quickly!

I shut the water off, we started to giggle, which turned into a huge round of laughter as we stood there dripping wet, hugging each other!

Finally, we dried off and dressed. We went into the living room, I suddenly noticed some delightful odors coming from the kitchen.

Lee had been in there preparing a nice meal the whole time. We gathered at the table, corn on the cob, some perfectly broiled fillets.

I looked at Lee, and she just smiled that familiar smile. I knew I owed her one.

But my curiousity got the better of me, so I had to ask. "What brought all this on?" I asked them both.

Karen looked at me with a grin, and said, "I have been thinking of it for almost a year!"

"Well, why now? I asked.

"It was now or never," Karen replied. "I am getting married this Sunday!".....

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