tagBDSMOne Hot Summer Day

One Hot Summer Day


One summer day while out for a drive in the country, Mark and Sara spied a wooded park just outside of town. Sara had been giving Mark the look and vibe that she wanted to fuck him all day. Mark suggested they stop and Sara said yes right away. They found a good spot, pulled over and got out.

They climbed in to the bed of his shiny pickup truck and threw a blanket down on the sun warmed metal floor. Mark backed Sara up against the cab of the truck and looked down into her lusty eyes. It was if she was begging him to take her right then with her eyes. The feeling of her being so close to him with her hot body and smooth as silk skin was starting to make his pants bulge.

Sara liked the way it felt to be pinned to the truck by his big, strong man physique. It made her feel more like a woman being next to him. He reached down and grabbed a handful of her hair close to the scalp and leaned in to feel her full, plump lips on his. He kissed her long and hard, their tongues tangling and thrusting in and out of each other's mouth.

Sara turned Mark around so he was against the cab of the truck pressing her body to his. She lifted up his shirt asking him to take it off. She started kissing his neck, scraping it with her teeth a bit. His masculine scent was driving her crazy. She ran her hands across his broad chest, her tongue following. She lightly ran her tongue over each nipple until they were hard. She reached down and felt his dick had swollen even more. She ran her tongue down his flat stomach while undoing his pants to reveal his perfect cock.

It was just the way she liked. Long, thick, hard and hers for the taking. She kneeled down in front of him and took out his masterpiece dick and juicy, filled balls. She couldn't wait to have them in her mouth and taste him. She ran her strong tongue expertly around the head of his dick, feeling him shudder. Her tongue wandered to the underside of the head and up and down the long shaft covering every inch of his rock hard cock.

He tasted so good it was making her wetter and wetter. She always loved sucking his dick as much as he loved her sucking it. She licked one ball and took it in her mouth, sucking gently and lashing it with her tongue and then did the same to the other ball. The coolness of his balls felt so good in her hot mouth.

Quickly she shoved his whole dick in her mouth and down her throat as he let out a loud moan. She put one hand around the base of his dick and started slowly moving his dick in and out of her mouth, sucking and running her tongue all over it at the same time. Her wet mouth felt so good on his raging hard-on that he was not going to be able to keep from blowing his wad.

As he got more excited Sara began to suck it quicker and harder, her face slamming into his stomach as she took it all deep in her throat. She could feel his body tensing up as he was getting close to cumming. He called out her name in a low, husky voice and grabbed her head just as she felt his warm, delicious cum squirting in her mouth and down her throat. The salty taste and it's velvet like smoothness were just what she wanted. She swallowed what she had with delight and then licked every tasty drop off his dick as he shook with pleasure.

Once he caught his breath, Mark was ready to return the favor. He grabbed Sara's hand and pulled her up to a standing position. He took her tank top and bra off her to expose her tan, perfect tits. He cupped them in his hands and bent down to lick them. He licked her big nipples and bit them softly until they were a brighter shade of pink and at full attention.

He ran his hand across her stomach and under the waistband of her shorts to her hot, shaved pussy. He rubbed her clit lightly and started kissing her mouth with hard and deep kisses. She let out soft moans of ecstasy. His rough, calloused hands felt so good down there. He stuck two of his big fingers in her tight pussy, finger fucking her hard and taking no prisoners She had never been finger fucked this good before. She almost could not stand upright anymore it felt so good. His big fingers violently fucking her wet pussy with that come here motion, in and out, over and over.

Seeing her enjoying what he was doing so much and hearing her call out his name so loud in the quietness of the woods made him hard again. He could feel her pussy tightening up and knew she was close to exploding. He leaned in and thrust his tongue in her mouth with as much force as he was finger fucking her to intensify her orgasm. Just as he did he felt her pussy clamp down on his fingers and a river of her cum ran down his fingers and hand as she let out a loud, guttural, muffled moan. Her body shook with every wave of orgasm.

He took his cum soaked fingers out of her pussy and put them to her lips. She looked him in the eyes and took them in her mouth and slowly sucked all of the cum off them that he has just made her squirt out. Seeing this made his big, perfect cock rock hard.

Mark told Sara to take off her shorts and sandals and lie down on her back on the blanket. She happily obliged wondering what she was in store for now. Lying in the bed of his truck in the woods dressed in only her red, lacey thong made her feel hot and dangerous. She liked the feeling of the fact that they could get caught or that someone might see them.

Mark told her to put her hands above her head as he reached in to the tool box in the bed of his truck and pulled out four chains and four padlocks. Hearing the sound of the chains clanking filled Sara with anticipation of the perversion to come.

Mark carefully wrapped a chain around each wrist and padlocked the ends to the clasps of his toolbox leaving her no room for her arms to move. The cold feeling of the chains on her sun warmed skin felt good to Sara. The fact that she was now immobile and totally dependant on Mark made her so hot. Now that her arms and hands were taken care of he focused on her legs. He spread her legs and bent each leg so her heels were touching her ass cheeks and wrapped a chain around her thigh and shin and padlocked the ends to the toolbox. She was spread wide open and could not move. Sara, the ever-willing participant, couldn't wait to see and feel what would happen next.

Mark took a moment to look at his creativeness and soak up how good she looked totally helpless and all his for the moment. The sight of her sleek, hot body chained up, wearing nothing but a thong in the back of his truck in the great outdoors brought out the animal in him. He removed his boots and jeans as Sara watched intently. Seeing his rock hard cock made Sara beg him to stick it in her wet pussy.

He grabbed his knife off the belt of his crumpled up pants and cut her thong off her exposing her hot pussy that he just brought past the brink, outlined by her tan lines. He reached under her ass with one hand and lifted it up a bit before sticking his throbbing cock in her waiting pussy. Shoving it in deep and hard right away as she screamed out with the pleasure of finally feeling his cock where it belongs, deep in her pussy.

He slammed his dick in her just the way she likes it. Fast and hard while feeling his balls slap against her ass. The feeling of her pussy wrapped around his raging cock, the sounds of her screaming his name and the sight of her muscles bulging as she tried unsuccessfully to move was almost too much for Mark. He couldn't remember ever feeling so good. She was feeling so good too. Too good to notice the pain of her wrists and legs pulling against the chains. He was fucking her so hard she thought she was going to spilt in half and she loved every forceful thrust his big, stiff cock.

The only sound in the woods was the sound of them panting and fucking and the sound of chains pulling against the toolboxes. For that moment, nothing else in the world existed. Mark thrusted his big cock in and out of Sara's perfect pink slit until he felt her pussy walls clamp down against his dick. He knew she was ready to come all over him. He couldn't hold back any longer, fucking her and seeing her love the fucking felt too good. When she came he came too creating an orgasm for the both of them that neither had experienced before.

Drained and spent, Mark reached over to the side of the bed of the truck and grabbed his keys out of his jeans pocket. Still a little shaky, he fumbled around until he spied the key to the padlocks. He unlocked the padlock on Sara's legs one at a time and slowly removed the chains off, straightened her legs out and gently rubbed her thigh and calf muscles that were so tight and sore from their bondage. He moved to her upper body and paused a minute to savor one last look at her still partially chained up to his truck in the woods looking as hot as he could ever remember. She was so totally satisfied she almost glowed.

When he unlocked her arms she reached up and put her arms around his neck and pulled his face to hers and kissed him deep, slow and passionately. Mark laid down next to her and they snuggled in close. With her head on his chest and his big strong arms wrapped around her she could hear the loud pounding of his heartbeat. Despite everything, she never felt safer in her life.

Hunger took over and made them get up. They decided to go back to Sara's place for dinner. It was a long ride back to town. Sara was exhausted. She laid down on the bench seat of the truck, put her feet on the passenger seat and laid her head down in his lap and fell fast asleep. He drove like that the whole way and enjoyed every second of it, stroking her long, soft hair and knowing that he had just satisfied her beyond belief.

As his pickup rolled into Sara's driveway he knew he wanted fuck her more tonight. He did not want this feeling to end. He woke Sara up and they went inside. Sara grabbed all the pans and got to work and made dinner. They sat eating dinner across the table from each other remembering all of the great fun they had earlier that day. They both could smell the scent of each other on them.

While Sara cleaned up from dinner Mark sat at the kitchen table. He looked over at Sara whose back was to him as she stood over a sink filling with dish soap bubbles and water. He couldn't help but notice hot great her ass looked in those shorts. The way her legs met her ass, the shape of her toned calf muscles...... His dick started to twitch.

He got up from the table and said he would be right back and went upstairs. Sara didn't think too much about it as she heard him return to the kitchen a minute later until she felt him come up to her from behind and press her against the counter with his midsection. She could feel what was the beginning her favorite hard dick pressing to her ass through her shorts. Just as she was about to try to turn around he started kissing and licking the back of her neck. A shiver ran through her whole body producing goosebumps on her silky skin.

Mark reached down and slid her shorts to her ankles revealing her beautiful, pantiless ass. Sara slipped her feet out of them as they hit the floor. He put his hand on her back and guided her gently to bend at the waist. As Sara bent over the counter and sink the front of her tank top and bra got wet in the bubbly dishwater. Mark got down under her ass and told her to spread her legs apart and move back a bit. He licked her clit from under her ever so softly with his hands grabbing her ass. He was so hard now with her clit in his face, staring at her soft, sweet gash.

He started to lick her clit faster and wilder. Flicking his tongue about it while his face was buried deep in her pussy, his hands clutching her ass. Sara was getting so hot standing there getting eaten out bent over her kitchen counter. Mark could taste and smell her getting more and more excited as he ran his tounge from her clit to inside her pussy. In and out of her pussy and then back to her now pulsating clit. Sara was on the verge of cumming and Mark knew it.

Without warning he spread her ass cheeks apart and began eating out her ass too. Sara let out a loud groan of approval when his tounge touched her asshole. It felt so good to have his wet tounge rimming her. Just as he had hoped, he had Sara begging to feel his big dick in her hot little ass in no time.

He reached in the back pocket of his jeans and pulled out the bottle of lube he had smuggled down from upstairs. He held the bottle over her begging ass and squirted the lube on it. She jumped at the feeling of the cold, jelly-like liquid hitting her hot-for-his-dick-ass. He rubbed it up and down her crack with his middle finger before sticking his finger in her ass unexpectedly as she slammed her palms down on the counter and almost squealed with pleasure. The inside of her ass felt so warm and tight he just had to get his dick in there.

He undid his jeans and took out his now steel hard cock. He had never wanted anything so much in his life as he wanted to fuck her in the ass right now. He slathered lube on his dick. The slippery feeling of him rubbing lube on his own cock only heightened his sensitivity. He bent her over farther and took his dick in his hand and ran the head of it up and down her slippery crack from her clit to her ass. Neither could wait for what was going to happen next. He moved the head around her virgin asshole, teasing both of them for a few seconds before slowly pushing his dick in her very tight, warm ass. He could not believe how it felt to slide his dick into something so tight. She could not believe how good it felt to have his big dick filling up her ass.

He flexed his leg muscles as he slid in to stretch out her ass so it would not hurt her. Once all the way in, he stood still for a moment to let her get used to the feeling. Slowly he started fucking her ass. Nice and slow in and out, so slippery, so tight...............

He reached around her and ran his strong hands under her wet shirt and bra grabbing her tits firmly while fucking her ass. She gasped at the feeling of getting fucked in the ass and her tits being grabbed like that at the same time. Faster and faster, harder and harder he started fucking her ass. When he would thrust it in she would be forced up on her tippy toes, almost off her feet taking in his hard cock, loving every inch of it slamming in her ass.

It felt so good she was grabbing onto anything she could get her hands on. The feeling of him fucking her in the ass drove her crazy. The dishes from dinner went flying off the counter on to the floor breaking into a hundred pieces as she was flailing her arms around, out of control from the feeling of Mark's big, hard cock crammed in her ass fucking her fast and hard.

She could not contain herself, it felt way better than she could ever imagine. She almost could not breathe. Suddenly he firmed up his grip on her tits and pulled her in even closer to him, as he did she felt his dick go even deeper into her than it had ever been as he let out a loud sound she never heard him make before and she felt her the inside of her ass warm instantly from the flood of cum he just shot. He came so hard he became dizzy for a moment. He put his big strong arms around her and hugged her tight with his dick still in her ass. He could not believe they had just done that and how incredible it felt.

Out of breath, he slid his dick out of her as she turned around and grabbed his face with both hands and kissed him like she had never kissed anyone. She reached down and took his hand and led him upstairs to her bedroom where they both collapsed into a naked heap and fell sound asleep, dreaming of what perversions they would share tomorrow.

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