tagGroup SexOne, Two, They're Both for You

One, Two, They're Both for You


Riding in the elevator...back down to the car....because she had forgotten her toy bag...she was in need and it had been a long day and she was feeling more than a little aroused.

There had been a man at the restaurant whose smile had her thinking many naughty thoughts. She wiggled and squirmed against the back wall...watching the numbers descend. Her fingers straying to her nipples, the thin nightshirt clinging to her in the heat, the swollen buds protruding...at 2 am...not much chance of meeting anyone...she closed her eyes and spread her legs.

Her hand pressed to puffy pussy lips, feeling the moist heat. She moaned aloud as the doors opened ...she straightened up...and strode quickly to her car. Toy bag in hand, she decided to take the stairs...thinking it might help to burn off some of the excess energy, her steps faster as she climbed. Her nipples ached as the material of her night-shirt brushed over the swollen tips.

Rounding the bend in the stairs, almost to her floor, she collided with the door as it swung open. Cursing, she brought her hand to her head...the toy bag dropped and hit the floor with a dull thud spilling its contents. Red faced from the exertion of climbing, the pain in her head and the heat in her crotch. She looked up to find herself staring into the eyes of the man from the restaurant...brows furrowed as she stared at him. He was the cause of her middle of the night urges...and now this.

Moaning aloud, she watched as he gathered up the toys, put them back in the bag and then stared at her once again. He leaned forward and moved her hand away from her head....kissed the throbbing egg that was growing...and took her hand firmly in his.

He opened the door and led her through, dragging her along and pushing her into his room ahead of him. Just the glow from the clock radio lit the room....but it was identical to hers...so navigating didn't prove to be a problem. He dumped the bag on the bed closest to the door...its contents once more spilling out....her brain is foggy as much from the electricity in the air as the bump. She let her eyes take in the room... the sound of the shower running so loud it covered the thumping of her heart. She sees the man in front of her reaching for a set of cuffs, and she is frozen in place as he snapped one on her wrist. He pulled her to him, covered her lips with his...a deep searching kiss...his free hand tracing her heated slit through the nightgown.

Dragging her with him he opened the bathroom door and pushed her in...throwing the other cuff over the curtain rod and securing her other wrist. Her arms pulled up tight over her head...her ass pressed against the curtain....he kissed her hard, pulling the nightgown up to expose her wet sex and swollen nipples. A hand brushed her ass from behind the curtain....and a loud expletive followed. The curtain wrenched back, releasing a cloud of steam, and a voice chuckled...wet hands caressed her hips, her ass, pressing between her quivering thighs.

"I thought you were going for cold drinks...not a hot ass!" his chuckles making her shiver. The burning eyes staring at her..."I found her in the stairwell looking lonely...thought I'd bring her back." he answered with a musical lilt to his voice. Not trusting her own, she could only smile weakly, her nipples tingling, juices dripping from her needy slit, soaking her thighs.

"I guess I should ask...do you want to play with us? I should have asked before this...but you were just so delightfully delicious looking.", he punctuated this with a grin and before she could answer, claimed her lips, forcing his tongue into her mouth.

From behind her a voice adds, "We'll take your silence as a yes!" again that chuckle. Her body shivered uncontrollably, back arched and nipples pressed to the chest in front of her. Moaning into the open mouth, the sound muffled. A hand reached between her legs and smeared pussy juices along the crack of those jiggling globes....a hard cock pressed at the puckered rim at the same time that a hand found her clit...pinching it hard .... fingers invaded that heated cunt, a cock driven into her tight ass in one full , long, hard thrust.

The breath that she hadn't even realized she was holding burst forcefully from her throat....a muffled scream...her ass on fire...the puckered bud in full blossom as the hard cock hammered away. Fingers pressed deep into her hungry sex, finding the gspot and massaging, as his thumb grinds on her clit.

His other hand holding her head to his....his lips bruising ..taking her very breath. He dropped to his knees, forcing his face into her sopping pussy, his tongue stabbing that hardened nub of pleasure ....his fingers dug into her gspot as the thick cock continued to avail itself of her throbbing ass.

Her hair grabbed, pulling her head backwards, twisting it sideways until the man behind her can claim her swollen lips, his tongue delves into her mouth. The first waves of orgasm hit her...a full body shudder...she screamed and , pulled at her arms, legs not wanting to bear the weight of her exploding body. The cock in her ass giving up its precious fluid, it splattered deep in her bowels, heating her insides...feeling on fire....she screamed. Unable to stop the forward motion of that blissful climax...she shook and quivered.

Muscles contracted...biting down on the cock....ripping at the fingers....making her gasp for air. The cock withdrew from her ass, the water from the shower still beating down on him....it splashed over her ass and back. She felt the cuff on her wrist being released and she slumped forward, leaning over the man at still busy at her cunt.

He stood then and turned her...she watched as the shower guy washed his cock in the stream of water, then he pushed her head lower....his cock rubbing as her tongue snaked forward, unable to resist. Bent forward, her hands on the edge of the tub for support....she moaned as a second cock rubbed along her slippery slit...the copious amounts of natural lube making it slide easily. The cock slid into her eager mouth. The other cock impaled her gaping ass, driving fully in.

He pushed four fingers into her cunt...stroking then tucked his thumb, pushed hard, until her muscles gave way allowing him to drive his entire hand home. Her muscles clenched around his wrist...sheer bliss as his cock unloads its essence in her ass. The cock in her throat gagged her...choked off the screams. A stream of ejaculate sprayed from her cunt, squirting around his wrist. Spunk filling , overflowing her ass, she gasped for air as with seemingly one motion, her mouth, cunt and ass were free of cocks and hands.

Strong hands pulled her upright....rinsed her off. Two mouths taking turns kissing her as she panted and gasped, her body still trembling. Her nightshirt was pulled down once again covering her nakedness. He walked her to her door...an arm laid possessively across her shoulders. He carried the bag of toys and escorted her to her room. With a deep, searching final kiss, she found herself alone...standing inside her door. Smiling...no need for the toy bag now...she flopped onto her bed and fell into the deep dreamless sleep of the sexually sated.

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