tagErotic CouplingsOnline Fantasy Chat Ch. 03

Online Fantasy Chat Ch. 03


Miranda slipped the strap of her sandal around her ankle and bent to fasten the tiny buckle. It glinted silver in the light from her dressing table and she stood back up, turning carefully as she checked herself in the mirror.

Her silver sandals had six inch heels and made her quite tall--something she enjoyed since she was usually only five foot four. She had no idea how tall Jake was, but figured she could take off the sandals when they got to his bed. Her silvery dress swirled loose around her hips, skimming mid thigh, the bodice snug across her generous breasts, almost too snug as one of the thin chain straps kept slipping down her shoulder. Her dark hair was caught up in a silver barrette, baring her graceful neck and she smiled at the way her favorite necklace nestled between her breasts, drawing the eye down to the pale swells. She smoothed her dress down over her tummy, feeling butterflies inside. The dress and shoes had been an impulse buy and had sat in her closet for almost a year. She couldn't get rid of them – she'd blown almost a whole paycheck on them – but she'd never had the courage to wear them out before.

Underneath the thin material she was naked and already quite damp. She wanted a naughty surprise for Jake; although she thought he might guess. After all, she'd been without panties in all their fantasies. She grabbed a small bag and her keys and left before the second thoughts got too loud.

Miranda sauntered out to the parking lot and got smoothly into her old sedan. She started the car, already playing with the seat belt and realized too late that the air conditioning went right up under the dress. A quick shudder went through her as she adjusted the vents. She'd never gone without panties in something this short before. Her usual skirts were heavy denim and down to her ankles. Well, it was worth it if he appreciated the surprise.

Even pointed away, the cool air in the car had her nipples hard and she felt her face flush with heat as the rest of her body reacted. She had to concentrate on driving, flashes of the dream, of their fantasies filling her mind. She was meeting him at a bar. What could happen at a bar?

The drive didn't seem long enough when she pulled into the small parking lot beside the bar. It was only half full, but she figured the night was early. It was just shy of eight, so she hoped Jake was already there and she wouldn't have to wait alone. Although, if he was late and a better offer came along...no, she really wanted to meet Jake.

Miranda took a deep breath as she opened the door to Mike's Place. She sauntered in, trying to look casual despite the butterflies. She glanced around, looking for a single guy by himself. It occurred to her that she should have gotten more details from Jake so she'd recognize him.

Wait. She felt her stomach drop as she saw a face she recognized. She'd seen him today, outside her lab class before the last session she had. The man's face lit up as their eyes connected and she felt frozen as he got up and came towards her.

"Hey, babe," he said softly, his eyes scanning her face.

"You...I...I saw you today," she blurted it out, the doubts growing louder by the second.

He looked sheepish and gave a small shrug. "I couldn't wait," he confessed, "I know it's creepy, but I'm not stalking you or anything. Really. I just knew you had a lab class today and thought maybe I could get a peek at you. It's the first time. Honest." His words were said quickly, but the tone of his voice wasn't anxious and she felt herself relax a little.

"It was a surprise," she explained. She had told him about her schedule. She'd complained about her classes many times during their conversations and she could understand curiosity. She hadn't even thought about trying to find him on campus. She took a good look at him – he was slightly taller than her in her heels and on the thin side. He had thick dark hair that curled around his ears – one silver earring – and bright green eyes. Those eyes sparkled at her.

"You're not upset, right?" he asked. He held out a hand and she slid her hand into his, letting him lead her back to the table he'd been at when she came in. "I just couldn't get you out of my mind and thought it wouldn't hurt."

"As long as you're not disappointed," she answered, watching his face as she slid into the chair he held for her.

"You're kidding...You're gorgeous and I already know the best parts of you," he dropped into the chair across from her, his eyes intent on her face. Then a look of doubt passed across his face. "What about you?"

Miranda smiled for the first time since she'd walked in. She leaned forward on her elbows and gave him a view down the front of her dress. "I think you're going to get a fantasy tonight," she whispered. His eyes darkened and she felt a tingle in her body.

"Thank God," he breathed, "After last night and seeing you sitting here, I'm on the edge already. I'd hate to have to go home alone." She laughed.

"I'd wondered," she murmured as the waitress walked up to the table.

"Can I get you guys something?" she asked.

"I figured a couple drinks before we go somewhere for dinner." Jake didn't take his eyes from Miranda.

"I'll have something light," Miranda said, glancing at the waitress. "What can you recommend?"

"The hard cider's pretty good," Jake commented. The waitress nodded. "That sound okay?" When Miranda nodded, he looked at the waitress. "A cider and a beer," he said. She disappeared after making a note in her book.

"I don't drink much," Miranda confessed, keeping her voice low as she glanced around. She'd seen the place before, but never been inside. It was nice, clean, and at the moment, pretty quiet. There were only two other couples at tables and a group of guys watching sports at the bar.

"Then it'll be easy to get you drunk and have my way with you," Jake gave her a wink. The waitress gave him a look as she placed the bottles on the table.

Miranda leaned across the table. "Maybe I'll get you drunk and have my way with you," she said, "I'm in the mood for a ride tonight." She watched him swallow hard and felt a thrill. She picked up the cider and took a sip. Not bad. And, after a second sip, she felt some of the tension loosen a bit. This was Jake. Finally.

"Dressed like that, you could get any ride you want," he answered, leaning forward himself, "But I'm glad you're with me." She just smiled. "So, since I already know what you do and what you'd like to do with me, what should we talk about?"

She almost choked on her sip of cider, but managed to swallow before she laughed. "That's all there is to life? Job and sex?" she chided.

"Well, I thought it might be a bit early to ask about your family," he winked again and she grinned, "And we're a bit past the initial get to know you. After all, I know what movies you like, what sitcoms you hate and how you drive a clunker hoping someone will hit it and you'll get rich off the insurance."

"What about you? I don't even know your major," Miranda pointed a finger at him, "Knowing the size of your penis and where you'd like to stick it is only part of the deal, bud." This time it was Jake who choked on his beer. "Tell me about you."

And he did. Miranda learned about his brothers and their construction business, his own goals for architecture, the fact that he only had one more semester to go. She loved the light in his eyes when he told her about his life. Online chats only went so far, she thought, taking a sip of the cider she'd forgotten. "So you're one of those people with a life plan," she said.

"But I'm flexible," he protested.

"Sure, they all say that," she teased, then picked up her purse, "I've got to hit the little girls room."

"Ready to head out after for dinner?" he asked as she stood.

"Sure, I could use a bite," she answered, then leaned close to his ear as she passed him, "An appetizer to what I plan on eating later tonight."

His cock, already hard, strained against his pants. Jake turned to watch her saunter towards the short hallway with the restrooms. The silver material draped smoothly over her ass and he wondered if she was naked. She had been in her fantasy last night. Come to think of it, she had been in the fantasy about being fucked by her student. He stood hurriedly, yanking out his wallet and dropping enough cash to cover their drinks and tip onto the table. Maybe this fantasy evening need to get started early.

Jake caught her arm as she pushed the door to the ladies room open. Miranda turned, startled, and he put a finger to her lips as he hustled her into the bathroom. "Jake!" Her shocked whisper made him smile. He guided her into the last stall and slammed the door behind his back.

"Fantasy number one, Miranda," he growled, putting his hands on her shoulders, "You asked for this."

Miranda felt her knees go weak. She had asked for this. She'd just never expected...

He spun her suddenly and she gasped as his body pressed her to the stall door, his mouth already hot and hard on hers. His hands were everywhere, stroking her breasts through the fabric, pinching her nipples. She moaned into his mouth as his tongue began to tease hers. His green eyes were dark and sharp on hers and she knew he what he was going to do. Part of her protested, but the bad girl was in control tonight.

She drew back a little as his hands pulled her dress up. "I thought you were just going to listen while I got fucked," she whispered, sliding her arms around his neck. A dangerous look crossed his face and she shivered.

"I'm going to give you more than you dreamt of," he growled, "You'll beg me to stop before I'm done with you." She curled her fingers in his hair and gave a small tug.

"Yeah, right," she dared, loving the way his eyes narrowed. His hands cupped her ass under the dress, squeezing her bare cheeks.

"You're playing with fire," he warned, his voice low and husky. She shivered again at the promise in his tone.

"Burn me," she whispered. One of his hands shifted, pressed between her legs, and his fingers immediately found her clit. She was already swollen and wet, but he rubbed her little numb and reveled at the way her breath caught. "You're good at that," she managed, fighting not to moan, not to rock her hips against his hand.

"I'd love to go down on you and show you just how good I can be," he teased, his fingers never letting up their stroking, "But we're a little tight on space, so I'll have to go for the fast fuck now." Even as she heard the words, his middle finger thrust up into her pussy. She arched against him, biting her lip to hold back the cry as her body quivered around his probing finger. He thrust his hand against her, his finger wiggling inside her soft passage, the sensations making her tense and tighten.

"Later, I'll feast on your pussy, baby girl," he growled, "and you'll beg me to stop." He shifted his hand, added a second finger and she couldn't stop the moan. She lifted her leg to wrap it around his hip, opening herself to his fingers. He thrust them inside her, his thumb still rubbing her clit, and she ground her cleft against his hand.

"Please, Jake," she whimpered, "I need your cock."

"Not yet," he murmured, using his free hand to tug the straps of her dress off her shoulders, to tug the front of her top down and free her breasts. He bent his head, sucking her nipples, one and then the other, while his fingers continued to stroke her. She clutched at him, her head falling back against the stall door with a clunk as she whimpered and squirmed.

He was so hard, he was afraid he'd explode in his pants. She was everything he'd hope for – eager, hot, a perfect wet dream. A fantasy come to life. If he didn't get inside her soon, they were both going to cum and he'd screw up the fantasy.

His free hand moved to his jeans, tugging open the fly. He barely held back the groan as the pressure on his erection eased, his penis surging free. "Give me a sec to get a rubber," he managed, sliding his fingers out of her pussy reluctantly. He brought them to his lips, sucking her juices off them, savoring the taste of her.

Miranda threw caution to the wind. She wanted this too much to wait any longer. "Fuck me now, Jake," she hissed, "Bury that fat dick in my cunt." The hand going for his wallet paused. "I don't want no damn rubber. I want your cock inside me."

"God, yes," he groaned, shoving his jeans down, then scooping her up so she could wrap both her legs around his waist. He shifted his hips, his head probing her folds, seeking her opening.

She let her head fall forward and rested her forehead on his shoulder. "Jake..." she murmured, a soft whine in her voice.

Jake would have smiled, except his cock settled against her and he felt her wet heat on his tip. "Yes," he groaned, pressing into her.

Miranda moaned as his cock penetrated, stretching her, burrowing deeper and deeper. He was rock hard and hot, searing her pussy as he drove in to her core. She lifted her head and looked in his eyes. "Yes," she repeated.

Jake's fingers dug into her ass cheeks as he began to move, long smooth thrusts deep into her body. She rocked with him, her ankles crossed behind his back, lifting and lowering her hips as he fucked her. Their mouths met hungrily as her arms circle his neck and her fingers dove into his hair. He could feel her juices running down his shaft as he pulled back and then her soft slick pussy enveloped him as he surged deep again. Her embrace was heated, her muscles tight around him as he pumped. Even in his fantasies, he hadn't imagined she would feel so good. It was like a wet glove molding around his cock, stroking him with tiny fingers.

Miranda couldn't get enough of him. The taste of him as his tongue teased hers or stroked her lips. His hands, big and hot, on her ass. His thick cock caressing her aching pussy. She'd give anything to have this last forever.

The creak of the outside door interrupted their soft mumbles and the rhythmic rattle of the stall door. Jake drove deep, pinning her to the door with his body, his mouth fused to hers. They shuddered together as they heard someone enter the first stall at the far side of the room, do her business, and leave. As the outside door creaked closed, Jake lifted his head. "Almost busted," he murmured. He was so close to coming, the tight embrace of her pussy squeezing him, his balls swelling tight with seed. He'd never felt so hot, so swollen, so ready.

Her eyes were closed, her face tilted up with a look of pleasure. Miranda was lost in the sensation of his penis throbbing inside her. Without the rhythmic slide, she felt every beat of his heart inside her pussy, the pulse and swell of his cock as he filled her, as his arousal grew. "Jake," she moaned, "I need..." Her body was spiraling up to climax, tensing, tightening, around his burgeoning erection.

With a groan of his own, Jake began to thrust hard and fast, hammering her pussy with his entire length. He rammed his cock as deep as he could over and over, the stall door banging as he lost control. Miranda bounced against his hips, panting, whimpering, as his assault sent her body into overload. "Please..." she gasped, clutching his shoulders, her legs tightening around his waist even as her pussy clamped on his cock. Jake let his head fall back as his body arched, his penis buried to the hilt in her heat, his hips straining.

"Jake!" She barely bit back the scream, making his name a strangled cry as she came. Her pussy rippled around his shaft as her cum enveloped him like a flood.

He couldn't hold back. With a groan that came from his gut, he let his head fall to her shoulder as his cock pulsed and erupted, spurting cum into her core again and again. "Miranda," he whispered, his release emptying into her quivering pussy.

They clung together, shuddering, for several silent minutes. Then he slowly raised his head. "That was a damn good fantasy," he growled. His cock was softening inside her and he gently shifted her to ease himself free. Miranda slowly lowered one leg, then the other to the floor, leaning back against the door as she caught her breath.

"You were the fantasy," she smiled, sliding her arms around his neck once more to give him a deep kiss. Little had she guessed the online chat has only been the ghost of the man. Jake in person was more than she'd expected.

"I'm thinking about skipping the restaurant and ordering in," he murmured, nipping the corner of her mouth, then nuzzling her neck. "I want to taste you."

"Your place or mine," she whispered, tilting her head to let him lick below her ear, sending a shiver through her body.

"It's a three block walk to my place," he answered, his breath warm on her ear, "I don't know about you and those heels. This is the first time I've wished I had a car..."

"I've got my car," she replied, "Come home with me." She wanted him in her apartment, in her bed. She wanted him to take her on the couch where she'd first cum to his words. She wanted to take him on the couch and ride him until they couldn't move from exhaustion. "I want to make more fantasies come true." His chuckle was all the answer she needed.

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