tagErotic CouplingsOnline Fantasy Chat Ch. 02

Online Fantasy Chat Ch. 02


Miranda dumped her bag just inside the door and, of course, all the papers she had to grade tonight spilled all over the floor. She just sighed. Glancing at the laptop on the coffee table, she wondered if Jake was online. She hadn't heard from him in three nights – since the night he'd shared his fantasy with her. She figured it was exam time for him as well, but part of her was pouting.

The first night she'd been alternately embarrassed and aroused. He'd pushed buttons she hadn't realized she had, then he'd clicked offline and left her dazed. She still couldn't quite believe she'd given herself an orgasm while online with him. It was so...needy. The second night she'd started to miss him, to miss his cheerful chat. Last night...well, needy didn't quite describe the dream she'd had. But she was ready to share that dream fantasy with Jake.

Miranda dropped onto the couch, shifting the mouse to awaken the laptop she hadn't shut off in three days. Maybe he was there...

**CrystalHeart: J, you there?

Miranda held her breath, waiting for a response. If he was online, he'd pop up almost immediately. If not, it would be another lonely night.

**JNewbie: Hey. Sorry about being gone.

**CrystalHeart: No biggie. End of semester and all.

So. Got any fantasies for me today or am I back to the lovely lady on the stool?

Miranda bit her lip. It was now or never. Take the leap, she told herself.

**CrystalHeart: Actually got one.

**JNewbie: Really? Cool. Surprised.

**CrystalHeart: Surprised I have a fantasy?

**JNewbie: Surprised you're sharing. Aren't you the one who didn't want to talk sex?

**CrystalHeart: Things...changed.

There was a pause and Miranda wondered if she was doing the right thing. Maybe he liked her countering his sex talk. Maybe that's what turned him on. She took a deep breath and forced herself to calm down. It was an online chat, not a dinner date. She couldn't see anything but the words he typed. There was no sense getting all worked up about some keystrokes.

**JNewbie: Can I be glad? What changed?

**CrystalHeart: I came.

**JNewbie: And...

**CrystalHeart: With you on Monday.

**JNewbie: Well, well. What a tigress.

**CrystalHeart: Making fun of me? I won't share then.

**JNewbie: Apologies. So you came on Monday. I did too.

**CrystalHeart: So. Been itchy. Been thinking. Now have a fantasy for you.

**JNewbie: Waiting with cock in hand.

Miranda laughed out loud, shaking her head. It wasn't just sex talk with Jake. She enjoyed chatting with him. On the spot she decided to meet him in person if he offered again. So what if it turned out she knew him. So what if he was younger. She wanted to hear his voice, feel his hands on her body...

**JNewbie: Got to be good if you're already zoning out on me.

**CrystalHeart: Ha. Can't believe I'm going to say this.

**JNewbie: I'm all ears...well, and a big cock.

**CrystalHeart: Jake.

**JNewbie: Apologies again.

Miranda took a deep breath and began to type.

**CrystalHeart: We meet up at a movie. At that theater downtown.

**JNewbie: We. You and me?

**CrystalHeart: After Monday, it's you and me. Well, you, me, and that big cock.

**JNewbie: Go on. At a movie...

**CrystalHeart: We meet there, so you're surprised to see what I'm wearing.

**JNewbie: Heels and garters? Spandex?

**CrystalHeart: Who's telling this fantasy?

**CrystalHeart: Wait...is that what you like? No. Back on track, Mira.

**JNewbie: Get to it before I croak, babe.

**CrystalHeart: Anyway...I'm wearing this tight short tee that just hugs my breasts. It leaves my belly bare so you can see my ring, which I added a sexy little bell to.

**JNewbie: Man. A belly ring. With a bell. God, I've got to meet you.

**CrystalHeart: Yeah, well, we'll see. Can I tell you the rest of this?

**JNewbie: You're not kidding? We'll see has a good chance of being yes?

**CrystalHeart: Yes. I'm also wearing this long skirt, in a navy blue, and it swirls a little around my legs as the breeze blows. Your eyes widen when you see the material part and my leg is bare up to my hip. I just smile and adjust the skirt so the side slit is again hiding my surprise.

Miranda closed her eyes a moment, seeing the dream again. She could feel her pulse throughout her body, feel her skin heating. Sharing her fantasy was more erotic than she'd expected. It wasn't just sex. It was sex with Jake.

**CrystalHeart: We go into the movie. You, being a guy, start scoping out the best view of the screen, but I insist on sitting in the back row. Being you, you're nice enough to let me win. That deserves a big reward.

**JNewbie: I'm all about the nice in exchange for favors.

**CrystalHeart: Well, you're going to get some. As the lights go down, you settle in and I put my plan into action.

**JNewbie: A plan. I'm a lucky man.

**CrystalHeart: A plan. Now hush, so I can tell you about it.

**JNewbie: Yes ma'am.

Miranda laughed again. More than just being aroused, she was enjoying teasing him.

**CrystalHeart: I slide my hand over your thigh and you look at me. I lean closer and touch a finger to my lips. I look around to see how close the other movie goers are, then slide to my knees. You're watching me instead of the movie now.

She half expected a comment and paused. When he didn't chime in, she continued.

**CrystalHeart: I push at your knees and you spread them so I can shift to kneel between your legs. Your eyes sparkle in the light from the movie and it makes me smile as I slide my hands up and down your thighs. I gradually move my hands closer to the growing bulge in your jeans and you shift down in your seat. Finally, I let my fingers stroke the fly of your jeans, feeling your hardness under the denim.

Miranda swallowed hard. Her mouth was watering, thinking about what she planned to do.

**CrystalHeart: I flip the buttons, feeling your body flinch with each one. It feels so powerful, knowing that anyone could see us and I'm sliding my hands into your jeans and easing your cock out. You're so hot in my hand, so hard...and, God, you're throbbing. I can feel the beat of your heart in my palm and a matching beat throughout my body.

**JNewbie: You're so wicked...

**CrystalHeart: I'm going to get more wicked now. Even as my hands wrap around your shaft, I'm leaning forward to slide my tongue over your tip. You taste...salty...sexy. I press my lips to your head and give your slit a little suck. Some kind of sound comes from you, but I figure it's a good noise.

**JNewbie: Don't stop. Ignore any noises. Just don't stop.

**CrystalHeart: I don't plan on it. One hand stays on the base of your shaft, holding you firmly so I can play with your head. My other hand tugs at your jeans to free more of you. At the same time, my tongue is stroking your slit, tasting the bubbling cum. It's addictive. I can't get enough, so I suck your head into my mouth.

Miranda shifted, then peeled off her tee and skirt so she could sit in her panties and bra. She was so hot, but she couldn't touch herself...yet. She needed to finish the fantasy, then she'd help herself over the edge.

**CrystalHeart: I manage to get my free hand on your balls and they're so tight. I give them a little squeeze and your hand grabs my wrist. I tilt my head to look at you and see the look on your face. It makes me so hot. You want this as badly as I do.

**JNewbie: Am I stupid? Of course I want you. I love this fantasy.

**CrystalHeart: I let you pull my hand away from your balls and instead stroke your belly while I concentrate on teasing you with my tongue. I enjoy sucking your head and feeling little spurts of salty cum on my tongue. You groan and it sounds so erotic. I can feel my juices on my thighs and I really want to feel your cock inside me.

**JNewbie: I want to be inside you so badly.

**CrystalHeart: But I want to taste your cock more.

**JNewbie: You want to torture me.

**CrystalHeart: I'm naked before you.

**JNewbie: I wish you were here. Naked before me. I'm hard for you.

**CrystalHeart: I know. You're so big. It's so arousing to have your head in my mouth. I slide my lips down your shaft, taking you deeper into my mouth and I both hear and feel you groan. I want to hear it again, so I try sucking more of your cock in. You thread your fingers through my hair, holding my head, and I know you're enjoying this.

**JNewbie: God, how could you doubt it? I'm enjoying imagining it. I've got to be so far gone in person.

**CrystalHeart: Good. Then I start bobbing my head, sliding your cock in and out. It's hard to firm my lips around such a big cock, so I gently scrape the underside of your cock with my teeth when I'm sucking on your head, then swallow as much of you as I can. Then I start over. I work you in and out of my mouth, like I want you working my pussy. I take the hand from your belly and touch my breasts through my tee, wishing I was naked and you were touching me. I suck you into my throat, almost shaking with how much I want you.

**JNewbie: I'm going to cum.

**CrystalHeart: I can't wait. Cum for me. I want to suck you dry.

**JNewbie: No. Miranda. I'm going to cum right now.

**CrystalHeart: But I haven't gotten to the best part yet.

**JNewbie: There's more? I'm going to explode.

**CrystalHeart: Hold it in, boy.

**JNewbie: Holding it, ma'am. But I'm a man.

**CrystalHeart: So you are. A nice big man who will feel so good fucking my pussy.

Miranda couldn't help the grin. She was turned on, but it sounded like Jake really was too. Perfect. The perfect payback for Monday. She couldn't believe she'd resisted this so long. She'd wasted so much time, but that was going to change. She wanted his cock. Live, in person, not imagined online.

**CrystalHeart: Since you're so close and I'm feeling pretty hot myself, I let you pop out of my mouth.

**JNewbie: Can you hear me swearing? I've got to cum, babe.

**CrystalHeart: Not in my mouth, not today. I have other plans for you.

**JNewbie: Please. Begging here.

**CrystalHeart: Even as you're grinding your teeth and pushing me away so you don't cum in my mouth, I tug my skirt so the side slit is now in the front. Then I stand up. You close your legs, your cock standing at attention like a flag pole. I feel my belly quiver. Thick, hard...you're going to feel so good inside me. Glancing around to see who's watching, I pick up your hand and spread my legs. I place your hand on my belly.

**JNewbie: I tug that ring so your bell makes a noise. Can we leave now? I live close by. We can be at my place in no time and I'll be inside you the instant we're in the door.

**CrystalHeart: Who's fantasy is this?

**JNewbie: I'm going to cum any second, sweety, so I'm guessing it's mine.

**CrystalHeart: Ha. I'm wetter than a rainy day. Who's cumming first?

**JNewbie: I want you. Now. Please.

**CrystalHeart: It's a fantasy, babe. That's what you asked for.

**JNewbie: I was wrong.

**CrystalHeart: Then I won't continue.

**JNewbie: No. Please. Don't stop.

**CrystalHeart: That's better. You slide your hand into the slit of my skirt and find out that I'm not wearing panties.

**JNewbie: Oh God.

**CrystalHeart: Your fingers stroke my pussy lips, my bare pussy lips, my wet pussy lips.

**JNewbie: I want to eat you up.

**CrystalHeart: Not now. That we can do later at your apartment. If not in the car on the way there.

**JNewbie: *GROAN*

**CrystalHeart: Right now, I'm moving to straddle your lap. Your hands are under my skirt, cupping my ass so you can guide me. I lift up and reach down with one hand to hold your cock still so I can slide down onto it.

**JNewbie: Man, oh, man.

**CrystalHeart: You're stretching me, ripping me open with how big you are. My head falls back as I struggle to breathe when your thick cock penetrates me. I keep pushing down, impaling myself on you, and I feel your fingers dig into my hips as I wiggle a little to seat myself on your lap. It feels so incredible to have your cock throbbing inside me. My body pulses in the same rhythm.

**JNewbie: I've got my cock in my hand, imagining it's you around me.

**CrystalHeart: It's me around you. I lean to kiss you and you slide your hands over my breasts. Your fingers pinch my nipples as I begin to rock on your cock, making it twist and thrust inside me. Shudders work through me even as your tongue teases mine. This is so incredible. You feel so good.

**JNewbie: I'm pumping my cock, imagining I'm stuffing it up your pussy, ramming it into you.

**CrystalHeart: I want you to fuck me now, Jake. I want to feel your cock pounding my cunt. I want to feel your hands on my body, your tongue on my skin, your breath mixing with mine. I want you to fuck me.

Miranda was shaking with the need to touch herself. She had to finish this now.

**CrystalHeart: Your hands are on my ass again, lifting me a little as you buck your hips. Your head is hammering my core and pleasure is flooding me. I'm shaking with it. I can feel my body starting to tighten. I can feel you swelling. You're bigger than anything I've ever felt and I feel so full of you. I arch my back and just ride, bouncing on your cock as I bite my lip to hold back the cries and moans. One of your hands moves and your fingers are rubbing my clit as your cock is pounding me...Oh, God, I'm going to cum.

**JNewbie: Cum, please, cum for me. I want to feel you cum on my cock.

**CrystalHeart: I let go and the fire sweeps through me. Even as my body is clenching around you, I feel your cock pulse and then your cum erupts inside me. It's like riding a volcano. I barely hold back a scream. Again and again, you erupt inside me.

**JNewbie: I'm cumming. Damn, baby, I'm cumming on the freakin keyboard.

Miranda couldn't hold back any more. She knew she had taken him over and now she desperately needed her own orgasm.

**CrystalHeart: I've got to go. I've got to cum.

**JNewbie: Meet me. Please. Meet me.

**CrystalHeart: Yes....Yes.

**JNewbie: Tomorrow night. Mike's Place. The bar on Eighth Street at 8pm.

**CrystalHeart: Yes.

**JNewbie: Best fantasy I've ever heard...

Miranda leaned back on the couch and pushed her hand into her panties. Her fingers pressed into her pussy, feeling the slick heat of her juices envelope her thrusting digits. Once, twice...on the third thrust, her body erupted and she moaned in pleasure. And tomorrow, she planned to cum on Jake's cock.

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