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Only Yours


The darkness invades the room and is shattered by the streak of lightning that momentarily showers me with vision. I feel the shiver of fear as the storm rages on and try to slide my body even closer to yours. I can feel your strong arm come around me and pull me tighter to you. Sighing I try to relax and go back to sleep. But the nearness of your body brings me to full consciousness as I feel the cat in me begin to purr within me. I have to move against you in a seductive manner. Your body is so hot against mine.

The need in my body expands and drives me to press my ass firmly against your wakening cock in a silent plea to be taken by you. Only I am not silent. My body is screaming its desire to feel you take me from behind like a cat in heat, that cant think of anything else. I moan softly as I feel the arm around me snake between my breasts and the hand that owns me stops against my throat. My breathing halts and I grow calmer, listening as I hear you whisper in my ear "What are you doing Mine?" I try to speak but he words don't form quick enough as your hand tightens waiting for an answer.

"The storm, Master, I can't sleep."

"So does that mean I don't get to sleep either, Mine?"

"I'm sorry, Master, but you just felt so good against me I couldn't help it."

I lean the rest of my body back fully against yours and press deeper into the cock that I know wants me. Your response is quick as I feel the full length of your power slide across my asshole to the wetness my pussy has already started to drip. I feel your hot breath on my neck and your teeth graze and hold my neck. I'm very still and shivering with desire that just seems to rage as you slide your cock to the edge of my pussy and back across my ass...over and over Locked side by side in a spoon that nothing could have gotten between , I couldn't get close enough.. What seems like an eternity of need rose up in me. I moaned and pressed harder into you.. I felt like I was losing it I was so turned on..

"Please, Master.."

"Please what, Mine?"

"Please take me, Master, Please!"

The teasing continued through sloppy wetness between us I had caused with my desire for you.


Your hands found hard nipples and tugged them harshly knowing it would just make me squirm all the more for you. I couldn't seem to get enough of you rubbing your cock across both the holes that belonged to you. Hearing you say No drove me crazy and you knew it. All I could do was moan and whimper as you made me insane with desire.... I couldn't take much more I needed you to fuck me and make me cum before I lost my mind completely.

The storm raged on outside and the one inside me was about to hit a crescendo. The thundering of my pussy for your cock to fill me was just as loud as the one outside the window.

"Please Master, Take what's yours, Please, Please I beg of you to fill me up with your hard cock, show me who I belong to, Please Sir, I need you so badly."

It was my last hope.. Begging... You knew I wouldn't do it if I didn't feel it sincerely. I did mean it, deeply, every last word.

I held my breath for the few seconds it took for my words to register with you... and waited for an eternity for your response...

Fast and hard you gave me what I needed... deeply embedding your cock in my hot pussy. I screamed from the sheer pleasure of it.. It was almost more pleasure than I could stand.. Then I felt your fingers entering my asshole, gently but firmly pushing in rhythm with your cock inside me.. I could do nothing but push back in hopes of pleasing you...

"Yes, Master, please fuck your asshole..."

Taking your cock from my aching pussy made me want to scream in agony from the need in me...

"Up on your knee's Mine, Now."

I scrambled to move in my weakened state but got there with the assistance of your hands pulling my legs apart and rubbing my juices all over my asshole. Moaning was all I could do I was so driven for your touch..

But when I felt your hot cock against my asshole it took me to a higher place.. I needed it and I wanted it... I was yours...

You swiftly filled my aching ass with the full length of your cock and I felt so tight and so full I let out a small scream. You leaned forward and grabbed a handful of my hair using it for leverage and you went deeper and deeper inside me.

"Who do you belong to?" I heard through my haze of pleasure..

"Only you, Master.. Only ever you, Master"

Your pounding inside me went on for what seemed like forever, My Master taking what was his and proving where I belonged. The moans and screams that filled the room were louder than any storm could ever hope to do..

"Cum for Me, Mine, right now as I fill your tight ass!"

The sound and feeling that over took my body at that moment was more than anything I had ever felt before. I came so hard my muscles clinched tightly around your cock and I heard your own deep growl of pure pleasure wrap around us both...

"Who owns you Mine?" you said through heated breath...

"You Master, Only You, Only ever you..

The storm continued its journey across the skies, Master and Mine were once again sleeping soundly..Mine safely tucked under the strong arm that owned her.

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