tagInterracial LoveOpen Marriage Ch. 07

Open Marriage Ch. 07


It was Saturday morning and Mark had gone out to show houses to one of his clients. Faith pulled coffee cups out of the cabinet and put them down on the table.

Rita smiled at her as Faith poured the coffee. "Honey? How did you and Mark become involved in your open marriage?"

Faith laughed as she sat down at the kitchen table next to Rita. "Oh. I guess it was a little boredom after being married for so many years."

Rita sipped her coffee then replied with a smirk. "Well. Dan and I haven't made it that far yet. I think he wanted to lay this little blonde on our honeymoon. I just can't stop him from wanting to bed these young women."

"I think Mark is getting more out of this then I originally did. Mark loves to watch plus he has this fetish I haven't told you about."

"Oh. Really. What sort of fetish has Mark been hiding from me?"

Faith laughed. "I guess I shouldn't be telling on him like this, he'd kill me if he knew we were talking about him. The fact is, Mark loves to hear about my experiences with Hank."

"Does he like to watch?"

"Yeah but he gets embarrassed knowing that Hank is aware that he is watching. The other night when I came home, Mark asked me all about my date with Hank then started to undress me then sniffed around until he smelled Hank on my body."

Rita laughed as she took a bit out of a cookie and sipped her coffee. "Faith! You make your husband sound like such a pervert!"

"Oh. I didn't mean to make it sound that way at all. It's just that Mark hurriedly ripped my panties off while he kept asking me questions about Hank. Mark had his mouth buried in my pussy faster then you can say cheese when he knew I hadn't showered."

Rita laughed. "Dan's only concern is to dip his face into a hot pussy. He couldn't care less about knowing about one of my dates with another man."

Faith sipped her coffee then seriously starred at Rita. "You know, Rita. I've been spending too much time with Hank lately but Mark doesn't seem to mind. In fact, he has encouraged me to go with Hank on his trips to New York. I'm afraid we're moving apart too much and want to spend more time at home with him."

Rita stopped eating her cookie as she starred at Faith. "You've developed feelings for Hank over the past few months, haven't you?"

Faith had a worried expression on her face as she nodded her head in acknowledgment. "It's not that I don't love my husband or care about him. Hank has been very demanding lately and he'd like me to leave Mark and come live with him."

"Oh. I didn't know that."

"There are a lot of things you don't know about Hank. He told me a few weeks ago how much he loves me and wants me to have his baby. Rita! I lied to Hank when I said I was off birth control. He wants to have children soon and I feel really bad about deceiving him."

"Can't you just be honest with him?"

Faith sighed. "Rita. I didn't know this was going to be so complicated when I got involved with Hank. I figured I could just turn it off like a faucet anytime I pleased."

Rita just starred for a moment. "You're in love with Hank?"

Faith appeared rattled as she slid the cup across the table. "Rita. I'm in love with two men."

"Don't you think your husband should come first?"

"Yes. I'm afraid that if I tell Hank the truth that he'll want to stop seeing me."

"Does Mark know any of this?"

"I told Mark everything."

Rita walked across the kitchen floor as she sipped her coffee then turned and asked. "How does it feel having a black man with such a huge cock inside you and knowing that he could make you pregnant at any time if you desired? I get a rush just thinking about it!"

Faith stood and walked toward Rita and took hold of her arm near her elbow. "I take it that you never had a black man before?"


Faith walked across the kitchen floor and opened a drawer and pulled out a photo album and brought it to the table and opened the first page to show Rita pictures of Hank in weight lifting competition.

"Wow! I remember Hank having muscles but don't remember seeing him like this!"

"Hank has been competing for several years now."

Faith turned the pages as Rita stood gasping at Hank's muscular body in the photos'. Faith got to the end of the album and flipped the last page which showed Hank holding Faith in his arms like she was a small child. The photo was taken on a stage at a weight lifting contest and Rita noticed a trophy sitting on a small stand next to them.

"I take it that Hank must have won this competition?"

Faith smiled. "Yeah. I remember Hank telling me that I was a better trophy then the one they gave him that night. That's why he held me up for the camera that night!"

Rita starred at the photo of Faith. "You look fantastic in your bikini!"

"Yeah. Hank insisted that I change into it before they took the pictures. Say! Why don't we go for a swim this morning? It's so hot outside today. It'll give us a chance to cool off!"

"Oh. Faith. I'd love to but I don't have my suit with me."

Faith laughed. "Since when do we need bathing suits in my own back yard?"

The water was warm as Rita slowly walked down the steps into the pool. Faith was already splashing around in the deep end of the pool as Rita finally made her way down to her neck into the water and started to swim out near Faith.

Faith heard her cell phone ring on the patio table and reluctantly stepped back out of the pool to answer it. "Hi Honey!"

"Faith? Could I bother you to bring the Johnson folder out to the Brown's house?"

"Oh. Mark! Do you need it right away?"

"Yeah. Darling. I'm trying to close this sale and I need to check over a few things in the disclosure."

"Mark? It'll take me about forty-five minutes to get there."

Faith put the cell phone down on the table. "Rita? I'm going to have to leave for a couple hours. Why don't you stay here and cool off for a while until I get back?"

Rita smiled back. "I'll just relax while you're gone. If you need anything, just call me on my cell phone."

Faith was dressed and out the door within five minutes leaving Rita splashing around in the water. Rita was doing back strokes and starring up at the sky and gently moved toward the edge of the pool and closed her eyes for a few moments. Rita floated in the shallow end of the pool for several minutes until she finally opened her eyes and starred straight up for a second and thought she saw a figure standing at the edge of the pool.

Rita screamed when she turned and saw Hank standing along the edge taking off his shirt and laughing.

"Hank! How long have you been watching me?"

Hank laughed as he slipped out of his pants and started to walk down into the water. "Long enough!"

Hank kept walking toward Rita as she stood in the shallow end of the pool. Hank kept starring at her massive breasts as he finally reached her and wrapped his arms around her and pulled her to him and laid a big passionate kiss on her mouth.

"Hank! Faith is gone but she should be back in a couple hours."

Hank kissed Rita again only this time he slipped his tongue deep inside her mouth. Rita held onto his large shoulders and accepted his kiss but as soon as he lifted his mouth away she said. "Hank! Rita is my friend. I don't think we should be doing this."

Hank didn't answer her but only picked her up and carried her out of the pool and into the house where he laid her on the bed still dripping wet and climbed on top of her and began kissing her passionately again.

Their hands were roaming on each others' body's as Hank kept kissing Rita on the lips then finally began moving down to her neck then onto her breasts and took each nipple into his mouth and flickered his tongue out making them hard.

Rita was breathing hard as Hank spread open her thighs and reached down and began guiding his huge black cock toward her wet pussy as she lifted her legs for him.

Hank started to push forward until the large head popped inside causing Rita's body to tighten. She moaned and wrapped her arms around his should as he kissed her again as his cock began to slip deep inside her pussy.

Rita wrapped her legs around his thighs as he began screwing her while they kissed. Rita was lifting her body to meet his thrusts into her as she kissed his face and neck and held onto his shoulders as tight as she could as Hank began screwing her faster.

Rita shouted out loud as she reached her first orgasm. Hank kept pounding away at her as he flipped her over on top of him letting her huge breasts dangle in front of his face as she rode his cock.

Rita's eyes starred intensely into Hank's eyes as she worked her ass around that big thick cock of his as Hank grabbed hold of her ass and moved her around on top of him.

Rita's body began to shack again as she reached another orgasm. Hank held her ass tightly as he shoved his thick black cock deep inside her until he blasted his load deep inside her belly as he held her body next to his huge legs.

Hank finished shooting his load inside her then flipped her around onto her back and began screwing her again. His cock never went soft and kept her pussy plugged shut with his first load of sperm deep inside her belly.

Hank kept ramming his cock into Rita, pushing his sperm deep inside her womb then let out another loud moan as he erupted deep inside her belly again sending another load of hot seed deep inside her womb.

Hank was still hard as he pulled his cock out of Rita and laid down next to her. Rita wasn't done yet as she lifted herself off the pillow and twisted around and took his slim coated cock deep inside her mouth and started to lick it clean.

Rita swished Hank's cock around her mouth then began to lower her face down until she took him all the way down her throat. Rita couldn't believe how hard Hank was after shooting two hot loads of seed inside her pussy.

She kept lowering her head down until his cock entered her throat until Hank finally blasted his third load of hot seed down her throat as she sucked him clean.

Rita laid down on the bed and closed her eyes for a few seconds until she felt Hank rubbing his hand along her belly.

"Rita. I want you to spend the night at my place this week."

Rita turned her head to stare at him. "What about Faith?"

"Let me take care of that!"

Rita stood a few minutes later with her body still dripping wet from the sweat of their love making. Hank got up from the other side and walked into the bathroom and waived his arm at her to follow him into the shower.

Rita got into the shower stall with Hank as the cool water hit her back while Hank leaned over and kissed her on the lips.

"Was this your first time with a black man?"

Rita smiled as she rubbed the wet cloth against his chest. "Yeah."

A few minutes later, they were drying off together as Hank kept starring at her huge breasts while she moved the towel around her body.

"You know I wanted to screw you when we met in Miami a few months ago, don't you?"

Rita just smiled at Hank knowing that she knew and wanted him then. "I better straighten up their room before Faith gets home!"

Rita walked into the bedroom and starred at the bed. It was a mess and still wet from their bodies getting out of the pool. Rita did her best to straighten the blankets but they were still wet as she turned on the fan hoping it would dry before Faith returned home and wondered what was going on.

Rita starred at Hank while he buttoned his shirt. Rita pulled on her thong then slipped into her shorts then put her hand on her belly and spoke out loud. "Hank was the first person back out near the pool retrieving his cloths while Rita dressed and starred out Oh my god!"

Hank just starred at Rita thinking she got a pain in her stomach but what she really remembered was that she wasn't taking any sort of birth control.

"What's the matter?"

"Uh. Nothing."

Rita straightened the bed one more time before leaving the bedroom as Hank walked near behind her on the way out. Hank put his arms around her at the door and gave her another passionate kiss.

"How about Thursday night?"

"That sounds fine."

Hank kissed her again then starred into her eyes. "Are you sure your OK?"

"Yeah. I'm fine."

Hank finally pulled away from Rita and put his hand on the door knob. "I'll tell Faith you were here."

Hank turned around and smiled. "Tell her I couldn't stay long. I have an anointment to attend."

Rita watched as Hank walked out the door. She sighed as she put her hand on her belly again wondering if she should try and use a douche to clean out his seed. Rita walked as quickly as she could into the bedroom and starred at the bed again. It was still wet as she sighed and began searching around in the bathroom for a douche kit but couldn't find one and simply gave up.

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