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Orgasming in Company


All right, so you want to find the best way to have sex, but you’re living with someone else; I.E. your parents (Yes, some 30ish year olds do still live at home), or College roommate, or other roommate (sibling).

Don’t despair, all is NOT lost. You can still have smashing orgasms, even with someone else in the bunk bed right above you.

First off, you need to have someplace with privacy. This can be your room, or a bathroom, or if that fails, even your own bed.

Ok, find a place. My personal favorite is my room, but… if there’s a door on it that closes, so much the better.

Next, make sure that you bring in a box of Kleenex, or a roll of Toilet paper… this will be explained later.

Close the door, and lock it if possible, if not that’s ok.

Now, get somewhere where you can lie prone. I prefer my bed, but the floor works just as well too.

If you can’t lock the door, that’s fine, just lie on your bed, and toss a blanket over you. Now once you’re alone. If no one is going to be home for the next few hours, than relax, you have all the time in the world.

Go to your secluded place, and take off your shoes. Only your shoes for now the rest will follow in minute.

Then lie down upon the bed or floor.

If you have plenty of time, get undressed totally; strip however you want to strip; get naked or if you like a tight T-shirt on and nothing else, go for that.

If you don’t have plenty of time, just unzip and pull down your pants and underwear, just enough so that you’ll be able to get a hand in to where you need to go… you know where that is.

If you’re a guy, gently take your penis in a fist and move your hand slowly up and down in the same rhythm. You will find yourself getting aroused, and growing erect. This is good, it means that blood flow is getting to the penis, and turning you on.

If you’re a girl, gently stroke the outer part of your lips to make sure that you’re really wet. If you try to go in dry, the results could be a little painful.

Once you are wet, than gently find the little nubbin that centers on your pleasure (the same rules apply for you girls – blanket over you if someone is in the room, door shut if it’s empty). Stroke it as much as you like and as much as feels comfortable.

You’ll feel really good, and really, really aroused. Think about your favorite subject, Girlfriend, boyfriend or whatever it is that turns you on at the moment, and let your hand continue to work.

In a moment you will feel a pulsating in your abdomen… this is good. Keep the rhythm up, and you’ll begin to have an orgasm.

Boys: If you’re wearing a shirt, grab several Kleenexes or sheets of TP and place it lightly over your penis to sop up the mess.

Girls: It’s the same deal, though you won’t have to worry about outer ejaculation… however it is good if you do clean up slightly.

Dry off totally, and then pull up your pants. The Kleenexes will go directly into the trash, and the TP finds its way where TP always goes.

After you throw away the evidence, make sure that you wash your hands in the sink, and all is well that orgasms well.

Happy playing!

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