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Orion's Belt


Middy was waiting. She'd spent her life waiting—waiting to be old enough, to earn enough, to get enough, to get out. She sat like a perpetually hopeful Linus in the Great Pumpkin Patch, waiting for something that would never come, hoping for the arrival of someone who would never appear, leaving her always, just...waiting.

The field was dark, the air warm over her bare arms and legs. She was dressed for work—short skirt, halter top—although she'd carried her four inch heels when she left the pavement and walked barefoot through the grass to this spot. There were no lights out here, no street lights, no city lights. She could only see one faint square glow of a house window and it seemed miles away.

She lifted her face to the sky, scanning the stars, millions of them out there in the darkness, the patterns unfamiliar and undecipherable to her, except for the big dipper and the belt of the one called Orion. She only knew that one because her mother had pointed it out to her once. "Look, Chlamydia, there's the belt of Orion—almost close enough you could reach out and hang onto it, isn't it? I bet he could take you anywhere."

Her mother had been a prostitute, too, always waiting and looking for a way out. She usually, mistakenly, chose a man as a failed escape route, ending up broken and beaten and crawling back on her knees in the end. Women like her... like me, Middy thought... we spend our lives on our knees in front of men.

There had never been anything better for her mother. Why would she think there would be anything better for her? Middy sighed, pulling a blade of grass and splitting it up the middle with a long, red fingernail. Using her mouth, she whistled a tone through her grass harp, as if she could call something new, something different, something other than an endless parade of cocks and cum and cash.

So when the light appeared above her, as suddenly as a spotlight turned on a startled doe, she froze in surprise and fear, but there was an element of expectation, too. Where have you been? I've been waiting so long! There was no time to run, to scream, or even to grab her shoes discarded next to her in the long grass. One moment she was staring up, wide-eyed, into the light, and the next, she was strapped, each limb restrained, to a cold metal table.

"Haven't you ever heard of sheets?" Middy shivered, her nipples so hard they hurt. Maybe that was the reason they kept it so cold, she mused, feeling goosebumps rising on her exposed flesh. Her clothes, such as they had been, were gone, and the hooded figures moved around her, not touching, but she knew they were looking, curious, at her body.

"Nice masks," she murmured, blinking at the brightness. More lights above her, so bright they left spots behind her eyelids when she closed them. "You guys do Halloween?"

She felt as if she were floating. Drugged, she decided. Is that why I feel so calm? She should be panicked, struggling, begging. Instead, she was her usual sarcastic self. Although it occurred to her that her smart mouth might get her more than a smack across it up here. Up here. She shivered again, this time not from the cold, and wondered where they were, exactly. Home wasn't necessarily where her heart was...but at least it was familiar.

"Whoa, hey there, big fella, what—?" She saw one of the larger figures standing at the end of the table, by her feet, as something cold parted her exposed labia. She hoped to god it was a probe and not that alien's...cock—or something worse.

They were all hooded, masked, but it wasn't cloth. She wasn't sure what it was—something dark and almost fluid, covering something that might have been human-like. If you squinted. From a great distance. The one between her legs was too close for comfort, and the only identifying mark she could make out was something like liquid silver that looked like a belt around its...waist?

"Yo, Orion." Her eyes searched for a face, found none. Just a blankness, a blackness, darker than the space between stars. "Whatcha planning to do to me?"

But that was obvious. There was something inside her, and it wasn't human. It also wasn't exactly inanimate either. It was swelling...pulsing...like a heartbeat, something alive. It wasn't cold anymore, seemingly warmed by the heat of her body. She couldn't see, even if she had stretched her neck as far as she could, looking down over the swell of her breasts, to see what might be between her legs.

But she could feel it, moving, slowly in and out, no longer cold metal but a soft, pliable thing, as if it had turned flesh. It was bigger than a cock, but not much, and it had...extra parts. Something pressed against her vulva, her clit, massaging as whatever was inside her began to turn, to rotate. Oh my god, what was it doing?

"Hey, listen, I have a client in half an hour..." Middy's attempt to explain, perhaps to distract, was lost as the thing between her legs vibrated with an intensity she didn't know was possible. There was no warm-up, no slow build. It went from zero to sixty in an instant, and she bucked on the table, her hips thrusting up against her restraints, her eyes closing involuntarily as her body climaxed, the pleasure almost pain it was so sudden, so overwhelming.

"Jesus!" she gasped as the figure between her legs removed the...probe? Christ, if that was a probe, she didn't want to know what an actual alien cock might be like. Or...maybe she did? Middy shuddered, not sure if it was from pleasure or fear or even anticipation. "I wasn't expecting that!"

The figure—Orion, the one with the belt—made a low sound, and she understood immediately that it was a laugh. Or some sort of equivalent.

"So, is it your turn now?" she asked, but the figure didn't answer. Instead, Orion touched something at her wrists, her ankles, and she was free. Sitting up on the table, she held her hand out, and her clothes were placed in them.

"That's it then?" Middy slid off the table as she zipped up her skirt.

Orion inclined his...its...head? She shook hers, holding her hand out again. "All right, it's your dime. Or, fifty bucks, as it were."

A crisp fifty dollar bill appeared in her palm and she tucked it into her halter top.

"Easiest job in the world, I swear it." She smiled when she heard that low sound from Orion again—a laugh. Then she sighed, adjusting her halter and moving toward the door. She knew her way around the alien ship well enough by now.

Glancing back at Orion, she saw the figure watching her—they were all watching her, and she knew they all got off on it, doing that to her, as if they were all connected.

"Sheesh, one of you fucks me, but you all get off on it?" Middy snorted. "I think that should be fifty bucks each!"

This time, the laughter sound seemed to come from all around her and, not for the first time, she found herself grateful for not only their attention and their payment and the brief respite from her life, but the fact that she never crawled away from this on her knees. In fact, she flew.

"Hey, can you guys drop me off closer to home this time?"



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