tagLoving WivesOur First Threeway

Our First Threeway


Every time you read a story about a married woman having a threesome it's always the husband's idea, right? Well, think again. I was riding my husband Mick really hard one night and all I could think was—this would be so much greater if I could be sucking someone's cock at the same time.

After about an hour of fucking I came for the last time, collapsed on the bed next to Mick and whispered, "Do you ever think about a threesome? Be honest. Do you?"

"Well," he said. "Sometimes when you're on your knees giving me a blowjob I imagine someone, no one in particular, fucking you. Or when you're on top, like you just were..."

"Yes," I said. "I...I think about that too. If we were to do it, who would you want as the other guy?"

"Probably Frank. We both like him and..."

Ah, yes. Our newly divorced hunk neighbor Frank. I liked that idea. We started planning right then and there.

But two days passed and the subject didn't come up again, so I began to pester Mick. "When are you going to ask him," I said. "What are you waiting for?"

"It's a bit awkward, you know," Mick snorted. "What am I going to say? Hey, Frank. Wanna come over and fuck my wife?"

"Of course that would be weird," I laughed. "We just have to let it happen."

Mick shrugged. "Maybe we should ask him over for steaks or something."

"Hmmm," I murmured. The idea of being pressed between two men after dinner did not seem appealing to me. "No, I don't want to have a full stomach when we do this. How about we ask him for drinks?"

Mick laughed. "Drinks? We know nothing about drinks. What kind of drinks?"

"I don't know," I said. "We'll have to get some kind of alcohol, I guess. I mean, we've already broken with the church when we had champagne, so..."

"Right," Mick said. "Should we get beer? Wine?"

"Wine," I said, thinking that would be more sophisticated. Then another idea popped into my head. "I mean, I hear people talk about bourbon. Maybe some bourbon."

"Maybe wine" Mick said, "and Bourbon."

"No. Wait!" I said. "Tequila. You make Margaritas with Tequila, right? Everyone in Florida likes Margaritas."

"Yeah," Mick said. "Maybe I can buy some premade."

"Good idea," I said. "But buy some extra Tequila because you probably get shorted on the premade."

"We're not drinkers," Mick laughed. "Remember? We may just get really drunk."

"So much the better," I sighed. "I'm very nervous, you know."

Mick sank back into his pillow and chuckled. "So am I."

Suddenly I was afraid that he'd be too nervous. "Will you be able to...perform?"

"Don't you worry about that," Mick laughed.

Then I had another paranoid thought. "What if Frank says no?"

"Are you kidding," Mick said. "I don't think that will happen."

"Okay," I said. "I believe you that he'll do it. So, Margaritas with extra Tequila it is. We'll sit poolside. I'll wear a bikini. I'll get a new one, a black one, really small."

"Oh my God," Mick mumbled. "I'm so fucking horny already."

"Me, too," I laughed. "Have you thought about positions?"


"Yes," I said. God-did I have to think of everything? "Positions. I've thought a lot about that. Remember once when you laid behind me and we did it on our sides? I thought maybe Frank could lie facing me and I could suck his cock. You could watch."

"Jesus, Sandy," Mick moaned. "I want to watch, you know. I want to see you suck his dick and, yes, I want to see him fuck you."

"But I want things too," I said. "I want someone to eat me. In fact, I want that first."

Mick stroked his chin while he thought. "Okay," he said. "So what if you lie on the bed and he eats you while you suck me? Then I can watch."

"Hmmm," I mumbled. It was time to test Mick about a few things I was interested in doing. "Okay, but, suppose he...um...licks my butt. Will that upset you?"

Mick exhaled and closed his eyes. "I don't know," he said. "If we're gonna do anal..."

"Not Friday night," I laughed. "Jeez! Let's just get through this first one."

"Okay, then," Mick said. "I guess it would be a turn on. It would be more of a turn on if you lay on your stomach and he licked you back there while you sucked me or, better yet, I licked you and you sucked..."

"Oooo," I cooed. "I like that idea, but what about what you always talk about? You know, him fucking me doggy style while I give you a blow job."

"I don't know," Mick said. "I'm not sure I want him to fuck you at all."

"Now wait a minute," I snapped. "I think I do. I think I want him fucking me while you watch. What a turn on that would be for me. It would drive me crazy! I'd deep throat you for sure and..."

"Okay," Mick said. "Okay. So..."

Now I was getting really excited. "Let me finish," I whispered. "Suppose he fucks me that way and you come on my face."

Mick could barely contain himself. "Holy fuck!"

I laughed. "I'm just saying..."

Mick sort of lost his mind right then and there. He ripped off my tee shirt, shorts and panties tore off his clothes and flopped on the bed. I was sacred at first, but then he pulled me on top of him. I don't know how he did it, but in one smooth motion, he was inside me. God, my pussy was so wet and he was so hard.

"How about this?" he asked. "You on top of me with his cock in your mouth. Then he can come on your face and I can watch."

"Oh, God Mick," I cried. "I'm coming already! Can I talk dirty when we do this? I wanna talk dirty."

"Oh, man," Mick gulped. "Not too dirty. I don't want Frank to think you're a slut."

"But I am," I moaned. "I'm such a slut! Fuck me, baby. Fuck your slut!"

Mick swallowed hard and whispered, "Jesus!"

"Maybe you could put a dildo in my ass while we're like this," I hissed. "Maybe you can dildo-fuck your slut's ass while you're fucking me and I'm sucking Frank's cock!"

Mick started to tremble, moaning, "Fuck almighty!"

"Maybe, for starters," I said, "I'll suck both your cocks at the same time. You can both come on my face!"

"Holy mother," Mick gasped. "I'm coming, baby!"

"I feel it," I cried. "Oh, fuck! I feel it! I feel your cum! Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me!"

I don't know how many times I whispered fuck me. I don't know how many times Mick shot hot jizz up inside of me. I don't know how many times I came. I barely remember anything after my orgasms except this-I remember thinking that Friday night was going to be one crazy night.

Or not . What if Frank said no? What if Mick chickened out? What if I chickened out? Tequila and lots of it . That would do the trick. There would be no backing out.

I was wet-so wet leading up to Friday night. When I touched myself, I was shocked at the slippery liquid that coated my fingers. I had been horny many times before, but not like this, not so unbelievably aroused that I couldn't stop flowing. Of course, Mick wanted to have sex with me all the time. His fingers came away slippery, too, but I forced him to wait. The last thing I wanted was a limp dick in my mouth or, for that matter, anywhere else inside me.

Friday finally arrived, coming to our house through the back yard. When he did, I raced to the bedroom to change. My new black bikini barely covered me, but I was not going to just go out in it and give him an eyeful. Instead I put on a lacy cover-up, the kind that you could see through, but the kind that hid just enough. When I walked out to the pool area, I carried a tray of Margaritas with me. I had no idea how to make them, so I just added some tequila to the glass of premade drinks that we had bought. How was I to know that there are special glasses for Margaritas? I just used big tumblers.

Frank's eyes almost popped out of his head when he saw me. "Um...hi," he said. "You look great."

I pretended that I barely heard him and played nonchalant. "Oh, thanks," I said. "Here, I made some Margaritas for us."

Frank took a tumbler from the tray without taking his eyes of me. "Are they alcohol free? I thought you two..."

"We don't drink much, but we do drink," Mick said. "Anyway, we don't want our guests to suffer because of our...um...beliefs."

"I see," Frank said. He took a sip and almost choked. I think he didn't want to insult me, so he smiled and took another sip. "These are great."

I glanced at Mick and he glanced at me. We both raised our glasses and tried our drinks. Oh my God! It felt like fire going down my throat. However, I didn't want Frank to think I had messed up, so I took another drink. I guess Mick felt the same way because he kept drinking, too. Well, the three of us finished our Margaritas and I went inside to make three more. The room was already spinning so I used less Tequila, but the effect I needed had taken hold.

"God, I'm hot," I purred. I let my cover-up fall to the ground and jumped into the pool. The cool water against my hot skin felt wonderful! My nipples were already hard, almost unbearably hard, caused, no doubt, by the combination of the cool water and my own excitement.

Well, the moment had arrived. With Frank and Mick undressing me mentally, I undressed for them. I untied my top and tossed it aside. Handing Mick a towel, I said, "Will you dry my front? And, could you give Frank a towel so he can dry my back?"

Mick was shaking. His cock was so hard I could almost see it through his shorts. I don't know what condition Frank was in, but when the soft towel touched my back, I almost passed out from excitement. Together they patted me down, Mick concentrating on my nipples. My God, they were so slow to get the action going that I thought I would have to speak up, but suddenly Frank untied my bikini bottom and slid it between my legs. It wasn't a towel I felt next, but a pair of fingers sliding into me. I wrapped my arms around Mick's neck, drove my tongue into his mouth, pressed my tits against his chest and writhed in ecstasy as Frank began to move two fingers in and out of my dripping pussy.

"Maybe," Mick said, "we should go inside."

I nodded, took one of Frank's hands and one of Mick's hands and, walking between them led them into the bedroom. The house was so cold from the air conditioning that my nipples puckered up like two hard raisins. I began to shiver, my teeth chattering.

"It's okay, baby," Mick whispered.

I guess he thought I was nervous so, to make the event more thrilling, I decided to play that to my advantage. "Don't hurt me," I whispered. "Please don't hurt me."

Oh, the effect that had! Both of them hugged me tight against their bodies, crushing me between them. They kissed me ever so gently and used their hands ever so gently. The truth is I was wishing they would maul me, but, on the other hand, my lust just kept growing and growing. I slid down between them rubbing my tits against Mick's chest and my ass against Frank's legs. I took Mick's cock into my mouth, sucking it hard, while I reached over my shoulder to hold Frank's stiff prick. Pools of saliva formed in my mouth and, because I didn't want to come up for air, streams flowed from my lips. I'm pretty sure that streams flowed from my pussy as well.

My God how Mick moaned. His hands lay on top of my head, guiding me, but not forcing me. I didn't want him to come-not yet-so I decided to pull back and look him in the face with doe eyes. He nodded, suggesting, I think, that it was okay to suck Frank's cock. So I turned around and took his prick, a prick I had some familiarity with, down into my throat. Mick's hands rested on my head and, to my surprise, he helped with my movements, holding my head in place a little longer each time I engulfed Frank's dick. I suspected that he was thrilled to hear the choking sounds I made, so I exaggerated a bit for his benefit, pretending that I was gagging. That seemed to excite both of them because, as I moved from one to the other, their thrusts became harder and rougher. I didn't mind-I was in another world, orgasming over and over, shooting rivulets of my juices onto the carpet.

I felt hands under my arms lifting me. Mick guided me to the bed and eased me onto my back. My legs dangled over the edge of the mattress, but not for long. Frank dropped to his knees, eased my legs over his shoulders and buried his face in my pussy. I gasped and lifted my ass off the bed in ecstasy, giving him access to my back door. Mick kneeled by my side, stroking his precum-slicked cock, staring at Frank eating me. I reached up, grabbed his ass and guided his dick into my mouth.

God knows how long we stayed in this position, but I was in no hurry to change anything. Well, okay, I did want to feel a cock inside me, but I was in no rush.

Or so I thought.

I guess Frank's jaw was getting tired. He stood up, lifted my legs over my shoulders and, in one thrust, shoved his hard cock into my pussy. His assault was wonderfully beautiful and the sensation deliciously sensual, so much so that I closed my eyes and clenched my teeth around the base of Mick's cock. A second later, he was pouring a river of cum into my mouth. I writhed in frenzied euphoria, causing Frank to shoot his jizz into my pussy. I came so hard that tears ran down my eyes.

For the next minute or so, no one moved. My legs continued to dangle over Frank's back, his cock continued to pulse in my pussy and my mouth stayed wrapped Mick's prick. Sweat poured off all of us, soaking the sheets beneath us. When I felt Mick getting hard again, I knew it was time to act. I was barely able to speak, but I managed to utter a few words. "Let's switch positions."

Frank lowered my legs and stood at the edge of the bed, his cock slick with my juices and bobbing up and down with his heartbeat. I held one hand up so he could pull me to a sitting position, and with the other guided Mick to the edge of the bed next to Frank. I debated just giving them both blowjobs, but I wanted more. With some difficulty, I stood up and wrapped my arms around Mick's neck. "Sit," I commanded. "Sit and let me sit on you."

I expected him to sit and for me to lower myself onto him, but that's not exactly what happened. He sat all right, but then he gave me a command. "Bend over," Mick snarled. "Bend over and suck his cock."

Hmmm. I liked that idea. With Mick holding me around the waist, I lowered my upper torso and inhaled Frank's dick, holding onto his hips for balance. Unexpectedly, Mick spread my cheeks and started licking my ass hole. Oh my God! The thrills that burst into me! The faster he licked the faster I sucked. I sensed Frank shaking and pulled away.

"Not yet," I cried. "Fuck me, Mick! Fuck me and watch him cum in my mouth."

Mick yanked me down, impaling me on his rigid prick. He reached around me and diddled my clit while slamming into me as hard as he could. I pulled Frank to me and wrapped my lips around his hard cock, taking him as deep down my throat as I could. It didn't take long for him to shoot streams of his hot juice straight in my belly. Mick, in a hoarse voice, moaned, "Sweet Jesus!"

When he blasted his jism into my pussy, I wanted to scream, but I was too busy swallowing Frank's continuing streams of cream. It seemed like it took forever, but finally Mick fell back onto the bed, pulling me with him. Frank stood on wobbly legs, staring at us. "I can't tell you what a beautiful site that is," he said. "I mean Mick's cock buried in your vagina, your tits standing straight up, your nipples hard as rocks. Beautiful. So, what now?"

"Now you leave," Mick groaned. "Be back tomorrow around..."

"Three," I said. "We'll have a little pool party. You guys will...take care of spreading lotion on me."

"Three," Frank mumbled. "I'll see you then."

After Frank left the only questions in my mind were—where exactly would he be spreading lotion and, once I was all slippery, how would we take advantage of the lotion? Would I be ready for my first DP?

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