tagHumor & SatireOur Little Experiment

Our Little Experiment


"Are you sure you want to do this?"

"Yes! Of course! It will be fun!"

Terran had tried to reassure Lenn a countless number of times that he wanted to try it with him, but Lenn could not shake that feeling that It was wrong and twisted. That was perhaps why Terran had chosen to be the victim in the scenario. Moments ago they had gone over the safety procedures, designated a safe word, set their phones close by in the case of an emergency... Any little bit of safety that Terran could conjure up for all of Lenn's what-ifs had been accounted for. There really was nothing for Lenn left to complain about!

In truth, Lenn had loved flirting with the idea. He loved hearing his lover speak about the possibilities. They brought shivers down his spine each time! He had dreams about moments like this that he could spend with his lover and each time, he woke up sweaty and needing. But up until that moment, all it had been was words. Silly words and fantasies never ended up with welts and bruises! But, sure enough, after a few weeks of playing with the idea, Terran began to make it a reality.

With every paycheck, his perverted boyfriend would come home with a new toy: with belts and buckles, leather straps, handcuffs, a ball gag, metal bars that Lenn had no idea what their purpose was, he even bought an instructional video to show Lenn how safety could be implemented in that sort of situation. Lenn had laughed it all off week by week, hoping against hope that it was just one of Terran's many jokes to make him uneasy.

But after months of collecting, the day had come. Terran had been cunning in exclusively making sure each of them had the time on their schedules for that night. Lenn had made no active protest in the game and Terran seemed determined not to take the hint. But it was too late then. Lenn had made a promise to allow it and Terran was so eager and excited that he had no idea how to turn him down.

The first part was to chain Terran down. They decided, for just this first time, they would go easy, so the bed was the decided piece of furniture to go with. His naked body was face up and his arms were handcuffed to the bed posts. They had piled up a few pillows and blankets from the house to lay at Terran's back to elevate his pelvic area upward. His legs were tied in a series of knots to the bed springs beneath them and forced to spread wide apart. While tying him down, Lenn had watched his lover carefully for any sign of pain, but he never saw any. His lover was flexible and - dare he think it - accustomed to being treated in such a way. Once Lenn was certain there was nothing wrong with the position, he followed his boyfriend's instructions to the next step. Terran was blindfolded and the ball gag was set to the side, although Lenn swore to himself that he would not make use of it.

"You know, it's going to be really hard to take any of this seriously when you keep giggling and wiggling like that," Lenn mused aloud, standing over the bed. Nervous as he was, he couldn't quite bring himself to laugh along with him. If anything, it felt like a chore or favor he had to do for his boyfriend... well, almost. Most chores didn't grant him a full look at Terran's nude body displayed so lewdly on the bed like that. He wasn't quite as cut as the men in the porn video he had been baited into watching, but Lenn preferred that. Terran was a lover that was just the right size. He wasn't intimidating in any way, even when he did start rambling about the bondage techniques he wanted to try.

"Don't take it seriously, then!" his blinded lover laughed, wiggling all the more. "This is supposed to be fun, Lenn. Have fun with it. You've been wanting to have a chance to do whatever you wanted to me without my interference. Don't lie." In his movements, Terran's erection swayed along with him. The member had been hard the moment Lenn had resigned to allowing this moment to happen. It had jumped up almost as quickly and enthusiastically as Terran had!

Lenn watched him for a moment before, with a sigh, he moved on to the next part. He had been provided with a Dom outfit, with belts and chaps and stuff, but Lenn had outright refused to wear it. It was a ridiculous leather contraption that he didn't even know how to begin putting it on. He was certain he would look just as ridiculous wearing it. But Terran had made no remark concerning it. Lenn was in charge. He controlled everything, including what he, or his lover, wore. So, he simply wore his usual clothing. He was comfortable in them. So the next part was simply to get the game going.

This game, as Terran described it, was much like playing a part in a play. Lenn was given the role of being the dominant male - though, half the time he had no idea what he was doing even during normal instances of sex. Terran was to be his victim, or pet, or slave, or whatever it was Lenn decided on calling him. According to the instructional video, it apparently helped to curse and insult the sub... he really didn't think he had what it took to insult or abuse Terran. But his boyfriend wanted it... soooo...

Lenn climbed in the bed tentatively, looking over his lover's attractive body and wishing they could just rub all up against each other the normal way. He knelt in front of Terran, between his wide spread legs. One hand hovered over the erect cock that only seemed to be getting more and more swollen and purple the longer he hesitated. Hanging down from the base of his member, his balls were also swollen to a point where it looked painful. Alright... time to get this over with...

Lenn's hand finally touched on the cock, tickling it softly with reluctant fingers. That would drive his lover crazy enough, wouldn't it? Sure enough, Terran's hips bucked forward, leaning into his hand and silently begging for him to get on with it. "I don't know what to do!" he answered back in angst to the wordless plea.

"I'll guide you then," Terran smiled blindly down at him. "Slap me, first of all, whenever I don't call you Master."

"I... What? I'm not going to slap you!" Indignant, Lenn took his hands from Terran's body and sat on his feet with a huff. He was just so... lost!

"You need to get into the mood!" Terran insisted. "Imagine I did something to hurt you and you want to make sure I never do it again."

Reluctantly, Lenn straightened up and frowned at the prone body below him. "Horrible like what?"

"Like... I cheated on you!"

"Don't even play around with an idea like that!" Lenn protested. Without thinking, he slapped his hand against Terran's lower belly. The reaction was immediate. Once more his lover's hips pushed forward and a groan escaped from his grinning lips. "Oh, come on, don't act like that was arousing." He slapped him again, getting a similar reaction. Well... He couldn't say he understood it, but it was definitely nice to hear that sound. So he did it again, this time playing with abusing the genitals.

It was funny watching how the bouncing and swollen cock could just flop around with each weak slap. The testicles had the most interesting reaction when his palm struck them. The sack constricted and tensed and wrinkled to a point where Lenn was almost convinced that his hits would be enough to make his lover cum. This granted him an even more satisfying reaction, though the semen only came as a leak out of the slit at the top. His lover moaned and pressed his raised pelvic area upward, displaying more of his body to Lenn. He could see more of his ass from the way he moved. The taut cheeks and the tight pucker between them.

Okay... maybe now he could see the appeal in this... in just watching his lover writhe at his touch. He loved touching him, being beneath him with his own legs wide spread and ready to be invaded. But yeah... he could definitely see why people gave this a shot... If only every once in a while...

"Oh, Master, slap me harder!" Terran yelled, though it was obvious he had laughter in his voice. "I'm such a bad boy! Punish me!"

Lenn always imagined this as such a hard core, painful and sadomasochistic activity. He imagined only the sickest of lovers could partake in something like this. But the longer this ridiculous situation carried on, the more he began to believe that it really was just a game. Terran was laughing despite the red marks against his skin from the few slaps. It was just play. He wouldn't really be hurting Terran... And so... why not just go along with it? It got his boyfriend off and hell, he deserved it! He could not have asked for anyone kinder or more loving. He would indulge him, if only just this once.

"Tell me what you want from me?" he asked, trying to force out a more commanding tone. No matter how hard he tried, however, he still felt so timid.

Terran totally went with it, though. He never missed a beat. "I want you to punish me!"

Lenn, starting to get the gist of the game, reached up and slapped him across the face. "You're forgetting something!"

Terran seemed stunned at first and Lenn almost shrank back to his timid self. He had not meant to slap him so hard. But Terran recovered quickly, just as energetic as ever. "I want you to punish me, Master!" He put playful emphasis on the last word and Lenn had to admit... he liked the sound of that.~

"How should I punish you... um... Bitch?"

Terran snorted at the slur, but managed to keep his laughter contained. He seemed to need to think on a proper response for a moment before finally answering, "Please abuse my slutty hole, Master!" he cried.

"Slutty? Really? Of all the words you could have chosen?" Lenn muttered and looked to the various objects that had been collected for the occasion, slowly coming to consider what he needed to do as requested of him. There was a thin vibrator that looked sort of like an ear piece. There was a really thick, ridged thing, that he had learned from the video was supposed to be a butt plug - who the hell would want a cork up their bum?

"Psst, Terran," Lenn whispered, hoping not to disturb the scene. "What do I do?"

His lover only smiled. His hands were able to slip easily out of the cuffs - that Lenn had failed to close properly - and he removed the blind fold. He sat up and the look on his face was nothing if not pure adoration. "Let's just fuck already," he laughed finally. Terran reached his arms out to wrap around his lover and Lenn was more than happy to fall into his embrace.

He knew he might never be able to indulge in his lover's weird fantasies, but he also knew, by that look that he would try for him. By that sweet kiss and that closeness that he would always want nothing more than to please this man. Lenn wrapped his arms in turn around the naked body and his kiss went deep. He felt the naked body against his own and right then he was really wishing he had undressed himself after all - assless chaps were still out of the question, however.

Terran seemed to be thinking similarly because Lenn could feel those deft and lovely fingers slipping beneath his shirt to caress his back. They moved from the small of it and moved upwards, playing against the bones jutting out from his spine and sending shivers all the way back down. He really knew how to make himself desirable. That touch was such a small thing, but it made Lenn melt within his arms and want nothing but him. When the kiss parted, he felt almost sorrowful to let those lips go. They tasted so very delicious!

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