tagGroup SexOur New House Ch. 01

Our New House Ch. 01


After moving into our new house, a neighbor couple had stopped by to welcome us to the neighborhood. As we sat talking, they opened a bottle of wine which they had brought along. The conversation really loosened up after that bottle was empty.

They are a couple years younger than my wife and I. Being in our mid thirties, I guessed they were late twenties or so. He is a contractor, and obviously a hard worker judging by the size of his arms, and flat stomach. He stands about 6'2" with dark hair and a clean shaved face. He introduced himself as Paul. His wife was curved in all the right places with long dark hair of her own. She wore a tight black dress that showed off her shapely body and exposed her gorgeous legs underneath. What really caught my attention was the neckline hanging low showing more than ample cleavage. She introduced herself as Sarah.

As we emptied our second bottle of wine I took Paul to the garage to show off my man cave and my current project. I was working on restoring a 77 Harley which was almost finished. We could hear the ladies giggling upstairs so we went to rejoin them.

As we came back into the living room they suddenly stopped talking and just looked at us with a very devilish smile. I asked what they were talking about. My wife answered "we we're talking about our breasts." She continued, "do you think Sarah has nice tits?" I wasn't sure how to answer. Of course I'd been checking her out all night but this was a strange question coming from my wife. She nodded at me and I knew she wanted the truth. "I think her tits look fantastic but, I've only seen cleavage so far" I said. I barely finished my sentence when Sarah unbuttoned a couple of buttons from her dress and pulled her bra down exposing her perfect breasts. "What about now?" She asked. I was frozen for a second before saying "they are very lovely but not as big as my wife's." Paul chimed in by saying that Sarah has the biggest tits he's ever seen. I looked at my wife and she smiled at me before taking off her shirt and bra in one motion exposing enormous jugs. She smiled at Paul and his jaw hit the floor.

Sitting in front of me was my wife and our beautiful neighbor showing the 4 most amazing breasts I have ever seen. I didn't even try to hide my erection when I noticed Sarah looking at my crotch. "Those are perfect" the ladies said to each other at the same time. They giggled and began really checking each other out. I watched as my wife fondled Sarah's tits and began sucking on her nipple. Sarah pushed her back and returned the favor sucking my wife's tits and running her hand up my wife's thigh.

Suddenly, Sarah pulled back, looked directly at my crotch, and said "I wonder how our boys measure up?" I almost came as the words left her lips. I looked at Paul, then my wife, then stared at Sarah as I pulled my pants off setting my erect cock free. Sarah gasped as I sprang free. Paul let out a chuckle as he too removed his pants releasing a monster cock. I consider myself average with about 7 inches, Paul was above average, looks to be about 9-10 inches!

Sarah crawled on her hands and knees across the living room shimmying out of her dress on the way revealing a thin lace thong. She knelt before Paul and said "there's only one way to compare!" I watched as she took his head in her mouth and slowly worked the rest of it down her throat. I looked back at my wife and saw she had removed her pants and panties and was fingering herself while staring at Sarah's mostly exposed ass! Before I knew what was happening, Sarah left her husbands monster and lunged onto my cock. I watched as Paul got behind her and pulled her panties down. He gave her pussy a lick before kneeling and shoving his dick in her. My wife stood up and positioned her pussy at Paul's face. He began thrashing her clit with his tongue. He pulled out of Sarah and put my wife on floor. I couldn't believe he was going to put that huge dick in her. She took it eagerly and began licking Sarah's dripping hole.

Sarah straddled my wife's face and faced toward Paul who was impaling my bride in front of me. I was just enjoying the show when my wife grabbed my dick and started stroking. Paul got off of her and sat next to me on the couch. My wife knelt before me taking my cock in her mouth. Sarah knelt before Paul sucking him off as well. Then Sarah moved on to my balls while my wife continued to suck my cock. I watched as their mouths met several times, kissing and sucking at almost the same time. They moved on to Paul and worked his rod the way they did mine. I moved behind them and buried my dick in Sarah's pussy. I began pounding her as hard as I could until I felt like I was about to come. I pulled out and rested for a second before pounding my wife the same way. I heard Paul say that he's going to cum! The ladies didn't even slow down. Paul shot his load all over both of their faces which they licked off each other. Then they turned their sights back to me and began sucking me off together. It wasn't long before I came as well. I watched as their tongues cleaned each other's face. Then my wife leaned down and kissed me, shoving her tongue in my mouth. I'm not sure who I was tasting, but it tasted good!

That's enough for now, said Sarah. "But you two haven't cum yet!" I protested. She assured me that we weren't done.

She said that she had to run home for a second. She got dressed and left. She returned quickly carrying a black bag. She immediately started caressing my wife's body, kissing her neck and shoulders. When I tried to join in she pushed me away and told me to watch. I watched as she began playing with my wife's tits, sucking and pinching her nipples. Paul and I watched as Sarah buried her face in my wife's crotch. I could see the pleasure in my wife's face. She smiled at me and pulled Sarah up to her. They kissed passionately before my wife threw Sarah to the floor and went down on her! Sarah was pinching her nipples and writhing in pleasure, while the love of my life explored her snatch. Sarah called for Paul to come over then began sucking him back to life. Paul fell face first onto my lap and began sucking my cock. Sarah pulled a strap-on out of her bag and began fucking my wife with it. Then Sarah laid on the floor and allowed my wife to mount her strap-on. I positioned myself behind her and rammed my dick into my wife's virgin ass! She was shuddering so hard from the fucking Sarah and I were giving her. She screamed as she exploded in a mind blowing orgasm. She ripped to dong off of Sarah and started fucking her with it alternating between her pussy and ass. Paul and I positioned ourselves at Sarah's head. She alternated sucking one of us and stroking the other. She was taking 3 cocks at once and handling it like a pro! Sarah screamed as she came shaking uncontrollably. Paul and I came again at the same time shooting our hot spunk all over her face and chest which Sarah and my wife licked up.

After cleaning ourselves up, our neighbors said we'd have to get together again. Next time, at their place, they have a pool and hot tub!

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