tagBDSMOur New Life Ch. 2

Our New Life Ch. 2


Chapter 2: My Class Reunion

Today started early. I got up about 4 AM to go to the bathroom, and when I came back to bed, I couldn't sleep. My mind was racing with Michelle's and my new situation, and how suddenly it had changed our lives - for the better, I think we'd both agree. Nevertheless, I tried. After fifteen minutes or so of flipping around in bed, trying to get comfortable enough to go back to sleep, I decided, 'screw it,' and got up.

Fumbling around the room on my way out, Michelle asked if I was okay.

I told her, "Yeah, I just can't sleep. I didn't want to wake you with my thrashing around."

She replied, "I can't sleep either. I keep thinking about what we're doing, and I get so excited I can't keep still."

I sat beside her on the bed. "This is pretty fascinating for me, too. I've never done this before - being sexually dominant over somebody else - and I like it."

Michelle sat up. "You're sure? You're not disgusted by your perverted wife?"

I pulled her in and hugged her. "You're not perverted. Well, maybe not by *my* standards, anyway. And, I'm *far* from disgusted. If I wasn't enjoying this, I *know* I wouldn't be as turned on as I am. Hell, I'm getting excited just talking about it." I then pointed to my hard-on.

Michelle smiled at my erection, but then got serious again. "You're not doing this just for me, though, are you? You're not secretly appalled by it and are just humoring me?"

I took her shoulders and looked her straight in the face. "I'm okay with it. I'm enjoying myself. I like that I'm able to do this for you and you trusted me enough to tell me in the first place."

She looked at me like she still wasn't entirely convinced, but she nodded, then threw her arms around me. "I love you."

I returned the hug and laughed, "I love you, too."

When Michelle let go, she said, "You know, I've been thinking. Until we could get a chain or a collar or something like that for me, how about a scarf?"

I thought for a moment. "A scarf would work just fine."

Michelle bounced off the bed and started rummaging through some drawers, until she finally pulled out what she wanted. She then came back to me, handed me the scarf, then immediately fell to her knees before me.

Holy shit! The wave of erotic energy in that simple action was intoxicating. If my cock hadn't been hard already, It sure would have been after that!

Once the rush subsided, I took the scarf and tied it around Michelle's neck. Damn, the symbolism of that single item implied more than I ever imagined possible! It was an outward sign that Michelle was serious about this, and my placing it around her neck indicated *my* seriousness about it. And neither of us was faking this. Michelle had wanted it for too long to be insincere about it, and I loved her too much to *not* want to take part in so intimate a part of her life.

The wide-eyed, almost desperate look Michelle gave me told me she was horny, had probably been so since we'd started all this. Most likely she'd come to bed that way. She wanted sex, my cock was hard, so...

"Suck me."

Michelle dove onto my hard-on without hesitation. She sucked on me with an energy I hadn't seen in her for a long time. She played with my balls while her mouth did the most amazing things to my cock. I was certainly loving this, but then I decided, "Hold just the head in your mouth. I need to think of what you need to do next."

Obediently, Michelle dropped her hands and slid up my shaft until only the head was in her mouth. She then stopped moving. Occasionally, she'd flick the head with her tongue, causing me to jump a little. She was certainly making it hard to think!

Eventually, though, I came to a decision. Although I hated to have her take me out of her mouth, I said, "I'm going to sit down over there," I indicated a chair near the bed, "and I want you to sit back on the bed and masturbate for me. Okay?"

Michelle nodded, not taking my cock head from her mouth. Then we moved. I sat down, and my gorgeous submissive wife sat on the edge on the bed and reached for her pussy. The glistening in her crotch told me that she was *very* horny.

Michelle started rubbing her clit, and I think the sensations for her were intensified by the fact that she'd been told to. I just sat back and watched for a while, enjoying seeing my lovely wife masturbate for me. After a little bit, though, I felt the need to stroke myself.

It felt really good to masturbate myself while my beautiful submissive wife rubbed her burning cunt. So good, in fact, that it didn't take too long for me to get close.

"Baby, I'm going to cum. I'll give you a choice. You decide where you want my cum. I'll cum on you: on your pussy, your face, in your mouth, it's up to you. Not your pussy, though. I don't think I'll put my cock in your pussy today.

"...And don't cum, yourself. Remember, that's *my* orgasm. Now, where do you want my cum?"

Michelle thought for a moment, never stopping rubbing her clit, then finally said, "I want your cum on my tits and belly, please."

I asked her a couple more times where she wanted it, mostly because I wanted to hear her say it, and suddenly, I sprayed jizz all over her beautiful tits and belly. Michelle then stopped rubbing her pussy and started smearing my juice all over her breasts, extremely aroused by the situation. I love watching her adore my body, and also her own. I think it's really sexy watching a woman touch herself.

After she had finished rubbing my sperm into her skin, I told her she could go wash up and to bring me back a cloth to clean myself with. When she had me all wiped off, I laid her back on the bed and tongued the hell out of her cunt, until she screamed out her orgasm.

Michelle was still horny, even after cumming hard, but it was getting to be time for her weekly breakfast date with a girlfriend of hers. So, she was forced to leave, still horny as hell.

I went back to bed.

I got up and out the door about 11 AM, to do some running of my own, still reeling from the way things had changed for us. While I was out, I stopped at most of the adult bookstores in the area, just to get a feel for what kind of things they may have had which pertained to our new lifestyle. The pickings were thin, unfortunately. We live in what is still a pretty conservative part of the country, as far as things sexual go, so even the porno shops reflect that fact.

When I got home, Michelle was on the bed, writing. I had asked her to keep sort of a diary about what's happening, and to not be embarrassed to write *anything*. Michelle was still very shy about all this. I don't think I've fully convinced her that I'm okay with it. I am. It turns me on more than I ever imagined. And the fact that she's so energized by it means that it is right. We both know the difference bewteen right and wrong. There are some things we just won't do. I know she wouldn't do them, and I wouldn't think to ask. As long as we both think it's right and good, and aren't harming anyone else or ourselves, it's right.

Not too long after I got home, Michelle finished writing. She asked me if I wanted to read what she'd written. What a silly question.

I won't get into what she wrote, since most of it is private stuff that she wouldn't want me relating to others, but let's suffice it to say that it had me hard almost instantly. Only a few paragraphs in, I was shaking with erotic tension. It was brutally - and erotically - honest. I'd never known such things about my wife, but I loved her all the more for sharing them. In fact, a lot of it was the type of stuff I *wanted* to know. I knew it was a relief for her to finally get to tell someone. Michelle was afraid I'd think it was weird. After reading some of it, it just made me wish I'd been there!

Michelle came back in the room shortly after I'd finished reading. She asked what I thought. I pointed out the lump in my jeans and honestly told her it was the most erotic thing I'd ever read. It was just what I'd been looking for.

Next, I said, "Suck my dick." Which she promptly did.

As always, her mouth felt wonderful. She worked at my cock and balls, then started to caress lower. Once I realized how good it felt, I shifted around a little to give her better access to my asshole. After tickling my tight pucker a little, she licked her finger, then pushed it in.

God, I don't remember this happening before. She'd put a finger in my butt a couple times while jacking me off, but I couldn't recall Michelle ever having given me a blowjob and done so. After a little more position adjustment, I shot into her mouth, which she swallowed without protest.

After a short afterglow, I told her, "Go wash your hands. Then, I'll eat your pussy."

While Michelle was in the bathroom, I laid back on the bed. When she came back in the room, I said, "Sit on my face."

Now, this had never been a big thing with Michelle before. She was afraid she was going to smother me or something. This time, though, there was no hesitation. Michelle straddled my face, placing her beautiful cunt right on my mouth. I began licking and sucking on her pussy until she was moaning and howling in pleasure (not that it took long, she started as soon as my tongue touched her clit). I took her though two or three orgasms, then we took a short pause to assess how successful we'd been in satisfying her, determined she was still horny as hell, whereupon she straddled my face again and we started over.

After my lovely, submissive wife had a few more orgasms (it seemed she couldn't cum enough), we noticed the time. It was my high school class reunion and I was hoping to see some people I hadn't had any contact with since graduation.

We started to get ready to go, getting shaved (me, my face, Michelle, everything including her pussy), getting showers, then figuring out what to wear.

Michelle originally intended on wearing a dress she'd bought recently, but came out wearing a little red thing that looked more like a long shirt than a dress.

"Where'd you get that?"

She looked down at herself. "I've had this for a little while. Don't you like it?"

I assured her, "It's great. I especially like its filling. But what happened to the new one you bought the other day?"

"Well, I thought: I already have this one. I just haven't worn it before. Maybe I could take the other one back. We could always use the extra money."

I said, "Whatever you think. You look gorgeous in either one. It's your choice."

Michelle then changed into the new dress, telling me, "I'll wear the red one for something else. I kind of need different hose and heels to really make it work."

I told her, "And maybe you could wear a garter belt and no panties with the red one. That would be sexy."

She blushed and bowed her head, though I could see the trace of a smile on her face. "If that's what you'd like."

As we walked out the door, I said, "You *know* it's what I'd like."

At the reunion, I ran into quite a few people I was hoping to see, friends I did a lot in school with and hadn't seen in a long time.

Michelle, of course, knew only me, so she kept relatively quiet. At one point, she got up to use the restroom, and I whispered to her before she got away, "While you're in there doing your business, I want you rubbing your clit. Get yourself to the edge, but remember whose cum it is." She smiled a little and nodded, then went on.

When she returned, I could tell she'd done what I told her. She was looking just a *little* heated (Okay, a *lot* heated. She still was horny even though she'd been orgasming most of the afternoon.). I felt my cock twitch at the sight of my darling wife's obvious (to me, at least) public arousal.

Having drunk a lot throughout the evening, Michelle had to get up twice more before we left. I made her masturbate herself in the rest room both those times, as well. Subsequently, by the time we left, Michelle was nearly screaming with erotic tension.

On the way home, I started to touch Michelle, and as I suspected, she *really* responded to my touch. At one point, I told her, "Take your panties off." (Yes, I'd let her wear panties. They were just a little G-string thing, so she was damn near naked anyway.) I didn't really know if she had enough room in the car to accomplish that feat, but to my delight, she removed them without comment or difficulty. Now, I had a bare pussy to fondle. Michelle leaned back in her seat and, since her dress buttoned all down the front, she unbuttoned her dress. Before very long, she was completely bare next to me, aside from her bra, which I had her remove as soon as possible.

This was fabulous. My wife was completely nude next to me in the car. It was dark, so she wasn't quite as self-conscious as she had been that first time, showing off her legs and *nearly* her crotch in broad daylight. Passing headlights still made her duck, which just made me chuckle.

After a while, Michelle reached over to my crotch and groped my hard-on through my pants. To help, and also to get the most of her fondling fingers, I unzipped my pants and pulled out my cock. As I was hoping, she wasted no time taking my dick in her hand while rubbing herself. A couple of times she leaned over and took me in her mouth, but regardless how most porn stories make it sound, giving head to the driver of a car is *not* the simplest of tasks.

We arrived home, and instead of straightening ourselves, I untucked my shirt to hide my hard-on, and Michelle pulled her dress together a little so she could get out of the car. I grabbed her panties, and we walked to the front door. I think I was more afraid of being found out than Michelle was, because she seemed to walk slower than I would have expected.

At the front door, I unlocked the door, then reached down and touched my wife's clit. She moaned, then practically pushed me into the house.

We got as far as the kitchen. I don't think we said anything. We stood there and kissed for a bit, then I stepped back, unbuckled my belt and opened my pants. Michelle reached for my cock, and I gently pushed on her shoulders. She got the idea.

Kneeling, she once again sucked me. There are so many erotic sights, when you start to experience them, that you just start listing them in your mind. Another is a subservient woman on her knees loving your hard cock. After several minutes, I sat down on a chair, and had Michelle pull off my boots and pants. I then urged her gently to return to her work. She went eagerly.

I got up after a while and picked Michelle up and put her on the chair. Again I tasted her glorious cunt. Michelle climaxed a handful of times, after which she was still horny. As I've said before, I think she'd been horny since we'd started this little adventure, and it seemed that no amount of orgasms would sate her. She, nevertheless, prepared for bed. She then turned in and I sat down to record what had happened, not being quite so tired, myself.

Eventually, I came to bed. I may have slept, but I was half-awake when Michelle snuggled over to me. Now, this is nothing new, but she lowered the sheet from my shoulder and started to kiss it. Not little dry kisses, but wet, sensual ones, her tongue tickling my skin each time. After a few minutes of this, I asked her what she wanted. She told me she was still horny, and the thought of what we'd done earlier in the day and all evening was making her even hornier. She wanted to cum, and for me to put my cock in her pussy.

I didn't know if I was going to be able to give her what she wanted. Not just from a dominant standpoint, but I didn't know if my dick was up to it. See, as I was writing about our new experiences, I got so worked up, I had to take matters into my own hands. So, I had cum not too long before this, and was still pretty worn out. Besides, the orgasm at the computer was my third in less than twenty-four hours.

I told Michelle I'd put my cock in her, but she'd have to get it hard first. It took a while. But eventually, it was hard enough to make the attempt.

Michelle got on her hands and knees, and I slowly slid my cock inside. You'd think Michelle was going to die from the sensation. Her reaction was incredibly erotic. I pumped for a while, and I think Michelle had an orgasm. All I knew is that I was wearing down in a hurry. Eventually, I pulled out of Michelle's pussy and lay back on the bed. Michelle said, "I'm still horny. May I make myself cum?"

Pretty much done for already, I said sure. It was at this point that I realized just how precarious my position in this really was. I've never actually felt exhausted to the point where I didn't think I could "get it up" again, but this time... I didn't know how I'd get hard again without some much needed rest.

Michelle started to rub her clit, and I sat back on the chair where I had been that morning. While my wife pleasured herself, I took my cock in hand and started to stroke. To my amazement and delight, I started to respond. Eventually it got to the point where I had to ask Michelle, "I'm going to cum. Where do you want it?"

There was a hesitation in Michelle's answer. I think it was because she was so wrapped up in rubbing her clit that it took a little while for my question to register. After a little bit, Michelle responded, "In my mouth. I want your cum in my mouth."

I rose and placed my cock head in my wife's lovely mouth while I continued stroking. A little later I was shooting my fourth load in less than twenty-four hours. I think, since we'd started our little D/s adventure, I'd cum more often than I had in my life. Michelle, of course, being a woman, and a multi-orgasmic woman at that (oh joy!) had probably cum twice to three times as many times.

By now, though, I was *really* exhausted. Michelle, on the other hand, was still horny. She begged and pleaded with me to make her cum, to let her cum, anything. She just needed to orgasm. I didn't know what to do. I wasn't going to be able to get hard again for a while, but Michelle was the Eveready bunny.

Michelle laid back, and we tried me sucking her tits while she masturbated and me rubbing her clit and a few other things, but I was just too damn worn out, both sexually and physically, to really do the job right. I felt kind of bad about it. This is the type of woman I'd fantasized about - that I think *most* men fantasize about - a woman who almost *can't* seem to get enough sex. Now, here she was, right in front of me, and the horrible reality of anatomy reared its ugly head. Women are - much moreso than men - built to be sexual machines. Men are created with the almost constant drive for sex, but the physical aspect is constructed to fail that end.

Michelle apologized, "I'm sorry I'm such a slut."

I told her, "You're not a slut," even though, by most definitions of the term, her behavior would definitely point in that direction. It didn't matter, slut or not, I still loved her, and do to this day. I told her, "Get yourself off if you can. I need some rest."

Michelle told me later that she fell asleep masturbating.

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