tagBDSMOur New Life Ch. 3

Our New Life Ch. 3


I hurried home from work one afternoon, so I could be sure and beat my wife home. Once there, I made a few quick preparations then changed into clothes a little more appropriate for what I had planned. Keeping an eye on the back yard, I waited for Michelle to get home.

Eventually, I heard the garage door open and saw her come up the rear sidewalk. Standing in the kitchen, I waited for the back door to open.

When Michelle opened the door, she took one step into the kitchen before she looked up and saw me standing there. What she saw must have surprised her, because she stopped short and stared at the sight before her. A look of lust entered her eyes as she took in what I was wearing. I'd changed into black jeans, black boots, a black silk shirt, and I'd let my hair out of the ponytail I usually kept it in, (for convenience's sake,) so my greying hair fell down past my shoulders. Just by the outfit, I knew Michelle figured something good was awaiting her.

I saw my wife's weight shift, and could tell she was planning to come into the house and probably kiss me. That, however, was *not* part of the plan.

"Did I say that girls were allowed to wear clothes into My house?"

Michelle heard this, and stopped once again. I saw the flicker of understanding on her face as to how this was going to be played. Her lust-filled eyes quickly dropped to the floor, and she said quietly, "No, Sir."

I had to maintain my role now, something I've had trouble doing before. I'm usually much more easy-going, not so demanding, even when we've done the D/s thing in the past. Tonight, though, I was determined to be firm.

"Well then, girl, get out of My house and remedy that."

Lust turned to anxiety, and Michelle looked around, afraid that someone might see. That's where I had to start asserting myself more.

"Don't concern yourself with whether you'll be seen. If you don't strip right now, you can stay the night out there on the back porch. Sluts don't give a damn what the neighbors think, they just do as they're told. Now strip, slut."

The look of lust re-entered her face, followed by a swift acknowledgement of her position, followed again by submission. Slowly, Michelle put down her purse and reached for the buttons on her blouse. One by one she unfastened her top, displaying more and more of her body to me. She'd worn a plain, boring, white bra, with very little interest to it but its filling.

Once more she started to glance to either side as she reached back to unhook the bra.

"Don't worry about the neighbors. You're not stripping for them. Now let's see those tits." She let out a big breath and released her wonderful breasts from their captivity.

Michelle stood there, topless, on our back porch, eyes downcast in a perfectly submissive pose, hands crossed behind her.

"Are you going to stand out there all night like that? You aren't coming in My house unless you're wearing absolutely nothing." I had all the time in the world. It's easy to be cocky when you're not the self-conscious one baring yourself to - potentially - the entire neighborhood.

Slowly, Michelle unbuttoned her skirt and let it fall to the ground. Now all she was wearing were her shoes - no hose, thank god - and a pair of boring white panties. (Ever notice how sometimes plain cotton panties can be a real turn-on and sometimes they are the dullest thing created? Bizarre.) I thought to myself, 'We're going to have to go through your underwear drawer and see about getting you some more interesting lingerie, girl.'

My wife hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her panties and pulled them down to the floor to join her skirt. Now she was naked. Her bush was now exposed, her tits were on display, and I could see the blush start at her upper chest and noticed it extended nearly to her eyebrows. She stepped out from the puddle of clothes at her feet, then started to kick off her shoes. She'd worn some nice medium-height heel shoes to work today, and I thought, 'what the hell.'

"Leave the shoes on, slut. I like the idea that you were so excited to play that you forgot to remove them.

"You are now appropriately attired. You may now enter My house." Michelle bent over to pick up the stuff she'd let fall to the floor of the porch, so she could carry it inside. "No, slave, leave that there. It's not going anywhere." She hesitated, then straightened and stepped through the door.

I love watching naked women move. Even women who are very confident in themselves while clothed seem to move almost apologetically when that armor is removed. That near-submissive posture just gets me tingling. Michelle gingerly stepped into the kitchen, head bowed, hands crossed in front of her. She stopped just inside the door, and waited for me to tell her what to do next. Her face shot up in surprise when she saw a flash and heard the camera shutter working. Yes, I'd taken her picture. She forgot the digital camera I'd bought just before our last vacation. Apparently she never thought I'd want pictures of her nude, such is her image of herself. If only she understood how cock-stiffeningly sexy she looked at that moment...

But I had to maintain my persona... "Back into position, slut! I didn't tell you to move. If I want pictures of your nakedness, I'll get them. And leave your hands at your sides. Better yet, put them behind your head. Push those tits out at me. Good girl."

I saw Michelle tremble a little, but she slowly put her hands behind her head, then bowed her head back down. Damn literalist. "You may raise your head, girl. I want to see what kind of slutty look you can muster as you display yourself to your Master."

Michelle raised her head, gave me a saucy look, then struck a pose that nearly had me shooting off in my jeans! She looked me straight in the eye, put her hands in her hair behind her head, spread her legs and cocked one hip in a pose that looked like it came from some porn mag model. Fuck! I didn't know my normally rather-staid wife had such a streak of the slut in her! My tough-guy Dom act dissolved for a moment into the-really-fucking-horny goofball husband I usually am, and a moan of lusty delight involuntarily escaped my lips.

A knowing chuckle came from Michelle's direction at my reaction to her slutty pose. Suddenly, she was *all* slut, silently *inviting* me to take her picture. And I did, eagerly. I snapped as many pictures of her as I could, while she struck more and more suggestive poses for me.

Eventually, I reluctantly put down the camera and told Michelle, "That's enough pictures for now." Michelle pouted a little at that. She was apparently really getting into the modeling thing. But I needed to regain my composure: seeing her body displayed to me so erotically almost had me throwing her down and fucking her right there in the middle of the kitchen.

But, I managed to hang on to myself and regain my little Dom act. I said to Michelle, "Don't pout at me, slut. Maybe I'll take more pictures later. Right now, it's time for a spanking. You entered my house without stripping first. I won't have clothed females in my house. Come with me."

I started toward the living room, not even looking back to see if Michelle was following me. Sitting on the couch, I looked up to see my gorgeous, naked wife waiting expectantly for my order.

"Hands up," I ordered. Thankfully Michelle was enough into our little scene that she didn't throw her hands in the air like a perp in some cop show. Michelle again sexily placed her hands behind her head, and my cock jumped once more at the sight.

Reaching out to her, I rubbed my hand across her pubic bush and felt the heat radiating from her pussy. Sliding my hand in a little further, I discovered what I suspected all along: she was soaked!

For a minute or two, I rubbed my wife's clit with my thumb while plunging two fingers in and out of her sloshy cunt. Michelle threw her head back and moaned her pleasure while I finger-fucked her, but unfortunately, the angle for me was really awkward, and my wrist started to ache. Michelle whimpered her protest when I took my hand away, but didn't say anything, she simply waited patiently for my next order.

I sat back on the couch and announced, "Spanking time. Get that ass over here."

Michelle approached me and knelt on the couch, then stretched out over my lap. I'm sure she could feel my hard-on pressing against her belly as she prepared herself for a good spanking. I just sat there and admired the sight of my naked wife laid out across my lap, waiting to get her ass warmed.

For a little while, I just caressed her butt cheeks, reveling in the power rush of her submission, listening to her purr at the gentle touch. I slipped my fingers up and down her wet pussy lips, and enjoyed the little starts she'd give at the sensation. Then, without any prior indication, I brought my hand up and slapped it back down against her waiting ass.

Michelle jumped at the sudden slap, and accompanied it with a quick, quiet cry of discomfort, followed immediately by another murmur of satisfaction. Again I caressed her ass, while I watched the pink silhouette of my hand appear on her skin. Once again I spanked her hard, this time on the other cheek, and was rewarded with a response similar to the last.

I continued on like this for several minutes, swatting her ass good then rubbing it gently, sometimes sliding a finger across or into her hot, soaking cunt. After a little while, her butt was a nice bright shade of reddish-pink and I could feel the heat radiating slightly from her skin.

My cock was so hard it was beginning to ache a little, and I was pretty sure I'd already leaked enough pre-cum that it'd most likely have soaked through my jeans. I was pretty sure that Michelle would have eagerly fucked me right then and there, but I managed to restrain myself yet again, and started to help her off my lap.

Michelle resisted, saying, "Please, Master, spank my naughty ass some more. I've been such a bad girl, and bad girls should be spanked till their asses are bright red. Spank me till I can't sit anymore. Please, Sir."

Well, I've always thought that the stilted language in a lot of D/s stories was pretty hokey, but I guess in a situation like this, it works. To hear my wife beg me like that, like some sub slut in a story, got me ready for round two. I grabbed her hair, pulling her head back, and spanked her mercilessly, as hard as I could. Michelle screamed in pain and pleasure, I couldn't tell where one left off and the other began.

The doms in some of the stories I've read make their slaves remain quiet while they get "abused". Me, I like the sounds an intensely aroused woman makes. I wanted to hear every little whimper my wife made as I paddled the hell out of her ass. And she gave me what I wanted. With no more pretense as to being gentle about it, Michelle's butt cheeks went from a glowing pink hue to a screaming red.

"Yellow!" Michelle panted. This was our safeword to slow down, but not stop the action. We'd played enough times to have worked out that much, at least. My hand was starting to hurt, anyway, so I eased up a little on the intensity of my slaps to her bare, burning ass, before slowing down and stopping.

When I stopped spanking her, I resumed caressing her flaming skin. I lowered my face to her butt and kissed the thoroughly beaten cheeks, then straightened up.

Michelle was breathing hard, and her face was damp and nearly as red as her rear was. This time, she didn't protest when I tried to help her up. She sat on her knees on the couch while she recovered, and I simply sat back and admired the sight of her sweaty tits as they shook and jiggled from her heavy breathing. I admired my own control when I *didn't* reach out and fondle her beautiful breasts, so erotically displayed in front of me. I could have, since she was my slave, and I the Master, but I was enjoying the voyeuristic aspect of the whole moment.

Once Michelle's breathing slowed, she said, "Thank you, Master. I think I came while you spanked me."

Finally, I threw control to the wind. "Well, if I made you cum, I think it only proper that you get me off, too. Take my cock out and suck me, slave."

A grin spread across Michelle's face, and she dove into my crotch with unrestrained enthusiasm. She got my belt unbuckled, my pants opened, and she was then clawing at my underwear, trying desperately to get at my stiff, drooling cock. I helped her a little in getting my jeans down, so she'd have better access to my cock and balls once she did get it out.

In moments, Michelle's face was shoved against my pubic hair, my hard-on stuffed as deeply down her throat as she could get it. Never before had my wife taken me so deep in her mouth, or so quickly. Usually it took a few minutes for her to relax enough to get much of me in her mouth, but this time... gulp! right down the hatch!

Michelle fondled my balls a little while she settled in on her cocksucking, and I was trying my best to hold back for at least a little bit. I certainly didn't want to shoot too soon!

But, unfortunately, I'd been aroused for so long I just couldn't wait. The mind was willing, but the body was weak. My orgasm started in my feet and head and it felt like my whole body imploded into my cock and balls. It was a good thing I was sitting down, because I would have surely fallen over, so powerful was the drain on the rest of my body. I don't think I'd cum half as hard before. Oh my fuck, did it feel good, though!

My cock spasmed about five times, and each time felt better than the last. Michelle kept her lips wrapped around my cockhead, and through my cum-daze, I could see she was trying desperately to contain everything I gave her.

Once I could see clearly again, I looked up into the face of my gorgeous wife-slave. Apparently I squirted more than she could handle, because she had cum on her chin, down her neck and on her full tits. When Michelle was sure I was okay, she smiled at me, then opened her mouth as wide as possible.

My wilting cock sprung back to hardness when I learned she hadn't swallowed my load, but held it all in her mouth. I had really cum a lot! Michelle's mouth looked like that of some of the Japanese girls I'd seen in bukkake pictures. A big pool of my jizz lay on her tongue and half-filled her mouth!

I expected her to simply swallow my cum, but instead, she closed her mouth, then slowly squeezed the jizz out from between her lips and let it drizzle down her chin and onto her chest.

Well, after a show like that, I was ready to go again, and this time, my cock needed some pussy! All thought of keeping up the Dom act was thrown away. I stripped off my remaining clothes and pushed Michelle to the floor, where she happily threw her legs wide, inviting me to shove my cock into her moist cunt.

My cock aimed straight for Michelle's dripping hole, and with no resistance whatsoever, I was balls-deep in her pussy. This was no time for gentleness or making it last. I pounded in and out of Michelle's sloshy cunt, and each thrust was accompanied by a wet squish just before our pubic bones slammed together.

Since I'd already cum once (and only minutes earlier), it usually takes quite a while before I can get going enough to cum again. Michelle, though, had other plans. While I pumped my cock in her hot pussy, she decided to give me a little incentive.

"Come on, Master. Give your girl your cum. Her pussy feels so good with your cock in it. Now it needs to get filled with your jizz. Fill me up, Master. Make it drip down my legs. Your girl wants to feel your cum in her hot cunt. My pussy was made for your cock. I'm your fuck. That's all I am: my Master's fuck. Fuck me, Master. My only purpose is to give you a place for your cum. My face, my mouth, my tits, my ass, my cunt, anywhere you want to leave your cum, I'm here. I love it. Come on, Master, fill up your fuck."

Oh, my god... Usually my Michelle doesn't talk like that, which means it's even sexier when she does. She knows the words and phrases that work best on me. And this time was no exception. Even though it hadn't been long since my last orgasm, the next one roared up behind me and took over my body.

I yelled as my cock jerked inside Michelle's hot cunt, spraying her pussy with my cum. Just as I started to fill her up, I felt her body tense and a warm wetness drench my balls. Michelle isn't usually a squirter, but I'd managed to get her to ejaculate on a couple of other occasions. Its infrequency was what made her squirting that much more incredible.

Once Michelle's body started twitching, I grabbed her head and turned her face to me. When she felt my hands on her face, she opened her eyes and stared, wide-eyed and gasping, straight into my eyes. She gets all embarrassed when I tell her how sexy I think she looks when she's cumming, but it is one of the most arousing things I know, to see her lose herself to the intensity of the orgasm.

When her cum was over, she reached up and pulled me in to her, and there I lay: on top of my little wife-slave, both of us just having had some of the greatest sex of our lives. I stayed on top of Michelle until my cock got soft enough that it slipped out of her sopping pussy, then I rolled off her and pulled her in to my side. We both fell asleep, still covered in each other's juices, not worrying about the humongous wet spot on the bed.

Just before I nodded off, I heard my wife say, "Thank you, Master."

"Any time, sexy girl. Any time."

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