tagExhibitionist & VoyeurOverly Shy Wife Opens Up

Overly Shy Wife Opens Up


It should be noted that I have not been drinking prior to any of our rides.


Melinda and I have been married for almost 30 years. When we met, Melinda had long, flowing dark brown hair that reached down to the top of her ass. At 5'2, she was cute as a button and had a nice looking body with pert tits and slim waist. She was raised conservatively, so she was so shy about showing off her assets that it took quite awhile for me to get to first base. Melinda liked to have a cocktail or 2, even in those days, and the alcohol would lower her inhibitions to some extent.

We lived in Ft Lauderdale at the time and we were living there when Spring Break meant our town was 'THE' place to be for anyone of college age. It wasn't a long drive from our home to the beach and we would spend many an evening cruising the strip. In our younger days, it was fairly easy for me to talk Melinda into taking off her top and flashing her firm size 34 A tits as we were driving along, but I usually had to wait for the alcohol to take effect before she would do so. The guys would hoot and holler when they saw her and she would be smiling and sometimes wave back. After cruising for awhile, I could tell she was really beginning to enjoy the attention and when we got home, the sex would be great. Over the years as our kids got older, and Spring Break was toned down and turned into a family thing, we got away from our rides.

However, about this same time frame, I talked Melinda into going 'Commando'. Little did I realize that she would really enjoy it. Melinda has always shaved her pussy hair and I have to say, I really like it that way. She wore a lot of skirts and baby doll dresses in those days and she got 'into' going bare butt and she enjoyed the occasional cool breeze that would blow up under. She still wasn't much for showing off and it was almost impossible to get her to spread her legs a little if we were sitting in a bar or restaurant unless, of course, she had a few cocktails. Then she didn't seem to mind so much and sometimes she would look up to see who might have gotten a glimpse. Getting in our vehicle afterwards was exciting and I often talked her into not sitting on her dress. This meant that her bare ass was on the seat and a lot of leg was showing. Sometimes she couldn't wait to get home, so our foreplay would begin on the way.

There were times on road trips that I could persuade Melinda into removing her shorts or jeans and ride 'Bare Butt' down the highway, sometimes with her feet up on the dash. She would also wear tight tops that accentuated her boobies, especially with the shoulder strap that would run between them. Occasionally, a trucker would notice as we passed by and blow the horn or flash his lights as we continued on by his rig. She would smile and say, "was that for me?"

Then for the longest time, Melinda didn't want to 'expose' herself anymore. I would get the line, "Why do you want to humiliate me?" Occasionally though, she would give in and enjoy it afterwards.

We are older now and we have discovered a new bit of fun to have. Recently, I purchased an antique VW Bus, the kind that is air cooled with the motor in the rear. In the day it would have been called a "Hippie Bus". We have also discovered the Victoria Secret Bustier. Melinda now has about 10 or 12 of these and she likes to wear them and a thong or string underwear under her clothes when we go out to dinner. After dinner, and a few cocktails, when we get back to the vehicle, Melinda will take off her top and slacks and we will ride around the town for awhile, cruising, if you will, with her in just the bustier and thong underwear. Sometimes we take the bus, sometimes just the SUV. Occasionally, if the weather is nice we will go for our 'ride' right from the house. Melinda will leave the house in just the bustier and thong underwear and we will cruise along the beach or bay front. During these times I am usually wearing shorts and I let my dick hang out so Melinda can play with it. This really turns her on (and me too), especially after a martini or two and/or the wine she had with dinner. As she feels more of the effects of the alcohol, she will even let me slip out a tit or 2 and her nipples get really hard, especially as I finger them while driving. Sometimes I have to work at it, like its a game, but she is all for showing off as much as possible and really gets into it, especially when we are stopped at a traffic light and cars pull up beside of us. She will ask, "Do you think they can see me?" We sometimes kiss at the light and are usually listening to the oldies while on our rides as if reliving our youth, which I guess you could say we are.

When we return home, Melinda will insist that I keep the garage door open while she gets out of the vehicle and makes her way into the house. We usually have a night cap or two and then some great sex, sometimes with toys, sometimes not.

Yes, we are older, but we still enjoy great sex and the lead-in games are our foreplay.

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