tagBDSMPain Ch. 02

Pain Ch. 02


I could feel my forehead rubbing on the carpet, my hair falling down over my cheeks. I tried to move my hands, but they were bound tightly to my ankles between my legs. I could feel cool air on my dampening pussy. I felt so exposed and vulnerable. I loved it.

I was naked, and I could hear Him behind me. My ears were straining to hear him and what he was doing.

I could feel the anticipation pounding through my system, knowing from our talk beforehand that this would be different. It would focus on the pain completely this time. The different sensations He could give me.

I heard the familiar sound of him snapping his belt. He would fold it in half and sharply snap it, making the loudest cracking sound. It never ceased to make me shudder.

I felt the belt trailing over my cheeks, and between them. There was no escape being bound this way. The only thing I could imagine doing would be to roll to my side, but I know that would only bring more of his beating. I just knew.

He began to rain blows down across my upturned bottom. Lightly, then increasing in intensity. I felt the familiar fire burning across the stripes he was making on my cheeks. I knew the belt left wide red marks on my pale skin.

He stopped and I felt him behind me, closer. We had looked at a picture of a women with her legs spread, and clothespins on her pussy lips. The tips of the clothespins were duct taped to her thighs, stretching the lips wide apart. I knew that was what he was going to do to me next.

He patted then slapped my pussy a few times. I wantonly arched my back, offering my pussy more, as he knew I would. He slapped harder still, about a dozen times. I felt him putting the clothespins on my lips. The pinch was sharp, but bearable. Three on each lip, then he tore off a piece of the grey tape, and held down the three clips on one side. He secured them to my tender inner thigh. Then the other side. I could feel my pussy lips stretched wide apart, exposing my inner pussy lips and clit. He leaned down close and blew cool air across it so I could really feel it. I shivered all over at the exposed feeling.

I sighed deeply, loving being his whore. Knowing how much he enjoyed pushing me, making me take more with each session, stretching my limits as he stretched my pussy lips.

He came over in front of me and squatted down, jerking my head up by my hair. He put a rubber band around my hair, holding it away from my face.

"You are going to sweat, my pet," he told me.

I shuddered again, knowing he was right. I felt him move behind me again, and his thick fingers stretching my ass cheeks apart, exposing my tight little asshole this time. "I think we need to fill this little hole," he said matter of factly. I heard him move away, then return.

He dripped some liquid lubricant onto my little pucker, and it felt wonderful sliding down between my cheeks. He inserted the thick butt plug, and swatted both cheeks a couple of times.

I felt it nestling deep in me, and I clenched around it tightly, loving how it felt. I loved being bound and plugged by this Man. Now I knew it was time for the pain to start.

I took a few deep breaths, and I knew he was watching me prepare my body for Him. I could almost feel the adrenalin pouring through my blood like thick syrup.

"Ready, pet," he asked quietly.

"Yes, my Lord, I'm ready," I replied.

He moved in front of me and showed me the broad wooden paddle he was going to use this time. It was like the one in another picture we had looked at. A long paddle, wood, smooth, with rounded corners and a long handle. He made a couple of experimental swipes at my bottom. I winched, feeling it flatten my cheeks as it struck. He started to use it more forcefully, blow after blow. I could feel the heat in my skin, knowing it was turning that bright red we both adored.

The paddle was wide enough that it struck both cheeks at once. This was a new sensation, and harder to take. Before we alternated cheeks, giving one a rest while striking the other. This did not happen now. Again and again he beat my bottom, swinging his arm way back. I could feel my forehead scraping on the floor, so I turned my head to the side. I could feel my arms pulling at the restraints at each blow. I knew I was going to be bruised after this spanking.

He stopped every now and then, letting me catch my breath. He talked to me, too, telling me I was a good pet, how well I was doing. I could feel the clothespins jerking with the blows as my cheeks wobbled and flattened. It was exquisite.

I could feel the tape tugging at that tender skin of my inner thighs. He put down the paddle then, and picked up a slim slapper type crop. The width of the leather flaps at the top fit perfectly between my stretched pussy lips. He put some duct tape on my cheeks, holding them open as well.

He began to use the slapper up and down my crack and exposed pussy. Lightly at first, then harder and harder. I could feel it striking the butt plug, pushing it deeper as it did. He then removed it, and I felt the slapper directly on my wide open asshole. Oh god, I had never felt anything like it. My asshole throbbing from the butt plug, my pussy on fire from the blows of the slapper.

And he continued. I became that cunt again, open, dripping, feeling only his touch and his tools. Hearing nothing but the wet sounds of the slapper striking me and his voice.

I could feel my body responding to the pleasure pain combination again. I was arching my back, becoming his slut, my body begging for the slapper to hit my clit more. He struck me again and again and again, from the top of my bottom to the tender skin just under my cheeks, then back to my cunt and asshole. I was screaming by then, my pussy on fire. Flinching with every blow, shuddering, and so close to cumming I wanted to explode. I could feel it, rumbling up from deep inside my abdomen it seemed. The tape on my skin, the tight clothespins on my lips, the plug filling my ass, my wrists bound to my ankles, wonderfully displayed for Him.

He began a steady fast slapping on my clit. "Cum for me, pet," he urged. I pushed and strained and shook and screamed and I crossed over the edge. As I came, he beat it harder, and the orgasm lasted for what felt like forever. Wave after wave washed over and through me.

Finally he stopped, and I shuddered and trembled for a few moments in aftershocks. He released my wrists, and I collapsed on the floor. He removed the tape gently and then the clips. I screamed again as the blood returned to the pinched lips. Finally the pain faded to a dull ache. I glanced at the clock, and it had been over two hours since we began. I could feel my body aching, marked, satisfied and sated. He cradled me in his arms, and put soothing cool lotion on my sore bottom and pussy.

Thank you Master.

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