tagBDSMPam and Her Professor

Pam and Her Professor


I was posting some photos to the internet the other day when I found one on my computer of Pam wearing a blue string-bikini. She once told me that the photo was taken by one of her ex-lovers on the beach at Ocean City, MD. From things she has told me, things I have heard from others and some of his letters to her, I have surmised that she had a torrid affair with this guy right after her second divorce.

When Pam and I first met, her sister Katrina told me that Pam was really hurt by a relationship with an egomaniacal jerk, who dominated her life and abused her emotionally. When I asked Katrina for more details, she said, "Pam will have to tell you about it."

We were in the bedroom when I asked Pam about it a few days later. Her eyes teared-up and she said, "I love you and I wish I had met you a long time ago. I have done some really stupid things. I wish I had saved myself for you."

She started to sob and I put my arms around her and she nestled into me hugging me back. "Will it help to talk about it?" I asked and we sat on the bed.

"I am so ashamed that I let myself be used by him but I was so vulnerable at the time and he was so strong and I just let him take over my life. My ex husband, Dave was an alcoholic and at the end I was making all the decisions and doing everything to try to save our marriage. He couldn't keep a job and refused to take any position that he thought was beneath him. He knew what he wanted to do and even though there were only a handful of those jobs and he wasn't that good, he wouldn't settle for something more marketable. I had long since realized that my Fine Arts degree wasn't going to pay the bills and had taken secretarial work here in DC wherever I could find it. I decided to go back to grad school and get a Masters. It was there that I met Jack. He was my thesis advisor and after a couple of meetings about my studies I opened up to him about my personal life I told him that I was getting a divorce and needed to change careers so that I could support myself. He was very sympathetic and offered some advice on how to handle the situation at home.

"On the evening that Dave moved out, I had a class and was clearly in a funk. Afterwards, I passed Jack in the hall and he asked why I seemed so sad. I told him that Dave had moved out and he offered to take me out for a drink. We walked to a local bar and started to talk. The band started up and it got noisy and we could hardly hear each other. After a couple of drinks he suggested that we go somewhere quieter. He drove to his townhouse and he poured us drinks. We sat on his sofa and talked for a while. I remember what happened next so vividly that it's as though it just happened. When I stood up to leave, I was a little tipsy and said, 'I feel so naughty coming to your place. You are my advisor. What will people think if they find out?'

"He put his hands on my waist and gave me an innocent peck on the lips and looking into my eyes he replied, 'I don't care what people think. You are my student and you are going through a difficult situation. I am only trying to help you.'

"I melted into him and pulled him closer burying my head in his chest and began to cry. He held me close and started to soothe me by running his hands over my shoulders and back and lightly caressing my neck. I looked up at his eyes and offered him my lips, he bent down and accepted them, and we kissed very passionately for a few minutes. I couldn't understand it but my sorrow and grief over my marriage ending had turned to lust. Jack was aroused too. He was 6 ft 3 in, almost a foot taller than me and I could feel his erection starting at my belly button and poking into my ribs. My god! He felt so big. Our lips separated and he nuzzled my neck and ears. We had lost control of our bodies. His fingers undid and removed my blouse and his head moved down to suck my left nipple through my bra. It felt wonderful and as his tongue wet the fabric the feeling intensified. I remember shuddering. I actually had an orgasm. While he was doing that my fingers had loosened his belt and undid his pant and my hand slid down his boxers and I pulled his dick out, rubbing over the head of his dick and up and down his shaft. A couple of minutes after my "nipplegasm", I felt him stiffen, moan and his semen spurted on my hands and blouse. Then he did something totally unexpected. He took my hand and licked all his cum off my fingers and immediately bent down and kissed me deeply depositing his cum in my mouth. I looked up him with a puzzled expression not knowing what he wanted me to do with the load in my mouth. 'Do you like the taste?' he asked in a sarcastic tone.

I shook my head no. I still didn't know what to do.

"'Swallow it!' he ordered almost angrily and despite my revulsion at the idea, I complied.

"All of this happened while we were standing up. I couldn't believe how fast he had started to dominate me. I don't know why I'm telling you all of this. You must think I am a real slut." she said and started sobbing again."

I was more than a little shocked but I comforted her by saying, "I love you for what you are now. We have all done things we regret. I'd like to hear more."

"Not now," she said, "I get too upset when I think about those times."

What I didn't tell her was that while she was relating her tale I was sporting a raging hard-on hearing it. She must have known though because we immediately started to kiss passionately and had intense sex. I almost think that she enjoyed telling me as much as I enjoyed hearing about her past escapades. We would have several more of these conversations and they always ended up with us pleasuring on another.

Her tale of her first sex with Professor Jack really had me aroused and curious about her affair with him. I was a little perplexed by the fact that she would get romantically and sexually involved with her professor but I wrote it off that she was emotionally vulnerable at the time and not in complete control of her life. I think I was more pissed off that Jack would take advantage of her vulnerability. We didn't talk about it again until a few weeks later. I had come to DC for an engagement party that her friend Beth gave for us at her house and were staying in her guest room because we were too drunk to drive back to Pam's house. All during the party we had been sneaking off to grope each other and we were both ready to make love. I slowly undressed her, kissing and caressing each bit of her smooth skin as I did. She was very aroused and virtually tore my clothes off when I had removed her last bit of clothing, her black lace bikini panties. She sat on the edge of the bed with her legs apart, leaned back on her elbows and said, "Fuck me now!"

I moved between her legs and was about to insert my raging hard on into her when she stopped me cold and said, "Don't you have a rubber?"

I answered, "They're in my suitcase at your house. I really don't need one anyway. We're getting married next week and I don't care if you get pregnant. Do you?"

She started to cry hysterically. "What's wrong?" I asked.

"I wanted to tell you this before the first time we made love." She murmured. "I have herpes! I got it from Jack. Up until now you have always used a condom, so I didn't have to tell you. I can't let you make love to me without one. I love you too much to give it to you. I didn't know how to tell you. I was afraid you would leave me."

The words stopped me cold and it felt like I had just been punched in the stomach. For a couple of seconds I couldn't speak. When I finally could, I cursed her. "You conniving slut! How could you not tell me something like that. What else is there? I need to know now!"

My words and tone shocked her and her hysterics stopped. She had never seen my anger before. She looked up at me with pleading eyes and asked. "What do you want to know? I told you that I have done some really slutty things and that I wish I had saved myself for you. Will you still marry me if I tell you everything?"

I shot back, "I don't know but I won't marry you if you don't tell me! I have to be able to trust you. If I can't, there is no use going through with it."

She looked at me almost defiantly, "Are you sure you want to know. There's a lot to tell. Where should I start? Do you want to know my complete sexual history right now?" she said almost taunting me.

At that moment, I was obsessed with her and Jack. "Start with Jack. What else did you do with him? You told me about the first time. I need to know the rest."

She acquiesced to my anger and began, "I only told you part of my first time with Jack. I told you how he 'snowballed' me with his cum and made me swallow it. What I didn't tell you was that right after that he took me by the hand and led me to his bedroom and gently caressed me and made love to me. It was a Friday night and we didn't leave his place until Sunday evening. He treated me like a queen. He fixed breakfast in bed in the morning after he made love to me. We gave each other massages and luxuriated in each other's bodies all weekend. After the hell I had been going through with Dave, I was in heaven. I didn't want to leave on Sunday. As he drove me back to my car on Sunday night, Jack said, 'We have to be careful about being seen together. I could lose my position if the Dean finds out I'm involved with another of one my students.'

"It was then that I realized how vulnerable I was to him. I had fallen in love with him but he did not seem to want to make a commitment to me. I was just another piece of tail to him. I responded to him. 'Jack, I love you and want to be with you. I will do anything to be with you!'

" 'Anything?' he asked.

" 'Yes! I love you and want to be a part of your life and want you to be part of mine."

"Just then we arrived at my car in the campus parking lot and I was gripped by the fear that this would be the end of it. I was afraid that he would just drop me off and I was just a weekend fling, so I did something stupid. I leaned over, unzipped him and gave him a blowjob right there in the car. He came in my mouth after about 30 seconds and this time I did not have to be told to swallow. He was surprised by my eagerness to please him and said in his sarcastic tone of voice, 'I like you. You're a fast learner.'"

"You gave him a blow job right there in the parking lot?" I asked interrupting her. I couldn't help thinking about the great blowjob she gave me in my office when she came up to my place in Jersey a few weeks earlier. It was the first and only time in my life that I actually came during a blowjob. I knew that she was a great cocksucker but I also knew that it was not her favorite thing to do, so I was more than a little surprised that she would do it in plain view of anyone walking by.

She looked at me and continued, "I got bolder and asked Jack, 'When will I see you again?'

"'When do you have class this week?' he asked.

"'Not until Thursday night but I have study sessions with some friends tomorrow and Wednesday.'

"'Good!' he said leerily. 'Can you come to my place after the session tomorrow night?'

"'It may be late, but if that's all right I'll be there a little after ten.' I responded a bit too eagerly.

"'See you tomorrow night then!' and with that he got out of the car and walked me over to my car. When we got to it we both looked around to see if there was anyone nearby and seeing no one we exchanged a brief kiss and as we broke it off, we secretly groped each other."

I was still more than a little pissed about the "coitus interruptus" but I was simultaneously intrigued by the spell that Jack had seemed to have put her under and aroused by her tale. "Did you go to his place the next night?" I asked.

"I was like a giddy teenager as I was driving home and couldn't wait to see him again. The next day seemed to drag at work. There were several colleagues who noticed how distracted I was but they all thought it was because of the break-up with Dave. The only one I told about the weekend was Beth and I knew I could trust her because she told me she was giving blow jobs to Mark, our married co-worker in the parking garage at lunch and that they had snuck off to a motel on Saturday. I went to the study group at 6:30 and we broke up early at about 8:00. So I thought I would go over to Jack's early and surprise him.

"I drove over to his place being careful to leave in the direction that I do to go home and arrived at Jack's at 8:20. I thought that I had better park down the street to avoid my car being seen at his place and walked the two blocks to his townhouse. I gently knocked on the door. After a few minutes Jack came to the door dressed in a bathrobe. 'You're early.' He said, 'Come in! There's someone here you should meet. Now is as good a time as any.'

"My heart sank. 'What do you mean? I thought we would be alone.' I responded with a puzzled look.

"Before I could say or do anything else jack took my hand and led me down to his rec-room on the lower level. On the way there I remembered that during the entire weekend we had not gone down there. As we went down the stairs a female voice called anxiously, 'Jack, who was at the door?'

"'It's Pam she is here early,' he called back.

"I was totally shocked by what I saw when we reached the landing at the bottom and entered the room. It looked like a medieval dungeon complete with stone walls, whips, chains, leather restraints, various tables and bed. At the far end of the room, a tall blonde woman was hanging there handcuffed in a leather swing. A closer look revealed that she had clothes pins on her nipples and a large purple dildo in her pussy. Next to her on a wooden bench was a small whip. Jack looked the 'deer in the headlights' look on my face, kissed me, looked at the woman and said, 'Connie, this is Pam. She is going to be your Mistress.' Then he looked at me and said, 'Pam this is Connie our sex slave,'

"I didn't know what to do. Part of me wanted to run away as fast as I could. Another part of me was also thrilled that Jack had said our sex slave. To me that word meant that we were a couple. Before I could do anything, Jack took me back out of the room out of Connie's sight and whispered, 'This is a game Connie likes to play. Tonight she wants to be a B&D sub. Play along and we'll all have some fun. I promise no one will get hurt. Put these on!' He handed me a leather bra and panties set, opened the bathroom door for me and went back into the dungeon.

"I was hesitant but I took off my clothes anyway and put on the outfit. I looked in the mirror and a little shiver went up my spine. I looked like a dominatrix. Now all I had to do was act like one. I walked back into the rec-room and Connie was pleading with Jack. 'Please master take off the clothes pins they are hurting me!'

"Jack said, 'You'll have to ask Mistress Pam to take them off. I have to go upstairs and make a phone call.'

"Connie looked at me with contempt as I approached from across the room and spit at me. 'She is not my Mistress. She's your little whore.'

"I was starting to feel sorry for her and reached over to remove the clothes pins when Jack grabbed my hand and said, 'You need to show her that you are her Mistress. Take off the clothes pins and put these big black paper clips on her nipples!'

"Connie yelped, 'Not the paper clips! They hurt too much. Please don't! I will do whatever you want but not the paper clips.'

"Jack looked at me and said with a mean tone, 'Don't be a wimp. Put both clips on at the same time. That should show her who is the Mistress and who is the whore.'

"I didn't want to but I followed his command and forced myself to remove the clothes pins and then opened both clips and clamped them on both nipples. I expected Connie to scream in pain. Instead she shuddered, looked me in the eyes and ecstatically moaned, 'Thank you Mistress Pam! Please kiss me!'

"I looked at her and then Jack and he said, 'I think she needs a kiss. Kiss her while I take off the clamps and unlock her handcuffs.'

"I had never really kissed another woman before and I didn't know what to expect. I walked around the swing and bent down to give her a quick kiss. When I my lips met hers, they felt soft and warm. Jack had removed one of her handcuffs and she put her arm around my neck and held me tightly as her lips opened and her tongue sought mine. Instinctively my lips opened and our tongues met and what I intended to be a quick peck on the lips turned into a long passionate embrace. Connie knew how to kiss and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Jack had freed her other hand while we were kissing. She held my face tenderly in both hands as we kissed. Jack had walked up behind me and slid his hands under the leather bra and caressed them. I was really hot. He had taken off his robe and I could feel his hard dick poking at my ass between my legs. Connie took my left hand and moved it to the dildo in her pussy. I really had no experience as to what to do but I began to move it in and out slowly. Her hip movement and the increased intensity of our kissing let me know I was doing it right.

"While this was happening, Jack had moved his hands from my breasts and placed them on my hips and was humping me from behind. He broke this off briefly and slid the leather panties over my hips and down my legs and then unfastened the leather bra. He quickly moved his dick between my legs and was rubbing it on my moist pussy lips. After a few seconds of this he pushed into me and rammed it all the way in and started to fuck me. After a few minutes Connie broke off our kiss, arched her back, moaned and closed her legs tightly signaling that she had cum as a result of my dildo action. Connie got out of the swing and went to the bathroom. I stood up expecting Jack to pull out but he didn't. His long dick remained inside me. The sensation was incredible. When his dick moved in, it directly hit my G-spot and I came almost immediately. Without pulling out Jack slowly walked me over to the bed and we kind of fell onto it. I was on my belly and Jack was astride my ass with his dick still inside me working its magic on my G-spot. I came again and again. I was an orgasm machine. Except for my pussy, I lost all sense of what was going on.

"I don't know how long it was but I sensed Connie standing over us. She was dressed in a nurse's uniform and was kissing Jack even as he was still fucking me. She looked at me and said sweetly, 'I have to get to work at the ER by ten. Wish I could stay for more fun, Mistress Pam. 'She bent down and gave me a lingering kiss just as I was cumming for the umpteenth time. 'We'll have to do this again soon.' She gave Jack another kiss and left.

"Jack still had not cum. I found out later that he had fucked Connie just before I got there and his second cumming always seemed to take something special to get him off. That night I found out what that special something was. After Connie left he pulled out of me and got out of bed to go to the bathroom. I laid there in my reverie almost asleep. When he returned he had four silk scarves in his hand. Before I fully realized what he was doing, he had used them to tie my hands and feet to the bed posts. I was on my stomach helpless to stop him from doing anything. I was totally his. I looked over my shoulder and pleaded with him, 'Jack, I'm afraid. Please don't hurt me.'

"Jack laughed, 'Do you think I would hurt you? I love you! I'm only going to expand your pleasure horizons a little. In order to do that you need to be restrained. I need you to relax and trust me. If you really want me to stop I will, but I need to get off and this never fails to do the trick.'

"I craned my neck to look back at what he was doing and told him, 'I have never felt this vulnerable in my life, but I love you and trust you.'

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