Pam & Zach Awakening of Nasty Pam

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A trip to the shore brings out the animal in Pam.
2.9k words

Part 1 of the 2 part series

Updated 08/29/2023
Created 07/27/2023
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These are our stories, embellished, but true. Names have been changed, dialogue and details added for literary purposes, but these events actually somewhat happened.

The Awakening of Nasty Pam...

I picked Pam up from work one Saturday at noon and we headed straight to the shore. I had loaded our duffel bag in the car earlier, the thought being we'd save time missing the terrible traffic by not having to wait to take off after Pam had gotten home and changed. We had been invited to spend another weekend with Ron, an old friend of mine, and his wife Liv, (short for Olivia) at their place in Sea Isle. We were to have dinner with them, spend just the one night, go to the beach on Sunday and then head home early Sunday night.

"Whew. What a day. Seems to be whenever I'm trying to get out on time something always comes up," Pam related as she settled into the passenger seat of the Audi.

"What happened?"

"I told you before about Mrs. Turner, right?"

"Is she the one with the wayward daughter?"

"That's her. Anyway, today, about fifteen minutes before closing, she starts into this long diatribe about how she can't control Lois, her daughter, and how she doesn't know where to turn or what to do, blah, blah, blah. She's crying, Krysti's trying to console her and all I want to do is finish sweeping up and lock the damn door."

"So how'd you manage to get out on time?"

"I looked at Krysti and pointed to the clock. She knew we were going to the shore, so she offered to take Mrs.Turner down the street to the Starbucks where she could continue to bemoan her situation over a mocha frappuccino or something."

"That was kind of her, especially since she's your client."

"I know. When we got to the door Krysti turned and whispered to me, 'You owe me big time for this.' I told her I knew that and we'd make it up to her in the near future." Pam then took a deep breath, exhaled slowly, put her sunglasses on, reclined the seat and relaxed.

As I was finally merging onto the freeway, out of the corner of my eye, I saw Pam unhooking the waist of the wrap-around skirt that was her salon uniform. When she had it completely unfolded, I saw that not only was she not wearing panties, but that she had shaved her pussy.

"Wow! I see you've gone bare down there," I commented.

"Oh, you noticed," she replied sarcastically. "I was feeling a little nasty this morning while I was getting ready for work and decided, what the hell, let's change things up a bit. You like?"

"Of course I do. You know though, whatever you do down there, is entirely up to you. But a little change now and then never hurts," I responded while staring intently at the new smoothness that was now on display.

"Not sure if it's a permanent thing. I don't know. We'll see. I've got plans for us later anyway."

"What kinda plans?" I had to ask, feeling my dick starting to twitch.

"You'll have to wait and see." That being said, Pam slid her hand to her crotch and began sliding it back and forth between her now glistening folds. "If you promise not to kill us, I'll go a little further."

"You've got a deal."

Moving her hands up, she unbuttoned her blouse and pulled it open, exposing her breasts to not only me but any lucky trucker who might happen to pass us on the right. Her left hand then returned to pleasuring her pussy while her right hand teased her nipples.

"I don't know, I'm really really loving how smooth and slick this feels. I'll bet your tongue's gonna love it too. I may just keep it, maybe I'll even get it waxed."

I just smiled as my eyes continually went back and forth from the road to the vision seated next to me. Pam reached down into her purse that was in the footwell and retrieved a vibrator, flicked it on and began running it over her nipples. When she saw my eyes agape, her response was, "Remember, today I'm Nasty Pam," causing us both to laugh.

"I'm not gonna cum now," Pam stated. "Just want to re-energize that nastiness I felt this morning. Keep myself turned on." As I glanced to look at her, she blew me a kiss. "I want you to think about that all day."

That would not be a problem, I thought to myself. As we progressed down the highway, Pam continued edging herself, stopping several times just short of igniting an orgasm. I'd thought that once she got that vibrator inside her pussy she wouldn't be able to fend off the desire to finish. But Pam is, if not the best, surely one of a select few, who have the mental capacity to just instantly shut off her pleasure switch, if she needs to, in order to satisfy or fulfill the intentions she has for a later time. She is the ultimate self control freak when it comes to her sexuality.

When she finished playing, I enjoyed being the recipient of two slippery musky scented fingers she had inserted just so she could slide them into my mouth.

"Just a taste of what's to come," Pam promised as she kissed my mouth before settling back in her seat and doing up her blouse and skirt.

Two and a half hours later we arrived at Ron and Liv's condo. Pam immediately went upstairs to change out of her work attire while the three of us sat on the front porch enjoying a cold beverage. When she came back down, Pam had on a pair of white running shorts and her Tri club tank top. She went to the kitchen, grabbed an ice tea and joined us.

For the next few hours it was just typical old friends conversation, more cold beverages and catty comments about the people walking by on the boardwalk in front of the condo. Every once in a while, when Pam would catch my attention, she'd slip her fingers under and lift up the leg of her shorts to show me her naked pussy. Or she would bend down, seemingly to pick up something off the deck, so that her loose tank top would allow me a peek of her tits. Each time followed by a wink and a smile.

For dinner, Ron grilled fresh flounder that he had caught the day before, while I set the table and the girls were in the kitchen making a salad.

After dinner, it was more conversation and drinks. Pam and I avoid alcoholic beverages, but Ron and Liv do not. So when it got to be near 11:00 PM, the two of them started nodding off.

Seeing this, Pam leaned over and whispered to me, "Wait ten minutes, then meet me in the shower out back." Picking up her purse, she scurried into the house. Ten minutes can seem rather long when you've been teased all day and consequently your dick is already hard. I thought about making it eight minutes, but knowing Pam, I waited the full ten.

The shower out back is an enclosed wooden shower room on the back porch, containing an open shower area, a small sink with a mirror and a built-in bench seat. There is a slatted door, a single light bulb hangs from the ceiling and a towel rack on the wall over the bench. And while there is a roof, it is raised about ten inches above the tops of the walls to allow for airflow.

I opened the shower room door, and because it was dark, I turned to back in, trying to quietly close the door so it wouldn't bang shut. As soon as I turned around and before my eyes could adjust to the darkness, Pam grabbed my pants, unbuttoned and unzipped and pulled them down to my thighs, took hold of my already erect cock and led me toward the bench. My thighs restrained by my pants caused me to stutter step, creating, I'm sure, a rather comical image.

I was surprised to see Pam still dressed as she sat on the bench facing me. She yanked my shorts down to my ankles, but because of the height of the bench, she had to bend down quite a bit in order to get her mouth near my balls. She lifted my cock up and ran her tongue down the underside to my balls.

"This won't work," she uttered, obviously frustrated. "Get that stool by the sink." The stool was there for any little ones to use so they could reach the sink to wash their hands. I stepped out of my shorts, brought the stool over, placed it in front of the bench and stepped up.

"So much better," was all I heard as her mouth sucked on my balls, which were now level with her nose.

"Take your shirt off. I want you naked."

I complied.

"You better brace yourself, I'm gonna be awhile," Pam stated just before her mouth returned to my sac. I reached out and pushed against the walls that enclosed both sides of the bench. Not to be sacrilegious, but I was in a Jesus-on-the-cross position while a woman was mouthing my genitals.

Pam's mouth moved from my balls to my cock, her tongue swirling around its head as her fingers slipped underneath and back towards my ass. Then, suddenly, they stopped. Pam sat back, opened her purse and took out a small bottle of lube. She squeezed a liberal amount on two fingers of her right hand, looked up at me smiling and said, "You're gonna love this. Keep looking at me and put one foot up on the arm of the bench."

I locked eyes on her and did as I was told, giving her easily access. Her one hand returned to my ass while the other reached for my nipples. She began circling my anus and my cock began to leak. When she pinched my nipple she pushed both her fingers knuckle deep into me. I let out a long low guttural moan.

"I love that I can make you make that sound," Pam informed me. "Don't you dare cum." With that, she began fucking my ass with one hand while twisting my nipple with the other. She started licking the tip of my cock. My knees couldn't help but buckle.

"Steady there mister," Pam warned as she watched my face contorting in an attempt to keep from cumming.

Countless minutes passed before Pam finally sat back and removed her fingers from my butt. "You did so good Zach," she cooed. "Now I want you to play with just your nipples. Don't you dare touch your cock."

Pam got up and went to the sink to wash her hands. I put my foot back down and began as instructed. When she returned to the bench she was naked. She sat directly in front of me and spread her legs wide open.

"I'm gonna fuck myself while you watch, but you have to keep playing with your nipples and again, don't touch your cock." Pam reached into her purse and pulled out the vibrator, lubed it up and slid it into her pussy. My cock was leaking and bouncing as I watched it disappear and then reappear from between her swollen lips. Then Pam slid forward a bit and put her feet on my thighs as she sped up the pace of her fucking. She pinched her nipple and arched her back as she got further carried away. "Don't you cum," she reminded me, as she moved the vibrator onto her clit.

Just when I thought she was going to explode, Pam stopped and sat up, placing one hand behind her.

"I bet your cock really wants someone to touch it, doesn't it?"

I could only nod my head. Pam placed the vibrator against the very wet tip of my throbbing cock and watched as I squirmed.

"Now play with your balls and jerk yourself off and cum on my chest while I fuck myself."

My hands flew from my nipples to my cock and balls as I began feverishly stroking and fondling. Pam was just leaning back and jamming that magic wand in and out of her cunt, her tongue wetting her lips, her eyes fixed on my cock.

Seconds later I was shooting ropes of cum all over her chest and neck while trying not to fall off the stool. "Give me more, more," Pam exhorted. "I want it all."

When she could see that I was finished, Pam let go of her toy and started wiping my cum up with her fingers, sucking them dry between each swipe and licking it off her lips as if it was melting ice cream.

"You know you are my favorite flavor," she grinned.

She handed me the vibrator and said, "Hold onto this. I'm gonna want you to use it. Now change places with me."

As we were doing that, I noticed I could hear voices coming from other condo balconies and people walking down the alley behind us.

"Do you hear that? Can they hear us?" I asked somewhat panicked.

"Oh I heard them earlier. Who cares? Would you have wanted me to stop?"

"No, I guess not," I meekly replied.

"Damn right. And if you had asked me to, I wouldn't have. Now sit on the edge."

As I was compiling, Pam stood on the bench and placed her feet outside of my thighs, then grabbed the towel bar behind my head.

"I would like you to lube up that toy and while you're eating my pussy, I want you to fuck me in the ass with it. And don't stop, even after I cum, until I ask you too. Okay?"

I knew I had just cum, but my cock started getting hard again when I heard what Pam wanted. I squeezed lube on the toy, turned it on, placed it against her asshole and started licking her deep between the folds of her pussy. She was so right. Her new smooth baldness felt amazing. As my tongue penetrated inside her, I applied slow gentle pressure to the vibrator. I was licking her deep, stopping every few seconds to suck on her clit. When I heard Pam start to moan, she suddenly reached back, took my hand and jammed the toy deep into her ass.

"Now fuck me hard," she pleadingly moaned as she grasped the towel bar and bent her knees to force it deeper.

I did as told, pistoning it in and out with force as I licked her pussy and sucked her clit. Pam was dipping down to meet each upward stoke I was making, slamming her ass against my hand to take all seven inches. Sweat was dripping off her, running down her chest and stomach and onto my face.

I clutched her ass with my other hand and pressed her pussy hard against my face. Pam started rubbing her clit against my nose as my tongue went deep inside her.

I think I felt it before she did. I could feel her ass clench tight and her pussy constrict around my tongue when I reached up, pinched her nipple and sucked her clit between my teeth, all just before she attempted to stifle her scream as the orgasm wave washed over her. My mouth was flooded. I never remember her cumming that much. I wanted to stop and hold her tight, but I just went on fucking her ass as she wanted.

"Just hold it still!" Pam commanded. I did as told and watched as she pounded her ass up and down on that silicone phallus while reaching down with one hand to rub her clit. I held her steady with my free hand, staring in awe at the animal unleashed before me.

"Get behind me and fuck me and keep the vibrator in." I moved behind her, stood on the stool and plunged my surprisingly, now, rock hard dick all the way till my balls slapped her ass. I could feel the vibrations on my cock as I fucked her.

I couldn't believe it when Pam's whole body clenched as she rose up on her toes and came hard a second time, cum running down her thighs. I let go of the toy and wrapped my arms around her, holding her steady before bringing her slowly down to the bench. Her arms around my neck, she started kissing me. Tears were on her cheeks. I held her tight until she regained composure. I gently removed the toy from her ass as I kissed her forehead. She finally sat up, her chest still heaving.

We sat in silence for a bit.

"I think I'm going to love Nasty Pam," I quipped.

"Me too," Pam responded.

Then she stood and walked over to the sink to clean up a bit. I was standing behind her, the vibrator in my hand. Pam turned to me and said,

"We're going upstairs and taking a shower. And even though you already came, I'm gonna suck you until you cum again and not stop until I drain you dry."

Just then the shower room door opened and Liv tossed us a couple towels and remarked, "Here, I think you guys might need these." Then she shut the door and left.

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pegfanpegfan4 months ago

Love your stories. My only complaint is that they're too short. Keep up the great work.

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