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Pamela's Panties


Pam McGregor wasn't really sick. She just needed a day off. Her office job at a local furniture store provided her with 5 sick days per year which were lost if you didn't take them. She decided that this sunny spring day was better served catching up on projects around the house.

The thirty eight year old Mother went through the obligatory coughing on the phone as she explained her planned absence. Mr. Katz knew the employees were generally lying when they used their sick days. At least Pam didn't use them all in December, right before the end of the year and during the busy Christmas rush.

Pam treated herself to a second cup of coffee after Tina was safely off to school and she poured over the ads in the newspaper. Not shopping really, just killing time. She dreaded doing the dishes and wished she had the money for one of those new electric dishwashers she'd seen. She knew she could charge it on her Sears and Roebuck Charge-A-Plate but she already owed them over a hundred dollars and wasn't comfortable running up a higher balance.

So, one by one, she washed the dishes, pots and pans. There really wasn't much with just her and Tina.

It seemed whenever she had some free time her thoughts would turn to her daughter. She couldn't help but worry. Christina had only been eight when Bob left and now, with him living in Florida, she virtually never saw him.

"Lord knows I've done the best I could." She insisted to no one in particular. But, with her little daughter now a rapidly blossoming young woman, Pam felt she had more to worry about than ever. Even a "Good Girl" like Tina was entering an unpredictable stage of her life. Pam hoped that "The Best I Could" would be good enough!

Turning to laundry, Pam loaded the washing machine with the easy stuff. Dish towels and such from downstairs before venturing up to collect the clothes from the bedrooms. As she made her way up the stairs, Pam could feel the air getting hotter! It wasn't even 11 o'clock and the thermometer was already climbing at an alarming rate. She and Bob had bought this little tract house in the winter and really weren't aware of how hot suburban Los Angeles could get.

She emptied the contents of Tina's hamper into the laundry basket and headed downstairs to continue her chores. As she was loading Tina's hamper into the washer, Pam was shocked to see the lurid pink panties Judy had given her among her things.

"She...she wore these?" She wondered to herself. Why...they were totally unacceptable for a young girl! They were unacceptable for anyone for that matter and Pam decided her daughter was going to get a stern lecture when she returned from school.

Judy, Tina's best friend next door, had presented them to little Tina for her 18th birthday, claiming she had purchased them in Jerusalem. The Frieberg's had sent their daughter to Israel to live on a Kibbutz last summer and the experience had apparently broadened the youngster.

Honestly! Pam felt like going over to the Frieberg's and giving Ellen a piece of her mind. She understood that they raised their daughter a bit differently than most would and that was their right but...

Taking a deep breath, Pam threw the skimpy underpants into the washer. She didn't approve of what Judy had done but she also needn't make a big deal out of it.

With the washing machine now humming, Pam began to think and realized that Tina insisted on laundering any new clothes before wearing them. She like the freshly washed and line dried smell they had when her Mom did them.

Of Course! Pam finally admitted to herself. She was just throwing them in the wash like any new clothes. What am I so worried about? Still...there was that gnawing question: Why was she laundering them unless she was planning to wear them?

Putting the thought out of her mind, Pam moved on to the vacuuming and dusting before heading to the living room to straighten up.

As she was unloading the washer, Pam thought she heard a light knocking on the back door. But no one would be knocking back there, especially in the middle of a weekday. The busy divorcee continued with her chores.

A few minutes later, Pam decided it was hot enough to warrant a cool glass of lemonade. She got a frozen can from the freezer and reached into the upper cabinet for the pitcher. Glancing out the window, she noticed Greg, the pool guy, was hard at work in her back yard.

"That must have been him knocking," she reasoned, "And I know why." Pam was perennially short of money and, since she was virtually never home when he came, Greg's bill always ended up in a pile of bills on her dresser. Greg seemed to be an easy going guy but she was sure he needed the money.

The pretty 38 year old brunette dumped the frozen cylinder of lemonade into the pitcher and absentmindedly watched Greg at work while she filled the pitcher from the tap.

Greg appeared to be in his early twenties and was usually dressed in cutoffs and a white tee shirt. From time to time he would go "On Safari" and miss his Wednesday pool cleaning, only to return on Saturday to catch up. He always had great tales of riding big waves at places like San Onofre, Tressles, Doheny Beach and some place called "Swami."

Pam had to admit she envied the young man for the freedom he appeared to have. Did a nice job on the pool too.

While waiting for the frozen blob of lemonade to melt, Pam retrieved the laundry from the dryer and set about folding it on the kitchen table. She looked up from time to time to watch as Greg skimmed the leaves from the surface of the pool.

And then...There "They" were. Those panties again. Now freshly washed, Pam had to admit they were actually kind of pretty...though certainly not intended to grace the body of a teenager.

"Look at the fine detail on the lace." She thought as she picked up and examined the garment. the panties sported fine lace around both legbands as well as the waist. The two delicate pink roses that adorned the front had an almost three dimensional quality to them.

Pam, an expert seamstress in her youth, couldn't help but marvel: "How did they ever do that? Just look at how fine the mesh is on the fabric! You could probably read a newspaper through them!" Still wondering what kind of material they were made of, Pam rubbed her hands over them several tiimes but was unable to identify the fabric.

Judy had gone on about how she'd bought them at an open air market near the west gate to the old city in Jerusalem from a gypsy woman. She'd implied that they were somehow "Special." Pam rejected that silly idea out of hand. "Special panties indeed!" They looked like something you had to buy from those ads in the back of "Confidential" magazine...from that outfit "Fredrick's of Hollywood." Trashy stuff only a whore would wear.

But they really were pretty. There was no label as such but Pam assumed they were about her size. Then a frightfully naughty idea came into her head. No! No! She couldn't do that. And yet, what's the harm? Oh No! That's...that's just too weird!

But then, against her second mind, Pam reached beneath her khaki skirt and began to wriggle her sensible white nylon panties down her legs until they lay in a puddle at her feet. Without hesitation, she brought the scandalous pink panties down to her feet and stepped into them.

"I can't believe I took off my panties with the pool guy right outside the window!" She thought as she pulled the panties up over her creamy white thighs until they snugly encased her loins.

"My Goodness! They certainly do feel..." Pam was unable to finish the thought. Glancing out the window to where young Greg Olson had been finishing up, she was surprised to see him casually pull his tee shirt over his head and toss it onto the deck near the diving board. He then kicked off his flip flops and proceeded to unsnap his cutoffs and pull them off as well.

Thirty eight year old Pamela McGregor hadn't seen a naked man for almost ten years, and, quite honestly, she'd never seen anything quite like the muscular Beach Boy who now was striding directly past the kitchen window en route to the shallow end of the pool. The young man's deep bronze tan ended abruptly where his cutoffs had been and his flaccid penis swayed gently from side to side as he walked.

Unable to tear her eyes away, even for a second, Pam knew she should be offended. Knew she should be indignant! Instead she found the sight before her absolutely mesmerizing! She took in the whole package from his curly blond locks to his muscular chest to the swinging sack beneath his cock. He was quickly past her vantage point and then, from the rear, his plump butt cheeks were on display.

For some reason, Pam began to imagine what those muscular rear globes would look like while he was piledriving into some Beach Bunny, his scrotum hanging down and slapping into her sensitive genitals...

"Pam stop it!" She firmly scolded herself. Yet, she just couldn't look away as he walked down the cement steps into the pool. He took no time to adjust to the still chilly water, apparently relieved to be out of the 90 degree heat.

"Can't say as I blame him." Pam said to herself. "I mean, he assumes no one is here and it's hotter than blazes..."

Greg swam to the far end of the pool with powerful strokes before dong a summersault and kicking off beneath the water. He reappeared at the shallow end and emerged from the water.

Pam thrilled to the sight of this young adonis...once again gloriously nude and on display for his unseen audience of one. He again walked, dripping wet, past Pam's vantage point. She made no pretense of trying to avoid staring at him now. This was somehow beginning to awaken feelings in the long celibate mother that she had forgotten even existed.

As Greg climbed onto the diving board and raised his arms above his head preparing to dive, Pam realized she was now wet! Almost as wet as the youthful skinny dipper just outside her window but in a much different meaning of the word!

"Oh My god!" she exclaimed as she felt her feminine juices beginning to flow. Pam couldn't believe she was responding so quickly to the sight of the hard bodied young male now in mid air as he completed his dive into the clear blue water. She had no trouble seeing how Greg could be the match for any wave he might encounter in the ocean. He was in his element now and used his well developed muscles to propel himself through the water.

Pam watched a while longer and then began to rub her thighs together. She took a deep breath and, with no particular plan, loaded two glasses with ice. She poured in the finally blended lemonade and grabbed a tray from the cabinet above the ice box. She placed the cooling soft drinks on the tray along with her checkbook, grabbed a couple of clean towels from the laundry basket and headed out the door.

Greg was clinging to the coping near the middle of the pool when he heard the screen door open. Looking over quickly, he spied Mrs. McGregor ambling out with a tray of soft drinks and two words came into his mind: Oh Shit! Greg was caught and he good and well knew it!

"Oh...Hi Mrs. Mac!" He offered sheepishly. "Sorry...I...I thought..."

Pam dismissed his nervous apology with the wave of her hand. "Greg I'm pleased that at least someone is using the pool."

"Well, yeah but...Oh Jeez! I'm sorry."

"Listen Greg, I'll make you a deal: You forgive me for being so late with your bill and I'll forgive you for jumping in the pool!"

Actually Mrs. Mac wasn't nearly as hard to collect from as about half the people on his route. They all assumed it was a pretty trick job...go from pool to pool, screw around for a while, and get paid for it! Of course, they were right! Still a deal is a deal and he resented it when they lagged on paying. Heck, Mrs Friebeg next door expected him to put the trash cans out every week just because they happened to be out by the pool filter!

Smiling up at her Greg simply replied "It's a deal!" Now, how he was ever going to get out of the pool was the next big question. Mrs. Mac asked how much she owed all totaled and was chatting amiably while she wrote the check. Greg had always liked her. Thought she was pretty too...You know, for an old lady.

"How about a nice cold drink Greg?" Pam teased. she knew the nude young man wasn't about to exit the pool. she just wanted to watch his reaction.

"Oh..well..Gee Mrs. Mac, the water's so nice I'll just drink it in here if you don't mind!" He stammered.

"No problem." Pam replied. She took the tumbler of now icy cold lemonade and moved towards the pool.

Prim and Proper Pamela McGregor would have held her hand to her chest as she bent over to serve the glass to her water bound friend. Of course Prim and Proper Pamela McGregor wouldn't have been out by the pool in see through panties in the first place! So, as Pam bent down to hand the glass to Greg, her blouse hung low enough for the sandy haired surfer to see inside.

And see he did! Pam's medium sized breasts were always one of her best features and , when capped by the delicious gum drop nipples that her daughter had inherited, they were stunning! No sag at all though Pam was extremely self conscious about them. The gentle swell of her smooth pink flesh was enticing to the naked pool guy.

But as shocking as the lurid tit shot he'd happened upon was, when Greg lowered his gaze an even greater revelation awaited him. Knowing the sexy divorcee could tell he was staring at her tits, his eyes traveled downward until...until they reached the hemline of Pam's short skirt. Then they traveled below the hemline. Nothing in his sweet short life had prepared young Greg Olson for what his steely blue eyes encountered there "My God!" His mind gasped. At first he thought she wasn't wearing any panties! Then, further inspection revealed she had on some kind of see through underwear...but they weren't hiding anything! The plump pink lips of Mrs. McGregor's pussy and the curly black hair that surrounded them were completely visible! Greg's cock immediately began to stiffen, thereby increasing his dilemma.

Pam's eyes caught Greg's as she offered the tray of lemonade to him. She followed his gaze as he caught sight of her breasts down her loose fitting blouse and then traveled South until she saw his eyes suddenly stop and focus.

"He's looking at my panties..." She quickly realized. A secret little thrill shot through her lewdly displayed loins as Greg came to his senses and reached for one of the soft drinks Pam offered.

His mind spinning now and his cock well on it's way to full blown hard, Greg welcomed the opportunity to look away.

"Gee thanks Mrs. Mac!" He smiled and eagerly gulped half of his lemonade. Pam rose and set the tray on the patio table. She took the second glass and then sat upon the upholstered chaise lounge.

Greg was desperately searching through his mind for any acceptable topic to discuss with the pretty housewife but his brief but unforgettable shot of her pink panties had simply wiped his mind clean.

Sensing his confusion, Pam helped him out. "Boy! The pool was sure dirty today wasn't it?"

"Uh...Yeah!" Greg managed to reply.

"I think it's those darn magnolia trees from Mr. Franklin's yard." She commented. Then, seeing an opportunity, the pretty dark haired mother rose to her feet and walked again to the edge of the pool where Greg clung to the decking. Standing only two feet from the water, she raised her right arm and pointed...knowing right well that the motion caused the hemline of her short skirt to lift even higher thereby exposing her panties again to the young man.

"You see, they weren't that big when he moved in but, he's old and really hasn't got much to do so he waters them almost every day." Pam didn't have to look down to see where Greg's attention was focused...and it certainly wasn't on those magnolia trees! She babbled on a bit longer giving Greg an extended look between her legs, even shifting her position a bit so he could see even more. Finally, her pussy now wet and tingling, she moved back to the chaise and her cold lemonade.

Greg meanwhile had just enjoyed the most spectacular "Shot" he'd ever seen...and it beat out second place by, like, nine miles! He hadn't wasted even one millisecond looking at old man Franklin's Magnolias. Mrs. Mac had apparently forgotten that he had just come from there and spent the better part of an hour cleaning up all the leaves from his pool! No, Greg Olson had completely and totally enjoyed the view!

Despite what Mrs. McGregor might have thought, Greg had done OK with the girls while in high school and even scored a few times at Top Of Zelzah. Sex with his high school girlfriends had been great but brief. He couldn't honestly remember actually seeing the vagina of any of the girls he'd had. Their panties had come off quickly and, after maybe a little shot of hair down there, he'd shoved himself in and gone at it! He always carried a rubber (Like every single guy he knew!) but, fearing "Second Thoughts," he'd never even put one on.

Greg stared unabashedly at Pam's barely covered vagina knowing she was busy looking over the fence. "Where did a 'Nice Lady' like her get underwear like that?" he wondered. "She had to know I could see..."

The fleshy pink lips of Pam's pussy were pressed tightly against the gauzy pink fabric of her panties and Greg found himself trying to memorize the sight.

"Just look at that tight little slit!" He repeated to himself as he drank in his first real look at the female vulva.

When she finally returned to her lounge chair, Greg knew he'd never forget this day or Mrs. Mac for that matter. She was one damn sexy woman...for an old lady. He had to admit he'd changed his opinion of her. Of course he knew that actually screwing her was out of the question, but he'd be envious of the man that did. Greg had never met Mr. McGregor but he had to have been nuts to walk away from...that!

Feeling Greg's eyes again devouring her still shapely body, the 38 year old housewife laid back on the chaise to relax. She casually opened her legs and hoped her panties were visible from the pool.

At that point, Greg was actually too low to view Pam's eagerly displayed panties. Besides he was still occupied with this annoying business of ending up nude and hard in her pool! If he could just...just distract her for a moment, he could reach his cutoffs that lay near the diving board. He gulped down his lemonade and finally an idea came into his head.

"Uh...Mrs. Mac...That lemonade sure hit the spot! Is there...is there any more?" When she went to refill his glass he'd quickly swim to the far end of the pool, grab his cutoffs and...

"Sure Greg!" Pam's dulcet voice interrupted. "It's right on the kitchen counter. Help yourself!"

"Oh God Damn it! Now what?" It took a moment for Greg to decide on a course of action. He eventually saw that Mrs. McGregor appeared to have her eyes closed while sunning herself. Figuring there would be no better opportunity, Greg pulled himself from the water, grabbed one of the towels laying nearby and quickly wrapped it around his waist.

Still watching Mrs. McGregor, he moved quickly to the diving board and was finally able to get his cutoffs. He moved to the back door and made his way inside.

Greg spotted the pitcher of lemonade on the counter as he was hurriedly pulling on his cutoffs. He then stepped over to retrieve the cool pitcher when he suddenly stopped. There on the floor...right in front of the sink, in front of the kitchen window, was a pair of sensible white nylon panties!

Greg Olson was never what you would call the sharpest knife in the drawer but even he could add two and two. In that instant he came to understand exactly what was going on here: The pretty divorcee had been watching him from this vantage point. Had undoubtedly seen him pulling off his clothes and diving into the pool. The spectacular "Shots" he'd experienced really weren't "Accidental" at all. No. This "Older Woman" had discarded her everyday underwear and left them right where she stood. She'd then put on those ridiculously brief pink panties just for him!

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