tagFetishPanty: First Dirty Treasures

Panty: First Dirty Treasures


Continuing with my true stories of panty adventures, this is about the very first encounter with Linda's panties. I really appreciate readers' feedbacks and some have wanted me to add more details to make it more erotic. However, these encounters are TRUE and I would like to share them exactly as I remembered it. Hopefully, it'll inspire more panty lovers to share their encounters as the other authors have inspired me.

Linda had moved back home with her father after graduating college. Her mother passed away a year ago, so she moved back home to keep her father company, and she had a great job offer nearby which made it convenient to live back at home. However, after a year and a half of feeling stuck living there and no social life since she was living with her father, she decided she needed a change and decided to move out and live on her own. After all, her father was only in his mid-50s and able bodied, he understood her need for a change.

She had found an apartment in a nearby city, and her job is still near her father's home so she would go there to spend time and have dinner with him every now and then. She had call Hank and two other close long time friends to help her fix up and move some of the heavier items since one of them had access to a large commercial truck to her new apartment.

The first weekend, they helped her clean and paint. When Hank arrived, Linda and Bill were trying to figure out how to work the floor sander for the living room. Linda was bending over trying to fix the belt sander. While standing by the doorway, Hank was greeted with a great view of her tight ass wearing a tight pair of adidas black gym pants. Hank's mind raced, "god, she has a great tight ass. I'd love to slide my hand and cock between her legs from behind and rub it until it's dripping wet and cumming". He kept fantasizing and then caught sight of her pantyline. It was bikini cut panty. She rarely wore thongs because she said doesn't like the way it feels. This was fine with Hank because even though thongs make the ass look totally hot, the crotch and gusset of the panties doesn't cover enough of the girls' pussy which contain all the juices and smell. Hank suddenly snapped out of his erotic trance and just barely in time of getting caught staring and drooling. Linda greeted him a hug and thanked him for coming to help. She was wearing an old grey T-shirt that covered her small 34B breasts. While Linda and Bill sanded, Hank and Joe painted the bedrooms. After re-staining the floors, they decided to allow for it to dry and avoid the fumes by taking a dinner break. Linda was on her hands and knees doggystyle position putting the final strokes before exiting out the door. Hank couldn't stop staring at how her panty was hugging her ass and crotch leaving little to imagine to her tight ass outline.

After dinner, they were debating whether to paint the living room tonight or wait. Linda wanted to get it done and over with and to work through the entire night. But the guys were tired and wanted to get out of there. So, they mulled it over after painting the kitchen. Joe received a called and had to leave to take care of an errand. They suspected and joked that it was a bootycall. At the same time, Bill took this opportunity to get out of there too. Linda was disappointed that her crew was leaving. She pleaded Bill to stay, but he was exhausted and his mind was set. She assumed that Hank would be leaving too since everyone else was leaving. Being a good guy and secretly lusting for her, he "reluctantly" said he'll stay to finish up with her. Bill and Joe had left a mess of paint drippings which made Linda and Hank get on their hands and knees scrubbing the floor. Hank took every opportunity to look at her ass and crotch in the doggystyle position. He was soooo tempted to just grab onto her ass and mount her from behind. He wondered if her pussy was wet and making the panty moist, sweaty, and musky. Actually, he didn't like musky panties, but he'll still take it since it's from her body.

It was 3am when they finally finished painting. Hank had taken the paint pans and brushes to rinse in the bath tub. He removed his T-shirt and but still had on a tight grey ribbed tank top. When Linda walked in with another brush to clean, she jokingly flirted saying "whoa! I see you've been working out and I like what I see. Haha!" Hank laughed back but before he could flirt back, she went back outside to answer her ringing cellphone. Hank thought to himself, "Fuck! Who the fuck is calling and cockblocking at 3am?" she then said it was Joe wondering if we were crazy and still there.

After cleaning the painting stuff, Hank found Linda laying face down on the rolled up carpet resting. She was groaning that she was so tired and sore. Hank got on the floor next to her and massaged her lower back. She let out a deep sigh and mmm moan of approval. She requested that he move up to do her shoulder first. He moved her long shoulder length hair to her left side and massaged her shoulders and back. He encountered her bra strap but he worked around it. He joked to her that he was going to undo her bra but she said "mmm, it's cool. Just leave it. It's not bothering me" She was enjoying the rub down. Hank couldn't help but wonder if this was making her pussy hot and wet. And since she was facing down, he was able to look more closely at her tight ass. Damn, she had the face of Jessica Alba, and the tight ass when she did the movie "Honey". He massaged and worked her Tshirt to reveal the top of her pants which he finally got a glimpse of her black bikini panty top. So he finally knew her panty was black! He was getting hard and luckily he was wearing jeans otherwise his hard cock would obscenely sprang out.

Hank then went lower and massaged her legs and thighs. This was really killing him! He so badly wanted to pull down her pants and give her hot wet black bikini panty and pussy a hard rubbing until she cums and soak the panty. She was enjoying the massage and never made any movement to prevent him from going deeper into her inner thigh. In fact, she asked him to focus on her hamstring more. He was hoping this would lead to a wetter and hotter pussy, especially since she seemed totally relaxed and her sighs and mmm's of approval were louder. He was tempted but not brazen enough to get deep to her pussy especially since they've been friends for 25years back in grammar school. He didn't want to freak her out even though he recently started lusting for her. He was admiring her ass and then took a closer look at her black panty top. There was a small frail worn spot on the back left side of the panty which showed a spot of her skin. He didn't want to seem suspicious by working her thighs too long so he moved one hand to her back again. He slowly worked down to her bra strap again and she started giggling because he was releasing her bra hooks. Looking flushed red, she then turned over to her side and said, "ok thanks that felt sooo good. But it's late and we better get home and sleep." Hank was sexually frustrated but knew he couldn't risk their friendship by jumping on her, but he joked that it was her turn to massage him. she gave him a quick back rub but it was half assed because she was tired. His cock still was straining for relief but he wasn't going to get any but on his own. What he really needed was her sweet lips and hot tongue massaging his hard cock! Instead, he went home extremely cockteased and frustrated.

The next weekend was moving day. Joe picked up Bill and Hank with his work truck. When they got to her dad's house, she had most of her stuff packed in boxes. The first heavy item she wanted moved to the truck was her drawer. She had pulled out the drawers but left all her clothes in them. As Bill and Joe each picked up the stack of drawers to bring down, Hank had the lucky drawer of her panties. He joked to her, "well well, so this is your stash of hot panties. Woohoo! Where's the special panties you keep for your bootycall buddies?" she laughed and said shut up. She was going to take that drawer down herself to stop his teasing, but he insisted he got it. She followed behind him with a smaller drawer of clothes. While packing and lifting, Hank finally got a peek that Linda was wearing blue full back panties. The top lace shimmered with the words "Victoria's Secret". After an hour of heavy lifting and hauling, they took a break.

Hank went to use the bathroom. Usually, he uses the upstairs bathroom by her bedroom. For some odd reason, that bathroom was less used and with no clothes hamper. Since Joe was already in there, Hank used the downstairs bathroom. As soon as he turned on the light, his eyes widened, OH SHIT! COOL! HER HAMPER! But he had to be quick, quiet, and careful digging through it since they were the living room right across the hall. Apparently, this was a shared hamper because it had her clothes along with her father's. Hank carefully dug through the hamper trying to find a recent fresh pair of her panties. He found black sports bra and a red cotton pair with printed pink flowers on the upper layers of clothes but it didn't have much of a scent nor any trace of pussy stain. He assumed she was probably on her period and wearing a pad. So placed it back and continued to dig deeper. His hands were trembling with nervousness and excitement because this was his first time. He couldn't believe what he was actually doing but there was no way he could stop himself especially since he's so close to finding buried treasure! –well, buried in pussy. He found a pair of cotton white and blue panty. He bought it up to his nose and inhaled deeply. It had a slight scent but nothing to go crazy over. He looked into the crouch, and it looked disappointingly clean. But then, he noticed something. . OH SHIT! 2 long strands of her pussy hair! FUCK! They were over an inch long, dark and frizzy and from the root of her pussy. He carefully unrolled some toilet paper and plucked off Linda's pubic hair from the gusset. He had to get a lick and taste of it before stashing it into the toilet paper. Unfortunately, there wasn't any taste, but this was fuckin awesome since this was as close as he ever gets to licking her hairy wet pussy! But still, he needed to smell and taste what her pussy is like. He stashed the folded toilet paper into his pocket and tossed the white panties back into the hamper and kept digging.

He was getting impatient and felt the need to rush. It felt like he was in the bathroom for a long time and didn't want them to get suspicious. So he turned on the faucet to make it sound like he was washing his hands and he reached deep into the hamper and lifted another layer of clothes. He moved aside some of her T-shirts and found a black bra. Yup, just as he thought. Typical Asian. . .34B. Padded but still good to him. They're a nice size to suck and lick. Then he finally found a nice pair of black panties. He brought it up to his nose and oooooooooooh. . .. It smelled great! He finally knew how sweet her pussy smells. It did not smell of perfume either; just naturally smelled sweet. When he opened it up to look at the gusset. .. .oh fuck! Oh fuck! oh my fuckin god! . . ..it was stained and crusty from her pussy juices. Linda's dirty panties! He took another sniff and was going to take a lick of it, but instead. . . he decided then and there, he was going to be a panty thief. There was no way he was leaving without this prized pair! He carefully folded it up and stuffed it into his jean pocket. It was difficult especially since the bulge of his hard excited cock was taking up all the free room in his pants. Then he thought to himself that it would be suspicious if she found her black bra without her black panties. So, he stuffed the bra into his pants too and fixed the hamper as best he could. His pockets were overfilled but there was no turning back. He quickly looked at himself in the mirror, calmed himself down with a quick splash of water on the face and stepped out to the living room with everyone else.

Everything seemed normal to them. Linda then requested them to load the table and chairs into the truck. While outside, Hank asked Joe for the car keys so he can get something in his backpack. While they went back inside to gather more boxes, Hank carefully and nervously pulled out his stolen treasures and stuffed it deep, very deep into the bottom of his backpack. His hands trembled while holding the prized treasures. He wanted to look and sniff the dirty panties again, but he resisted. Long story short, they loaded up the truck, unloaded the stuff at her new place, and Joe dropped them off home. They couldn't have finished quick enough because Hank was eager to get home with Linda's used panties and bra.

Hank practically ran into his house, went to the kitchen and got some ziploc bags and straight into his bedroom. On his bed, he quickly tossed out all the crap that kept his stolen treasures hidden. There it was. . . Linda's stolen bra and of course . .. the dirty black panties. His hand trembled as he picked it up again. This time, he can take his time and do whatever he wished with it. He brought it up to his nose and took a long deep whiff and said outloud, "Ahhhhh, god Linda's hot pussy smells fuckin good! and speaking of hot pussy, it's time to check out her cum stain crotch." As he laid down the panties to open it up, a half inch black pubic hair fell onto his bed sheet. "oh shit! This is the best!" he couldn't believe his luck! Sweet smelling, cum stained and pussy hair all on this one pair of panties. He then gently shook the panties for more loose pubic hair and a shorter one fell out. Upon closer inspection of the crotch, he plucked off one more long pubic hair from the crusty cum stains. Then he remembered the other two pubic hairs he saved hidden in toilet paper from her bathroom. He unveiled it and took a very close look at them and said "damn, I'd love to get a close look and lick at Linda's hot hairy pussy." Then he carefully took the hairs and placed them into a ziploc bag. It was panty time!

Hank took off his jeans and boxers. His cock was already semi-hard from sniffing and inspecting Linda's pubic hairs. He lay down on the bed with his throbbing cock and Linda's panties in his hands. He took a long whiff and then opened up the crotch to inspect and lick her dried cummy crust. He looked at the white cum streaks and his eyes focused on the pattern. It looked like the pattern of pussy lips and slit! Oh fuck!! His cock hardened to full mass and he started stroking. He sniffed the sweet smelling panties thinking about how naughty and nasty that got her panties stain like this. He then looked at the panty tag, Victoria's Secret, bikini, S, nylon & spandex. And then a little further left, a frail spot with a little hole. His eyes widen and he said out loud while stroking his throbbing cock "OH FUCK! LINDA! THIS IS THE PAIR FROM LAST WEEKEND! FUCK! YOU GOT HOT AND WET WHEN I MASSAGED YOU BABY! OOOO. .. I GOT YOUR PUSSY DRIPPING WET AND CUMMY HUH?" he kept stroking and imagining how her hot wet hairy pussy was getting when he massaged her that weekend. The sighs and moans of approval she was making as he massaged her turned into loud moans and groans in his head of wanting to get fucked hard by his hard throbbing cock. "FUCK LINDA! YOU GOT SO HORNY AND WET! WERE YOU SO HORNY THAT YOU WERE DRIPPING WET RUBBING YOURSELF OFF GETTING THESE PANTIES CUMMY WET? YOU NEED A GOOD HARD FUCKING BABY! SHIT, YOUR PUSSY SMELLS SO GOOD. MMM LET ME TASTE YOU BABY!"

Hank took a careful lick at the cummy crust. He didn't want to ruin her pussy lip pattern, but he had to taste her pussy and cum. "mmmm, your pussy is sooo good, Linda!" he thought about how he could have pulled down her adidas pants that night and licked and suck and fingered on her wet hairy hot pussy. Then he would have had her suck on his hard cock and slip it into her tight burning pussy. Especially doggystyle since she was flaunting that position at him. He imagined how her tight ass would bounce and the slapping sound as they fucked hard and loud. He imagined that she would be rubbing her hot hairy clit trying to cum hard and fast and moaning and screaming that she was cumming soon. And then Hank took another look and deep sniff of her cum stained panties and stroking hard and fast saying "oooh fuck Linda! FUCK LINDA! YOU'RE SO HOT AND HORNY LINDA! GOD! I HAVE YOUR CUM STAINED PANTIES BABY! OH FUCK! I LOVE YOUR PUSSY BABY! I'M CUMMING LINDA! YOU'RE MAKING ME CUM!" He started spurting huge amount of cum into the air and onto his bed sheet. He kept stroking and spurting in record amount he never thought he could, but the inspiration came thanks to the little dirty fabric Linda provided for him. when he finally finished cumming, his cock was sore but still hard. Cum was all over his sheet and on his shirt too. He thought to himself, "Damn, what a mess! But fuck, oh god, thanks Linda. You're one hot piece of ass. Hmm. . . I haven't gotten around to her bra yet." Before he fell into deep sleep, he carefully wiped off him cum on his hand and VERY carefully folded and placed his very first and very prized pair of used panties into another ziploc bag to seal in the freshness. And it's safely stashed next to the ziploc bag of her pussy hairs.

This would be the start of becoming a panty thief. I have plenty of true stories still to share. Feedback is greatly appreciated, but please keep in mind that these have been TRUE events, not fantasies. This has inspired me to relive and go enjoy my most treasured Ziploc baggies. And yes, the panty still looks the same and smells great.

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